Pov asian teen with hairy bush fingers asshole

Pov asian teen with hairy bush fingers asshole
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In the seventies one of my friends, Ryan, lived a few blocks from me and we were very similar in our physical features. He had dark, curly hair as opposed to my straight kind of blonde hair but we both had slender, smooth, bodies.

We would often hang out at his house or mine, shoot some baskets, wrestle, watch TV, or just talk. One unusually hot afternoon in May we were at my house playing basketball in the driveway. We had been hard at it and our bodies were soaked in sweat.

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We decided it was too warm for this and we should get some pop and cool down. As we sat on the patio sipping our sodas Ryan asked, "Did you know guys can fuck guys?" I said" No Way! Guys don't have a cunt, it's impossible. "Taking a swig of his soda he said, "You're right, they don't. So they have to put their dick somewhere else. "Like where?" I asked curious pinay ofw masturbates on story calling puzzled.

"In the other guy's butt." He replied matter- of- factly. "NO WAY!" I said not really believing he was serious. "It's true. "He stated firmly. "How would you know?!" I asked not expecting an answer.

"Because I saw a couple guys do it this weekend. Yeah, we went to the lake and I had to piss so I went into the woods. I could see something moving on the other side of some bushes and snuck up for a peek. There was a guy a couple years older than us bending over and holding onto a tree while another guy was behind him with his dick up his butt. I could actually see the big dick going in and out of him. It was cool!" He reported. Not knowing what to make of this I just said, "Wow!" as I tried to envision it.

It sounded really gross but I couldn't help but wonder how it felt. Then I realized my dick was hard as a rock.

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It was weird and I didn't know what to do so I told Ryan I was going to take a shower to wash the gunky sweat off and I would just be a few minutes. Then I excused myself. I went to the bathroom, stripped naked, spun the taps, got in, and pulled the curtain. The nice warm water was refreshing to my achy muscles as it cascaded over my body. Thinking about what Ryan had told me, I was lost in thought as I soaped up. So lost in Fact, I didn't realize I was no longer alone.

Facing the wall where the shower head was I was shocked when wet hands started rubbing my shoulders. "WHAT THE…!" I exclaimed. "Just relax." came Ryan's soothing voice as his hands started working their way slowly down my back.

"Are you naked?" I asked. "Yeah, but don't turn around." He replied, his hands now massaging my lower back. They slid down the outside of my thighs and around to my front then fondled my penis. "You're hard." He said. "Yeah" I replied, "Are you?" His ands moved back again and started to caress the smooth wet flesh of my buttocks "You'll find out soon enough." I didn't quite know what to make of that cryptic remark but my penis jumped when he said it.

I felt a finger slowly run down the separation between my butt cheeks. Just before it reached my you-know-what it pulled away for a moment. Soon it returned and the now soapy digit slid into my bottom till it was buried up to the knuckles and I let out a gasp of pleasure. A tingle shot though my body. The finger probed around inside me and slid in and out as he asked," Like it?" "Yeah!" I managed to say breathlessly, lost in the new sensations.

Just as I was getting used to having it in me he pulled gorgeous doll is exposing her spread juicy snatch in close up out and I suddenly felt very empty. I thought I heard Ryan doing something behind me but the sound was muffled by that of the warm water pelting our very naked young bodies. "We're about to find out what those guys I saw felt, bend over a little more.

" Ryan ordered. I did as he said, bracing myself against the tiled wall and sticking my smooth little butt out toward him. He's just joking I bet, he wouldn't REALLY stick his dick in my "OH!!!" The finger had now been replaced by something much bigger with a rubbery tip that had wedged itself between my butt cheeks.

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My hole tried in vain to resist, but Ryan's cock was so slippery it just slid into the hot smooth chambers of my rectum till the whole thing was buried in me! "GOD THAT FEELS GOOD! " he panted as he slowly started she watches her hubby fucks her mom hump me.

The sensations that flooded through my body were more pleasurable than anything I had ever experienced. Water from the shower ran over and dripped off our young, wet bodies as Ryan's penis pumped in and out of my skinny little bum. "You like it don't you?" He asked. "YEAH! Keep doin it!" I answered. And he did, his groin making a loud slapping sound as he drove rhythmically in and out. I felt his penis start to throb then shoot his seed deep inside my rectum as he let out a groan.

After the pulses died down he pulled out of me spent and trying to catch his breath. Regaining his composure he said anxiously, "You gotta try this!

Let's trade places so you can do it to me! We carefully waltzed around each other and he bent over presenting his soaking wet shiny behind to me.

"Use the Vaseline I brought in. Just do to me what I did to you." He said. I ran my hands briefly over the slick flesh of his butt, dipped my finger into the now warm jar of Vaseline on the edge of the tub and slid it deep into my friend's sexy little butt. Probing around, I marveled at the smooth walls inside and the tight grip of his anus on my finger. "Hurry up and stick your dick in me, I can't wait!


He begged. My organ had been rock hard through all of this and I now coated every bit of it with a copious amount of Vaseline. I lined it up carefully with Ryan's puckered little butthole and started to gently push.

He was tight but I kept at it. Suddenly and with unexpected ease my penis plunged far into the sensual paradise of his rectum as he let out a loud groan. The hot, smooth, moist walls gloved my penis in luxurious softness and his sphincter grasped firmly around its base.

It felt simply exquisite. "Oh Yeah!!!


Fuck me!" Ryan blurted. And I did. Looking down, I watched mesmerized as my gooey organ slid in and out of my friend's soaking wet ass. The tension was building in my loins like a spring being wound and I knew release was near. I thrust one last time as deep as I could, spewing my load of semen into the heavenly rectal abyss of Ryan's bottom. The pulsations of the best orgasm of my young life faded and I pulled my dripping dick out of Ryan's rear-end. Needless to say, it was the best shower I had ever had!

After this discovery we fucked each other so much we went through a lot of Vaseline. Looking back its interesting how Ryan watching two guys fucking in the woods had such a profound effect on both of us.