In the office with blonde gigi allens

In the office with blonde gigi allens
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AWAKENINGS 2 As soon as I walked away, I felt I'd made a mistake inviting Randy to come by. I'd acted on impulse and now had to somehow deal with it - carefully. After I'd jokingly asked if he had any more of that Goulash he'd spiked earlier, we'd laughed and then he'd said, "How about just a drink?" I had foolishly agreed and now regretted it.

In the back of my mind, I did want to find out how much of that raunchy night he remembered. A lot of it had been vague for me, and I hoped it was for him as well. Every time I remembered something else we'd done that night, my face would burn with shame. I was a young married woman. For four years I'd naughty teen kat dior fuck and squirt on the couch fateful to my husband and now stood the chance of throwing it all away.

It wasn't my fault, but who would believe me? We'd agreed upon 6:00 PM, four hours away. By late afternoon I was a bundle of nerves. My encounter with Randy had sparked more images of that night, and several times I had to collapse into a chair to quiet my shakes. I didn't know if I could do this, but I really wanted to discover if Randy was a potential threat to my marriage.

I hoped he wouldn't want to cause trouble for me. I loved Stu and would do anything to keep what we had together. The doorbell jolted me back to the present. Randy was right on time. He was sloppily dressed in pleated slacks, tennis shoes and a Grateful Dead tee-shirt, a roll of fat pushing against the front and sides of his cotton shirt.

I shuddered, wondering how I could've possibly let him touch me. No, I knew why. It'd been whatever he had put in our food. Somehow, that didn't make me feel much better. My heart pounded inside my chest as I said, "Sit." I went to the kitchen to retrieve two glasses and fill them with red wine. I came back to find him sitting on the sofa in the same position I had, that last night he was here.

Randy nervously took the glass I offered, smiling sheepishly. I sat in the large chair across from him, noticing that he checked-out my legs as I sat down. I was wearing a short sun dress with straps over the shoulders. I curled my legs under me to limit his view. Boring asshole. "You could go to jail for what you did, you know?" I was pretty sure I looked angry. I couldn't help it. His pale face turned a little paler. "I didn't do anything," he muttered.

"You asshole! You doctored my food!" He jerked his head up, staring at me. "Prove it." After a short staring contest, I finally just sighed. sophia gently anal fucked in sexy corset married.

I don't want any trouble. I just want to. . know what. . you know.

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. . what happened." My voice trailed off at the end, but he heard me, smiling thinly. "That's it? Okay, I'll tell you." His smile grew wider as he said, "Were you sore the next day?" Remembering my raw anus and vagina, I felt my face burning. "Yes," I muttered. "Me too. My dick was so sore from you chewing on it all night that I could barely stand to touch it for two days." I didn't respond, so he continued.

"You really liked it.

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Everything we did. When I bent you over the couch that first time, you howled like a Banshee when you got off." He seemed to be enjoying telling me about it. "Then you sucked my cock like it was a candy cane, swallowing every drop I shot into your mouth. You loved it." "I didn't," I protested softly. My gut was churning, heart pounding away inside my chest. I had difficulty breathing, too. He laughed. "Yes, you did. You took it up the ass like a pro, shoving it up to me, moaning.

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Never even knew a woman could cum from being butt-fucked cum hard too. You came like you were going to shake to pieces! Was your little ass sore the next day? I dumped a load in it." When I just glared back, he finally managed to look a little contrite. "Look, I knew I'd never get a girl like you. You're gorgeous, and look at me. I know I'm a slob. I used to see you walk through the condo complex and wonder what it would be like to make love to someone like you.

That day I helped you move in and you asked me to stay for lunch, was the only chance I'd ever have with you. If I go to jail for it, that one night was worth it." I wanted to demand he leave right then, but I just sit there, lewd images flashing behind my eyes as I fought back the urge to squirm in my chair. If Randy just wasn't so damned repulsive, I thought. I drank the last of my wine, holding the glass out to him.

"Get us some more wine," I said. "It's in the frige." Trying to control my breathing, licking my dry lips, I listened to the glass clinking as he poured us more wine. You know what you're doing? I thought in panic. You know he's probably doctoring the wine right now, don't you? More images flooded my mind, of Randy pounding into me all night.

By then, he was back with the wine, smiling. "What was the stuff you put in our food," I asked. He sat down in the same place, staring at me. "It's called 'love dust,' but it has some foreign name. I get it from a Pakistani who works at one of the hotels. He smuggles it into country, a teacup at a time. Makes a fortune, too. All the cooks around here know about it. They buy it from him. It's not a real drug.

Comes from the pollen of a flower that grows high in the Hindu Kush. It won't harm you. If it did, I wouldn't take it." I glared at him as he went on averting his eyes for a moment. "I probably used too much the last time in our soup. The guy said that was what caused us to blank out off-and-on throughout the night.

Less is often better, I was told. He said it sensitizes the nerve endings so much that if you took it and didn't have sex for fifteen minutes, I could just rub the back of your neck for a moment and you'd explode with a wild orgasm." I actually shivered at the image, still licking my dry lips. After observing my glass for a moment I said, "You put some in this?" "No.

I wouldn't do that." His unsteady hot girl bites scrotum please id european anal told me he was lying. I stared steadily at him as I deliberately raised the glass and took a sip.

Then he also took one, having waited for me to do it first. The warm glow I remembered from the previous time instantly seeped throughout my body, settling in a spot somewhere in my lower belly. That spot continued to grow hotter - lewd thoughts accompanying them - and there was sudden dampness against my thighs. Randy was staring at me the whole time, a thin ugly smile on his face as he waited like a wolf for a mate that he knew was in-heat.

I felt a gush of fluid and the light material of my dress grew damp. I hadn't worn any panties. I hoped it wouldn't stain the cover of our new chair. Subconsciously, I had probably known since seeing Randy that morning, what I was going to do, but had been afraid to admit it to myself. I might even have known ever since the first night with Randy that I wanted to try it just one more time. I'd been a good wife to Stu.

I deserved this much. Besides, I had no illusions that he'd known women throughout high school and college maybe even during his business travels. By contrast, my husband was the only man I'd ever slept with until Randy. Stu was handsome, smooth, a real jock type of guy.

Randy was big, over six-feet, going to fat, and sloppy. I didn't know a single woman that might find him attractive. Yet, I had slept him. No, I'd let him fuck me all night and worse.

I glanced over to where Randy sat, silently waiting like that wolf. His cock was outside his pants, sticking straight up.

My mouth suddenly watered, my thighs getting wetter. I fought the urge to act first. Let me at least have that much, please, I silently pleaded. Randy stroked his rock-hard cock, simply staring back at me, smiling knowingly. His wolf bitch was about ready. He knew it. Damn you, Randy, I thought. I watched a silver drop form at the from russia with love bubble butt and brunette of his penis, visibly growing larger.


It was reaching the point where it would soon run off. I was reaching the point where I was about to come unglued. I licked my lips again. Another instant and the drop would be gone. Groaning, I rushed over, knelt and licked the drop from his cock.

It tasted like ambrosia. I was in heaven as I ran my lips loosely over the head of Randy's large cock, licked down its length, and then back up. "You nasty slut," Randy groaned.

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I was. So nasty. Loving it. I didn't care if Stu walked through the door right then I was going to have this cock.

Any cock. I wanted the night I'd had, once more. I would have it. Mom gangbanged at all holes was no Randy. There was only this cock and me. I swallowed the crown until it entered my open throat, as Randy grunted with pleasure. If I could've, I would have smiled. I licked down to the base, lovingly took each of his hairy balls into my warm mouth, then back up to slowly swallow the whole thing again. I held it inside, buried to its depths, then tightening my lips, slowly eased off it.

That was all it took. Randy must not have had sex since that night with me, because he lasted little more than a couple of minutes before he wrapped his hands in my hair and jammed in to the balls. My throat and mouth, unexpectedly flooded to capacity with thick, high velocity fluid, took me completely by surprise. I choked, swallowing as fast as I could, losing some to run down my chin and drip onto his belly. It seemed it would never end, his nuts were so loaded. More ambrosia, making me feel disoriented.

When he'd shuddered a final time and I'd swallowed the last trickle of watery after-cum, I licked up what had fallen on his belly. His cock was semi-hard, so I went back to nibbling, licking and sucking until it grew turgid again.

I stood and straddled his lap, lowering myself on trembling legs until I felt the head of his penis at my swollen entrance.

Then I slowly slid down his meaty shaft, relishing an unbelievable feeling as it bumped my engorged clit, pushing the walls of my vagina out of the way as it forced the bulbous head past enhanced nerve-endings, coming to rest against my cervix. I sat motionless, realizing I was making little noises deep in my throat.


Randy's voice jarred me back to the present. "Fuck that cock, baby. Fuck it hard!" I lifted up until I was in danger of losing the crown and then just dropped. We both cried out with pleasure. I did it over and over.

It didn't take long, for I had been nearly as deprived of sex as Randy. I knew I was getting close. I leaned forward and found Randy's mouth, attacking it with my tongue, and then swallowing his as the first volley began shaking my slim body to pieces. It seemed to go on forever as I bucked and cried, at one point screaming mindlessly.

It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. Not like the last time when I was dazed most of the time. I vaguely wondered if it was because Randy had reduced the amount of "love dust." Then I didn't care as Randy emptied his balls deep inside my belly and I had a series of small multiple quakes again. I lay on his chest, tears streaming, gasping as I attempted to breathe. Randy licked my lips, flexing his cock inside me.

I wanted it again. So did he. He pushed me off and stood. pleasing her young ass and pussy masturbation tinaweiss on. I want to do your favorite position, baby." He pulled me to my feet, walked me around the couch and shoved my face against the back of it. I knew what was coming.

I willingly spread my legs and lifted up on my toes. The Alpha male was about to mate his wolf bitch. "Such a pretty sight, baby," he sneered. I jumped as I felt his breath on my crouch, and then he licked me from my tender swollen clit, all the way past my anus, causing me to cry out. He did it again and my legs began to tremble uncontrollably. I moaned. "Ah yes," he said between licks and kisses. "Baby likes amateur playing with dildo on in the tub, does she?" He went to work in earnest then, licking, biting sucking, lathing my anus with his tongue, then sucking my clit as I thrashed about on the back of the couch.

I was so close so close. He stopped. "Please," I muttered. "Please." Randy just laughed as he rubbed his cock around the rim of my pussy. I twisted, rotated my ass, trying to capture the massive crown inside, but he just laughed. I was on fire. I needed him to just do it! He laughed again, ran the head entirely up the open crack back there, and then shoved it into my ass.

I screamed. He held my face against the back of the couch as I struggled. "Shut up. Someone will hear you. It'll be okay in a minute." He held still for a moment, then eased himself out, in, out, in. . In a minute or two of this, I found myself lifting onto my toes, helping him find a deeper spot.

In another minute we were fucking like animals, unconsciously pounding each other, seeking only our own satisfaction. I was his bitch ape, his wolf, just an open hole for him to use. And I loved it.

I felt every ridge, every knot, each dribble of pre-cum from the head of his wonderful cock. I was floating, dissembled, just a mass of jangled nerve endings, needing. . something. It was like an inch I couldn't quite scratch driving me crazy. Then we both blew apart. He went first, emptying an enormous amount of scalding lava into my bowels.

I felt each spurt hit the lining of my anus, painting the walls, saturating my core. Then, I lost my mind for a long time.

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When I came back to the present, I was still "tied" to Randy. He was rubbing my back softly. My legs just gave way and I crumpled into a heap, gasping for breath, trying to still my runaway heart.

After a moment, I looked up to find Randy's smeared cock inches from my face. "Like a good bitch now, clean it up." I myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn so spent I just did it. Then he carried me into my bedroom, laying me on the bed. "I want to fuck you in your husband's bed.

The same place he fucks you. You can think about that every time he fucks you from now on. Think about who has a better cock." With that, he crawled between my thighs, and slipped his cock into my sopping pussy. I was just too tired to even help him. He looked into my face as he hammered into me. Like I was a bug and he was doing an experiment. Finally, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his thighs. Randy smiled, slamming into me even harder.

My arms went around his neck and I pulled him down, crying out. We fucked, sucked, and masturbated each other almost all night. Unlike the first time, I was aware of each time I came. At the end, I was merely holding Randy's limp cock in my mouth as we drifted off to sleep.