Wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese and hardcore

Wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese and hardcore
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Fbailey story number 173 Who Is Your Daddy My name is Peg. It's not short for anything. Mom and dad don't believe in long drawn out names. My four brothers are Tom, Ted, Tim, and Tad. I was about ten years and nine months old when I had my first period. I was twelve years old when I got my tits. That's when my four brothers noticed that I had grown up. At first my older cute girl gets her face fucked anal would 'accidentally' walk in on me when I was naked in the bathtub.

I was always embarrassed but I kind of liked the attention too. Whenever I would tell mom she just told me to lock the door if I didn't want them to look. To test that theory I walked in on mom a few times. I even saw my oldest brother Tom walk in on her too. I didn't hear her cry out or anything. One time I crept up to the door and looked in the keyhole. I was amazed how well I could see and I told myself to hang a towel on the doorknob if I didn't want anyone peeking at me.

I saw my brother drop his pants and sit on the toilet as he just stared at mom.


He was in no hurry and mom sure didn't care either. Then I saw him stand up and walk over to mom. She sucked his cock into her mouth. I was pretty sure that he old gay and young gay in her mouth too. Then I snuck back to my room and played with myself. Soon they started feeling me up whenever mom and dad weren't around. I really didn't mind them feeling me up but they were so rough and clumsy about it that I didn't enjoy it at all.

All they wanted to do was pinch my nipples and make me cry out. Finally one day my oldest brother Tom raped me when he was supposed to be baby sitting me. I was almost twelve and a half and Tom was almost seventeen when Tom started wrestling with me like he had a lot in the months before that.

He felt me up like he had too.


Tom lifted my top up to expose my tits and to cover my face. In doing so he trapped my arms inside my sleeves and sweater too. Then Tom started to take my pants off. He had tried that before too and I had managed to fight him off most of the time but he had seen my panties quite often. This time though, he removed my panties too.

Tom had gotten his hand inside my panties before on a few occasions and had even finger fucked me but now I was completely naked with my arms and face covered up and I was under his control. His leg was holding me down, he was sucking on my nipples, and he was poking his fingers into my pussy.

I was actually beginning to enjoy it. Then Tom moved around and stuck his cock into me. I knew what it was but he took the time to narrate it for me anyway.

He told me that he was going to 'fuck' me and that I was going to like it. He told me that he was going to fuck me a lot from then on and skinny latin beauty loves to be fucked he might let our other three brothers fuck me too.

He warned me not to tell mom or dad either. Then I had my very first orgasm with a cock in me and it was much more powerful than the ones that I had been giving myself. I will never forget how good it had felt. I knew right then that I would let him fuck me whenever he wanted too and that I wouldn't tell mom and dad either.

Hell I knew that I would also let my other three brothers fuck me after that. When he was done using me he just left me there on the floor to fend for myself. I felt used but I felt satisfied too. Elder goes youthful boy pulls teen039s hair when boin I got my arms and face free and got dressed again.

When my parents returned that night I didn't say anything about my brother raping me. When I looked over at Tom he just smiled at me. He knew right then that he had won and that I was all his whenever he wanted me.

As I had expected Tom started in the very next day. When I was in the bathtub he came in and watched me wash me tiny breasts and my hairless pussy. I didn't mind and it excited me to have an audience. Tom just sat on the toilet and watched me like he had that day with mom. Tom let me get out of the bathtub and dry off before having me lie down on the floor so that he could fuck me again. This time I didn't fight him so he could use both of his hands to feel me up.

He pinched my nipples a little too hard, he poked my pussy quite roughly, and then Tom slipped his cock into me. Luckily I was still wet down there from the bath.

Since I wasn't fighting him this time Tom took his time. Maybe it was because he had already fucked me once I don't know but I enjoyed it a lot more that time too. Tom must have fucked me for a whole minute or two but it sure felt good. When he pulled his cock out of me I cleaned up with a washcloth.

While I was at it I washed Tom's cock off too. He thanked me for letting him fuck me and for not telling mom and dad about it. I asked him to be gentler when he played with my tits. I told him that they were tender all of the time but that I liked him touching them gently. He then asked me if our other brothers could feel me up if they were gentle too. I said yes. He asked me if they could fuck me too and again I said yes.

So for the last three years my four brothers have been fucking me like crazy. I swear that every one of them fucks me every single day unless I am having my period. We have 'almost' gotten caught so many times that it isn't funny.

At fifteen years old I am looking pretty good. My breasts grew in nicely and I am a whole cup size bigger than mom is. I do have a reputation for being easy though. I have let most of the boys in my class fuck me, even one of my male teachers. Ten a couple of months ago I stopped having periods. I didn't know why but I sure liked it a lot better without the cramps and bleeding.

Then mom asked me why I hadn't been using any of her tampons. I told her that I didn't have to anymore because I didn't have any periods. I told her that I was going through my change of life and she slapped me.

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I may not have been the brightest Crayon in the box but she thought that I should have known more about my body. Why? She hadn't ever talked to me about it. Then she told me that I was probably pregnant and asked me if I had been sexually active. I probably shouldn't have laughed and said, "Hell yes!

I get fucked five or six times a day." That got me another slap across the face. Then she wanted to know who the daddy was. I patted my slightly rounded belly and said, "Who's your daddy?" Again I got a slap across the face. Mom called down to Tom and he came into my room.

Mom told him all about me being pregnant and fucking around like a prostitute. Then mom told Tom to keep a close eye on me.

Well that was like asking the cat to watch the bird. Tom was now nineteen years old and out of school. Mom took me out of school before I started to show and had Tom 'home school' me while mom worked. When mom told dad that I was pregnant he just shook his head. He had known black lexington steele destroys anna bell peaks wet pussy a couple of years that my brothers were fucking me.

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Dad never fucked me but he got more than a few blowjobs out of it. Usually whenever mom would shut him off for a few days. He liked to come into the bathroom when I was in the tub and have me suck his cock like mom had Tom that day. Every evening when daddy said the blessing before dinner I would pat my growing tummy and ask, "Who's your daddy?" If I had sat any closer to mommy she would have slapped me good.

Luckily I sat between daddy and Tom. Tom made me study hard when he wasn't feeling me up or fucking me. His friends would stop in and he would let them fuck me too. After all, the harm was already done. Plus he collected money to buy me maternity clothes and baby stuff with. After school let out my other three brothers would fuck me until mom and dad came home from work.

When I was about six months pregnant and really showing daddy finally fucked me. Somehow he had manage to get mom and my brothers to visit her parents for the weekend. We were 'supposed' to go too but he had me fake a stomach pain and he insisted on staying behind to care for me. We spent most of the next forty-eight hours naked and fucking. Well mindi and carmen enjoys pussy licking on their bath tub he wasn't hard I was either sucking his cock or he was eating my pussy and trying to get milk out of my tits.

He was trying to make up for lost time. Daddy wished that he had been fucking me along with my brothers for the past three years too. Daddy loved fucking me doggy style with my tits swinging in the air. That was a great weekend. After they came back and things got back to normal Daddy took every opportunity to feel me up too but he was definitely afraid of mommy finding out.

So he talked mom into joining the choir at church and participating in the Lady's Auxiliary. That got her out of the house twice a week. Daddy made it perfectly clear to my four brothers that they were to stay out of his way and keep watch for mom's return. Meanwhile he spent every possible minute in my room, in my bed, and in me.

Daddy never left my room until he heard one of my brothers shout out, "Mom's walking up the sidewalk." The End Who Is Your Daddy 173