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Xnxx full full story sex storiesyoga group
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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this - while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time. Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.

---------------------------------- The end of semester, and my time at high school overall, was quickly approaching. Alexa and I had managed to keep things relatively under wraps the only person in our school who knew (as far as we were aware) was my best friend Bill, and he was incredibly trustworthy with the privacy of even the smallest most trivial matters, let alone something like this.

We had been privately dating for only six or seven weeks to this point, but it was new, exciting, and definitely special.

I was so in love with this girl, and she continued to surprise me in sexual and emotional ways. She could make me feel so happy, just by touching my arm. I thought I was happy with Emily, but it was more likely that I was just content to push on through, satisfied with the sex. After Alexa, the most important thing was that the last few days of school before finals were near. I couldn't wait to write my exams and be done with school for ten weeks or so.

Before that could happen, though, our school had a tradition that had been going on since the seventies or eighties no one remembers exactly which graduating class started it, but every class has tried to recreate the magic with their own brand since. That tradition was that the night before the last day of classes, all the grads that were willing to participate went and camped out in a forest that was only five or so minutes away from the school. That way we were off school property, and they had no say over what was going on in the evening.

When my brother had graduated a few years earlier, he told me it was the single craziest night of his life he claims that one girl blew twelve different guys over the course of the night. I'm not sure I believe him, even to this day, but I have no way of disproving it. Regardless, the legend of these parties seemed to grow every year. The current graduating class always seemed to want to outperform the previous year's grads, even if legends were just rumors and not actual history.

Bill had a tent brought a tent that could comfortably sleep ten, or so the manufacturer would have you believe. If you really wanted any space to yourself, so you weren't sleeping on top of someone (which isn't always a bad thing), you could maybe get six people in there. I decided to bring my own personal tent from when I was in scouts just to be on the safe side. It fit three people comfortably, though it had only ever had me and one other person in it at a time during camping trips plenty of room for sleeping bags, knapsacks, supplies, and extra room to help keep firewood dry.

I decided to set my tent up well away from the crowd, around a hundred feet away so Alexa and I could get some privacy. The forest in question was not really a forest as you might imagine it our school was in the middle of a metropolis, so the forest was really just some wooded area that were part of a park system. Fortunately, no one really ever came through there at night.

Suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone would bring their dogs in the day, so we would have to clear out early, but it wasn't a big deal to most of us.

Not everyone graduating decided they wanted to spend a night in the forest some young hottie works with cunt for her load into the debauchery that would go on, some just didn't want to sleep outside, but I would guess about sixty people showed up it was definitely going to be a memorable night.

There were tents pitched everywhere, some people just brought sleeping bags and hoped it wouldn't rain, and a few people had very carefully brought their cars in off-road so they'd have someplace to sleep that wasn't outside.

We had music blaring, there was enough alcohol to get all sixty people drunk three or four times over, and everyone who smoked pot had contributed to a fund in an effort to make the biggest blunt we could (it kittens pound guys butthole with enormous strapons and blast sperm up being about eighteen inches long, and took like thirty or forty wraps to roll).

A number of us were known for partying hard since junior high, whether it was through alcohol or pot. Over the course of high school, I had developed a reputation for blacking out pretty regularly. It wasn't that I enjoyed not remembering anything, or losing complete control and becoming douche-Rob, but I just did it.

A lot. Some Eminem came over someone's car stereo, as the party raged on. It wasn't even ten and I was already buzzing pretty hard, having downed a dozen Coronas from the two cases I had managed to split with Seth. I kept trying to find good times to be alone with Alexa, but that wasn't going to happen.

Since it was a grad tradition, Emily's parents had allowed her to stay out. This was one night she couldn't miss, and even her parents understood that. At some point in the evening, the amount of beer I consumed started to outweigh the amount of space my bladder had.

I'm sure we've all been there you start having to take a leak every twenty minutes.


I was just returning from tree casualty number ten or fifteen when I walked smack into Emily in the dark. "I was hoping to get you alone tonight," she slurred. "No thanks, Em," I pushed past her. "What the fuck, Rob? You dump me out of the blue and now you're not with anyone. What gives?" "Just leave me alone, Emily we don't need to do this tonight. Let's just have a good time." "That's what I'm saying, Rob, let's have a good time," she said, grabbing my arm.

Breaking free of her grasp, I started to walk back towards the party. "Why not?" I spun around, sniping at her, "because I don't fucking want to. That's why." "None of my girls have seen you hooking up with anyone since you dumped me. What gives?" "Nothing gives," I sighed, trying to end the conversation as fast as I could. "I just don't have time for it right now." "Fag," she laughed, before walking into the woods. What I would give at that moment to fuck Alexa right in front of her eyes.

I stood rooted to the spot for a few minutes because I was pretty pissed. I could tell if I went back to the party, someone would do something that would make me fly off the handle I was buzzing, but not at the blackout stage yet.

Before I knew it, Emily had returned, and had grabbed my cock through my pants. Due to my slight inebriation, there was no stirring, thankfully. Swatting her hand away, I realized I should get back to the group before something stupid happened.

I spent the next twenty or thirty minutes drinking by myself in the dark before I had to go take another leak. Not even bothering to move more than a couple feet, I started to go, assuming no one was near me. "Who's there?" I hear suddenly, not at all recognizing the voice. "Rob?" I questioned the darkness. "Oh, hey. I didn't know anyone was over here. Don't come this way, I'm going to the bathroom," the voice answered. "Ok?" I was still lost. "Who is that, anyway?" "It's Neseet," the voice answered again.

Neseet was a little Tamil Indian girl, who was actually decent looking. She wasn't a hottie by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd given it some thought over the years not much, but some. "Alright," I responded, laughing to myself. Over the last year, Neseet had transformed pretty hardcore she was always kind of stylish, but she had tried desperately to get a lot of different guys attention as a senior. Before that year, she didn't show up to parties, she didn't drink or do anything, and she was pretty rule abiding what with the strict father and all.

Senior year, though she started to break the rules in a big way. She got hammered every weekend, claiming she was at friends' houses studying, she was trying to give it away like it was going out of style, and she had even smoked pot a few times which was pretty shocking. "You ok over there?" I asked, hearing nothing for a few seconds. "Ya, Rob. I'm pretty drunk.

Thanks," she giggled, sauntering over towards me in the dark. Tripping on a stunning brunette milf delivers a fantastic blowjob, she fell right into my stomach, knocking me over.

In the dark, her hands fumbled for something to push herself back upright, and she managed to grab my flaccid cock. "What the fuck is this?" she wondered aloud, squeezing it. "That would be my penis, Neseet," I laughed, the alcohol starting to win over.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry Rob, so so sorry!" I couldn't see her face, but I'm sure even her light brown skin was probably a little red right at that moment. "It's cool, Nestea," I laughed, calling her by the nickname she hated. "That was… different," she commented. "Huh?" "I've been trying all year to fuck someone, and now I accidentally touch your thing," she sighed. "Don't worry about it seriously it's ok." "How are you doing anyway, Rob?

I know we don't talk much, but I don't see you at parties as much lately since you broke up with Emily." "Ya, I just don't feel like being around the parties," I lied. "But she's not even there." "Well. ya, I dunno," I replied. I didn't have an answer for that one. Suddenly, I felt her hand on my pants, finding its way back to my cock. "Whoa, Neseet," I backed up a step, "you're drunk, and I don't think we should do this." "It's ok, Rob.

I'm not that drunk." "Well, I still think we should just go back to the party." Stepping forward, she found my cock. "Please, Rob?" she seemed to ask my permission. "Uhh," I answered, not sure how to respond that I was spoken for without divulging the secret. Before I could say anything, she had unzipped my fly and had fished my cock out in the dark.

Jerking me slowly between our bodies, I was still mostly flaccid, thanks to the alcohol. Thanks to that same alcohol, though, my inhibitions were waning. "Do you have a condom?" she eagerly asked me. "Really want in a forest?" I mumbled incoherently.

"What?" "Do you really want to do this in a forest," I said, enunciating each syllable. "Well, it's not like I had hoped, but… Please?" she was begging me now. Without waiting for an answer, she had bent over, taking me in her mouth. This started to wake me up down below, and I slowly grew as she sucked hard on the tip. She was definitely clumsy around a cock. "Have you ever… you know?" I asked. "No, Rob. Please. Please, please do this for me?" We were near my tent that I had set up to use with Alexa in private.

Alexa. The thought quickly entered my mind that this was wrong, but left just as fast as Neseet's mouth returned to my now hard cock. "Come with me," I grabbed her hair and stood her up.

Leading her quietly in the general direction of my tent, we found it after a couple minutes, my cock leading the way.

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"Whose tent is this?" she asked. "It's mine," I answered quickly. "Why isn't it with all the others?" she asked, before figuring it quickly. "Oh. You were gonna fuck someone tonight, weren't you?" "Well…" I thought. "I was hoping I might get to." Ducking inside the tent, she fell in beside me. "Are you sure you want to do this, Neseet?" I asked again.

I may have been drunk, but I wasn't lion sex girl xxx story to rape the poor girl. "I need to, Rob," she answered. I found out a year later that Neseet had married some Indian guy about twelve years older than her.

She knew her parents were marrying her off to this man, and I guess she just wanted to live a little before that happened. I couldn't bring myself to actually get into what transpired over the next little while.

Ripping her own clothes off in record time, I felt around in the darkness, grabbing her barely B-cup breasts and squeezing them at the same time. I horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck no illusions that this wasn't something I would cherish for the rest of my life, so I quickly got undressed myself and got to work.

"Do you finger yourself at all?" I asked her. "All the time," she whispered at me, suddenly not being very aggressive. "Do you have your cherry?" "No." Reaching down, I could tell she was wet already, but still decided a little more couldn't hurt. Palming her clit, I took one of her small nipples into my mouth, sucking and chewing it lightly. After a few minutes of this, she was ready.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked, climbing on top of her to take her into womanhood. "Yes," she said, the tension easily detectable in her voice. "Okeydokey," I answered casually, taking my cock in my hand and finding her opening. Pushing my cock in, I only managed to get about two thirds of the way in before I hit her cervix. "OW!" she screamed. I froze. Even though I was pretty drunk at this point, I was pretty aware that we were still in hearing distance of the others if there was a lull in the music or someone came this way to use a tree.

"Are you ok?" I asked, feigning concern. "Ya, that just hurt out of nowhere. I wasn't ready for it." "Ok, well I'm gonna start again. Just push on my chest if it hurts, don't yell," I told her.

Starting to pump in and out, I was only fucking her with half my cock to ensure I didn't make her yell again.


This went on for a few minutes, and I could tell I wasn't going to cum any time soon. I wasn't about to fuck her for an hour until I actually came, so I figured I would do something I never thought a guy would have to do in his life.

Over the next couple minutes, I put my plan in action, starting to breathe heavier, and telling her I was almost there. Minutes later, I was quietly moaning that I was cumming, and it felt so great. "Oh my God, Rob, that was wonderful," she thanked me. mom and son in 69 position. Let's just keep this between us, right?" I asked her, realizing she could tell anyone about this.

"Of course! I know Emily will beat the shit out of me if she finds out." Finally, Emily had proved useful again. Ushering Neseet out of my tent, I realized my problem hadn't ended. I was still hard as a rock, and didn't really feel like jerking off in the state I was in. I hadn't gotten more than five feet back towards camp, when a voice behind me called out. "Emily would love to know about this, I bet." Why do people keep saying shit from the dark?

"Who's there?" I asked, slightly panicked. If Emily found out, Alexa would find out. "Christie," the new voice answered. Goddamnit. I had no idea how to faketaxi sexy black chick makes revenge sex out of this one.

Christie was friends with everyone, and was well known to be somewhat of a prude. "What do you want, Christie?" I asked. "Nothing, really," she answered, stepping out before me. "Neseet, though, Rob? Really?" she made her judgment very clear. "Ya, well… I'm drunk. Things happen.

So what can I do for you?" "I dunno. We can figure something out, I'm sure." "Are you gonna hold this over me for a while, or can we figure this out right now?" I german girl talks dirty first time an overdue anal payment impatiently.

"Now, now, Rob. There's no hurry. Let's go inside and talk," she motioned to my tent. Climbing in, she hunched over, so as not to sit down where I was obviously just fucking.

"It's not gonna kill you to sit, you know," I told her, laughing to myself. "I'm fine," she replied. "So, seriously, Christie. What the fuck?" "What can you offer me, Rob?" "I don't know… do you want some beer?

Pot? You want some money?" "You know I don't drink or smoke, and I don't need money," she replied snootily. "Then what is it?" "You tell me." I was getting tired of her little game.

I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. "What the fuck are you doing, Rob?" "If you don't want anything else, I don't know what else to offer," I replied, rolling her under me and pulling my still hard cock out. "Holy shit," she whispered. "Like what you see?" I grinned. "It's so much bigger…" she trailed off. "Bigger?" "Than my… ya. It's just bigger," she answered. Taking her hand, I wrapped it around my cock; she couldn't quite get her hand around, as she held it at the base, her mouth agape.

"I take it we have a deal?" I asked her, as I took my shirt off, allowing her to rub her other hand over my lightly toned abs. "Well, not yet," she answered, trying to scoot back. I pulled her back towards me by the legs, so my cock was resting against her stomach. Taking my cock, I started slapping it against her flat tummy, while lightly gripping her throat.

"Rob, I won't say anything, just… just don't," she pleaded with me, still trying to back away.

I lay on top of her, pinning her beneath me, before finding her lips with mine and forcing my tongue into her mouth. After a few seconds, she started to respond, massaging my tongue with hers, her legs instinctively spreading instead of trying to push me away. I reached between us and unbuttoned her jeans, trying to pull them off her without her help. Eventually, her body gave in, and she lifted her hips, as I pulled her pants down to find she didn't have anything on underneath.

"You're not gonna fuck me without a condom are you?" she asked through ragged breath. Without answering, I pushed my cock head into the second virgin pussy in the last half hour. Covering her mouth with my hand, I shoved in hard, smothering the cry that came when I broke her hymen. My fingers could feel the tears rolling from her eyes as she thrashed her head back and forth, her brain trying to fight her body's desires. Motionless for minutes, I waited for her head to stop moving before removing my hand from her mouth.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

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"It really hurts, Rob," she cried. "I know, Christie," I replied, starting to move gently in and out of her.

"Take it out, please," she wept. "It'll stop hurting. Just relax and it'll feel great soon," I whispered, stopping again and kissing her delicately on the lips. We lay unmoving for another five minutes before she finally acknowledged that the pain was leaving. "Hold on," I told her, before pushing more of my cock into her. "Oooh," she cried, this time in pleasure instead of pain.

Smiling to myself in the dark, I straightened up on my knees and grabbed her hips to me, lifting her ass off the mat in my tent. Fucking in and out, I started to elicit very loud moans from the former virgin. I quickly gained pace, slapping in and out, my scrotum smashing into her taut ass with every thrust. After ten minutes, I realized the alcohol was definitely not going to let me cum with ease, and for the second time that night, I was beginning to consider faking my own orgasm to end this early.

"Rob?" I heard a voice call out. This time I recognized the voice without a doubt. "Oh fuck," I whispered. "Who is that?" Christie whispered back. "I don't know, but unless you want them finding out we're out here fucking, be quiet," I instructed her. I pulled out of her, and looked over to the mesh flap on the back of the tent, peering into the darkness.

Feeling Christie's hand grab my cock and start to stroke black big booty bbw rape, I smacked her away lightly, and tried to concentrate. "Rob?" I heard the voice call out again.

"Ok, here's the plan," I whispered to Christie. "I'm going to go distract whoever that is you go about twenty feet wide, and wait there until you don't hear anything for a minute or two.

Then just go back to the rest of the group." "Ok?" she whispered, obviously confused. "Rob?" I heard the voice call out one more time, agitation dripping from the speaker. "Go," I whispered to Christina, shoving her out into the woods, as she tried to do up her jeans.

Walking stealthily towards the voice, I waited until I heard the cracking of twigs a few feet in front of me. "Rob?" I heard for the fourth time, as I stepped out from behind a tree.

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"Hey, baby," I grabbed Alexa from behind, scaring her. "What the fuck?" she screamed, smacking my arm a few times. "Sorry, I thought it'd be funny to scare you," I laughed.

"What are you doing? You've been gone for over an hour." "Oh. I went to take a leak, then just came over here and have been just getting in touch with myself," I lied. "Uh-huh," she muttered. "Where's your tent?

Do you think we can get in there for a bit before anyone notices we're gone?" "Well you already noticed I'm gone," I pointed out. "Ya, so did a lot of people, but no one else has been missing long enough to raise any suspicions," she laughed, pawing at my chest. "Come on," I grabbed her hand, and led her the short distance to my tent, pulling a third girl inside in under an hour.

"Ooo, you're already hard," she laughed. "Excited to see me?" "You bet, babe," I started to pull her pants off. "I want you in my mouth, first," she protested, pushing my hands away. She would definitely taste pussy on my cock. Maybe even blood. "We don't have time, Alexa," I told her, hoping she'd buy it. "Mmmm. You're right. Come on," she told me. Rolling around in a passionate kiss, we finally got into position sleeping teen gets fucked first time horny girlgirl teenagers munching each other pussies her underneath me, her legs pressed up towards her shoulders, and me lowering myself into her waiting pussy.

"Fuck me, baby," she encouraged me, reaching up to pinch my nipples. I pushed in and out, before pulling her entire body up with me, as I knelt back.

She was straddling me, with her entire body in the air, her legs wrapping behind me. I lifted her up and down, guiding her along the length of my pole for a few minutes, before my arms started to tire.

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Lying back, I allowed her to remain on top of me, rocking her ass quickly up and down the bottom of my cock. I pulled her face to me, biting her lip as she had done to me on so many occasions, before she pushed me back and leaned back, supporting her motions like a she was crab walking. I lay there, allowing the pleasure to flow through me, as her pussy milked my cock. Sitting upright, she leaned forward onto me, her covered chest pressed against mine, as I started to thrust up into her.

For the first time all night, I finally felt the waves of orgasm approaching. "I'm gonna cum soon, babe," I informed my girlfriend, thrusting harder and harder to make the climax happen. Jumping off my cock, Alexa took me in her mouth, bringing me to a much-needed orgasm. Semen filled her mouth to the breaking point, and began to trickle down my cock.

Swallowing, she began to laugh. "You came so much, baby. You needed that one bad?" She teased. "Oh, so bad," I confessed. "Come on, people might start to wonder," she told me.

As we left the tent, lizzy takes a dick on a pole trailer told me to trail behind her and come in five or ten minutes later. I watched her disappear into the dark, and started to wonder what exactly had just transpired. In the course of an hour, I had taken two girls' virginity, faked an orgasm, almost had to fake a second, and fucked my girlfriend.

As I was waiting there, a now familiar voice spoke from the darkness. "I bet Emily would want to know about that, too," Christie said, stepping in front of me. Fuck. --------------- Author Note: I'm having pretty serious surgery next week, so I may not post a story for a while afterwards. I'm already at work on the next one, so I may get one or two more completed and posted before then, but if there's no story for a while, it's a safe bet that I'm still in recovery. I do want to try to get the rest of my story told, though, so I promise I will finish at least to where I initially planned when I started writing a couple years ago.

The next story will not be continuing the Senior Year title, just as a heads up. The working 18inch long nigrsex sex stories storys so far is "The Graduate".