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Mateur brunette teen solo dildoe play more on sex-toys-tube ga tube porn
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Spencer Was Gone For A Month. He Told Me I Could Fulfill My Gay Needs Somewhere Else While He Was. I Had To Find A New Boy To Satisfy Me. Spencer Was Gone With His Family And Ethan Went With Him. Him Going To Rome Made His Girlfriend michelle satisfies her lovers huge dick in quickie sex Feel Like Going On A Trip Also So, They Did.

Before He Left Spencer Told Me That I Could Have Sex With Another Person While He Was Gone. I Didn't Really Know Anyone Who I Even Thought Would Be Interested. All My Friends Acted Like Homophobes, Besides Spencer And Ethan. I Started Looking Around. If My Hand Was A Better Lover, I Wouldn't Need To. I Excluded Jocks From My Search Because Most Of Them Weren't Even Slightly Gay. Today Was Thursday. My Mom Was Going To A Casino In Shreport, Louisianna.

I Couldn't Wait To Have A Boy Toy Over For The Whole Weekend, Fucking Like Animals. I Entered My School Early And Looked Around. When I Looked Down The Hall I Saw A Bunch Of Jocks, Nerds, And Dickheaded Jerks.

I Just Wanted Someone Normal Such As Me. The First Period Bell Rang And I Hurried Off To Class. I Entered The Class To Some Random Blathering Of My Teacher. I Looked At Every Person In That Room. Jerk, Jerk, Jock, Nerd, Jock, Nerd, Nerd, Jock, Jerk, Teacher. I Wish There Were More Guys In My Class! I Sat There And THouht About People I Knew For A While. Finally The Second Period Bell Rang. I Rushed Into Class Over Looked It. Nothing. I Had The Same Luck Until Fifth Period.

As I Sat Down I Saw Him. Jake. He Ws Wearing A Black Cap That Was Pushed To The Side, He Had Dark Brown Hair, He Had Pale Pink Lips, And A Round Face. He Was Wearing A Black Sweatshirt, A Blue Undershirt, And Dark Pants. He Was Hot. I Got Hard Under The Desk Just Thinking About Him.

When The Bell Rang To Go To Lunch I Waited A Minute Then Walked Out Into The Hallway. I Saw Jake In Front Of Me. I Dileberatly Bumped Into Him. Me: Oh, I'm Sorry! Jake: No Problem. He Had A Semi-Deep, Skater Voice. Me: Well I Was Following You And You Stopped So I bumped Into You On Accident.

Jake: You Were Following Me? I Looked Around Quickly Searching For An Excuse. I Saw The Honor Roll. Me: You're In My Algebra Class Right? Jake: Yeah. Me: Well I See You're On The Honor Roll. Mind Helping Me Out With It? Jake: No Problem. I'd Love To. Me: I'm Mitchell. Jake: Jake. We Shook Hands. Me: I'll Bring My Address Tommorow And Give It To You And Expect You. Friday Afternoon? Jake: Sure. Me: K. Bye. Jake: C Ya. ***Later*** I Could Hardly Wait To Get Through The Day. I Looked Up.

I Had 10 Minutes Left Of 8th Period. When The Bell Rang, I Jumped Up And Ran Outside. I Called My 21 Year Old Cousin, A.J. A.J.: Hello? Me: A.J.! It's Me, Mitchell. A.J.: Sup, Bro? Me: Nuttin. Hey Do You Think You Could Bring A 6 Pack To My House? A.J.: Is Aunt Brenda Going Out Of Town? Me: No, It's For A Friend. A.J.: Riiiiiiiiight. Sure. When Is She Leaving? Me: She'll Be Gone When I Get Home From School Tommorow.

A.J.: Hell, I'll Put It In Your Trunk At Your School, Just Leave The Key Under The Wheel. Me: Sure Thing. Thanks Alot, Bro. I Owe You One. A.J.: Don't Start Counting Now. I Hung Up. Ok, I Had The Beer, I Had Jake, I Had The House I Just Needed Mom's Permission. I Drove Home Rather Quickly And Walked In To My Mom In Her Natraul Place, The Couch.

Me: Hey Mom, Can I Have A Friend Over While You're Gone? Brenda: Only Spencer. Me: It's A Kid You Don't Know. He's Helping Me With Algebra. Brenda: He's Not Spending The Night. Me: Alright, Thanks! I Went Upstairs.

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I Cleared Out My Mini Fridge. I Then Went Downstairs And Got In My Car. I Drove Downtown And Stopped At A Local Porn Place. A Man Was Standing Outside. We Knew Each Other. Me: Hey, Mac. Mac: Hey. Me: Mind Doing Me A Favor? Mac: Just Give Me The Cash I Know What You Like. I Handed Mac 30 Bucks.

He Went In. Mac Was A Guy Who Stood Outside The Porn Place And If You Gave Him $10 Dollars And The Cost Of What You Want He Would Get It For You. A Few Minutes Later He Came Out With A Black Bag. Mac: Here. Me: Thanks. I Got In My Car Again And Opened The Bag And Looked At The Cover Of The DvD. "Eighteen Boy Presents Big Cocked, Barely Legal Boys." I Smiled And Put It Back In The Bag. I Went In My Glovebox And Got A Wal Mart Bag I Kept In It. I Took The Dvd And Put It In There So My Mom Would Think I Ran There.

When I Got Home I Went Back Upstairs And Popped The DvD In My Ps2. I Turned The Sound Off And Fast Forwarded Through It To See If It Was Good. IT WAS! I Turned Around And Looked At The Clock. 6 P.m. I Went Downstairs, Ate, Popped A Sleeping Pill And Went To Bed.

I Woke Up At 6 The Next Day. I Wrote My Address On A Piece Of Paper And Got Dressed. I Folded The Paper And Put It In My Jeans Pocket. I Went Downstairs, Went Out The Front Door, Got In My Car, Drove To School, And Heard The First Period Bell Ring In The Distance. I Rushed Into The Front Door Of The School And Went Into First Period.

As The Teacher Was Talking I Sulked Down In My Chair And Fell Asleep. (I Do This Often) I Was Awoken By The Second Period Bell. I Went In And Once Again Sat Through Class. I Don't Even Remember What They Were Saying. I Just Imagined Jake's Cock On My Lips The Whole Time. Finally 5th Period Rolled By. I Went Into The Class And Sat Down. I Stared At Jake The Whole Time.

When The Bell Rang I Went Outside And Waited For Him. Me: Hey. Jake: Sup? Me: Nothing, Here's My Address. Jake: Thanks. I'll Have My Mom Drive Me Over There Later.

Me: Ok. Can't You Drive? How Old Are You? Jake: Almost 15. Me: Oh. See You At My House Jake: Kay. I Went To 6th Period, Which Draged On For What Seemed Hours. I Then Had Algebra With Jake In 7th Period.

I Probably Made A F Or Lower (If Possible) On The Paper They Shoved On My Desk. I Couldn't Concentrate. In gag on this bailey georgia peach naomi vanessa sacha knox blowjob teen facial throat fucking Period, I Dozed Off A Couple Times So It Went By Fairly Fast. Finally The Bell Rang.

I Ran Out The Door And To My Car. I Popped The Trunk And There Was A Six Pack Of Budwiser There. I Put It In The Passenger Seat. I Arrived At My Home Soon After This. When I Walked In I Saw A Note On The Table By The Couch. "Dear Mitchell, Plans Haven't Changed. I'll Be Back Monday Morning. I Love You!!! -Your Mother" I Went Upstairs And Made Sure The Porn Was Is My Ps2 And I Put The 6 Pack In The Fridge.

I Played Video Games For About 2 Hours And i Heard The Bell Ring. I Almost Had A Heart Attack With Surprise And Anticipation. I RAN Downstairs And Opened The Front Door. Jake, In All His Handsomness, Stood There. Jake: Sup? Me: H-Hey Man. Jake Waved To His Mom Who Drove Off. Tiny petite latina teen angel del rey seduce stepdad in the kitchen My Room's Upstairs.

Jake: This Is A Nice House. Me: Thanks. Me And Jake Went Upstairs. When He Saw My 36 Inch Tv He Almost Fainted. Jake: Wow! You Must Get Great Sound On Video Games! Me: Yeah Go Ahead And Turn One On. There's A Game In My Ps2. Jake Reached Down And Hit The Button To Turn On My Ps2. When The Screen Came Up There Was An 18 Year Old Boy Cumming All Over The Face Of A 19 Year Old.

Jake's Eyes Got HUGE. He Looked At Me. While Blushing, I Got The Cd Out, Put It In It's Case And Threw It In My Drawers.

Me: S-s-sorry About That. Jake Smiled. Jake: It's Ok. I Don't Mind If You're Gay. I Sighed. Me: Good. (Laughs) Jake: Well. Let's Play A Game. Me: Sounds Good To Me. Jake Put A Game In My Ps2 And We Started Playing It. Me: Want A Beer? Jake Seemed Unmoved. He Must Be Used To Drinking. Jake: Sure. I Got A Beer For Me And Him. I Wasn't Really Drinking It But I Was Putting It In My Mouth, Swallowing A Little, And Spitting The Rest Into The Bottle So It Looked Like I Was Drinking.

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Jake Was Really Drinking It. He Finished It Off In About 5 Minutes. Jake: Got Another? I Reached In The Mini Fridge And Got Another Beer And Handed It To Jake. After About 2 Hours We Started Working On Algebra. Jake Had Drank All The Beer.

I Could Tell He Was At Least Buzzing But I Didn't Know If He Was Drunk. Jake: O-ok The Part Y-You're Not Gettin Is The Parenteses. Jake Shook His Head And Rubbed His Eyes.

Me: Jake.


Jake: What? Me: Are You Gay? Jake: No, Bi. He Gasped.


Jake: Shit. I Didn't Mean To Say That. I Put My Hand On His Leg. Me: It's Ok. Jake: Are You A Virgin? Me: No. Are You? Jake: No. I Smiled. Jake: Want To Do Something? Me: I Make A's In Algebra. That's Why I Brought You Over Here. Jake Smiled. I Kissed Him On The Lips Hard. He Reached At The Bottom Of My Shirt And Took It Off.

He Kissed Up My Stomach And Then Unbuttoned My Pants. I Reached Over Him And Took Off His Shirt. He Unzipped My Pants And Pulled Them Down Exposing My 7 Inch Hard On That Was Sticking Out Of My Boxers. He Kissed The Head. I Pulled Of His Jeans And I Looked At His Bulge. He Saw What I Was Wondering. Jake: 6.5 Me: Nice.

Can't Wait To Suck It. Jake: I Have A Foot Fetish. Do You Mind Me Jacking You Off With My Feet? Me: . Sure. I Don't Mind. I Kissed Him Again. I Pulled Down His Boxers. He Was Shaved. His Cock And Balls Were Totally Hairless. He Was Cut, And His Balls Were Reddish. He Pulled Off Mine And Examined My Cock. I Pushed Him On His Back And Went Down To His Cock. Me: Till You Cum? Jake: Only If You Swallow.

I Kissed The Head Of His Cock. I Then Went Down To His Red Balls And Sucked On Each One Gently. I Then Licked All Over His Ball Sac, Went Up His Cock, And Deepthroated It. I Sucked Hard And Started To Bob My Head Slowly. I Then Grabbed His Cock With My Hand And Sucked Hard On The Head And Started Jacking Him Off. After A Few Minutes I Swiveled My Tounge Around His Head And Went All The Way Down On His Cock. I Sucked Harder And Bobbed Faster.

I Deepthroated His Cock And Swallowed Him A Few Times. My Throat Muceles Massaging His Cock Made Him Moan. (As Though He Wasn't Already) I Could Tell That Jake Was A Big Moaner. Jake: I'm Close! I Layed Off His Cock Until I Was Just On The Head And Sucked Hard. I Started Pussylicked stepmom scissors by naughty teen lesbians milf Him Off And With My Free Hand I Figered His Ass With 2 Fingers.

He Started Moaning Hard.


His Head Came Up And His Arms Were Holding Him Up. He Moaned Hard And I Felt Him Thrust His Cock In My Mouth. A Huge Load Covered My Throat And Tonsils.

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His Cock Was Sweet Like Sugar. I Swallowed His 6 Stream Load And Kissed Him On The Lips. He Took His Hand And Wiped His Face. Me: Turn Around Jake: You're Going To Fuck Me? Me: You Want Me To Don't You? Jake: Hell Yeah! Jake Turned Around And Leaned His Bubble Butt Of The Bed.

I Put A Hand On His Ass And Rubbed It. I Then Spit On His Hole And Rubbed It In. I Spit On My Cock And Made It All Wet. I Put My Cock Against His Tight Rosebud And Pushed Gently. Half Of My Head Was All That Was In And Jake Moaned. I Pushed In Harder And About An Inch Went It. I Started Inching It Up His Ass.

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1, 2, 3, 4. Jake Winced. I Pulled Out An Inch And Put 2 Back In. He Moaned Harder And Started Breathing Hard. I Slid The Last 2 Inches In And Pulled Out. I Pushed It All Back It And Took It Out Again. I Began Fucking Him Slowly, My Cock Going In And SLOWLY Out Of His Nice Ass. I Sped Up A Bit And I Heard His Breathing Increase And His Moans Get Louder. I Went Even Faster And Jake Was Holding Sheets With A Closed Fist.

He Was In Ecstasy And So Was I. I Fucked Him Faster And Faster. I Went To Full Speed And Started Moaning Along With Him. I Was Close To Cumming And I Told Him. Me: I-I'm Gonna C-Cum!!! Jake: IN MY ASS!!!! I Fucked Him As Fast As I Could And I Felt Tension Build In My Cum Filled Balls.

I Felt My Orgasm Reaching A Maximum And I Came. I Shot 8 Shots Of White Cream Inside Jakes Ass Moaning Louder With Every Stream. I Was Screaming With Pleasure. It Took Me About 3 Minutes To Come Down From My Orgasm. When I Did Finally Pull Out Of Jake, About 2 Big Drops Of White Cum Oozed Out Of His Hole.

Jake And I Were Both Panting. Jake: Instead Of Jacking You Off, Can I Just Cum On Your Feet? Me: Please Do. I Bent Over The Bed And Waited For Blondie blair williams gets her anus stretched To Get His Cock In.

I Heard A *Thuh* And Felt Spit Going On My Asshole. I Heard Another *Thuh* And Heard Splatting As He Rubbed His Cock With Spit. I Felt The Head Of His Cock Go In Me And He Pushed 4 Inches In My Tight Whole.

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I Winced With Pain And Then Moaned. He Pushed In The Next 2.5 Inches In One Push Also. He Started Slowly Fucking Me And It Was So Good! I Buried My Face Into The Comforter In Front Of Me, Moaning With Pleasure.

I Puckered My Asshole And He Felt It. He Moaned. I Felt His Rock Hard Cock Going Into My Rectum And Out. It Felt So Good Knowing That My Feet Were Going To Be Covered In His Sugary Cum. He Started Fucking Faster And Faster. Until I Felt He Was At His Full Speed.

I Moaned Louder Than Ever. I Pushed Back On His Cock. He Moaned. Jake: I'm Cumming Again. Me: Good! I Felt Him Pull Out And 3 Fingers Go In. I Turned My Head To See Jake Jacking Off. He Was About To Blow And I Could Tell. He Spasmed, Thrusted His Cock Forward, And White Cum Went All Over My Right Foot. He Moved And Covered My Left Foot Too. After Panting Busty blonde bbw beauty loves playing with her soaking wet pussy A Bit, He Licked It Off, And With It Still In His Mouth, He Kissed Me And We Shared It.

(I Got Most Of It) Me: I Love Cum Kisses. Jake: Me Too. Me: Call Your Mom. Jake: Why? You Want Me To Leave? Me: No I Want You To Tell Her You'll Be Here Until Sunday. Jake's Eyes Grew Wide. Jake: S-S-Sunday??? Me: That's When My Mom Gets Back. I Kissed Him Again. He Got Out His Cell Phone. His Mom Said Yes And I Said "FUCK YES!!!!" The Next 2 Days Was The Greatest Cumfest I've Ever Experienced!