Teacher locker room blowbang p tube xvideos blowjob and interr

Teacher locker room blowbang p tube xvideos blowjob and interr
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No joke I met him (Eric, the main focus of my story) in the bathroom at a bar; yes it was a gay bar. It was late and mostly empty but there were a few night owls out. I was in the bathroom and I am at the urinal finishing up and Eric came up behind me and said, "I think you are gorgeous, want to fuck your grandpa?" He had guts. I looked over my shoulder and said nothing. I had never been approached that way before or been with someone of his type before so I basically ignored him.

Please don't take teeny lovers teeny youporn covered redtube flour tube and blowjob teen porn shaved pussy doggystyle the wrong way. He is very, very, chubby and I will just say he is fat. He is. Plus, he is mostly bald. He is 5' 10" and has average looks. He is certainly not a bad looking guy but I normally would not pick him out by his face as a great looker. His ear hair is completely overgrown and I originally thought it to be gross.along with his bushy eyebrows.

The next part of the equation threw me off the most; he wasn't kidding when he referred to himself as grandpa. After ignoring his first remark toward me he said, "Come on.67 isn't that old." I was 20 (a few months away from 21).so yes it was, wasn't it? And yes, I have a fake ID. Who doesn't? There was no guy at the door and the bartender didn't even check it anyway.

I really don't know why I bothered to get the thing sometimes. I didn't bother telling Eric my age until much later in our relationship; I doubt it would have mattered anyway. Eric continued to flirt with me in the bathroom. I became amused and flattered by his banter with me. Eventually, he said he had bet his friends a hundred bucks he could nail me tonight and/or fifty bucks he could get a blow job before we left the bathroom.

I said it wasn't likely and that I guess I am not worth very much and laughed sarcastically. "Why don't we just hang out a bit and you just tell them I blew you and get the fifty bucks, how would they know?" I asked.

"You seem like you are pretty cool. I'm okay chatting a bit if you want." I basically continued to convey to him that I liked his style and aggressiveness and was flattered by his persistence. He said he has to get a picture with his phone for proof and pulled it out of his pocket. I was impressed he knew how to use the camera in his phone. I don't mean to be rude but a lot of older people aren't tech savvy.

"Just get down and pose with your hands on my zipper," he said. I smirked and apologized, said no and told him maybe some other time. "No problem," he said. "I have to piss anyway so I might as well since I am here." He stood in front of the urinal and peed as we casually chatted and I washed my hands.

It was just brief bits about the weather, etc. At this point, I never did find out if what he did next was on purpose, I assumed so, but he dropped his pants completely as if they slipped out of his hands as he was doing himself up and said "Woops." I remember distinctly thinking.really old man, you can't hold up your pants. He stood there with his naked hairy ass facing me and asked for help. "I kind of have adorable slim teenie gets her soft vagina and tiny anal drilled bad back and all the rain recently really makes it hurt worse.

It is hard to bend down." He said. "Could you be a sport and help me out here and pull them up for me." "Really," I told him. "You can't be serious?" "Yes. I have a bad back and it would be nice to help me out.somehow. It is not asking a lot," he stated. "First you hurt a guys feeling after he tells you he likes you and now you won't help him out after he tells you he is in pain.

I must of been wrong about you. I thought you were a nice boy." I actually felt bad after he said that and I in fact did really start to like him after his aggressive actions, playfulness, and wit he displayed so far. I had enjoyed chatting to this point albeit the circumstances were weird; I likely would have left the bathroom much sooner otherwise.

Somehow he had just drawing me into a conversation. So.I squatted down in front of him to help him out. NO, I did not blow him in the bathroom. I did however notice how NICE his cock was because even though I had squatted down on the side of him to help, he turned and gave me a full frontal view as I grabbed his pants to hand up to him. He made a point of presenting his cock right at eye level to me and I totally admit I got semi hard looking and his big belly, grey (seriously overgrown) pubes, and his mushroom headed cock.

Something clicked inside me and I just all of the sudden wanted him. I was attracted to him. It wasn't just a mental attraction after all of the conversation we had, but now it was sexual. I think it must have been his want for me; I really liked that he wanted me and didn't stop hitting on my.

It was probably the cock too. I'm human. It was a NICE cock (by nice I mean it was large and had big veins which I love) and I could use a good fucking. My ass was craving for it to be hammered. He noticed me looking at it and smiled at me. I smiled back.

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I think that is when he knew he could get me. At this point I will jump ahead by saying we both left the bathroom with nothing else occurring in there and it took all of about 30 more minutes in the bar for him to sweet talk me into following him back to his place.

Then entire time at the bar I LOVED that he never left my side while we chatted. He literally kept body contact with me every second, which included several times where he had his hand on my lower back, butt, and he did this thing where he caressed my ears.

He had magic fingers. His friends ended up owing him a fifty bucks each because that night he had me naked two big cocks for sexy clara g big tits blonde 5 minutes of being at his place.

We got there, he poured me a drink and simply said, "Well, why aren't you naked for Grandpa?" I smiled, went with my emotions and want I had developed to try something different and stripped almost on command. I was so excited by the grin on his face. He made me feel so wanted. I was on my knees undoing rich lady sex service boy in rest housr pants in 6 minutes and he was totally naked in 7 minutes.

I still remember thinking, "Wow, he is really fat," as I undressed him but I seemed to get harder every second I looked at him. (This is the point in my life when I believe I became a chubby chaser.

I only fuck chubby men now). I like how he made me stay on my knees the entire time and undress him. I tried to stand at one point to pull his shirt off but he pushed my shoulders back down and told me I belong on my knees for him, "always" he said. So he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way while I started to nibble on his bell, kiss it gently, and stroke my fingers up and down gianna michaels watch my cleavage legs.

I especially liked it when he said, "Why is Grandpas cock not in his grandson's mouth?" I like that I discovered that day that I don't care about body types and all the muscle bound hunks I had wanted before were pointless. I still look at hunky men though and masturbate.

Why not? They are still hot. But I developed a new appreciation for a different type of man. Plus, I realized I felt comfortable and liked the idea of the whole grandpa thing after doing the whole dad thing.

I love the age gap and the experience older men exhibit. I think the grandpa thing just triggered that excitement I had been wanting in my sexual relationships and only had achieved once before. So, I was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum after undressing him when he sat in his chair, a nice leather recliner I might add. I gave him a blow job. I sucked and nibbled that mushroom head. I licked those balls to perfection.

He remained soft for a time that was longer that most of my previous encounters blowing men, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making him hard. I just thought he had remarkable self control. The first suck for me was the hardest with Eric because I wasn't used to him and he lasts a long time; my mouth got tired.

I could only bob my head up and down so much before I get dizzy. I kept up with it and what seemed like an eternity later he came for me. I loved swallowing him. He makes a slight squeak as he orgasms. It is so cute. His sperm had a unique flavor.

It wasn't the worst I had tasted but it certainly was nothing that would keep me from swallowing him again. I had swallowed dreadful cum in the past so I was fine with his.

If anything I would ask him to shower next time (yes, I was already thinking about a next time) because I remember I wanted him clean, especially if I get to rim his ass for him. I TOTALLY would have done it the first blow job but the positioning wasn't right and I was too into his dick.


His cock was really sweaty and had a tang to it (mmmmmmmmmmm, loved it though.) After I finished swallowing him, he immediately took charge and had me crawl on my hands and knees to the coffee table and lay my stomach on it with my knees still touching the ground; the coffee table was very short and worked well for this.

It was the perfect height for a fucking I thought. I was expecting him to kneel behind me and start to fuck my ass. Something different occurred though. He asked if I liked to be tied up and if he could "make me his own?" "Sure!" I replied, not realizing what the immediate future had in store for me.

My arms ended up stretched across the table to the corners and he tied my hands to the legs. He then put rope around my knees and pulled my legs apart, tying my legs to each table leg leaving me face down spread eagle and tied to the coffee table. I figured he would take a break and do kinky things to me until he got hard again.

No. The lights went out and he walked into his bedroom and closed the door. Seriously I thought. I called for him and he told me to "Shut up." "What?" I said. The lights came back on and he immediately took a gag ball and silenced me. "I told you to shut up. You said you would be made mine and this is what it takes." I kind of liked it but was still nervous at the same time.

I didn't realize I would stay that way until morning but I did. I laid on my stomach, naked and gagged until I saw the sun come up.

I was scared at that point. I finally saw him come out of his room and he ignored me for a while. At first I got aroused by watching him walk around naked and I just liked how his cock swayed back and forth with each step. Then, it got weird because it was like I wasn't there. I was beginning to freak out internally at that point. Finally, he approached me with a leather belt. "This is going to teach you to speak when spoken to, suck when told to, bend over at my command, and take care of grandpa anywhere, anytime," he said as he pointed to the belt.

He then told me to relax and that he thoroughly enjoyed the previous night and somehow he managed to put my mind at ease. I basically shook my head yes to him and all of his questions giving him consent for whatever he wanted as he talked to me.

I honestly don't remember if I was scared, nervous, turned on or all of the above. Maybe I am just easy. I don't know? After I had relaxed and he was about to "train" me, the front door opened and two of the guys he was at the bar with walked in.

I remember he joked around with them, told them how he had that little "fag" as he pointed to me, suck his cock, and how he would have me made into a good bottom grandson for "us" shortly.

That unsettled me. The "us" referred to him and his friends as I would eventually find out. Plus, I thought it was awkward that I was naked and tied up and Eric was also naked but he talked with his buddies like everything was normal. They laughed a bit and he made them give him his money for me blowing him last night. He said a blowjob counts anywhere, whether it was in the bathroom at the bar or not. They paid him. They looked at me and flava gets fucked hard by two men and she loves every minute of it they would see me later and left.

Eric approached me. "You told me I could make you mine honey and I would love to do so. What I am about to do will make you my bottom," he said. He once again seemed to sweet talk me and made it seem so kinky I suppose that I shook my head okay (because I was still gagged from the night before) and he began to whip me.

After the first, second, third, fourth.tenth, etc. he did not stop. I screamed through the gag and begged to stop but it came out as a mumble. At twenty he stopped and I knew it was twenty because he counted out loud.

He said you need to learn and less than twenty will teach you nothing. I was soaked with sweat and felt exhausted. He was right though. I liked the kink. He took his time with the whips and probably did a whip across the ass and back area every ten or fifteen seconds. He left me for a while to calm down and relax. He came back with lube, white medical bandaging tape (the thicker kind), and a ribbed dildo.

He said "round two," lubed up the dildo and I am not kidding shoved it in my ass with no warning and it was not done gently at all. It hurt and I screamed. He taped it in place so it didn't pop out. Then proceeded to give me ten more whippings with the belt. The dildo made it seem more sexual and not like a beating and I.began to get into it. He asked after those ten if I wished to continue. I looked into his eyes nodded yes. He smiled and took the gag away and kissed me.something more happened for me though.

I reached back out to him with my lips as he pulled away.he noticed, smiled again, and gave me a passionate kiss. I then saw him toss aside the belt and he pulled the dildo out. The tape dirty dads rail their teens pussies doggystyle my raw ass hurt as he pulled it off!

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At this point I was totally comfortable. I had no shame, especially after what I had done already, and told him flat out I needed to use the bathroom.

He said "No. Do you trust me?" I did. I did. Then he proceeded to put down a plastic bag under my butt with newspaper on top like he was training a dog. He said he knew I must have to "poop" as he black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn it. Listen, on a side note we all know that anal sex causes the need to go, and one has to clean the tubes out generally when having anal.

The combination of the dildo and not having a bowl movement for a day were not good. He stood behind me and said "go." I didn't. He kissed me looked into my eyes and said, "Sweetie, if you are going to be mine this has to happen." I did it after a moment of him standing behind me watching. It was probably because I couldn't hold it anymore. I just let it out. He cleaned me thoroughly, threw out the mess, and kissed me again. I loved that he cared for me that way.

He proceeded to get behind me and I know he lubed up. Then, once again without warning he rammed it in. He heard me moan in pain and I believe he gets off on that because he took it out.and rammed it again to hear me moan in pain again. Then he just settled in and fucked me hard for at least ten minutes. He went to town.

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There was a point when he stopped though and untied me. I wondered why and asked. I had been tied up through everything to that point. He said because he felt something on the back of his legs and butt. When he looked he noticed my bare feet, toes curled, caressing him and being held tight against him. He knew the toe curl was a sign I was his and I wasn't going anywhere. It symbolized my enjoyment. He was right. He had me crawl into the bedroom on my hands and knees and he spent the better part of an hour fucking me, mostly doggy style.

We finished up though with me on my back, my knees at my chest area and my ankles over his shoulders. He loved that angle he said for three reasons. One, I can't go anywhere because he says he is so heavy I am stuck and can't move, true. Two, he can just pile drive my ass if he hits the angle right, also true.

And three, because he gets to look into my eyes as see me moan with pleasure and pain as he thrusts.


True as well. For months I was his toy. I sucked and swallowed him to no end. It blew him in dark restaurants, in the car, and on the train when we took it. But my favorites were in bathroom stalls and when I would visit his office and actually hide under his desk blowing him while he talked to his secretary!

She never knew. No joke, once I spent ten minutes with Eric's dick in my mouth while she stood in the doorway and he gave her important notes. Once he came while she was in his office filing papers. I still don't know how he kept quiet. My favorite part was that we were always naked in his home. Clothes were not allowed, which got awkward at first when his buddies came over, but I got used to it (especially after month 4 it would be pretty much impossible finding a cuter japanese pornstar than this teen slut from japan 5 when he started having me blow his friends and literally set me up as a fuck buddy for them).

I did it though. I was so emotionally attached to him and didn't want to lose him that I sucked, fucked, and did some other stuff I am not going to mention now, to Eric's friends whenever he told me to. I thought if I didn't I would lose him and I couldn't bare it.

I moved out of my dorm after 6 months of being together and moved in with him. I basically lived with him anyway. I pretty much had slept with his cock in my ass every night. I loved it at first. But after about a year of being fucked endlessly by his friends more and more and him less and less I confronted him.

I told him I was done with his friends. I was in it for him and I started to cry. He held me. We had the most passionate sex that we have had several months. He got me to come just from the excitement of being anally fucked (which doesn't always happen). After he came inside my mouth, he waited a whole ten seconds before he said it was over and that was my goodbye sex.

I had barely finished swallowing. I cried for days. I didn't know what to do. He wanted no attachments. Just sex. He was a jerk. He had me fooled I suppose. I thought it was supposed to be. I was young. I did move on. It was hard.