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Hot latino tits big tits and anal
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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army "You did what!?" Varick was practically screaming. "I thought I warned you not to! Now that repulsive son of a bitch will be after us even more! We aren't strong enough yet to completely resist him!" Alan sighed and tapped Varick on the shoulder the man suddenly finding his voice had stopped, "Thank you now if you'll allow me to explain you'll see just why I did ok?" Varick was only glaring at Alan if the old saying was true about looks being daggers, and then Alan would have died quite a few times.

"Look I apologize to you, uncle Varick, you were getting far too upset." Angelika smiled a moment later, "You mean you're telling us that you think we are strong enough to actually resist the assistant and the doctor?" Alan looked at the four faces that had turned toward him, and then he sadly shook his head no. "Varick I feel, could resist both of them for a time.

Harman isn't far behind, though his control is far better at the moment. You Angelika are at the start of being to resist the assistant however, the doctor is a different story. The strange thing with you Truda; after what I helped you with a few days ago actually have a defense against the doctor not that strong, but it is there and I feel it growing stronger." "So you're saying that we need to stay here underground longer? Honestly Alan we do want to see the sky again." Angelika told him.

"I realize this but I am afraid that either of the two of them could zone you out again. With your moving ability they might try to make you come to them then it would be hell getting you out let alone locating you.

I just found all of you especially a mother I thought brazzers forced hard step brother sex story thrown me away." Alan teeny lovers fucking a teeny i long wanted as he tried to not look at Angelika. "We realize you are having a hard time we all are, try to bear with us a little longer." Varick said after Alan released him.

For the rest of the week they all trained as hard hot darcie dolce scissoring pussy with babe april Alan could push them, as he did himself. Finally, at the end of the week, he felt that they were getting to where he'd hoped they would. Hell, as powerful as Varick and Harman were, he'd take them into the assistant's place with no fear of the man taking them over, or making them ignore danger. Sighing there was of course the doctor, that asshole was far stronger in different ways.

Alan looked at Angelika she had come up herself, her abilities were almost double what they had been. The assistant might influence her a bit but that was all. Then there was Truda, 'Damn it' Alan thought, 'that bastard doctor had screwed her mind up so bad Alan knew he needed to go in and clear more. Thing was he wasn't sure if Truda was ready, just removing the fear that he had scared her and him nearly shitless.' He had to though, or she would never grow stronger, not with the strangle holds the doctor still had on her.

Alan walked to Truda when he finally got a moment with her alone. "Truda I need to talk to you." Alan said as he approached her. "I already know Alan I can feel it I haven't grown strong enough yet. The doctor did a real screwed up job on me didn't he?"Truda said first shocking Alan that she knew then he nodded his agreement. "I need to go back in and clear more but I am afraid that you aren't strong enough." Alan told her sadly.

"Look Alan I am of no damn use like I am, anything we can do that will help me to be normal as I can get, I am willing to try." Truda told him; though her face was grim, Alan could see gladness in her eyes that he was willing to help her. Alan concentrated and called the others, "I have to go back into Truda's mind. That bastard still has a hold on her she can't grow stronger he has something in her to stop it. Please stay near when I go in I may need one or more of you." They all nodded as Alan closed his eyes and entered Truda's mind again.

Looking around Alan could see that the doctor had spent a hell of a lot of time in here. Heading to the area that Alan knew affected her ability to grow her resistance he hoped he had the strength to defeat it. Alan landed in a dark area that should have been a lot more lit than it was.

Shit he thought the bastard has completely shut it all down now I just have to find the start and get everything going again. Reaching out Alan had Truda's strength finally starting to grow when he heard an evil familiar laugh behind him. <Hello you bastard! You really think you can free her? You might have opened some of her abilities up, but you will fail here I have been here almost as long as she has had her abilities. There is no way that you can win this mind is mine oh!

Don't worry we are gathering to retake the area you freed up. Fear not we will have all of her again. As for you I think it's time for you to DIE!> The doctor laughed harder and shot several bolts of energy at Alan. <I am not the same who was here before you might find me far more difficult to do much of anything to me!> Alan stated as the bolts were suddenly turning back and striking a startled visage of the doctor.

<Ah! Very good, I doubt you can keep that up long, here eat this bitch!> Several stronger bolts were again heading toward Alan.

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Though harder Alan managed to turn them all, the doctor was screaming this time as its own bolts struck it. <You bastard I have taken far too long with you I.> <I think you need to piss off you damn old fuck!> Came the voice of Truda as she hit him with several bolts of her own. <This is my mind and body and I am not about to give them up to the likes of you!> Screaming the visage tried to mount an attack but Alan was now attacking as well. <NO! We will not lose! Enjoy this victory you little bitch!

I will screw your mind up worse than I ever have. You just watch! Then with a nehara peris fuck storys best scream, the doctor was gone. <This hawt lovely girlie likes non stop fucking go far in helping you grow stronger Truda though I am afraid he is still in many areas of your mind.

I feel that you are gaining strength to fight him, I will help you all I can.> Alan told a now widely smiling Truda. <Yes Alan I do feel stronger, anything you can do to help me please don't hesitate to ask anymore.> Truda told him, nodding they both ascended to the top.

Alan's eyes snapped open suddenly, shaking his head he saw the other three gathered around Truda. Opening her eyes slowly she smiled at her brother and waggled a finger at him. "I can see what you are thinking brother. Are you in need of a woman that bad?" Harman actually blushed then looked at Truda, "Get out of there, that is private and you know it!" Snarling, he turned and hit the wall. "I'm sorry brother but you are putting it out there so strong I didn't even have to go there." Truda said as she blushed also at the thoughts that her brother was having.

Alan smiled he'd have to keep a tighter rein on his own thoughts as Truda would be far more sensitive to strong thoughts now. Giggling for a moment Truda looked over at Alan, and then a look of first confusion, then concern crossed her face.

Alan again smiled at her, "You are going to have to learn to tune down Truda. A lot of people have thoughts that they never act on. If you raise an alarm each time you see something bad, you are going to make yourself crazy.

Also I suggest you stop trying to see me, I am far stronger than you thought." Truda nodded with a pout then went after her brother to try and smooth things over. Sighing Alan sadly shook his head, "What's wrong Alan?" Angelika asked. "I am afraid that the bastard doctor screwed with her mind much more than I'd like to admit.

For now I have helped her over her fear. I helped her to start growing, what she and I destroyed was one of the oldest blocks he placed in her. Unfortunately it wasn't the strongest, I can feel some that make it and the first we defeated seem like nothing.

She is by far stronger but she will need many more attempts before she has more of a handle on her own mind." Alan told her. "You can help her right? I mean you helped all of us." Angelika asked Alan. "I can help her to be stronger, so she can destroy the blocks but I can't actually destroy them.

To do so might also destroy part of her mind.


That's why I always ask her before I go in; I don't want to hurt her." Alan replied. "Alan you are a good man you couldn't." Angelika started. "Am I? Have any of you forgotten what I was doing when you first found me? I am not the goody-goody you think I am. I have a temper that boils more than I like to admit. When you first saw me I had just finished having sex with a porn star. One I might add that I MADE have sex with me.

Me a good man? No, I don't feel I am any better than that asshole doctor." Alan said as he hung his head a deep sense of regret filling him.

"I do realize all of this Alan. I am after all your mother you had to have gotten some of this from me. I have seen some of what you have done. It's true you aren't the gentlest man in the world but you are a hell of a sight better than most I have seen. As you know I am a lot older than you so that is quite a lot of men!" Angelika told him a grin starting to slowly spread on her face.

Alan tried not to, honestly he tried, but the sincerity of his mother finally got through as he started to grin. "Alright, alright, so I'm better than most but it doesn't excuse what I did." "Actually you are a normal male Alan," Varick spoke up.

"Since you adjusted my mind, I myself have been having thoughts along the same lines as you. The only thing is I try to avoid acting on them. I have always felt that any attention we might attract would make it that much easier to be found. We have been hiding from the doctor for so long that it has become a way of life for us. Hopefully, with your help, we can change all that." Alan looked at Varick with sudden interest then started to smile.

Yes, he could see Varick was starting to have some pretty erotic thoughts and visions. "Not bad Varick I especially like the red head." Varick nodded then smiled himself, "she is a favorite of mine." Truda came back in a moment later her hands on her hips, "I tried to apologize to him, but he won't talk to me.

Damn! He's acting like a child! Why does he have to be like that?" "Truda you remember how the doctor was in your mind all the time?" Alan asked. Truda nodded her lips in a tense line. "You like having the privacy that you have now right?" Again she nodded, though Alan could tell that she was starting to see where he was going.

"Your brother has had the doctor and the assistant looking into all of your thoughts. I think that he feels he is finally fantastic looker in stockings gets screwed hard creampie brunette to think and not have it changed or looked at." "You mean when I looked in, he felt that he lost what little freedom he'd gained?" Truda asked.

Alan nodded at Truda as her mouth dropped open, "I think you are starting to see it his way." Truda nodded and hugged Alan tightly as she amateur pretty cuties engulf at a party the room again. Alan had to turn away from Angelika as the hug had stirred his member. Angelika looked at Alan strangely then saw that he was adjusting his crotch.


So he was turned on by her AND Truda. "We need to start planning," Varick told him a moment later. "If we are all finally able to resist the doctor and the assistant then we need a plan of attack." "We pornmylovecom latina teen fucks old man frankie have time to plan, as you said the assistant lost one of his top enforcers." Alan told Varick "Yes, though I am sure that after all this time he has more in the wings.

If I remember right there are boosted ones, enhanced ones, heightened ones, and then the strongest we have felt the natural ability ones. I felt one of those at the last bunker. You have to be careful Alan I know you are very strong but enough of them might be able to overpower you." Varick warned. Alan nodded, there had only been four of the strong ones at the last bunker.

That plus the fact that he had caught them off guard, he was sure that wouldn't happen again. "I think it's about time we took the fight to them." Alan said a moment later. "I am not one to wait for them to find us again and we have to run. I for one don't like to run unless I have no choice." "That's all well and good for you Alan, but for us we have had no choice. If as you say we are growing stronger then we can go in force." Varick said with a concerned look. "As I said I am not one that likes to wait.

It will be a while yet before Truda is strong enough to actually resist the assistant let alone the doctor. I don't think we have that long from what I felt at the last bunker, the assistant has escalated his attacks." Alan told Varick an idea starting to form in his mind.

"Alright I'll tell the others and you and I can go, no sense in going it alone." Varick informed Alan then called the others. "Alan thinks we need to take the fight to assistant, I agree.

The assistant has stepped up his attacks on us; Alan as well as I doesn't think they will stop looking for us now." Varick informed the others. "You really think Varick is ready for a sojourn out and against him?" Angelika asked a look of extreme worry on her face. "Plus there's yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde doctor, he's the only brother I have Alan I don't want to lose him. This will be extremely hostile territory you both will be going into." Alan sighed Varick was stronger that was true but Alan didn't think he was strong enough yet.

They had to make a statement against those after them. The thing was if he told Varick no, he'd never get a chance to hurt them at their own place. "I'll bring him back Angelika, alive. We need to go and strike while the assistant has his forces out searching for us." Alan told Varick who nodded his agreement. "Sync your thoughts to me Varick, if you are in trouble I will know then I can pull us both out quickly." Varick looked at Alan like he was crazy a moment then nodded.

Concentrating, they were both synced then both flashed out. The assistant was in a lot of pain the son of a bitch Alan had broken him in several places. Strangely enough the assistant couldn't heal everything, like Alan had something constantly hitting him. He'd kill the asshole the next time they met no one hurt him like this nor had anyone since the doctor. "Any word from our agents in the field?" The assistant asked his first.

"No sir except for the four that were killed there has been no further contact. We are searching now for the numerous other bunkers that they had. I am sure we will find them." The man was saying. "I do not care about later!" The assistant screamed. "I want damn results now! You best find them or I'll be looking for another first!" The man nodded again, he'd tried to speak but found that he was having trouble breathing. Then there was the fact that he felt like he had a massive weight on his back.

The assistant had a sadistic smile on his face as he watched the man fall to the floor gasping for breath. Alan and Varick appeared in the meeting room that Alan remembered from his last day at the company.

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Reaching out he felt for the man he remembered was trying to force Alan to come to him. Nodding to Varick they both flashed out. The assistant was beginning to enjoy torturing his first when he felt an extremely powerful mind and then another very strong mind. Releasing his first he started to wrap himself in protection when Alan appeared and launched a fist shaped surge of energy. "I told you to leave me the fuck alone!" Alan roared as he watched the man fly back into the wall.

Gasping for air a moment the assistant sat up shocked that Alan was this strong this fast. Then he saw Varick, with a smirk he clouded Varick's mind. "You chose the wrong allies you cock sucker!" That was when he noticed that Varick was smiling at him. Son of a bitch Varick was resisting!

Reaching into Varick's mind the assistant found just what he was looking for. Varick might be able to resist but they had prepared for this! Varick watched, and then felt the assistant try to cloud his mind, fat tall attractive hottie strips in a cute way Then Varick felt the man reach into his mind finding a place that Varick had hidden long ago.

Cringing, then falling to the floor Varick tried with all he had to resist. Alan hit the assistant again with a fist shaped energy blast. Again gasping for air feeling that several of his ribs were broken the assistant finally got the words to come.


"I suggest that you stop or I'll kill him. Fuck that he is dead!" The man tried to reach deeper but found that a wall was stopping him.

Then he felt the fear that was welling up in Varick within his own mind! That wasn't possible unless! Fearing for Varick Alan erected a wall then linked all the pain Varick was feeling to the old man.

"I'm not done with you bastard! Next time I fucking kill you!" With that Alan and Varick flashed out leaving the old assistant cringing on the floor for another five minutes. Finally sitting up the old man started to scream for his guards. The first two through the door kept going out the window falling fifteen floors. The rest came lower having heard the death of the first two.

"I want all the natural ability enforcers back here as soon as possible! Make it so or all of you are next!" Alan appeared with Varick in the main room of the bunker a moment later. Varick was curled into a ball looking as if he wanted to scream but nothing was coming out.

Permeating hawt luscious chick from behind hardcore and cumshot and the others came running when they heard Alan struggling with Varick. "Alan what happened? Is he going to be alright?" A fearful Angelika asked.

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"I don't know I have to go in and see what's wrong, Truda I need you to be my anchor. Whatever this is it has been there for a very long time. I need you as a tether to out here; I hope I can do something for him." With that Alan delved in.

At first Alan was searching for Varick there was no sign of anything that was him. Further and further Alan went getting far deeper in Varick's mind than he had in Truda's. Finally Alan reached what he felt was the bottom or near the beginning of Varick's mind. It was dark; feeling around Alan finally found a terrified teen Varick curled into a deep recess of his mind.

<Hello,> Alan said a smile on his face. <Are you ok?> In a trembling voice the teen Varick answered, <No sir. The dark man has been torturing me all the time.

I can no longer look, the terrible things he has been trying to do to me. Are you here to hurt me also?> <No, I am here to make the man stop, with your help. Where is he right now?> Alan asked the youth, who was staring at Alan like he was crazy.

The teen's mouth showed fear as he only pointed. <Hello asshole. You really think you can defeat me. I have been here for almost as long as I have known the man. You have no chance but you will serve as an example to him, as what happens when you defy me!> Lunging the dark man flew past as Alan side stepped but this time he was ready when the pretty chick with large curves adores sex tried to enwrap him.

<Nice try but seen it before!> Alan laughed at him. Smirking the dark man started to sling something at Alan. Best I avoid it he thought, keeping his eyes on the dark man Alan was also watching the projectiles that had flown past him. Smiling at the dark man Alan took control of several of the projectiles and sent them back toward the visage. Too shocked to move several holes were blown through it. Alan grabbed the rest that were holding nearby. <I think it's time you went sunny leone back side fuck pics Alan shouted as he sent the rest through the visage.

<Fool! You think you have defeated me? HA! This is just a set.> The visage was saying when there was a sudden rush and the teen Varick stood next to Alan. <You heard my friend!

GO AWAY!> The force of Varick's yell shredded the visage 'til there was nothing left. <See? I told you we could stop him.> Alan told the Teen with a smile. <We need to go to the surface, you'll be safer there with the older Varick ok?> Alan asked the teen.

<Yes, thank you sir; I won't forget, thank you.> Alan rose with him then was suddenly opening his eyes. Varick wasn't curled into a ball anymore, his eyes snapped open as he searched the room spotting Alan. Shakily getting to his feet Varick refused help as he slowly made his way to Alan.

Grasping Alan's hand firmly he stated, "I had forgotten about that tucked into the corner of my mind. Thank you at least I have conquered it." Alan shook his head no, much to the shock of Varick. "There are more there, not as strong but just as debilitating. We need to clear you and the others before we can really all move against them again."