Granny fucks a guy in the video store hardcore and cumshot

Granny fucks a guy in the video store hardcore and cumshot
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***This is a fictionalized version of true events -- names have been changed to protect t he guilty*** I violent throat fuck choke pass out up in a rural town in the Midwest, my mother passed away when I was seven but other than that tragedy my life was pretty normal. My father dated a little, almost got remarried once but it fell through. By the time I was seventeen I was really looking forward to finishing school and going off to College with my friends the following year.

Unfortunately my grandmother, dad's mom who helped raise me after mom left us, passed away in the middle of the school year and with one thing or another I failed two horny asian takes large vibrator japanese hardcore. This is important; if I'd never failed those classes I wouldn't have been home schooled and I may never have ended up being able to explore my sexuality.

About me, I'm 5'3" with long brown hair almost black and blue-green eyes. I have 32C breasts which are round and perky. In school a lot of boys asked me out, but I only had one boyfriend. In a small town you have to be careful who you date and how many people you date. It's very easy to get a 'reputation'. The result was that by the time school ended that summer I'd only ever had sex twice. My boyfriend popped my cherry on my seventeenth birthday in a hayloft taking all of five minutes to do the deed.

Thinking it might be better the next time we tried again one weekend when my dad was in the City, it lasted ten minutes this time and I came away unsure what the big deal about sex was.

That fall I watched as all my friends went off to college and I was left at home. Dad had decided the easiest and probably quickest way for me to make up the two classes was not to retake an entire year of school but work at my own pace at home. That way I could go to college in the spring or summer. My friends kept in touch, and I'd drive two hours into the city to see them some weekends and go to the college parties so I wasn't completely left out. I guess that's where it started. When I first started exploring what I then thought of as my 'bad desires' I thought it started the night I saw my father's cock.

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I realize now I started having these desires about a month earlier after the 'incident' at the party. It was a cold February weekend; I'd driven into the city to stay with some of my girlfriends from school for the weekend. There was a big frat party, which of course none of our parents knew anything about.

I'd already been to a few of these parties, but at this one I got really drunk. The girls told me later that some of the guys had been slipping 'ruffies' into the drinks. (I had to look that up on the web.) Maybe I got some of those drinks I don't know. I do know that I ended up in an empty bathroom very sick. I went in and thought I locked the door behind me; it would become evident later that I didn't.

I got sick, then still feeling really woozy I splashed cold water on my face and just sat down on the floor for a bit thinking I'd go back to the party when the wooziness passed. The only thing that passed mom and son sxxy story sex stories com me, straight out on the floor.


When I came to the first thing I realized was that someone had turned off the lights in the bathroom. That was about a second before I realized there was someone on top of me. Drunk and possibly drugged my mind didn't kick into gear very quickly.


I could feel skin sliding up and down my chest. My breasts felt heavy tight, and strangely warm. Something warm and slick was pushing up and down and I finally realized a guy was pushing my tits together and stroking his cock back and forth into the tunnel they created. I guess my first stunning fuck of pretty mamita brazilian hardcore should have been to tell him to get the hell off, but my very first thought was how good it felt.

He was squeezing my tits hard as he fucked them and they were swelling in response. My second thought was to tell him to get off, but when I tried to talk my body didn't work right I only made some incoherent sound.

Which my strange molester took to mean I was enjoying things I guess, because he never stopped he just leaned over and whispered. "Open your mouth honey." I don't know why I did it but my mouth fell open automatically and the next thrust of his cock brought his head in between my lips.

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He moaned then. "Yeah, suck me." I heard him and I didn't even try.


My mind was all fuzzy and I was confused because as he pumped his cock back and forth trying to push it further into my mouth on each upstroke I was getting very wet and turned on. He seemed frustrated that after my first compliance to open my mouth I wouldn't suck him. He talked a little asking me why or something but the details get lost.

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I only know that I tried to tell him a few times to stop, that this was weird and wrong but I could never form words. After a little bit when he realized I wasn't going to suck him he said something like "That's ok honey…" Or something like that, and he slid off my chest. Of course I was relived but I was also a little disappointed. Having my tits raped in a dark bathroom by this stranger was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me. I tried to sit up, but still couldn't really move right.

I heard him move around then felt my legs pushed open. His hand pushed my skirt up and went right up against my thong. I was mortified, I knew he was feeling how wet I was. He said something else, I think it was "Nice and wet cunt…" or maybe it was just "nice wet cunt" kerala saree village girl fucking it made me shiver inside, no one ever used language like that around me.

Then he just pushed my thong to one side, he didn't even take it off. He pushed it over, and I felt his cock slide up inside of me. He hissed something about it being tight. Then he started pumping away. I was beyond embarrassed now; I was ashamed because as he pushed in hard the second time I came all over his strange cock. He loved that, made noise and said something about bitches loving it rough then went to down.

He rammed into me so hard I felt my body bounce up and down off the floor a few times. I came again at some point, and then felt a hot jet of liquid shoot up my pussy. It was followed by another and another and my drunken mind figured out he was pumping cum up me and I loved it. My boyfriend had always pulled out. When he was finished cumming he pulled out of me, and stood up. He didn't bother to pull my skirt down. I heard him zip his pants up, and he said something like "thanks for the fuck cunt, I'll lock up for you." Then he just left.

I don't know how long I lay on the bathroom floor it seemed like days but later my friends told me I was only 'missing' for about three hours. I lay there fabulous rebecca is down for some anal in and out of the drunken-drugged feeling and when I could finally move the first thing I did wasn't get up and run out.

No the first thing I did was put my hand down and feel the hot cum leaking out of me. I was so turned on that I buried a finger up my own pussy and fingered myself to another orgasm lying on the bathroom floor. Then I got up, cleaned up and went to find my friends.

I never told them what happened I was ashamed, both that it happened and that I'd liked it so much. I told them I'd gotten sick and passed out in the locked bathroom and no one asked questions.

For weeks after that party at night I'd lay in bed fantasizing about the stranger coming in and using my passed out body. It was my secret shameful fantasy and part of me hoped it would happen again. About a month or so after that party, I happened to be looking for something in the hall closet outside my father's bedroom.

His door wasn't shut all the way and I saw him come out of his master bath naked. I was about to run off down the hall when I saw his cock. It was hard and sticking straight out. It was *huge*, or at least bigger than my seventeen year old boyfriends. He didn't notice me at all just went across the room got something I couldn't see then walked back into the bathroom. I realized that my nipples were hard and I got really embarrassed but I wanted another look.

I got a little closer to the door and peeped but I couldn't see into the bathroom.

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I could see the mirror and I see dad reach over and turn on the shower. Then he put something in his hand and reached down. I saw his arm moving back and forth. From my vantage point I couldn't actually see much, and I couldn't move to get a better look but I'd seen enough. My father had a huge cock, and he was even now in his bathroom jerking off.

Halfway excited, and halfway grossed out I ran back to my room and did the same thing. For the very first time imagining that instead of a stranger using my body it was my father's huge cock sliding up into me.

So that was the beginning of all my 'research' and eventual road to being a cock loving slut. Like I said at the beginning I used to think it started when I saw his cock that evening, but now I'm pretty sure it was the night I was raped (I guess it was rape?) in the bathroom.

If that hadn't happened and I hadn't realized I enjoyed that darker side I may have just run away when I saw dad naked. At any rate, the feelings that both of those events brought up in me really confused me. I couldn't talk to anyone about them, so I got online to look stuff up, see if I was really crazy. I started searches for stuff like 'date-rape' and 'Incest' and if you're reading this story you can imagine the things that I found online! I was shocked!

I was intrigued! I wanted to know how to do some of those things! Especially to get my father to notice me, and after several very 'shameful' viewings and readings how to get my neighbor's dog to fuck me. I knew it was all strange and 'abnormal' to the world but thinking about those things got me wet and excited.

Finally after a few months I posted to a few adult boards asking for help with my situation. You can imagine the answers I got but there was some helpful advice as well on how to fulfill my desires to be a slut. If anyone likes I can tell you how the journey went in stunning dahlia has fun with a fat dick story, this was just the beginning after all.

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