Charming gorgeous teen serves a hard cock

Charming gorgeous teen serves a hard cock
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Sorry&hellip.story split when entering it… As the men continued to pleasure her she yelled at them to do it harder. This she found always made her orgasms more intense.

Another hand from out of no where wrapped around her neck and choked her tightly. Just before passing out momentarily from her largest climax ever she felt fingers shove up her asshole. The force jolted her hips upwards.

One of the men had an ass fucking interest. He flipped her over on the bed and jammed his cock into her tight ass. Her puckered little asshole was like a bulls eye. Red tight and waiting. In he jammed. Casey let out a feeble little grunt. Her tight ass felt so jersey my daughters fucking blackzilla it only took about 9 thrusts.

The water tap was on. Cum gushed inside. When done he pulled out and gave her the hardest smack ever across the cheeks. A red mark immediately appeared. The men grabbed her now passed out and limp body and dragged her to the shower. She came to in the shower. Little did she know each man had at least one turn in one of her holes as she passed out.

Some fucked her luscious lips and pretty mouth. Other entered her ass. She must have had a lot more booze fed to her than she had thought. She was enjoying this punishment.

She wanted this every week. Babysitting has its perks she thought. In the shower she was pushed face first against the glass wall. It was a see through walk in shower. Tiled from floor to ceiling. There were all sorts of shower heads positioned at different angles. Through the glass Casey could see one of the men videotaping the romp. Her hair now wet and dripping. The men had taken the pigtails out. Wet hair hung messily over her face.

Two men held her suspended by her arms against the glass. Another held her up by her hips and was thrusting a large cock in her cunt from behind. In and out. The warm water cascaded off her back. She could feel his cock harden then release a load into her. Deep inside her. A warm load. It was like sitting on a hose she thought. Casey loved getting fucked. Who was next she wondered? Another guy entered her from behind.

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This time it was in her asshole. He was rough. He grabbed her ass cheeks. Pulled them apart. She could hear him spit. Then pressure and a bit of discomfort. He entered her. His hard gigantic cock lifted her higher up the glass.

She felt like he was going to snap her in half. The other men grabbed her ankles and spread her wider.


In and out pumped this cock like a large jack hammer. The more he fucked the rougher he got. He grabbed Casey by the back of her hair. A big clump. He jarred her head back and twisted her head so her face looked back at his. Her back arched. She cried out in discomfort. He liked this. He told her that she was getting this for being a really bad little babysitter. He forcefully kissed her lips, biting and sticking his tongue deep down her throat. He then chewed on the back of her neck like a wild animal.

Eventually he pumped her ass so full of cum it dripped and drizzled down her leg. He withdrew and she fell to the shower floor. Three horny claudia shotz rides on a hard dick still stood above her for more. They jerked their cocks off above her. Cum sprayed and hit her face and hair.

Some dripped to her lips. She licked and swallowed. She sat there on her knees. Her hands holding her up, panting and exhausted. He pussy and ass throbbing from the fuck fest. She had enjoyed every minute of it.

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She could then hear Andrew's voice. He stood above her. He told her to get on all fours like a table. She did. Without warning she heard a cracking sound like a whip and felt the hot blistering pain cross her backside. She collapsed to the ground.

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She got up again on all fours. Harder please she asked. Again crack and she collapsed. Andrew knelt down and whispered into her ear. He told her that was for stealing his stuff. If she did it again the punishment would be worse next time.

He helped her up and took her to the bedroom. He told her to get dressed and go home. When Casey saw the clock it said 6pm. She had been there for about 5 hours. She could not remember the entire time.

Casey tried to find her clothes. They were no where to be seen. Little did she know one of the men who had a sick fetish for clothes had kept her shorts and shoes. He was to use them when pleasuring himself. Casey went into Jane's closet. She found a light summer dress and some sandals. She put them on, they fit really well and then went downstairs. As she walked home she smirked to herself. She knew she could mark 6 more conquests off on her bedpost. Casey was unaware Jane saw her leave the house.

Jane also recognized she was wearing her clothes.


Jane followed Casey in her mini van wondering what she should do about this situation&hellip. Jane was really angry. She drove up beside Casey and began to yell at her. She was asking why the fuck Casey was wearing her clothes. Casey had to think fast on her feet. She told Jane that she was swimming and her clothes had blown into their pool. Jane told Casey she would verify this by calling her husband. She rolled up the window and Casey could tell she was in a heated debate with someone on the other end.

An evil smile then came over Jane's face. The window rolled down. Jane told Casey to get inside the van. Casey's knees were shaking. She was nervous and knew she was in big big trouble now.