Smoking lesbian mistress i enjoy going to the temple and the thing i enjoy most is

Smoking lesbian mistress i enjoy going to the temple and the thing i enjoy most is
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My fiancé, Charles, was coming to Kentucky to visit me. He lived in Texas, and when I told my parents that he was coming, they told me there was no room for him to stay at our house. He insisted on staying in a hotel suite anyways and after three days of arguing with him about it, I agreed to let him pay that much for on three nights.

"This is hardly necessary you know." I said, frowning as he carried me on his back down the hall to the suite. "I can walk on my own." "Your pretty little feet aren't touching the ground until we get to the suite." He smiled. "Then you can walk around to your heart's content." "You act like we're married or something." "We might as well be, I love you enough to go through with it" I smiled.

"You have such a beautiful smile." "How did you know I was smiling?!" "Your heart skipped a beat and your breathing slowed." He smiled again.

I laid my head on his shoulder. "You know me so well." He laughed. "More like I know the human asian guy white girl interracial indian tube porn that well." I dropped my smile. "You also know how to ruin a good moment." He fished the room key out of his pocket, slid it in the door slot, and popped the door open with his foot.

The room was huge, with a full kitchen, a bedroom, and bathroom with a huge shower and footed bath tub, and a living room. It almost looked like a house. He finally put me down and let me explore the room while he went back down to get or bags out of the car. He had failed to grab them when he dragged me out of the car to put me on his back. The bedroom had a California king sized bed, with four posts that had black silk curtains enclosing the bed, with a red bedspread.

There was a door to its immediate right that led to the bathroom and on the opposite side had a single chair and a loveseat, also red. The room was dimly lit and only had two lamps on either side of the bed and both were molded to look like roses. He walked into the room finally and put his bag down (which had a little more stuff in it than it should have for only three days) and opened mine and started to look through it.

"Uhm, what are you doing??" I said, amazed and shocked at his rudeness.

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He pulled out a pair of my black lace bra and panties and stretched them out to me for me to take. "You mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob like you need a long hot shower." "Well thanks; I feel a whole lot prettier.

Besides, I need my pajamas, think you could give me those too?" "I'll give them to you while you're in the shower. I'll put them on the shelf." "But-" "Just do it. Quit being so stubborn." "Fine", I said, defeated, and huffed off to the bathroom. I changed my mind when I got there and decided a bath in the bathtub would be much more relaxing. I ran the water, nice and hot, got in, and closed the curtain around me. 'This feels so good' I thought to myself. 'I wonder why he made me take a bath for.' Twenty minutes later, I heard the door open and then close again, this time from the living room door.

I unplugged the stopper in the bathtub and moved the curtain back. I grabbed a towel from the rack and stepped out onto the cold black marble floor and moved closer to the shelf to find a note and a red silk robe waiting for me on the shelf. "This isn't mine." I said aloud to myself.

I picked up the note and read what it said. "This is for you my love. I'm going to make tonight special for you and me.


Put the robe on, open the door, and follow the rose petals. Oh, and look up when you're walking to horny bootylicious schoolgirls crave pussy too pornstars hardcore bedroom." I smiled and put the silky feeling robe and opened the door.

Outside were black and red roses (My favorite color of roses) that were sprawled all over the floor in a little path. I kept looking down following them until I remembered to look up and saw black and red helium filled balloons on the high ceilings.

I grabbed the strings as I walked and took them with me. The lights were turned off and was only illuminated by black and red candles (funny how all the colors matched his scheme). I followed, rose petals, balloons and candles, to the bedroom where he was on the balcony, which I hadn't seen before, looking at the city lights of Louisville. The room was also lit by candle light, and the bed was covered in black and red helium balloons, with playing cards attached to them.

He finally noticed I was in the room and turned to smile at me. I let go of the balloons and walked towards him. "What is all this?" I smiled. "It's for you. I wanted to show you how much I loved you. And how much a appreciate you waiting for me, even though we were miles apart. You mean so much to me." He brushed my hair out of my face. "And I want you to know why I love you and how special you are to me." He nodded in the direction of the bed.

"Why don't you go read all of those cards?" He had used a whole deck of cards and tied them all to balloons.

"52 reasons why I love you", the Ace of Spades said. I amateur babe sucks guys big cock on cam for cash them all with an open mouth.

He had our memories, or story, pretty much our whole lives together written on those cards. "Remember when.I love you were so gorgeous when." When I moved them all away from the bed and stood up to kiss him, he held my face in his hands. They were soft, and his blue eyes never left mine when he said, "Do you trust me to make love to you?" I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him gently.

"Yes. I trust you" He kissed me again, only this kiss had so much meaning to it. It was passionate, a kiss I had never felt from him before. I tried to return the passion, and grabbed the sides of his shirt to pull him close to me.

He obeyed and moved closer, my body up against his, but still separated my four layers of clothes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and kissed each other until his hands began to undo the tied around my waist from the robe. He undid the knot, never letting his lips leave mine and I let the silk robe fall to the floor. He ran his hands down my back and stopped at my tiny dimples and pulled me even closer. I began to work at his button up shirt, slowly undoing each button, one at a time until it was completely undone and my hands were moving freely against his bare chest.

He picked me up and put me on the bed, still passionately kissing me, and he began to explore my body lightly with his fingers. I ran my fingers through is curly hair and began to moan softly when he began to kiss me from my tits down to my belly button and back up again. He came back up to kiss me, and I sat up to remove his shorts. As soon as I removed his boxers, his dick fell out, presenting itself to me.

Punishteens hot groupie teen fucked by busty blonde milf fingering and beautiful began to stroke it slowly while he worked at removing my bra to feel my tits. I lightly ran my tongue ring across the head of his dick and he let his head fall back in pleasure.

Finally, I used my tongue on the head and began to take it all in my mouth. He put his fingers in my hair and moaned a little.

I worked my head back and forth, making sure to move my tongue freely around as I went. Every once in a while I stopped at the tip to rub my tongue ring around it and then took it all back in. He pulled my head back by my hair and bent to kiss me. Then, he pulled my legs up, forcing my upper body back down on the bed, and removed my panties.

He kissed the inside of my thighs before licking me all the way down to my pussy. He worked is tongue around my clit, and I moaned loudly. He began to put is tongue in my tight wet hole and then licked back up to my clit, where he enthusiastically began to suck and lick. I grabbed the comforter on the bed and squirmed around from the amazing sensation he was giving me.

Then he kissed me from the bottom of my belly up to my lips and I tasted myself on his. It was sweet, and I turned myself on from it. He scooted me back further on the bed, back on the pillows and began kissing me again and gently sucking on my nipples. He stopped and looked at me with a smile on his face. "I love you so much. Are you sure you're ready for this?" "Yes honey. I'm ready for anything." I reassured him and gently kissed his lips. He began to kiss me passionately again and position his dick at the entrance of my pussy.

I got wet all over again, my pussy begging him to enter me. He slowly pushed in, my pussy pulling him in further and further until he couldn't anymore and he held it there. It was then that I became fully aware of him; I smelled his skin, felt the love and passion that he put into it, and I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes as intently as he was looking into mine. I smiled and said "Go." pretty teen floozy likes handjobs a lot began to move in and out of me slowly and I moaned softly.

Gradually, he pumped faster, my tits moving to his rhythm.


I began to moan louder, but my eyes never left his. The feeling was indescribable and I moaned as loud as my lungs would allow and he kept pushing in and out of me with a perfect kind of speed.

I couldn't hold his stare anymore and closed my eyes in pleasure. My hands ran up and down is back and every once in a while, I dug my nails in and bit his neck from the amazing sensation and sweet lust.

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He slowed down and turned me over so that I was on my knees. I grabbed the headboard of the bed as he grabbed my hair and placed one and at my waist. He entered my pussy from behind and began riding my ass. It felt amazing begin pumped and fucked from such a position and my moans got louder. His balls smacked my pussy from the velocity and it felt even more pleasurable. "Bite me baby" I yelled. "Please bite me and pull my hair!" He leaned up to my shoulder, still pumping with an excellent speed and bit my shoulder.

He pulled my hair, which pulled me back onto his amazing dick. Next thing I knew, I was riding him, slowly, so that we cold every ounce of pleasure we could. He massaged my ass and tits as I rode him. I bent over so that I could kiss him, but before I could begin to ride him again, he grabbed my waist and began pumping his dick into me.


My bounces met his thrust and I moaned loudly. I threw my hair back and let him fuck into me. Finally, he put me back into missionary position where he pumped me in and out with the same kind of speed as before. "I'm cumming baby." I was too so I thrust my hips up to meet his and he moaned lightly. His lips met mine and he began to pump faster and faster. I felt my climax begin and tried to hold on as I felt his dick become harder inside of me and I became tighter.

Finally, he pumped in last time into me and we both moaned and rode out our climax. I felt his cum warm inside me, and smiled at the beautiful sensation it gave me. He fell into bed beside me and stretched his arm out for me to lie on. I did and kissed him sweetly. "I love you." "I love you too"