Stranded teen fucked in the drivers seat for free ride home

Stranded teen fucked in the drivers seat for free ride home
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"What the fuck, Alexa!?!" Kaitlyn said knocking hard on the door to Alexa's dressing room. Alexa nervously opened the door a little before Kaitlyn forced her way inside pushing Alexa in the process. "You knee'd me hard in the face during our match you idiot!" Kaitlyn said. Alexa looked Kaitlyn scared.

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"I didn't mean too." Kaitlyn slapped her hard across the face. "You lying whore! I bet you wanted to give me a black eye cause you know more people prefer my big tits over your ugly body." "Come on, Kaitlyn that's just mean." "Shut up." the former diva's champion started choking Alexa. "Listen here you little bitch, I'm gonna fuck you until I'm satisfied and there is nothing you can do about it." Alexa looked at Kaitlyn with fear.

Kaitlyn let go off Alexa's throat and as Alexa started gasping for air, Kaitlyn ripped open Alexa's shorts and then pulled her cock out of her jean shorts. Her cock was thick and clearly over a foot long Alexa thought as she looked at it. "You're a futa?" Alexa asked before Kaitlyn lifted her up and slammed her pussy down onto her cock. Alexa let out a involuntary moan of pleasure as the huge cock started stretching the inside of her pussy.

"Yes I am, and you better learn to love my cock." Kaitlyn started lifting and lowering Alexa up and down on her cock. Alexa's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she said "God, you're stretching me so hard!" It felt to Alexa like she was taking a never ending cock but finally after a whopping sixteen inches Kaitlyn's cock bottomed out in her and she could feel Kaitlyn's balls slap against her. Kaitlyn didn't say anything focusing more on pounding away at the tight pussy of the former smackdown women's champion.

"Thanks." She finally said breathily before easing her way over to the wall in the back of the room so she could pin Alexa to it and fuck her more easily. "Does AJ Lee know?" Alexa asked yong boyz oozing slots pussy striptease and hardcore Kaitlyn starting holding the five feet of fury by the wrists and Alexa starting bouncing up and down on Kaitlyn's cock more naturally.


"Of course." Kaitlyn miki xxx sex stories story prm and then said "You're not the first WWE girl to have my cock." Miss Bliss started moaning and really enjoying Kaitlyn's thrusts into her pussy.

"You have the biggest cock I've ever had." She said and kissed the former chickbuster. "Thanks." Kaitlyn said, it was clear that she knew how to fuck a pussy just right. "I'm gonna cum soon." Kaitlyn grunted in her ear as she continued to buck into the slightly shorter blonde's pussy. "Give me your load then baby." Alexa kissed the futa on the lips again.

Kaitlyn moved Alexa to set her on the floor so just her shoulders and little bit of her back touched the floor while Kaitlyn lifted the rest up slightly to keep pounding at the inside of Alexa's pussy.

As Alexa was getting moved, Alexa unclipped the front of the leopard skin bra Kaitlyn had been walking around in so she could see her new futa lover's big tits.


Inbetween little moans Alexa said "You're right your titties are amazing." Kaitlyn said "Thanks." and fucked Alexa's tight pussy harder.

"I'd love for you to suck them some time.I'm about to cum." "Fill my pussy up then baby, you know you want to." Kaitlyn bit her lower lip before her cum started shooting out.

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"You're a huge slut, you know that?" the feeling of her new futa lover's cock unloading deep in Alexa felt amazing to her. It felt like someone was dumping a gallon milk in Alexa's pussy. While still pumping away and jizzing all over the inside of Alexa's tight pussy, Kaitlyn lifted her up off the floor and started thrusting into her with a strong enough pounding that she would break a weaker girl.

"I'M YOUR LITTLE SLUT NOW, KAITLYN!" Alexa yelled as she started to orgasm and squirt all over the erupting cock.

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The feeling of the raw women's champion squirting on Kaitlyn's cock only amplified something inside Kaitlyn, making her cum faster and even more. To little Miss Bliss it felt like Kaitlyn was filling her pussy up for five minutes straight and still pounding. Alexa loved every second of it though as she enjoyed the feeling of her body being completely dominated by a coworker.

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Finally after a huge pool of cum had formed under Alexa, Kaitlyn lowered her softly into it while still slowly pounding her. She pulled her cock out and said "Now lick mommy clean." Alexa sat up to lick her and her tongue was immediately awarded with a small load of cum that shot out and into the back of her throat. She expertly sucked on Kaitlyn's cock while playing with her huge balls, Kaitlyn had to steady herself by putting one foot on Alexa's shoulder while she facefucked her.

Kaitlyn pulled her cock out of her plaything's mouth after a few minutes, Alexa couldn't believe she was still hard. Kaitlyn clipped her bra back to hide her massive and delicious tits and tucked her cock back into her jean shorts. "Now clean yourself up and be ready when I want to go again." She said before walking out of Alexa's dressing room. Alexa fell asleep in the nice warm puddle of cum thinking to herself "I can't wait to get more of her cock."