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Arab porn anal in the ass were not hiring but we have a job for you
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The following story is taken from my tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car ebook SCALLY BOY DREAMER, available on Amazon. I can't concentrate no more. It's impossible with Brad in the same lessons. Something's got to be done about it otherwise my college work's gonna suffer. The first day I started college, first day I saw him I fancied him like fuck. For the last two months I've fantasized about sucking his dick and fucking him.

I lie in my bed at night having a big steaming wazz thinking about us both getting naked and rolling around together kissing and rubbing our dicks together. Oh fuck, I haven't even seen him naked. It's driving me mad. It was only a few weeks ago that he noticed I kept looking at him in lessons. Then one afternoon last week, during a lesson, our eyes met. He was sitting a few desks from me but he kept looking over at me. He knew how I felt about him and I just knew he felt the same way. Could tell by the way he kept looking at me.

Then he smiled at me. I smiled back. I had the best wank ever that night thinking about us both getting naked and doing all sorts of dirty stuff. I fantasized about stuffing my dick down his throat and nobbing the horny fucker good and hard up the bum. I went to sleep and I had a brilliant dream about the both of us kissing each other naked.

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And now I've finally decided something's got to be done about it. I've made sure I'm sitting next to him. I pull my chair up real close to him so that our arms touch when we're writing. Just the physical contact with him, it's making my cock grow in my jeans.

How the fuck am I gonna get through this lesson? I press my arm up against his arm and he doesn't move his arm away. I just know he wants it as much as I do. Then I look up at him and I whisper, "I can't stand it any longer." "What sunny leone six open story you mean?" "You know what I mean." "Well…like…what do you want me to do about it?" "Dunno." "You wanna do something about it?" "You know I do." "You wanna do something about it…like now?" "Well…yeah but where can we go?" "Leave it to me." He puts his hand up, attracts Sir's attention.

"Sir!" Sir looks up. "Yes? What is it?" "Sir, I need to go to the toilet, Sir." "Can't it wait, boy?" "No, Sir.


Swear down. If I don't go now, Sir, I'll piss myself, Sir." The class roar with laughter. Sir tells everybody to be quite then he tells Brad to mind his language. "Sorry, Sir, but I really will wee myself, Sir." Brad's now squeezing his willy through his jeans. Sir lets him go. Before Brad goes he tells me to follow him in a couple of minutes, says he'll be waiting for me in the bogs. He leaves the classroom and after convincing Sir that I too am close to wetting my pants I follow Brad two minutes later.

I don't give a fuck if the whole class know what I'm up to with my horny classmate. When I get ms panther takes a dick between her juggs the bogs down the bottom of the corridor Brad is waiting for me. We've both wanted for weeks for this to happen.

We're alone in the toilets, staring into each other's eyes. We need each other so bad. "You do realize, Brad, we have to do this otherwise we'll never be able to concentrate on our studies." "Shut up, you daft bastard," He brings his lips to mine.

Oh fuck, we're kissing, me and Brad.


We kiss on the mouth, hold each other tight. I'm leaning against the wall and he's pressing his body into mine. We open our mouths and he sticks his tongue in my mouth. He has his hands on the sides of my face and I have my hands on his arse, squeezing the cheeks of his arse through his tight faded jeans. He's rubbing his bulge against mine.

Our dicks are stiff in our jeans, his throbbing erection rubbing against mine. We take each other's T-shirts off and we carry on kissing. His hands are now running up and down my body.

He's stroking my body all over. We kiss and lick each other's face and I unbutton his jeans, slip my hand down the front of his jeans. His jeans, they're so fucking tight. I can't squeeze my hand down so he helps me. He unzips his fly and my hand slips down his jeans, slips down under the waistband of his undies.

I panic a bit. What if somebody walks into the toilets now, one of our classmates or anybody, and they catch us doing this? They'll tell everybody in college that we we're a couple of queer boys. Then I feel the tip of Brad's cock. It's all hot and wet. Oh fuck it, I don't give a toss who knows. I want to get my horny classmate naked and I want to get naked with him and I want sexy harlot keisha grey loves doggystyle and jizz pornstars hardcore drag him from the toilets and I want us both to wank each other off and suck each other's dicks in front of the class, in front of all our mates and Sir.

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Me and Brad, we take all our clothes off. "Are you brave enough to walk back in the classroom with me like this, Brad? Naked with our dicks on bone?" Brad smiles. "That'd be well hot. But I don't think I've got the balls." "Mate, believe me, you've got balls." "Yeah.

Well, are you brave enough?" "Only if elena gilbert in rich girl learns a lesson are, mate." "Yeah ok then. Let's go for it, mate." We walk out of the toilet and we walk down the corridor bullock naked with our boners bobbing up and down. Then we go back in the classroom. Sir stops talking. Everybody's silent. They're proper shocked. Me and Brad go to the front of the class. We're naked with our hot stiff cocks on full display.

We face the class. I put my arm around Brad and I kiss him on the cheek. I look at all the boys in class. I smile then I take hold of Brad's cock, give a nice gentle squeeze. Sir's gets up out of his chair and he says, "Right. You two. Get out!" His face is bright red.

Me and Brad, we don't move. A boy shouts out, "Leave 'em, Sir! They're in love." All the other boys laugh, except for a couple of the lads who shout out, "Fucking queers!" and "Bent bastards!" Me and Brad, we climb on to the bench at the front of class and we have sex in front of Sir and all the lads. Now our classmates are egging us on. They were shocked at first but now they're having a laugh. Sex is just fun to watch, innit?

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Don't matter if it's straight or gay. Sir looks like he's going to have a heart attack. "Stop that at once! Do you hear!


Stop it!" Me and Brad have no intentions of stopping. We're gonna carry on till we jizz our loads. Sir realizes he's fighting a losing battle. "Oh fuck it! See if I care." He sits down at his desk and he just lets us get on with it. He looks proper embarrassed but now he's realised he can do nothing about it. So yeah, we're on the bench, me and Brad. Ray Dixon and Kenny Davies move their books out of the way to give us more room. I'm lying on top big natural tits amateur hd pretty tied up Brad.

We're lying face to face and I'm dry humping him. The lads are loving it now. They're cheering and whistling. It's a laugh. Even Sir joins in with the fun. He says, "Let's see some snogging then, gay boys." I look at Sir and I smile at him. All that getting worked up, it was an act. He's loving it. "Nice one, Sir!" He goes even redder. So me and Brad snog and we do tongues. And we play with each other's dicks and balls.

That's when some of the lads start squirming around in their seats. You see hand on stiff cock in the flesh, it makes you feel horny, whether it's straight or gay. And it doesn't take long before cocks come out of pants.

Sir sees his students getting their cocks out. He says, "Oh fuck it!" He gets a half bottle of whisky out of his desk, opens it and takes a swig. He leans back in his chair, puts his feet up on the desk. "Come on then, lads, the lot of you get your cocks out and have a good wank." This is mega. It's not every day you get to have a wank in class. College has never been this fun before. All the lads get their cocks out and wank off. Some of 'em stay sitting down, and some stand up and show off their cocks while they jack off.

Me and Brad are snogging and then Brad says to me, "Do you wanna fuck me?" More than anything in the whole world I wanna fuck him. Brad gets on all fours on his hands and knees and pushes his bare arse out.

I get behind him and I spit on my dick. I spit on my finger and stick it up Brad's arse. That seems to get Sir a bit excited. He joins in with the lads when he sees me sticking my finger up Brad's arse. He gets his cock out and starts wanking. One lad shouts, "Nice cock, Sir!" Another lad shouts, "Sir, you wanker!" Then Liam Conroy gets really excited and he walks to the front and he takes hold of Sir's cock and starts wanking him off.

Sir just lets him do it then Sir…oh fuck…Sir kisses Liam on the mouth. Then Sir, he brings his lips away from Liam's and he puts his hands on Liam's shoulders, gently pushes him down.

Liam's kneeling before Sir. Sir smiles and looks down at Liam. "Would you be so good as to suck it for me, Liam?" Liam says, "All right then." And he sucks Sir's cock. I just have to fuck Brad. I hold on to his hips and slip my cock up his tight bum.

I push it in with one long thrust.

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I fall across his back with my cock up inside him. He grinds his arse against me and I fuck him good and hard. "Oh yeah. Fuck! Fuck! Oooh! Fuck!" I slide my hands underneath him, one hand going up and down his belly and his smooth chest, my other hand on his dick. I wank him off as I bum fuck him. Fuck him up the arse with my big dick. Lads squirt jizz all over the classroom as I cum up my mate's bum, and Sir spunks up all over Liam Conroy. This is the horniest day of my life.