Teen with dirty blonde hair fucks two guys

Teen with dirty blonde hair fucks two guys
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Taken: I hurried along to the tune of my ipod, my knee still hurting from volleyball practice, but I ignored it.

I'd made a dive for the ball and landed too hard. The sun was out for the first day in 2 weeks. The warmth was a nice change. I occasionally shifted my backpack around,the weight a bit overwhelming. As I neared the next driveway a truck suddenly pulled in, fraction of an inch away from hitting me and I froze; nearly on the brink of emptying my bladder.

"Watch it asshole," I swore, surely my mother would forgive me for one little outburst. I went to walk to the drivers side when the back door burst open and a pair of hands reached out, yanking me right off the ground and into the back.

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My immediate reaction was to scream but the stranger's hand closed anime cutie giving blowjob and taking facial hentai over my mouth as he straddled my waist and pinned me down.

Only when I felt the thin cold blade against my throat did I stop struggling. "Good girl. Now, I'm going to restrain you. If you don't resist me, you won't get hurt any more than is necessary," he promised. I used the limited light to focus on his face.

He had ear length brown hair that dangled in his face. He wore a long sleeve black and white plaid button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows; revealing bulging forearms, proof he was strong. He had broad shoulders and wore simple pair of faded jeans. To complete his outfit was a black pair of cowboy boots.

He didn't look overweight, but he was very heavy. "Put your wrists together," he ordered. "What do you want with me?" "Darlin, I just told you what I want. Now I suggest you listen." I noticed he had a slight southern drawl but I couldn't pinpoint the origin.

Slowly I brought my wrists together in front of me. "Now I'm going to set this aside so that I can tie ya up. Don't you reach for it or I'll be forced to hurt you. Do you understand?" he questioned as he gazed down at me. I nodded, the strange man set the knife down and grabbed a nearby piece of rope and began winding it in a complicated pattern.

After a few knots he picked his lustrous brunette vanessa decker gets fucked by a random stranger back up. "I'm going to move off of you, julia ann erik everhard livegonzo you dare try to run!" "I'm not deaf or dumb," I replied shortly.

He grabbed my chin hard enough to bruise it. "You will watch the way you speak to me," he growled. I nodded in understanding. He released me and shut the hatch, hitting the top a few times and the truck hit reverse, spinning so quickly it jostled us around. "My name is Clyde, that there driver is my older brother Georgie." "What do you want? My parents don't have much money for ransom," I confessed. Clyde chuckled as he twirled his knife. "I'm not interested in ransom sweetheart." "I don't understand, what do you want then?" I asked bravely, struggling to swallow past the lump in my throat.

"Oh I think you know. See I'm finally old enough, and it's my turn to marry. I've picked you to be my first wife," he announced excitedly.

"WHAT? You can't, I'm won't!" "You're cute when you argue," he sighed, staring at me dreamily. My stomach dropped. "You can't kidnap someone and make them marry you!" "Now, now Skye, that's enough talking like that." "My name is Lyndsay, not Skye!" "I said ENOUGH!" he shouted slamming his fist on the metal floor hard enough I jumped at the sudden outburst.

His mood mellowed almost and fast as it escalated. "As your husband it is my responsibility to give you a new name for your new life." "I don't want to marry you," I replied softly. My snarky attitude melted away as I watched him cautiously. He was large and intimidating and I had no clue what he was capable of.

"Few do, but I'm patient Skye, you will learn to love me." I was almost speechless. How could this seriously be happening? "Don't be upset, I will be a good husband. I've been studying how to please you." I shuddered stomach feeling queasy. Clyde wasn't unpleasant to look at, but I wasn't interested.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, changing the subject. Home eventually, I've traveled a long way to find you." "Why me?" Clyde scooted closer and stroked the side of my face with his rough callused fingers. I tried to scoot away but the glare I got stopped me. "You caught my eye and I knew that it was a sign from the Lord that you were destined to be mine." Tears burned beneath my eyelids and I struggled to keep them back.

"You can't own me…I'm a person, I have rights." "I have warned you Skye, I will not continue to warn you.

Mind me or I will punish you!" I bit my lower lip and looked away, tears finding their way down my face. "I know it will take some time to adjust Skye, but you'll fit right in." I didn't want to anger him.


Clyde went on about the farm and all the animals. I stopped listening and focused on the traffic. What little there was. The windows in the canopy were tinted, so with darkness approaching, I soon saw nothing and ended up falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

When the truck began to slow my heart raced. I felt every single speed bump as we pulled into a parking lot. When Georgie turned off the truck and walked around to the back. I pressed myself further towards the cab. "Did you check for a phone? Weapons?" Georgie asked. With the canopy lid open I glimpsed at a meaner, older looking version of Clyde.

His hair was almost black and he had a 5 o'clock shadow, his hair was slicked back, and he wore short sleeve shirt with black jeans. He glared at me and I hugged myself tighter. "I…no I didn't," Clyde admitted and Georgie sighed.

"This is why I came little brother, search her now, I'll get us a room." Clyde turned to me. "Touch me and I'll scream," I threatened inhaling sharply. He stared at me, unmoving for several seconds as though debating whether I was bluffing. "Scream and I'll cut your tongue straight from your mouth." He reached for my ankle and I kicked his hand away.

He scowled and grabbed my ankle, digging in his fingers, pulling me closer in one smooth movement. Than he slapped me. "You will not threaten me, you will respect me young lady." I inhaled sharply, prepared to let out the loudest of shrieks but he quickly pressed his hand over my mouth.

"Hold still and I'll be bffs hot cheer sluts flash fuck coach like." My cheek tingled as I wiggled my mouth just enough that I bit down as hard as I could. He hollered, slamming my head against the bed of the truck and pulling his hand away. I sat up and attempted to scoot towards the hatch. Clyde was faster, he had me on my stomach, a rope around my throat to prevent me from screaming. I started feeling light headed as his hands roamed my body, violating my pockets but he came up empty handed.

Georgie suddenly appeared and looked upon the scene with obvious disapproval. "Room 111, don't you dare make a peep.

My brother here may be gentle, but I assure you I do NOT tolerate disobedience. Now, do I have to gag you?" I shook my head since I was unable to answer verbally. Clyde released the rope and I gasped for air. Feeling lightheaded I big ass rape faking sax my head against the cool truck bed. Clyde assisted me to the edge of the tailgate and onto my feet where I stood, a little wobbly.

There was nobody around, and my throat hurt too much to even try to scream. "Just get her in the room before someone sees," Georgie chastised. Clyde grabbed the rope binding me and led me into the room. It was definitely a cheap hotel, a musty and stale smell saturated the room. It reminded me of my grandmother's attic.

The walls had a small yellow color to them, but I was guessing that was years of smoking being allowed in the rooms. The beds were covered in a hideous 70's looking comforter.

They could definitely use some serious remodeling. "Not quite the princess's taste?" Georgie sneered. "My own bedroom is more my taste," I spat. Georgie dropped a couple duffle bags on the first bed and stalked closer to me; I backed up until I was up against a wall. "You better start watching the way you speak to me," he warned. Clyde stepped in between us and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Please brother, let me deal with it. Its her first day and it takes time to adjust." "If you don't discipline her now, it only gets worse." Georgie looked mad and I was grateful I was leaning against the wall because I was sure my knees might have given out just then.

"I will take care of it." Georgie muttered under his breath but turned around. "Than do it." Clyde turned to me and I felt a renewed sense of panic. "Please, I'm sorry. Tiny teen big cock fuck hard frannkies a rapid learner won't do it again." I started to cry all over again and I hated myself for it.

"Now Skye, it's my duty to set you straight when you stray onto the path of disobedience. I must correct your behavior." "I didn't mean it…please don't hurt me," I pleaded, my heart raced as I stared up at him helplessly. He was three times my size. There wasn't much I could do against him if he had the intentions. Which he did, I could see it in his eyes. "It'll be over quickly, I swear it." I shook my head. "Just let me go, I won't tell anyone.

I don't even remember your names." I begged. Clyde sighed and moved in closer.

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I sank down onto the floor, anything to get further away from him. Nana fujii removes lingerie to accept cock in her pussy could feel the cold floor against my backside and I wished I'd worn shorts. Clyde reached down for me and I kicked at him. My foot connected with his face and he reacted with the reflexes of an animal. He grabbed my calf and slid me closer, using my leg he flipped me onto my stomach and sat on my back, facing my feet.

he lifted my skirt and my face flamed with embarrassment. "Looks like you chose a whore for your bride, brother." Clyde didn't respond, he brought his hand down slapping my rear. The first one shocked me, much the same way the slap to the face had. But Clyde didn't stop at one.

He kept hitting me until either he thought I had enough or his hand got tired. I'd screamed but in a hotel this cheap, and my throat still raw, I doubted any help would arrive. "Skye, I'm going to ask you something very important and I want an honest answer. Neither answer will affect your outcome. You are still mine. Are you a whore, as Georgie claims?" "No," I whisper, feeling utterly defeated. "I will discover the truth eventually, Skye." I looked over my shoulder at him, my eyes red and swollen from crying, my nose was running and my voice hoarse from all the screaming.

"I'm a virgin," I answered, knowing that is the answer he wanted to hear.

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"I think you should check right now to be sure," Georgie stated. "No, I am a patient man, I am waiting for our wedding night." "It is a shame to not break her in now." "Can I use the bathroom," I asked softly.

Clyde nodded and stood, rolling me onto my back. I cried out when he helped me sit up, but the cold floor felt good on my rear. It was on fire and throbbing. "Why do you wear those anyways? Is your family so poor you cannot afford complete underwear?" Despite the events of the past several hours, and the whole situationhis question made me laugh. "It's made this way, its called a thong." I replied.

My mother hated that I wore them, if she knew I'd left the house with nothing on but one under my skirt I'd be grounded until graduation. "Doesn't your butt get cold?" "Sometimes," I reply shrugging; the purpose of one seemed to escape him entirely. He unwound my wrists and helped me stand. "You have 1 minute, there is no window, so don't bother trying." I walked in, shutting and locking the door behind me. I turned the water on, and glanced at my reflection. My face was flushed with humiliation.

I gently turned my skirt up and risked a glance at my tush. It was dark in some areas, but mostly a bright cherry red. I fished the phone from my bra and dialed home.

It seemed to ring forever and it wasn't long before Clyde knocked. "Times up." "Just a second tuebx porn sex stories uttar koria, I'm washing my hands," I called out sweetly, heart dropping as I heard voicemail, fresh tears fell down my face when the beep go off; I spoke quickly.

"Mom, Dad, I've been kidnapped by two men, Clyde and Georgie, we're in a blue pick up truck with a tinted canopy. I don't think they plan on letting me go. I love you both, I'm sorry for every hard time I gave you. " "Open this door Skye." I burst into fresh sobs knowing this might be my last chance to talk to my parents. "If I don't see you again, please take care of Athena." The door was kicked open and Georgie stood in the doorway. I was caught red handed.

"Gimme that phone." "I just wanted to say goodbye." He moved forward and we wrestled for my cell. He grabbed my wrist and simply squeezed until I had no choice but to let go. Catching the phone in his other hand, he smashed it against wall and stomped on it for good measure. Then, turning back, he punched me. When his fist connected with my cheek, sharp pain shot through my face and I saw spots of white light for a minute.

I could feel my cheek swell as I looked up at him from the floor. "You said you checked her," Georgie yelled. "I did!" Casual fucking for lucky teeny cunnilingus and pornstars protested from the doorway.


"Did you check inside her bra? Her generation tends to keep them there because their tight pants don't have any pockets." "No, I didn't check there," he confessed. Georgie lifted up my shirt and exposing my chest and stomach before lifting my bra. "That's all she seems to be hiding, brother." "Enough Georgie." "If you don't reign her in now, she'll only get worse," Georgie lectured. He punched me in the stomach and I curled up, wind taken out of me. Taking a handful of my hair he lifted my face off the ground.

"Now, are you going to be doing that again?" "You broke my phone, I couldn't even if I wanted to." His grip tightened and I hissed. "Try answering that again." "No, I'm sorry," I apologized.

Georgie threw me at Clyde's feet. "I'm going to get dinner, take care of this mess." I groaned in pain and held my stomach, tears falling freely. "I'm disappointed Skye, I thought you were trustworthy." "You're holding me prisoner," I Protested, keeping my tone soft, not that it could be much else at that moment.

"I am truly sorry Georgie reacted the way he did, but he has a temper." Clyde helped me to stand and brought me to the bed.

Before tucking me inside the blanket he bound both my wrists and ankles together in a hogtie. "I wish I didn't have to do lasbain xxx storys unblock proxy he sighed. "I want to go home," I cried softly. "I know you do sweetheart. And it'll pass," he soothed. His large callused hand stroked my face and brushed my tears away, being gentle with my bruised cheekbone.

"My parents are going to worry themselves sick." "Well, you shouldn't have called them," he scolded. "I miss them so much it hurts." Clyde leaned in and kissed my forehead. "The pain will lessen with time. You've got me, after we marry we can work on having kids and you'll have something else to focus on." "I'm too young to have kids…I don't even want kids." "Don't say that; you are going to make a beautiful mother, Skye." "That's not my name." "It is now!

Quit acting up. Get some sleep, I'm going to shower." He stood up quickly and stripped down to his boxers. Clyde was very well built, biceps, his abs were firm and chiseled. If he were anyone else, in any other situation I'd be admiring how handsome he was. Remembering he was my captor I pulled my focus.

Clyde smiled and made his way into the bathroom. The minute the door shut I scrambled to free myself. I furiously worked on the knots, then finally gave up trying to undo them and I focused on getting up instead.

There wasn't much slack but I knew I had to try, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. Gritting my teeth I slid my legs over the bed, landing on my knees, gritting my teeth I froze and waited. When Ryder skye slim oiled naked babe hardcore massage heard no disturbance I walked on my knees to get closer to Clyde's pants.

Because the lack of leeway I was bent backwards at a pretty uncomfortable angle. First pocket held the room key, second one had his wallet. The last one held his pocket knife.

I smiled to myself. Flipping it open I attempted to saw my way through ropes. It proved to be rather time consuming and I sawed frantically.

All I needed was enough time. I almost cried out triumphantly when I got the rope that connected my wrists to my ankles. I then hacked away at the rope around my ankles if I could at least free my feet I could worry about my wrists later. I felt a sharp sting when I nicked myself but I didn't watch your wife get penetrated harder than ever down. I could hear the strain of the rope as I furiously hacked away. When the shower turned off, the panic set in.

I fought against the strain and ache, I managed to finally break through and I stood, ignoring the blood running down my ankle. I ran to the door, turning my back to it to open it. I felt nervous as I opened the door and when I turned around to leave and I felt like all the air had been sucked straight from my lungs.

Georgie stood there, bag of fast food in one hand and a 2 liter of soda in the other. He looked a little surprised to see me. He dropped the food inside the room and gave me a good shove backwards. I lost my balance and landed back against the bed. Shutting the door and setting down the soda he turned and he had one hand around my throat, pinning me down to the mattress.

"I just knew you were going to be trouble. My brother is much too soft on you." I could smell booze on his breath,and it was strong.

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I couldn't respond, I was focused on trying to breathe instead. "I think you need to be shown your place." Smiling, Georgie flipped me over, shoving my face into the bed. I felt him approach me and I heard him fumble with his jeans and I knew immediately his intentions. I bucked and twisted but his hand was twisted in my hair. "Don't you fucking fight me," he warned. "Get off me, you inbred asshole," I growled. I didn't see it coming, he brought an onslaught of fists, hitting the side of my face, my ribs and back.

I cried and tried to curl to protect my face. Suddenly it stopped and when I peered out Clyde held his brother in a choke hold. "I told you not to touch my future wife and I meant it. It is my job to discipline, not you. Do we have a problem brother?" Georgie smirked and wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth.

"No, no problem here brother." Clyde released him and looked over at me. I saw it but there was no time to warn him. Georgie smiled and wrapped his arms around his brothers arms, while clasping both hands behind Clyde's head. He slammed Clyde's head against the wall a few times and I screamed at the sight. "You're going to turn on your flesh and blood for this little disobedient whore?

Footjob babe tugs cock pornstars and hardcore you were doing your damn job, I wouldn't feel the need to step in. Your wife was trying to escape. I am here to keep you safe little brother. Unless you want to spend life behind bars like Uncle Richie.

I am going to let you go now, but I cute asian chick is playing with a pink toy to the good Lord himself, if you ever hit me or pin me like that again I will give you the biggest beating of your life. Do you understand me?" Clyde looked like hell now, blood smeared on his face, his lip looked swollen and he glanced over at me. "You're right Georgie, I'm sorry I forgot my place."Georgie released him and Clyde stood, He grabbed his towel and started wiping the blood from his face.

"I am going back out, you can take care of this," he motioned to me. Clyde nodded and gingerly touched his nose. It wasn't crooked, so it probably wasn't broken.

"Thank you for correcting me," Clyde responded. Than we were alone. He looked over at me. "You tried to leave again?" he asked, holding up the severed ropes. The thought itself seemed to pain him more than Georgie's beating did; and for a moment I wanted to deny it, I felt the need to try make it okay.

To spare these feelings he believed he had for me. "I'm sorry…I just wanted to go home," I sobbed. Clyde slid across the floor and held my head in his hands. "I know you do Skye, I know you miss your parents, your sister and probably even your dog, right?" My blood ran cold. "How…how do you know all that?" I hadn't mentioned anyone besides my parents. "I've been watching you for a while, my love." I shuddered at the thought and Clyde leaned forward and kissed me.

Considering the situation, his kiss wasn't even that bad. His lips were soft and tender and he showed more gentleness that I thought him capable of. His hand cupped the back of my head when he pulled away he rested his forehead against mine and took a few deep breaths. "You can't keep doing such stupid things. Be a good girl and obey me," he whispered.


"I'll try to do better," I promised. And I meant it, if I wanted to survive I was going to have to play along to his sick fantasy. I needed to stay on Clyde's good side. I could play along for awhile, maybe it would keep me safe from Georgie. He smiled brightly, his face handsome with a look of sincere happiness.

"I'm so glad to hear that! I think you've been punished enough for one day, lets get you back into bed and I'll grab you some food.

Clyde helped me onto my feet hoisting me up as though I hardly weighed a thing. He sat me on the edge of our bed and cut my arms loose. "You eat, I am going to bandage this." I greedily took the cheeseburger while he cleaned and bandaged the gash on my leg. "You really need stitches, but my suture kit is at home. You'll just have to deal with a big scar." "Are you like a Doctor?" "Actually, I am; just like my father.' "Do you have your ph.d?" "Not exactly, but Daddy taught me everything he knew and HE had a degree.

"Is Georgie a doctor too?" Clyde laughed and handed me some fries. "Georgie doesn't have the temperament for medicine. He knows more about handling farm work. Christopher does more on the business end of things." "You have another brother?" The more I asked the more interested I looked and the bigger his smile was. He looked more at ease which made me feel less on edge. "He's the youngest and we have a little sister Emily." "Four devon lees tits bounce on a shaft a lot of kids." "That's just our momma, Daddy had several wives." "Several?

What about you guys?" "Well Georgie has 3 so far." "And you?" "You'll be my first, I don't want a lot of wives. I do want a lot of kids though." He rattled on about how cute our babies would be; my eyes, his hair.

The amount of planning and thought he put into it sickened me. How long had he been stalking me? How many generations of his family had been doing this? "C'mon Skye, let's get some shut eye." Clyde stretched out and patted the bed beside him. I stretched out and allowed him to wrap his arms around me.

"We have a long day tomorrow, try to get some rest." I closed my eyes and fell uneasily asleep. I awoke only once, when Georgie came back. He stumbled in, loudly crashing against the wall and nightstand.

Clyde didn't even stir but I clutched to his arm anyways. I felt safe under his protection. Ridiculous as that was, he had some crazy idea of love for me and I was going to use that to my advantage. I had to be strong. It was my only hope to escape. There was no way I'd let them take me all the way to their home. It would be harder, if not impossible.

Georgie collapsed onto his bed and soon fell asleep. I curled into Clyde more, almost wrapping myself up with him.