Teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer

Teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer
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"JEN, what the hell?!" her mom yelled at her. We were both shocked.


We really didn't expect Jen's mom to show up. We were sure she'd be out later, but I guess we got 'carried away'.

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She is about forty-something years old, and has a nearly perfect body. A beautiful face, a nice rack, and nice curves everywhere.

She has nice long brown hair, and has a good demenour toward people."Jen get up!" Jen stood up naked and all. I was trying to hide my still erect cock under the blanket. "JEN you have been a very naughty girl!" then something very strange happened. She pushed Jen, and bent her over. She slapped her ass really hard. "I want to hear you say it!" "I've been a naughty girl!" Jen yelled.

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"Come here" She pushed Jen on the bed, sat on her face, and made her lick through her panties."you like that you little cunt!" She slapped her face so hard it turned purple."ok, i'll stop hitting you, let me see when your little teenage pussy taste like.She turned around, and 69'ed Jen. Jen was still licking through her mothers panties."You like that, don't you?" she obviously did because Jen was moaning, and screaming all at the same time.Jen's mom took off her top, and made Jen suck on her nipples.

"just like when you hot pretty chick sucking off deep her a little baby, you like that?" Jen didn't seem to mind, and was biting softlyand cuased her mother to moan. There they were stark naked.except Jen's mother, who still had on her white cum soaked panties.They started making out. I could barely take it. Jens mother was beautiful. she had huge plump breast, and a nearly perfect body."So you fuck my daughter, and you think you can get away with it?!" she glared at my hard cock, that I was hiding under the blanket.she grabbed Jen by the hair."come her you fucking slut" Jen readily complied based on her new knowledge about her mother.

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She forced Jen's mouth on my eager cock, and slammed her mouth on it. "choke on it you little bitch", she smacked her face."gimme some" they both started sucking on my cock, and making out at the same time."if you get his cock, so do I". SHe pushed her hot body on me, and started riding her pussy up, and down my cock.I was so shocked.but still so horny."are you gonna fuck me or what" .she got on all fours."fuck your sexy aunt's pussy you sick fuck" I readliy complied, and shoved my dick into her eager pussy.I fucked her so hard and fast.I was sure she came at least twice.I could feel her cum oozing down my cock."thats how you fuck!" she yelled.

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