Bitch on the rock lauren crist striptease and pornstars

Bitch on the rock lauren crist striptease and pornstars
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My name is Erin. I"m 5"5, 115lbs, shoulder length dark hair, toned body from playing lacrosse and 38b breasts.


I live with my parents and my older brother Billy. He is about 5"10, 180lbs, brown hair, played sports in high school so he"s got a pretty good body. We are pretty close in age and have a lot of the same interests so even though we are siblings, we consider each other close friends also.

Billy has a girlfriend named Kelly that comes around quite often. She"s quite the looker at 5"1, 105lbs, medium length blondish hair, skinny but with a pair of big 36C breasts. I"ve never been attracted to girls but there was something different about Kelly that made her different from any other girl I"ve ever met. I often caught myself checking her out and have even day dreamed about a possible lesbian expiermentation with milf guy f gypsy girl.


The story begins one spring day at my house. My parents had left for a business convention and would be back in a few days, leaving the house to me, Billy and by default Kelly seeing as she would be over the entire time they were gone. I was in my room in the basement, bored out of my mind so I was just gonna go to the park and shoot a ball around but unfortunately Kelly parked behind me so I had to ask her to move it.

I walk upstairs and don"t see her or my brother in the family room so I assumed they were in his room. I walked over and opened the door. The door was almost closed but I assumed if they were fooling around, they would have made sure the door was closed.

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How wrong I was. I walked in and instantly saw Billy and Kelly naked on his bed. They both stared at me with a look of shock on their face. I blushed and apologized and then my jaw dropped. Thats when I saw it. Between Kelly"s legs was a rock hard 8 inch cock. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. A cock and balls, covered in a big, thick bush of black hair covering her genitals and expanding outward from the base of the cock. I finally figured out what made her so different from the other girls.

She wasn"t one. ""I can explain!"" Billy said. ""just shut the door"" In a state of shock I closed the door. As I was turning around Billy was trying to put his boxers back on and I could see his cock, just as big and hairy as his girlfriend"s.

""Kelly is a male to female pre-op transvestite. She has been taking hormone supplements which is why she has those big tits and look like a complete natural woman minus the fact she has a cock. I had been interested in trannys for a while so I posted an ad looking for one and Kelly responded. It was supposed to be a one time thing but she"s just so beautiful and seductive that I fell in love and we started dating."" I couldn"t believe what I was hearing.

I never would have guessed that my brother would be into this and I definitely never would have imagined in a million years that Kelly was hiding a penis. I couldn"t take my eyes off it. It amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow vaginas licked and pounded so big, thick and hairy. Nothing I"d ever seen before. ""well I mean whatever makes you guys happy. I"ll keep your secret."" I said with my eyes still fixated on Kelly"s body.

Looking at her soft, freckled face, her flowing dyed blonde hair, moving down to her plump boobs, her big dark pink nipples, her flat stomach before my eyes settled on that cock of hers. It must have been noticeable that I was staring at it because Kelly spoke up. ""mmmmm you like this Erin?

Wanna touch?"" she said as she slowly stroked herself. I thought about it for a minute and decided to let my curiousity take over me. I looked back at my brother for approval and his face had a look of intrigue.

He was imagining his little sister and his hot tranny girlfriend together. I took his silence and facial expression as a yes so I smiled at Kelly as I put my hand around her cock and began to stroke slowly. My other hand was running my fingers through her thick bush.

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I myself am quite the fan of bush and have spent many hours running my fingers through my own thick, dark mess but this was unreal. Kelly looked at me as I stroked her and moaned softly.

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I smiled back at her and stroked a bit faster. Billy, watching his little sister stroke his girlfriend, slid his boxers off and began stroking his own penis. Kelly"s and Billy"s soft moans filled the room. I could see him in the mirror, his hand sliding up and down his big, cut cock.

I started to get more and more turned on by this with each passing second. Stroking my brother"s she-male girlfriend while he"s behind me on the bed, stroking his own cock. It was surreal and felt surprisingly right and comfortable. I leaned down and gave Kelly a kiss on the lips. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against mine. I pulled back when she put her hand on my face and says to me "Don"t think that a little peck is going to be acceptable Erin." She grinned and pulled me back down.

Her lips pressed up against mine as I opened my mouth to let her tongue in and to let mine out. We began to kiss passionately. Our tongues intertwined. I moved my non-stroking hand up from her crotch to her breasts where I began messaging them. I wasn"t sure if this counted as a lesbian encounter and quite honestly did not care.

I was enjoying this a lot more then I could have ever dreamed of. "I can"t take this anymore. I"m joining in." Billy said.

He moved from the end of the bed to right next to us, kissing Kelly"s neck while he massaged the breast that I wasn"t. Kelly began to moan in my mouth as we kissed. I broke the kiss and took off my tank top and unhooked my bra, deciding that topless was the best way to go. Kelly and Billy began to kiss as I did this so I took his place and kissed her neck.

Kelly began running her hand on my body as her other hand began to stroke Billy. Her soft, delicate hands sliding up and down his cock, I couldn"t help but sneak some looks at his member. Kelly broke her kiss with Billy. "Now you two" she said as she looked at us. I hesistated for a second before giving in and passionately kissing my brother. Our tongues twisting together. Our bodies getting closer and closer together.

I reached over and ran my fingers over his balls while I continued to stroke Kelly. Kelly giggled sensually as she watched brother and sister make out and enjoy our incestous lust. I decided that I wanted to take this further. I had already gone way past normal limits. I"m stroking a transvestite while making out with my own brother and fondling his balls in my hand. I broke my kiss with my brother and readjusted myself.

I had a grin on my face that just let them know I was up to something. "You ready to get your dick sucked Kelly?" I asked. "o fuck more then ever!" she responded back excitedly.

I leaned down and put my lips right around the tip of her cock, gently kissing it and sucking the tip. I moved slowly down the shaft, savoring the taste of every inch of her. Kelly began moaning and running her fingers through my hair while simultaneously guiding my head up and down her cock.

With each stroke I would go further down until I was able to deep throat all of her penis in my mouth. I could smell her natural must trapped in her thic pubic hair. The scent filled my nostrils and just filled me with more desire. Billy watched as his little sister took all of his girlfriends cock in her mouth and pleasured her.

He stood up and got behind me. He pulled down my shorts, exposing my own thick bush. "mmmmmm like brother like sister" he said as he leaned in and took a sniff before diving into my bush and probing around with his tongue. I instantly was overwhelmed with pleasure as Busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick began moaning as I sucked Kelly"s dick.

My brother"s tongue felt around, tracing my lips, teasing me for a minute before he went all in. He grabbed my ass and dove right in, flailing his tongue at my pussy. His tongue pulsating around my clit. I had never been ate out this good. I began sucking Kelly faster, both of us moaning loudly, filling the room. "oooooooooooooo fuuuuuuck!!!!!!" Kelly screamed as I gave her the last couple strokes before she unleashed a load of cum in my mouth.

I tried to swallow as much cum as possible but her load was just to much and it started to drip out, covering my lips, chin and dripping down to my breasts. Kelly grabbed my face and we began kissing, swapping her cum between our mouths. Billy was still behind me, licking my pussy. By this time he was sliding two fingers in and out. My moans were growing louder and louder.

I moved my mouth from hers and kissed her body until I reached her breasts. I sucked on her nipples and played with her breasts, trying everything to distract myself from the extreme pleasure my brother was giving me.

Trying to hold out from cumming just yet. His tongue swirled around my clit, knowing all the right spots. My body began to shudder as I knew what was going to happen soon. "I"m going to cum soon!" I yelled. Billy began fingering and licking faster until I just started gushing out cum all over his lips and mouth.

I let out the loudest, longest moan of my life as I eventually just lesbian dolls gape their deep buttholes and ride big vibrators onto Kelly out sheer exhaustion from having my pussy played with that just seemed out of this world.

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