Kinky orgy session featuring ravishing starlets outdoor and group

Kinky orgy session featuring ravishing starlets outdoor and group
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It happened during my freshman year at high school. I was fifteen years old, a skinny guy and the bigger guys made fun and picked on me for being small. My life was like this: I would go to school, then go home and study, watch TV, eat with my parents and my sister and then go to bed only to get up and do everything all over again the next day. Weekends were my only relief from these daily assaults.


One day I was walking in the breezeway to the parking lot where my bicycle was locked to the fence and I felt a pull on my hair.

SHIT! Here we go again! I turned around to face my attacker only to see a new gym teacher run away from me and make her way to the womens' locker room. She turned around and smiled at me and closed the door behind her.

Her name was Susan. I later found out that she was 25, married to a business banker and was she ever HOT LOOKING. She stood about five foot, four inches tall with blonde hair, brown eyes and a nice tanned, slim figure. She also had a nice set of boobs. I guessed she was a 36C cup and that she weighed about 115 pounds. One day at gym class we were all playing paddleball. I hit the ball out of bounds and went to get it. As I picked it up, I looked over to the court edge and saw Susan looking at me intently.

She was dressed in her white gym dress uniform with the bottom edge hitting about mid-thigh high. I could see her panties whenever she lifted her leg up which was often. She was looking at me and biting her lower lip and then massaging it with her tongue. Then I heard yelling from the guys, and I got back in the game. They started teasing me with "Whatcha looking at?" and pushing me around. I was embarrassed at this and served the ball once again. In the locker room that same day we were taking showers before going to our next class.

I wasn't sexy blondehaired teen girl gets a fucking from behind and gets jizzed on in this hd massage video that ashamed of my body but they all gave me shit. I was skinny and not really all that muscular. The only thing they didn't say or mess around with me about was the length of my dick.

I was 7" soft and the head hung down way below my nut sack. As I was showering, all the guys finished up and left in a hell of a hurry. I had my face under the water spray and when I pulled away, I spotted a white flash out of the corner of my eye.

I turned to look and Susan had just passed the shower room. What was she doing in the guy's locker room? Had she seen me naked, showering? Most importantly, had she seen my sexual equipment? Damn!

Every day after that was the same. While playing baseball I would look over and see Susan looking at me and touching herself around her breasts and lower tummy area.

I think she even touched between her legs letting her skirt ride up where I could see her panties. One day, I noticed that she was wearing a pair of see-through panties and I could make out the faint bush of blonde hair around her pussy.

That morning while showering, the guys repeated their quick shower and disappearing act. I had my face under the steamy water and felt a hand touch my shoulder. I thought it was the mens' coach who was going to tell me to hurry up and finish showering so the next class could begin. I turned to the direction of the touch and found that Susan was there in the shower with me. The stall we were in was well away from the main opening where anyone else could have seen us. She was standing there nude in front of me!


Her gym dress uniform lay in a pile on the tile floor. Asian babe gets plowed in hardcore fashion looked into her eyes and her smiling at me lifted me up and I smiled back. I started looking down toward the rest of her. Her boobs were lovely with brown nipples, and she had that small tuft of blonde hair between her legs. My body was reacting to this and my cock swelled and jutted out to a 9" hard length.

She saw my hard on and stepped up to me, taking me in her arms and kissing me softly on my mouth. I returned her embrace and her kissing became more passionate. My boner went up between her thighs and rested at the entrance to her vagina.

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I lowered my hands to her waist and started moving back and forth, rubbing the head of my cock on her slit, preparing it for my entry. She moaned and kissed me harder bruising my lips with her passion. I grabbed her ass with my hands and moved with her up against the tile wall of the shower. Feeling the head of my penis enter her, she broke our kissing, gasping as I penetrated her warm depths even further. My balls were really mixing it up now. I was feeling energized by this whole experience.

The tension was building up in my dick to having an orgasm. I held off though and perky cheater blows fat cock in car to Susan that we lay down in the floor of the shower. She agreed, and with the water still spraying over us, we rested on the tile floor facing each other. I caressed her breasts and worked a finger into her vagina. She kissed my neck, chest and stomach lightly and then took my hardened cock into her mouth and sucked on it, lightly at first, and then really hard, sucking on it like she was possessed.

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I had the feeling that I was really close to release and told her that I did not want to put my sperm in her mouth. She stopped sucking and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and sucked on her nipples which by now had extended about an inch. She moaned at the sensation and said, "Lay on top of me", as her arms were reaching out to pull me to her.

I moved over her body looking down at where our union was to begin. She spread her legs, and taking her fingers, she opened up her labia to reveal her open canal that had been concealed until now.

As I rested on top of her, she wrapped her legs around my waist and hooked her ankles around my back and locked me in close to her. My glans was already at the opening to her love tunnel and she took my hard anissa and eva have intense lesbian sex in her right hand and guided it into her body.

This was incredible! The very definition of the act of love. MY GYM TEACHER SUSAN, WAS HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH ME! I pushed into her and pulled out repeating the motion a number of times, and we settled into a steady rhythm.

I stroked her fast and then slowly. We made love right there in the water, kissing each other and moving together with each other in the most basic of human activities. She moaned and cooed in my ear as I stroked her pussy with my hard dick.

She kissed my face, my hair and my mouth in those few moments and she snaked her tongue into my mouth and we began to engage in a tongue twisting French kiss.

I began feeling that my cock was rock hard, extending further than it ever had before, and the pressure in my testicles signaled that my climax was close. I whispered in her ear asking her if it would be okay to ejaculate inside her.

"PLEASE", she said.

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"DO IT INSIDE ME. CUM IN MY PUSSY, PLEASE!!!" My balls were elevated and I pulled the trigger of my love gun and grunted, sending a large load of my sperm into Susan's tight love hole. Her pussy clamped down on my dick as she had her own orgasm and she cried out, "Oh God, Keep fucking me!". I kept moving in and out of her body, dumping as much semen as I could into her twitching twat.

When we both came down from our mutual climax, I wondered if the male coaches had heard her screaming. I also worried that the guys that teased me all the time had heard us in the shower while we fucked. Susan promised me that this was not the end of our fun, and kissing me sweetly on my lips, she turned, grabbed her gym dress and left the shower room. PART TWO to FOLLOW