Office babes raven bay and kenna lesbian in the breakroom

Office babes raven bay and kenna lesbian in the breakroom
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Stepdaughter, Mother and Me Chapter 2 Opening my eyes the next morning and thinking about the night before caused a lot of confusion for me.

Wondering if I did the correct thing, but at the same time thinking I had a great time with my wife and Doreen. After breakfast David went to a friend's house to play video games. Robin took the opportunity to speak about the events from the night before.

She said she had a terrific time as well as Doreen. "Mom when can we do that again?" "Hold on daughter there fantastic looker in stockings gets screwed hard creampie brunette a couple rules we need to agree to before we cross that bridge" "First and foremost you are not on birth control, I will make appointment with your doctor for you, we do not want any accidents." "Secondly sex between you two must be kept quite no telling friends etc.

Plus it will not happen unless I am involved period." "Finally David is too young to know what's going on we must keep it between us for now agreed?" Doreen glance over to me nodding her head in an agreement manner, I spoke up and said "I agree, but my concern is David if he finds out and opens his mouth to his buddies we all could be in trouble" "Robin said she would take care of that when and if the time arrives." I went outside to mow the lawn, took about an hour, upon my entering the house both Robin and Donna was naked from the waist up with thong underwear on.

I had to take a second look, damn sure looks good I thought. "I got to take a shower its warm outside already" as I went into the bathroom. While in the shower I kept the visual for a few minutes ago and ended up with a erection. I got dried off wrapped a towel around me and went into the living room where Doreen was sitting on the couch. "Hey mom dad has an erection, think we caused that?" "I don't know ask him." "Well dad did mom and I cause that erection?" I just looked at her with a do you have to ask look.

"Yep mom we stepmom licks teen and fucks her bf think we should help him out a little don't you?" "Go ahead I am busy just NO penetration" Doreen got off the couch looked at me and said "Here this will help the situation" as she dropped her thong and stood before me in her naked splendor.

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Her shoulder length blond hair was lying softly upon her shoulders. Her piercing green eyes with a twinkle like I had never seen showed her excitement. Looking downward to her pert chest I would guess a 32-34B cup. Her nipples standing on end almost begging to be touched.

Down to her tiny waist and onto her shaved pussy.

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God my cock has never been so hard that it twitched as I gazed at the sight before me. She stepped forward towards me and went to her knees as she gripped my aching cock with both hands and started stroking it. She played with my cock and balls for a few minutes then leaned forward, licked her lips and started running her tongue over the head and up and down the sides of my stiff member.

Doreen licking her lips again opened her mouth and too about 3 inched of my cock into her mouth, while stroking the base of my dick with her hands. She moved slowly at first to get a rhythm going as she gradually took in another inch or two into her mouth. I moved my right leg up her and placed my foot under her pussy.

Lifting my leg so my big toe was rubbing her pussy lips Doreen starts rotating her hips as she continues sucking my dick. irresistible cougar gets ass fucked interracial pornstars I am glad you two are getting along so well" as my wife looks down over the back of the couch.

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"I am going to go take a shower you two have some fun and NO penetration Doreen," As she walked away towards the bathroom. Robin had no longer closed the door and Doreen let go of my cock slid forward so her pussy was just above my dick. Reaching down she grabbed my cock and squat down and started rubbing the head of my cock along her pussy lips.


She slowly sat down until I had penetrated her virgin pussy up to her hymen. I thought I was going to explode as Doreen continued her assault on my dick. "God Doreen get off I am going to cum" "Now Doreen" as I felt my balls tightening. I reached down and pushed her backwards causing my cock to come out of her pussy just as I squirted all over her bald pussy.

The second and third squirt went up her stomach onto her breasts. "God dad I am so horny I need to cum" as she buried her fingers into her wet cunt. "OH ,OH yes, God yes feels so good" as I watched her masturbate. Ohhh Ohhh Yes oh God as she reached her orgasm throwing her head back and pulling her hand from her wet pussy.

Robin emerging from the bathroom looking at Doreen "Doreen you have cum all over your pussy and chest. To bad to waste that "Robin came forward deutsches teeny katy bei echtem amateur gangbang teil started licking my cum from her daughters chest and stomach.

As she worked on cleaning Doreen up I noticed that Robin had her hand on her daughter's pussy with her fingers massaging her g-spot.


Doreen was becoming excited again as her mom went down to her vagina and started sucking her juices from her daughters pussy. It was obvious to me that both mom and daughter were enjoying this action. This was incredible I thought as my cock began to grow. Watching my wife eat her daughters pussy and hearing the soft groans from Doreen and my wife, before I knew it my cock was harder then a rock.

Slipping off the couch I moved in behind my wife aligned my cock up to her cunt and drove the full length into her pussy.

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"OH god yes hun fuck me hard, drive that cock into me, please don't stop." Robin goes back to pushing her tongue deeper into her daughter's wet pussy. Doreen reaches down with both hands and starts massaging her mother's breasts.

The moans and groans from both of them told me they both were getting close to climax "OH mom that feels so good Oh shit I am going to cum mom, please yes, yes OH GOD YES" as Doreen arched her back driving moms tongue deeper in to her pussy.

My wife being on the edge of climax was meeting every stroke of my acing cock as I feel her muscles closing around my manhood. "Jesus hun here it comes please don't stop as we both climax together.

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I fall back onto my knees as my cock exits my wife's pussy. "That was great sweetheart. You two surprised me I wasn't expecting anything like that. "Me either" "David, what are you doing here? How long have you been standing there"