Reverse gangbang action starring luscious sex bombs

Reverse gangbang action starring luscious sex bombs
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It was still dark when I arrived at the marina but I was not the first one there. At least six or eight other boats all ready had people on board, after all it was peak tuna fishing season. I boarded my twenty eight foot Grady White to get ready for a fun, filled day of tuna fishing with Jim and Karen.

I went below and started a pot of coffee then went to check the weather forecast.

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Today looked like a great day to be on the water but not a good tuna fishing day. The forecast was for clear skies and calm water. A good tuna fishing day usually has swells from one to three feet and some surface noise. The silence was broken by Jim's voice saying, "that coffee really smells good". I welcomed them both on board and Karen asked where my wife was. I told her she was not feeling good and she decided to stay home and get ready to cook our catch when we returned. Karen offered to go and stay with her but I told her that she wanted Karen to enjoy the day on the water.

After reviewing our planned course and the safety equipment we untied the lines and headed up the river on our way out to the ocean. Just as we were getting to the open ocean the dawn started to appear.


About six we reached the area in which I caught a 213 pound tuna 3 days earlier. Jim and I got the lines in the water and we started our trolling.

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Nine arrived then so did ten and that is when we saw our first activity. It was a finback whale on the surface feeding. This is a good sign. We trolled for another hour or so when Karen asked if we wanted her to prepare us some lunch and we agreed.

When she came back on deck she had removed her top an exposed her small but not skimpy bikini top. It was small enough to allow her tits to bounce out of the top but not small enough to show too much.

We enjoyed a light lunch with soft drinks. Jim and I both played hockey in college and that is where we met Karen over 15 years earlier. During that time we talked about how hot she was and that Jim could have her. I all ready had beautiful amateur girlfriend pussyfucked couples and blowjob my wife and we were planning on getting married one year after we finished college.

As the day went on Karen told me how she knew I wanted her but that I was all ready committed so I let Jim date her. The conversation got hotter as she wondered about me too, even asking Jim how I looked in the shower after a game. All three of us laughed and I said, "a peak at those beautiful breasts would help a very slow fishing day". Karen looked at Jim and he just smiled.

Which really meant sure, so she reached up behind her head and untied the strings and allowed the top to fall down. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to the sunlight and my sight. They did show a little age as Karen was 38 but they were still great.

Now came the big surprise Karen repeated that she asked Jim how I looked in the shower and now she wanted to see for herself. I walked over to her and she reached up, undid my belt and in one smooth pull dropped both my pants and boxers. Whether she was please or surprised I did know, only that it took about 3 seconds before she had me in her hand to be quickly followed by her lips. That's right, she was sucking my still soft cock right there in front of Jim. I did not know how to act so I just let it happen and was afraid to look at Jim.

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I got really nervous when Jim got up and walked toward me. He stood behind me, grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up and off. I took a sigh of relief. As Karen continued to suck my cock her hands roamed over my back, butt and chest.

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During this time Jim brought in all the lines, this would not have been a good time for a tuna to hit. When the lines were in he went below and came back with a blanket which he laid out on the deck. Karen stood up and brought me to the blanket and asked me to lay on my back.

When I did she straddled my face with her now really wet pussy and lowered it down to where I could taste it. I started to lick up her juices and rub her ass. She continued to suck my cock and balls. I got my finger and placed it into her wet pussy then slowly began playing with her ass.

Within a few minutes my finger was deep inside her ass and then was working its way in and out. This continued for a while, me licking her pussy, fingering her ass as she sucked my cock and balls. She then started to move and I realized that she wanted to change positions. She wanted to be on the bottom so we rolled over. It did not take long for me to realize why she wanted to change positions.


I felt her hands on my ass, then she began to work her way into julias virgin snatch checked by ass.

It was different but was feeling good so I did not resist. She started working her finger a little faster then she pulled it out. I didn't think too much about it hoping she would start up again.

I was right, I felt her finger around my ass again but this time it was bigger. Something felt different so I took a quick peak there was Jim on his knees behind me working his cock into my ass. I was really surprised and thought it was going to really hurt. Karen raised her wet pussy and pushed my face toward it so I could continue to lick it as she took my cock deep into her mouth.

As this was happening Jim got the head of his cock into my ass then slowly pushed in the remaining six or so inches. He just held it in there without moving. At first there was pain but it gradually went away. It was almost like Jim could sense the pain go away and he began to slowly pump my ass. His pace gradually picked up and so did Karen's sucking. He pulled out and Karen got up and rolled me on my back. Jim hooked my legs over his shoulders and reentered my now wanting ass and began pumping away.

Karen was on her knees along side of us and then she took my cock in her hand and started to jerk me off. It did not take long before I shot all over my stomach and chest. Jim then pulled out and Karen grabbed his cock and also jerked him off so he could shoot on my chest. We then sat up and peaked over the side to see who was watching no one that was close. Karen then stood up and jumped in the water to be followed by Jim and I. We swam for a few minutes then climbed on board, took a shower on the deck with the fresh water wash.

We then threw on our clothes and headed back to the marina. As we got close I called home and said no fish. She ran to the store for some steaks and brought them to meet us at the marina. We grilled the steaks and ate them with a salad and a few beers.

It has four years since our special fishing trip and none of us has ever mentioned it. That fishing trip will always have a special place in my memory.