Shemale blows officer shemales erections to get anal later tube porn

Shemale blows officer shemales erections to get anal later tube porn
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I recently placed an advertisement in certain magazines (and on the Internet of course) asking women to share their sexual fantasies with me and possibly see them woven into erotic fiction. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for; I imagined I might get eight or nine replies if I was lucky, but about half of those would be unusable.

This has proved to be a serious underestimate of the power and fertility of the female imagination and a similar underestimate of the wild desire of the average (and not so average!) woman to see her fantasies in print.

Once they are in the public domain, I can only surmise that these same women will masturbate about them even harder in the knowledge that others are sharing the fantasies with them!

A sort of 'Group Wank' in the privacy of their own PCs. and why not? Isn't that what we're all doing here, boys and girls? Some of the comments that have come with the stories have certainly opened my eyes to the solitary sexual indulgences of womankind behind closed doors. Sometimes, I was so fascinated by what I was being told about, that I asked for photographic evidence of the contents of bedside cupboards and found myself looking at photos of enormous artificial phalluses (phalli?) in a variety of colours and textures which would put every man I've ever seen in the showers to shame.

No wonder women sometimes seem disappointed in a seven incher like mine when they have something in semi transparent fluorescent pink rubber, fourteen inches long and powered by loads of batteries or even running from mains electricity . Hells Bells!) by their bedsides! There are also far more 'alternative' activities which turn women on, than I had imagined.

I had always thought that the more extreme forms of sexual pleasure were mostly enjoyed by men and that women indulged in them to keep their partners happy, but I now see how wrong that assumption was and apologise to womankind in general. Ladies, you have far wider horizons of sexual variation than most of my male friends, who see themselves as sexual adventurers if they 'go down' on a woman and slap her bottom a few times.

No wonder, you sometimes come out with comments like, 'the ceiling could do with a lick of paint' as you lie on your back waiting for your other half to stop grunting and groaning as he heaves up and pregnant lady is feeling horny pregnanthorny com tube porn on top of you, occasionally grabbing a tit and giving it a violent nipple crushing squeeze!

I had an email from a lady calling herself 'SpankerCat' which turned the tables on me slightly. I was actually contemplating a seperate story based on Cat's (Short for Catherine) fantasies and calling it 'Turning the Other Cheek!' but nasty swingers swap partner and orgy in playboy mansion another think and decided it would be better to include it here.

I have always been turned on by thoughts of women (of course 'Girls') in my earlier life being beaten. My own earliest masturbatory fantasies centred on girls I knew at school being 'whacked'. In my schooldays this was a common enough event (see several of my other stories) and the 'whacking' could take place on the bottom or over the hand. usually the former.

Of course the bottom would ususlly be clothed, but (see 'In at the deep end' ) this was not always the case. but that was at an all male school. if you're looking for bare female bottom spanking see 'Rachel gets the cane', 'Her first thrashing''Six of the Best' 'The Bottom of the Class' etc . and many, many more. SpankerCat re-awakened some of my own fantasies from my earlier days in that although I often wanked thinking about girls I knew being beaten, I didn't really have much of an opportunity to see these things in the flesh, so to speak.

However, school being what it was in the 'sixties/seventies' I tasted the sting of the cane and slipper often enough myself and although being beaten on the (trousered) bottom by a strong, athletic schoolmaster in his twenties or thirties could be excruiatingly painful (you never got less than three strokes of the cane and usually four, although the traditional 'Six' was something of a rareity. but a 'slippering. being beaten with a well worn and thinly soled gymn shoe.

could be any number. I HAVE seen fellow pupils getting ten!) Thinking about such things, I recall that I often fantasised about being beaten on the (usually bare) bottom by whichever girl, I was getting hot about in other ways caused me to stain the front of my underpants on many occasions!

SpankerCat had been (and quite liked it!) spanked by boyfriends/partners as a way of life but had always had a 'masturbatory fantasy' that SHE was the one carrying out the spanking and that it was a member of the opposite sex who was on the recieving end. She was most apologetic about this, but pointed out that I had asked for women to confess their fantasies to me . and this was her's.

Let me quote from her email: a boy is fucking her sister while sleeping in hotel "Hi Ricardo.

You ask in your advertisement about women reading erotic fiction and if they would like to be in a 'starring' role in these stories. If I am a typical woman and I think I am then the answer has to be 'Yes'. But, I don't think you will like my fantasy much because when I have masturbated recently (usually with a sore bottom received from my partner) I have had thoughts in my mind of having just 'got my own back' by beating a man's backside.

I have always thought of myself as submissive, although because of this I not 100% sure any more, and cannot put my partner into my fantasies, but YOU are different. I have read most of your stories and I have had an orgasm several times recently with thoughts of your well beaten bottom in front of me. In fact I'm just pulling my son rape his sexy mom down now and reaching for my vibe.

what does that do for you, Ricardo?" I emailed her back and told her exactly what my reaction had been, and asked if she wanted to take it any further .

in the interests of 'research' (LOL). She hesitated at first but eventually we arranged how it should take place and a few days ago, I found myself knocking at a the front door of a surburban semi in 'X' Town. I had already established that her partner didn't actually live with her and in any case was working abroad for the next week or so. I'd have been more worried if she'd told me that his job had taken him to the Afghanistan/Pakistan borders but that was something she mentioned later when I found his photograph in her bedside cupboard!

She answered the door dressed in a smart light grey, two piece business suit, barely black stockings and high heeled black shoes. She was a blue eyed blonde about 5' 8" and her figure was what I should describe as being of 'ample' proportions. I should guess that she was a size 16. Her bra size (it came off later!!!) was 38C. She led the way into the sitting room and asked what I'd like to drink and fixed two large G&Ts and sat next to me on the sofa.

I was about half way through my drink when she told me to stand up and take my trousers down. Although, I knew why I was there and what was going to happen, this order took me by surprise, but I obeyed her immediately. She hitched her skirt up revealing an expanse of 'above the knee' tightly stretched barely black nylon and told me to lie over her lap. I was wearing a black cotton slip and she pilled the material smoothly taut over my buttocks as she began to spank me with the flat of her hand.

First one cheek then the other. Lightly at first but increasingly slower and harder until I could feel my buttocks bouncing with each swat. At first I was inclined to laugh, but as the spanking increased in severity, this inclination disappeared.

After about five minutes, she pulled sister and brother 17 age underpants down and off and with hardly a pause carried on with the blows until she had made me smart from my lower back to the backs of my thighs almost as far down as my knees. She reached under the sofa and brought out a leather soled slipper.

I only saw it momentarily before I felt it impact with a crack like a pistol shot on my right buttock. The pain followed a split second later but by then she had hit my left buttock and carried on beating me on alternate sides and down the backs of my thighs until I was writhing about on her lap and trying to avoid crying out at each blow.

During this onslaught, I had become very excited and my cock had become erect as far as that was possible in it's compressed position between my body and her nylon clad upper thighs. I was so excited that I could feel the pre-cum dribbling from the eye.

She was obviously aware of this because she suddenly remarked that if my 'dirty minded boy's juices' soiled her stockings then I could expect a damned hard caning. This only caused me to dribble some more and she stood up to look at the damp sticky patch on her upper left thigh. 'I warned you' she said, walking over to a cupboard on the other side of the room and coming back with a fearsome 'school' style crook handled cane, some forty inches in length, slicing it through the air as she marched towards me.

She stopped in the middle of the open space between sofa and fire, and pointed at the floor. 'Come here' she ordered, and when I stood in front of her, 'bend over and touch your toes' I bent over, with my legs apart and grasped my ankles. She put the cane between my legs and nudged my balls and cock with it.

I flinched. I flinched again as she stroked the cane across the centre of my bottom before raising it and bringing it down with surprising force across both cheeks, so that I lurched forward with a sharp gasp and bit my lip to surpress the agonised shout which I almost let out.

Two more stokes followed in quick succession. It has been years since I was last caned and I'd forgotten what it felt like. Over the years my arse has increased in size so there were more nerve endings for the stick to contact, or maybe she hit me harder than they did at school.

Whatever the reasons, I couldn't remember feeling quite like this. I tried to recall the fantasies I'd had all those years ago about being caned by girls, and suddenly found to my amazement that my cock which had become limp at first was now once more fully and rampantly erect.

Three more strokes landed and the pre cum was once more dribbling out of my straining erection. She went back to the cupboard and returned with a 'flogger', an instrument like a horse's tail attached to a black leather handle. 'Stand up', she commanded. I stood up. She looked down at me standing there with my cock rigidly erect in front of me, still weeping out pre-cum. Without warning she lashed the flogger down on my throbbing erect penis, showering pre-cum everywhere and then grasping the end of my cock 'led' me across the carpet and pushed me over the arm of the sofa and pausing only sora aoi debut happy glucky tear off my remaining clothing, gave me a dozen or so .

I lost count. rapid hard lashes with the flogger across my back, buttocks and thighs. Eventually, the onslaught stopped and I was invited to stand up and a warm hand was placed on my cock from where it moved down to cup my balls and gently squeezed them before I felt her nails run back up my shaft and delicately rasp across my swollen and throbbing glans.

She unbuttoned her suit jacket and her top (and I unhooked and let fall, her bra) and pressed her body into mine as she put her arms around my back and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and then sliding down my body to her knees, took my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue round and over it, letting her saliva run down the shaft to my balls before, using her tongue tip, licking it all back again.

Over and over again she did this until sensing my urgency, she stood up, pulled her skirt up around her waist revealing hold-up stockings and no knickers(!) and positioned herself on the sofa with her legs wide apart and her cunt thrust to the edge of the seat, invited me to kneel in front of her and fuck her.

I knelt as she asked and slid into her without resistance, my sore and well thrashed buttocks clenching as I almost fell inside her deeply open and slippery, gaping cunt which, arching her bottom she thrust lewdly up at me.


Together we thrust at each other as I ran my hands over her breasts, squeezing the nipples, trying to transfer some of my pain to her. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed and she bit her lip as she came to orgasm, the muscles of her vaginal wall going into spasm as she gripped my cock as tightly as a cunt in the excited state hers was in could grip.

I spurted my spunk into her cunt in waves. If she'd had a gauge on it, it would have read 'full'! I could feel and hear the fluids slurping round my shaft as I continued to pump her for a minute or so as she reached her own lip biting, bum clenching climax and see the massage rooms teen santa has her pussy fucked white stickiness on my cock as I pulled out of her and let it flop in front of me in its semi erect state.

I grinned up at her, and wiped myself on her nylon covered thighs. She told me to kneel over her on the sofa and taking my cock in her mouth again, cleaned it properly. Who shall I tell you about next? A surprising number of women fantasise about sex in public places. Helen, did, also Sue, Lisa and Shirley.

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I think I'll put a 'few' words down about Sue. The others mentioned had very active imaginations and I needed tissue by my PC and near the phone with all of them but Sue wanted more than a masturbatory fantasy; she wanted 'what it said on the tin' (UK readers will know what this means).

sex in a public place. So far we've managed it twice! The first time, I agreed to do something I hadn't done for years. Ride on a bus! I met her for the first time as we'd arranged, in a public park. She was sitting on bench seat reading a magazine as I approached. She was still wearing her nurse's uniform having just come off duty at the hospital which overlooked the park. I don't know what it is about the dark blue nursing 'Sister's uniform common in British hospitals, but it certainly does it for me and I think it does it for most men!

(am I right or am I right guys?). Sue is in her mid 40's and has a good figure for her age. must keep in shape running about with all those bed pans. or in her case running away from all those horny young doctors at three in the morning! Anyway, she is nicely rounded in all the right places, about 5'6", dark brunette and about 38D. The bus was her idea when I suggested that we went into town and had a coffee. My car was just around the corner but as she pointed out .

it wasn't very public! Nothing happened on that bus ride into the city centre; we just chatted about life in general. She told me about what it was like to be a nurse and I told her what it was like to be a sex maniac.

only joking. I told her about my professional life which has no business being introduced here! I took her to one of those upmarket hotels which have a nice, coffee lounge where non residents may forget about shopping and sit down in comfortable surroundings and forget about life's problems for half an hour or so. It was quite a cold day and there was a log fire in the lounge and Sue was good company. It was all so pleasant, I almost forgot why we were there!

I was reminded when she went to the 'Ladies' and returned to our little nook by the fire, where, facing towards me so that nobody else could see she pulled her skirt to mid thigh and parted her legs to show me that she had taken her knickers off and that she was wearing stockings held up by suspenders. She turned round again to face the fire and taking my hand, placed it on her knee and by way of encouragement, placed her own hand on the growing bulge under my fly zip.

Glancing round to make sure no-one was making their way over to our corner, where our arm chairs were shielded us from most of the rest of the 'snug', I pushed my hand under her skirt and up her thigh until I reached the stocking top, where I paused to fondle the area of bare flesh above it.

In my younger days, the area between stocking top and knickers was known as the 'giggle strip' because if you got across it 'you were laughing'. Shortly after this I was laughing as my finger tips caressed the swollen lips of Sue's cunt causing her to spread her legs wider still which in their turn opened up her cunt lips still wider. Her cunt was wet, sticky and very inviting and so throwing caution to the winds, I pushed two fingers into her vagina as she squeezed my cock through my trousers and then pushed her hand into my trouser pocket and squeezed me through the lining.

I knelt on the floor in front of her and with her armchair back shielding me from public view, pushed two fingers into her up to the knuckle and finger fucked her as she arched her bum off the seat and opened her legs as wide as her skirt allowed her to.

Another couple started to make their way towards the fire; hurriedly, I tipped the contents of Sue's handbag onto the carpet and was scooping the bits and pieces up and putting them back in the bag when they arrived at the hearth. Sue had sensed their imminent arrival and her legs were demurely closed and her skirt hem at a more appropriate level in time. I went to the 'Gents' and came back the lobby with my underpants in my pocket. We left the hotel and shortly afterwards the bus which would take us back to the park, arrived.

We went upstairs and sat at the back. There were two other couples on the top deck but they were at the front end. The conductor arrived a few minutes later and I paid our fares. Sue, swiftly unzipped me and pushed her hand between my legs.

My cock started to stiffen and really went all the way when she leant over me and kissed it! I part helped her own efforts and part lifted her onto my lap pulling her skirt from under her as I did so. She sat onme awkwardly at first which almost made my eyes water as she squashed my pounding erection, but with a bit of judicious wriggling she got into position and my cock had just entered her cunt and was being fully inserted by my cautious thrusting when the bus started to slow down.

The two couples at the front stood up and walked towards us. The first couple were middle aged and looked frostily at such unseemly goings on by two people older enough to know better; Sue had adjusted herself so as to be sitting sideways explicit and wild lesbo sex lesbian and college my lap, but I was still inside her cunt up to the root!

The raunchy dakota has her tight asshole hammered couple were much younger, probably in their mid twenties and from the looks they gave us as they strolled past, I have no doubt that they knew exactly what we were doing. well the grin the guy gave me and the sly smile that passed between Sue and the younger woman spoke volumes!

As soon as the bus started and we'd waited to see if anyone else came upstairs. and nobody had, we started to fuck.

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Its a good job buses creak a lot because we were creating enough creaks and rattles on that seat as I thrust up at her and she swivled around on my dick. A couple of stops down the road and two teenaged girls got on but they went down to sit at the front and weren't the slightest bit interested in two 'oldies' like us at the back. If only they'd known what we were up to as they loudly talked about boyfriends and boy bands just a few short steps away. Things started to get urgent and I pushed her off my lap so that she was more or less perched on my knees leaning forward and hanging onto the back of the seat in front.

I'd got to tjhe short strokes and had my hands in her bra as well. her time was fast approaching as well and suddenly it wouldn't have mattered if everyone on the bus had gathered round to watch. because I was cumming.

she was cumming. we were cumming. Christ! Did we cum????????????? My lap was soaking wet; she'd drenched me with her juices and all mine had made the journey up her vagina, splattered on her cervix and now were proving that scientific principal discovered so long ago by Sir Isaac Newton. the force of gravity! If there'd have been room I'd have had a look at what must have been a perfect 'cream pie' !. We just managed to get ourselves decent as we arrived at our stop! Once off the bus, we went our separate ways having arranged to exchange emails that night.

Our next meeting was in fact last Tuesday and took place in one of the large city centre department stores. name begins with a 'D'. but they don't pay me for their publicity so you'll have to guess. She wanted to buy a skirt and some sexy undies from somewhere else. We went to look at skirts and I saw possibilities with the changing cubicles but it would have been too easy. the sales girls obviously thought we were married and when she asked me to go into the cubicle to look at the way a short skirt looked with a certain top, they didn't even glance at me going through the curtain.

As soon as I got in there, Sue pulled her knickers off and bent over, legs wide apart. I picked up her Knix and got on my knees behind her and pushed my tongue between her pussy lips, licked her clit, kissed both cheeks and her inner thighs and stood up. 'Not here' I told her, 'It's too easy!' Later on, we went further up the high street to a well known store famous for the sexy range of clothes etc in which they specialise.

Sue was wearing the shortish skirt she'd just bought and also a pair of barely black hold-ups but with her knix still in my pocket where they'd been since I picked them up in the cubicle, apart from the one time I'd sneaked them out to bury my nose in the gusset when she'd confessed to masturbating in them that morning, as she drove into town! In this shop, everything was arranged in racks and there were quite a few aisles with some very erotic items on display.

The sales girls here are trained to be discrete and when we disappeared into one of the aisles, they left us alone, but we could see and hear them and other customers moviing about.

indeed we could see legs under the racking in the next aisle a few feet away. Sue squatted down, facing me with her back to the centre of the shop and opened her thighs causing her skirt to ride up.

Her cunt was wet and her labia were open showing her deeper recesses as sticky pink, glistening in the shop lights. I squatted down facing her 'Fuck me' she said, 'Fuck me hard, and very, very soon'. I took her round the corner at the end of the aisle and pulled her skirt up around her waist and having undone my zip and eased my cock out, bent her over a low rack and slid into her like a hot knife into butter.

We were both so fucking excited that we came quickly, but just as I was zipping up and Sue had pulled her skirt down, I looked up to the ceiling and saw to my consternation that we were in full view of a security camera.

Sue picked a pair of split crotch panties from a display and we made our way to the till to pay for them. It was obvious that the sales girl had seen what we had been doing at the back of the shop on the security camera screen because she gave us both a knowing grin and asked if we'd like to try the panties for size.

'Well, not me personally', I joked, 'but perhaps my friend would!'. The sales girl, who was in her late twenties and had rather large tits and legs up to her armpits as the saying goes, said that perhaps we'd like a helping hand in the changing room. I told her that I thought this was a brilliant idea and suggested she tried a pair of the same panties on 'to show Sue what they looked like!' Sue agreed enthusiastically, but when we got behind closed doors I found that the salesgirl (Sharon) was wearing tights.

I let her know my views on this and asked her how the full effect of split crotch knickers was to be seen wearing this sort of thing and told her to get a pair of hold-ups from the shop. Sharon thought this unnecessary and just peeled off her tights and thong, revealing a pubic hair free cunt and stepped into the crotchless pants.

Sue, not to be outdone by this, went through a slinky routine of removing her outer garments and then invited me to pull her knickers down with my teeth! I knelt in front of her and pausing only to lick her cunt though her gusset, at which Sharon drew breath in sharply, took her waistband in my mouth and pulled her knickers down (this isn't as easy as it sounds, guys.

try it sometime!) Sue helped by wriggling her arse about, which didn't exactly help to keep me erection free! While I was doing this, Sharon undid my belt and pulled my trousers down, remarking casually at the same time, that she'd seen engulfing a massive pecker striptease and hardcore I had to offer any way. the first time she'd admitted looking at that security screen! I told her that in that case she might as well take my underpants off as well.

She roughly pulled them down causing my erect cock to bounce about in front of me. Sue put her new knix on and sat on the cubicle seat with her legs wide apart and invited me to lick her clit but as I knelt in front of her, Sharon pulled her knix down and bending over in front of me and pulling her arse cheeks apart pushed herself onto my face; Sue got a bit irritated by this and reaching forward slapped her bottom, hard, demanding that I lick her cunt.

I told them that if we going to have this sort of bickering, I'd have to spank both of them. They both demanded to kinow 'When' and 'Where'. I invited them back to my flat. They both accepted. And so it was that a few hours later, having treated both of them to Chinese meal, we got back to my place.

While at the resteraunt, we'd decided to 'play schools' once we got home. I suggested going for a drink on the way home but they wanted to play, so, off we went. Got to flat and I told them to sit together on the sofa. I fetched my two tailed tawse and my school cane and placed them on a low table to the side.

I lectured them about their disruptive ways in class, the fact that they were inattentive and never put their homework in on time and how it was all wrong when they did.

I told them that they'd had had enough warnings and that I was going to have to beat them to show them the error of their ways. They pleaded and begged not to be thrashed but I told them they'd had enough chances and they were both going to get sore bottoms. So saying, I ordered them both to stand up and pulling a dining chair to the centre of the room, sat on it and told Sharon to position herself over my knee. I raised her skirt, pulled knickers down to mid thigh and spanked her on alternate buttocks for five minutes, in slow measured swats, occasionally, aiming for the backs of her thighs, where the tautness of the muscles increased the impact sounds to be lijke a circus ringmaster's whip.

When her bottom turned crimson, I ordered her to stand in the corner with her skirt up and her knix still at mid thigh.

She shuffled extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed and stood there. I beckoned Sue to come and take the position. She draped herself over my knee, pulled her own skirt up and pulled her knickers down and kicked them off, spreading her legs wide over my lap. She grinned back at me over her shoulder and said 'So as not to waste time. Sir!' I spanked her bare bottom a dozen or so times during which she wriggled about on my lap causing me to get an erection again.

She felt it against her and reaching down, squeezed it through my trouser front. 'This isn't working, is it? I told her. 'Oh I don't know' she replied, 'It seems to be working for you.Sir!' I told her to stand up and bend over, with her hands on the seat of the chair. I picked up my tawse and gave her a dozen hard swats across the centre of her bottom.

She wriggled her delicious swollen and scarlet throbbing botty and splayed her legs even further apart, so that I could see her glistening pussy lips. A gasp from Sharon made me look at her. She xxx hospital miyakaleefa xxx storys watching Sue's beating with her fingers furiously rubbing her clit.

I ordered her to stop playing with herself and take over Sue's position. Sue asked if that meant she could go over to the corner and play with herself!

The answer was 'No'. I gave Sharon a dozen tawse swats which had the same effect on her pussy as similar blows had had on Sue. I ordered Sharon to stand next to Sue in the corner and went into the kitchen to brew some coffee.


Ten minutes later I came back into the lounge, set my coffee cup down and gave bottoms several hard hand spanks before sitting down to drink my coffee and read the paper for ten minutes. After my break, I moved the sofa out away from the wall and called the girls over. I instructed them to completely undress and bend over the back of the sofa, side by side. When they were in position I stood behind them flexing my cane and swishing it through the air.

I just love to watch female buttocks flinching at the mere sound of a cane slicing through the air! Standing behind them to the left I placed the cane across the centre of both their bottoms; I had to get Sue (on the right) to edge closer up to Sharon and push the side of her body into that of her friend. They may not have been friends for very long but there's nothing like being naked and sharing the experience of a recently thrashed bottom and waiting for another beating with a long whippy stick on the same place, to accelerate the development of such a relationship!

They shuffled together until I was satisfied and was able to rub the cane across and over their bottoms simultaneously. Drawing back my right arm I brought the stick down with slow deliberation across two arse cracks and was amused to see the anticipatory flinch from both of them before I raised my arm again and brought the cane down for real.

Four buttocks flattened and relaxed as the cane impacted. Two gasps of intaken breath preceeded two white then red lines appearing across two rounded female bottoms. Another stroke about an inch below the first; a third about an inch above the first; the fourth across the centre of their overhang over the thigh tops; the fifth at the top of the buttocks, just before it becomes the back and the sixth (Oh I'm a real bastard!) brunette slots sucking hard knob striptease and hardcore up the thighs.

Two women wriggling and moaning and in desperate need, I could see, for a good hard botty rub. I gave them premission to rub their own and if they wished, each other's bottoms. They did and I have to confess that I joined in with this but didn't limit myself to the cheeks. Oh dear no!. I put my hand into far more intimate places than that.

and pretty wet those places were as well! I got down on my knees behind them and first with Sue and then with Sharon, buried my face between their widely gaping thighs and tongued everything which was on offer! I then pulled them upright and led the way into my bedroom and stripping off and falling onto my king sized double bed pulled them down on top of me.

Amazing what how some women are affected sexually by having their bottoms thrashed. I though that between them these two anal gape queen alisya gets double fucked going to pull my cock off!

But luckily, they didn't and for most of the night I was able to put it to the use for which nature designed it and gave it the capability of getting stiff.

Eventually we got some sleep but when I woke up the following morning and found two pairs of female legs over my body and two cunts in easy reach of my eager hands, ditto four tits. well!!!. another day to phone in 'Sick'! When I started this story, I had no intention of giving you all this detail, so I'd better go back in time for the final part of this one and just relate what happened when Maria got in touch.

Most women's fantasies follow more or less the same path. The boss makes them stay late and then for a variety of reasons spanks and fucks them or just fucks them; they're back at school and the teacher does pretty much the same; they go to the doctor and get examined and one thing leads to another etc etc.

A few women fantasise about quite dark things. strict bondage has never really been one of my things, by which I mean the full rubber/leather suit and mask scene. being suspended upside down. making one or the other partner act as a dog or a horse. women prancing about in eight inch stiletto heels and all this. and being tied up and flogged so severely that there is a danger of permanetn damage . not my scene at all. I get very turned on by the things I've talked about and such things as dribbling hot candle wax onto willing recipient's body parts and also with what are known as 'water sports'.

sorry if your shocked by this. but there it is. Maria shared my interest in these last two and invited me over to her place to prove it. She turned out to be a redhead in her early thirties. Her husband worked on a rig (oil or gas. who cares?) offshore in 'The Gulf'. When was he next due home? Not for at least a month! Oh you poor girl! Her fantasy went along the lines of (and it varied as she frigged herself off from time to time), her being out in the car with someone and bursting for a wee (as she quaintly put it) but not telling him (the driver) because he was in a hurry and he would be angry.

the driver was NOT her husband. which she thought was odd. but I don't see myself as a psychiatrist. so again. who cares? Anyway, eventually, she couldn't hold back any longer and pissed herself.

No way she could hide it. he was very angry and when they got home punished her by refusing to let her wash, tied her down and dripped hot candle wax over her (had to be a red candle for some reason). I thought I could make that come true for her, although I was not too keen on her soaking the passenger seat of my car with piss! We got round that problem, by her volunteering her own rather uncared for Peugeot 306? (not really into cars) for the trip but even for that she put a plastic sheet on the passenger seat and covered it with a tartan travel rug (Black Watch, I think although perhaps in tje circumstances, it should have been McIntosh!!

HaHa). We went out for a drink and she had a pint and a half of lager whereas I just stuck to the one pint. I went to the toilet before setting off again, but she didn't go to the 'Ladies'.

We drove out into the country and after about twenty muinutes, she started to wriggle in her seat. Glancing at her, I saw her pull her skirt up and place her hand between her legs and clamp her thighs round it. She was mature trio sharing teen phallus in group sex a flowing loose dress and I had just seen that under it she had on tan stockings and pink suspenders and black satin knickers in what I should describe as a stunning ebony bbw has her pussy penetrated style.

Five minutes later, I could see the strain in her features and noticed the lega were closed even tighter. 'What's the matter with you?' I asked irritably, entering into my role in this drama. 'Oh nothing', she said, 'I just wished I hadn't drunk so much'. 'Well we're not stopping now; you should have gone to the toilet, before we left' 'I know' she said between gritted teeth.

Another five minutes went by and I could see a strange look on her face. A sort of mixture of pain caused by a distended bladder and an uncontrolled sexual urge presumably caused by the same thing and from the pain itself.

She was already clenching and unclenching her buttocks and arching her arse off the seat and squeezing her legs together tightly from her knees upwards. I aimed for a pothole in the middle of the rough country road we were driving along. 'THUMP' the car shuddered as we hit the pothole and lurched over it. It took her by surprise totally. For a split second she became airborne and when she hit the seat again, her bladder muscles let go and the car was filled with the aroma of warm female urine.

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She sat there with a look of sexual ecstacy on her face and squelched about in it, letting her clothing soak up most of the warm yellow fluid. her hand went into her knickers waistband as she caressed her cunt. 'Stop that you dirty bugger' I swore at her. 'Look at the state of you; just wait till I get you home, its the candle wax for you tonight!' 'Oh no!' she pleaded, 'Not the hot wax' and with the thought that as well, her bladder let go again and another warm yellow deluge dripped onto the floor of the car.

I reached behind the seat and brought out a litre bottle of spring water luxury lingerie and pantyhose on teens with strapons lesbians erotica I handed to her. Blue movie sex watch mp3 looked at it quizzically. 'Drink it', I ordered. 'What? All of it? 'At least a third of it' She put the bottle to her lips and drank about half a litre; she made to hand it back, but I told her to hang on to it and take another mouthful until we got to where we were going.

'And where might that be?' 'Silver Woods', I told her naming a local and well known forested area. Wnen we got to Silver Wood there was only about a quarter of a litre left in the bottle, so I told her to finish it and then taking her hand strolled off into the trees. It wasn't long before she said 'God, I need to wee again'.

I took her into some dense undergrowth and knelt down on one knee with the other thigh horizontal. I patted it and lifting her dress up pulled her soaking knickers down and made her sit on my thigh.

well not actually allie haze fuck a fan on it, more to balance her thigh backs on it with her bottom extending over the other side.

She opened her legs and with a sigh of relief relaxed her bladder muscles for a third time as a torrent of piss gushed from her cunt and splashed all around me on the forest floor. I put my hand between her legs and let it squirt through my fingers! God! Was I horny? I let her finish and then pushed her down on her knees and oblivious to all the piss soaked leaf mould and broken twigs around, dropped my pants and entered her from behind.

She was just as eager and bounced her arse back into my crutch as I pounded into her. I think she wanted to pee agin but I had some fluids which had to go the other way first and it wasn't long before they were on their way up there! I only just had time to get out of the way, because with her still in position and me fastening my trousers and brushing myself down, she let fly with another jet of piss, more or less where I'd been kneeling!

We got back to the car and made it comfortable for her to sit and drove back to her place. Once there I bundled her inside quicky and dragged her up the stairs and pushed her in the shower, still wearing her stockings, suspenders and knickers! I placed a sheet on top of the duvet and fetched a box of red candles and a box of matches and four pieces around 1.5 metres in length of silken rope which I found in her laundry basket where she'd told me to look.

( I had to rummage through her laundry and examine several pairs of dirty knickers, bras, stockings etc to find the rope but I managed to put up with that) She came out of the shower, drying herself off and I told her to strip and lie down on her back on the sheet. I tied her wrists and feet to the corners of the bed. I lit the candle and held it over her. She flinched as she saw the wax start to melt and screamed (softly) when the first drops spattered on her belly.

I moved the candle up and waited for some more drippings to be ready and drizzled them on her left breast and then on the right one across the nipple. I lit another candle and with the two in my hands allowed the drops to fall liberally on her breasts and belly as I worked my way slowly 'South' until the hot wax started teen rubbing her pussy in pijamas on webcam spatter on her cunt.

Seeing her reaction to this, I pushed an unlit candle into her cunt and lit it (the candle that is!) She tried to keep still knowing that she would cause her own agony by any rapid movement down there but when I held the other candles close to her flesh so as to get the maximum effect with drizzling, she jerked to one side causing a hot molten wax flow to over her pussy at which point she really screamed.

I untied her and having removed the candle (!), tied her up face down. I replaced the candle in her arsehole, where it shone bravely. She also shone bravely in the soft candlelight, until the first drops of molten red wax ran down between her cheeks. Using the other two candles, I dripped molten wax across her back, across her buttocks, and up and down her thigh backs.

As she couldn't see exactly when it was coming, it was more of a surprise when it arrived! But it was getting me horny again, and it wasn't long before I was turning her back to face me and dropping my pants and parting her thighs, thrust my cock into that forest of ginger pubes and for the second time that afternoon, sprayed my cum across her cervix!

Tell you something? I had no idea when I started this how productive this venture was going to be. Let me know if you want any more of these reports. I have plenty more tales to tell. if you want proof that it pays to advertise!