Sluts throat and pussy acquire rammed hardcore and blowjob

Sluts throat and pussy acquire rammed hardcore and blowjob
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My Name is Seth and I have just discovered that i am gay i am 14 and have long black hair a muscular body my cock is 6 inches wich is long for a 14 year old and i love stuff in my ass (dont you juge me) i have only tryed a few things in my ass the first thing that i put up there was a toothbrush then a candle in a condom then a banana then a spoon and may other things but i never done any thing with another guy.

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until now there was a new kid at my school his anme was josh and i could sea he was gay and so could ever body else so he had no friends and that is where i came in i whitney westgate sucks and fucks in pov to make a move on josh. so got to know him i went to his house and he went to mine One day he went to my house and my mom Was out (i was a only child And my dad was with another women) when he came over i told him to come into my room so we could chat.

i asked him if he was really gay he told me yes and then i asked if he had done any thing with another dude he said yes, then i said that i was gay i could sea his cock getting aroused in his shorts i then said that i had never tried anything with another guy i asked him if we could try some gay stuff he said yes i said lets kiss he said ok we then went into a deep kiss for about 4 four minutes his tongue would swure in my mouth and the mine in his.

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we eventually parted he asked me how my first guy guy kiss was i said it was better than kissing a girl he then started to undress me when i was naked with a rock hard cock i stared to undress him i saw that he was wearing a thong i said wow that is so cool can i try that on he said i could so i took it off and putt it on it felt good having a piece of material between my ass cheecks cutting itomy ass every time i pulled the up i asked if i could have some of his thongs he said yes so he ran to his hous (he lived down the road) when he got back he gave me five pairs of thongs i said thanks and lets get back to beeing gay so i put the thaong on again and so did he.

i stood up and he knelt dow and pulled the thong aside and started to lick the head of my cock it felt so intence he then took my holw cock in his mouth and started to go up and down my cock it was the best felling ever when i told him that i was going to cum he said cum on my face so he took my cock in his hands and started jerking me off and i came "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ya " cum went all over his face then i knelt and coverd my cock with the thong again and i then moved his thong to the side revealing his massive 9 inch cock he said that it was ok to feel weird bout sucking your first cock i said how do you do it he said put it inyour mouth and go up and down and as you do move your tongue around the shaft and i did he said alluring slut rides a big cock for a wad of cash Ahhhhhhhhh that is the spot he said that he was going to cum and he told me that he wanted to cum on my face so i took his cock outh of my mouth and started jerking hime off until he came all over my face i coverd his cock and stood up we started licking each others face until we where both cum clean he said now its time to fuck he said that he would fuck me first this was the part i was looking forward to i gave him some vasaline so he could lube up i got on my hands and kneas when he was ready he positioned his cock at my ass he the pushed the head in my ass i moaned in pain and plesure he was slowly putting his cock in my ass until i said FUCK HARD RAM IT IN MY ASS !

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with that he pushed until his legs met my ass cheacks i was swearing in pain and pleasure he started humping me slowly and as he did he rubbed my cock while he was fucking me like a bitch i started to moan again OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me right there. then i felt him cum in my ass wave after wave then i came on my bed he then pulled out and hot amazing babe plays with cock hardcore and massage layed there tyerd of all the gay fucking then he kissed my neck and almost onstintly i has rock hard again then i kissed his cock and he was hard again then i said now its your turn so he got on his hands and kneas and i lubed my cock, my cock slid in him easily because he had bean fucked so much so i could hump him fast it was so good it was better that i had ever imagined the i grabbed his cock and started jerking him off just as he did to me i shot my load in his ass again and again until he came.he said lets cum swap he told me that his cum was stil in my ass and my cum was in his ass so we got in the 69 position and stated licking each others ass holes he was sucking on my hole josh hand probibly done this befaor so i did the same i gat all the cum or all that i could suck out of his ass with all the cum in my mouth and all the cum in his mouth we put his cum in a cup and i put my cum ina cup we swaped cups and drank each others cum.

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he then said now lets do a real cum swap with each others mouths so he started to suck on my cock until i came then he kissed he and while he did he put the cum in mymouth then i did the same to him. i then got dressed (i put a thong on and i was dressed) andhe did the same i hid the rest of the thongs in my bag we then went to the computer in our thongs and downloaded gay porn for about a hour we found alot of new positions and wanting to try jada fire annette schwarz milk enema we went back to my room he lied down on his back and moved the thing and i knelt over him my face was facing him i the pressed down until i met his cock and then his cock went inside me i started riding him like a cowboy this position was better than doggy i could not help my self i started to mone OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats the spoooot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me harder and harder deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper until we both came we then took a shower together and washed each other and got dressed propoly and went to sleep in seperate beds when we woke up we vowed never to tell any one about our gay acts.

but that did not mean we could not do it again Josh became my first secret boyfriend and we had a very sexual relationship.

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