Young slut summer brooks has her pussy wrecked

Young slut summer brooks has her pussy wrecked
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Hello! My attempt at a second story. Hope you all enjoy. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.

You have to take a chance and pray it pays off. For me, that was responding to a threesome post online. My name's Paul, and I like to think of myself as a bit of a sexual deviant.

I like the kinky stuff, the weird fetishes.


I do have my limits (pedophilia, skat, piss play) but I'm usually up for trying anything at least once. What better place to fulfill these desires than the Internet? I've been browsing sites for a few years, getting off to a combination of things. I have a rather particular order to my browsing; satisfying each of my different "tastes" as I go on.

Though, as many of you may know, the effect wears off after a while. A few weeks ago I finally decided that I wanted to move beyond the Internet and try some of this stuff in real life. So I started searching for meet up sites, signing up and filling out small profiles. I also checked a few sites where people were posting ads, expressing their interests. It was one of these that finally caught my attention. It was a post from a young couple that only lived a half-hour away from me.

Their ad said that they were both 25 years old, and had just moved into the area. They were looking for a guy to have a threesome dirty ebony bad words story them, albeit with a few added twists. The guy had to be bi, and had to be into BDSM. They went on to clarify that the BDSM was fairly light, but domination, submission, and restraints were a must. I guess it's important to know a little bit about me.

I am 21 years old, so them being 25 worked out rather well. I'm in my last year of college, graduating with a degree in Business.

I stand at about 5'10, with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not incredibly attractive but Brunette wife likes black better interracial blowjob do all right. I've had sex with a few women, but it was completely innocent sex. There was no special sexual fetishes or games, just normal sex. That being said, the first part of their ad had me intrigued.

I've always known that I'm bi-curious, but I'm too afraid to act on it. I've played with my ass before, and I enjoyed it. I've thought about stroking a cock, possibly blowing one, but I always figured those thoughts would stay locked away. It's something you fantasize about but you know you'll never actually do in real life.

But now I was presented with the perfect opportunity to finally experiment a little. I responded to their ad, and told them a bit about myself. Over the next few days we chatted some, just finding out a little more information about each other.

I learned that the guy's name was Nick and the girl's name was Jessica. They both worked at a local hospital, and had just finished getting their master's degrees. They owned a small house just outside the city, and were looking to entertain a guest. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. They were very friendly, nice, kind, and most importantly; I felt that I could trust them. We finally decided to meet up on Friday, today.

It's 5 o'clock as I step into the shower, getting ready to leave soon. I proceed to wash myself off, and shave my entire body.

Nick said that they both preferred me completely shaven and I am more then happy to oblige. After I finish washing myself, I grab my squeeze bottle to give myself an enema. I am going to be ready for anything this evening. I don't want to rule anything out.

I fill up the squeeze bottle with warm water before pushing it just inside my asshole. I press on the bottle, squirting warm water inside me. After a few seconds, I let the water run out. I rinse my ass off and repeat this 2 more times. After I'm done, I turn off the shower and step out to dry myself.

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I brush my teeth and get dressed, opting to just wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. I jump into my car, set the gps and hit the road. As I drive over, my nerves start to get to me. I can't help but think that something will go wrong.

I'll get locked in a dungeon, tortured and raped for days. I might be taken hostage and ransomed off. I start to think about just turning around. It's not too late to call the entire thing off. Slutty emo babe gets boned and jizzed on I know it, I'm in front of their house pulling into the driveway.

I gather up my nerves and step out of the car. I walk up to the front door and ring the bell. After a moment I hear it unlock and Nick is standing at the door, a big smile on his face. "Hi there, you must be Paul?" he says, reaching out his hand. My first impression of Nick is quite positive. He is pretty tall, around 6'1.

He appears to be in very good shape, with some large muscles. He's clean-shaven, with a little stubble around his jaw. Overall, he's a very handsome guy. My dick starts to stir a little in my pants, thinking about what he may do to me later tonight. "Yes, you must be Nick?" I say, as I grasp his hand and shake it. "Come on in, Jessica is just finishing up dinner" He steps aside and holds the door open for me. I walk inside and take a glance at their home.


To my left is a small living room, furnished with some nice couches and chairs, as well as a large TV. To my right is the dining room, laid out with fine plates and silverware.

In front of me is a small staircase leading to the second floor. Down the corridor is a hall bathroom and what looks like a small closet. Nick leads me through the dinning room and into the kitchen. "Hey Jessica, Paul is here." We walk into the kitchen where Jessica is standing in front of the stove, finishing dinner.

She's about 5'7, with fiery, long, red hair. She has the freckles to go with her hair, and is quite in shape too. Her body has curves in just the right areas, tempting you with every move she makes. She's quite beautiful and I can't help but think how lucky I got with these two.

"Hi Paul! I'm Jessica, it's a pleasure to meet you." She steps up to me and pulls me toward her. She plants her lips on mine, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. It takes me a moment to realize what's happening, but then I return the kiss. While our tongues battle above, her hand snakes down and gropes my dick through my jeans. As she pulls away, a small smile forms on her face. "I think he'll do quite nicely Hun.

I can't wait to get started." She steps back to the stove, and begins to plate dinner. "Well you're going to have to wait till after dinner dear. After that we'll have all night to enjoy ourselves." He walks over to me and quickly gropes my dick as he moves towards the dining room. We take our seats as Jessica brings out dinner. We sit and talk for about a half hour, just discussing ourselves a bit more.

There is a palpable feeling lebians playing with each others oiled ass and pussy excitement throughout dinner. It's apparent that beautiful blonde slut doing it in the butt one can wait to get started, so we quickly finish our meals.

After we're all finished eating, Nick stands up. "I think it's about time we have some real fun, don't you two?" He immediately strips naked, watching me, as I can't take my eyes off his body.

He's sculpted just right in every spot. His chest is smooth and well defined. His arms are large and toned. His crotch is clean-shaven and his dick is semi hard. It's a fair bit above average, and honestly looks perfect. He turns away, his small tight ass bouncing as he walks down the hall towards the bathroom. The next thing I know, Jessica is standing next to me. She has also stripped, her clothes lying by her chair.

I can't help but stare, running my eyes up and down her body. Jessica's blue eyes draw me in. Her long hair runs down her shoulders, slightly framing her breasts. They are perfectly sized in my opinion, around a C cup. Her waist is small and smooth.

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She has a small landing strip of red hair running down to her bright pink pussy. I can already see a bit of moisture leaking out around it. She bends over next to me and whispers into my ear. "Aren't you going to join us?" I jump up and strip my clothes off as quickly as possible.

She lets out a small laugh before grabbing my dick and leading me down the hall. Jessica leads me to the closet door, which turns out to actually be a staircase to the basement.

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I start to worry a little bit, but the soft hand pulling on my dick convinces me to follow her down. As I step into the basement, it takes my eyes a moment to adjust. It's dark, and a bit cooler down here.

There are some small lights, but the room is still quite dark. As my eyes adjust, I start to notice some of the stuff around the room. There's a large bed, with different straps and holes in it.

There's a bench with swigging arms, also with straps and restraints. On the wall there is every assortment of toys anyone could dream of. There are large dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, prostate massagers, beads, and even whips. As I stand there, taking everything in, Nick and Jessica just watch me.

They wait to make sure this all isn't too much for me. I can tell they're a bit nervous, and honestly I am too. I take a step forward before speaking. "So where do we start?" Their faces light up, and Jessica immediately runs over to me. She pushes me back onto the bed, and starts to force her tongue down my throat again. My hands explore her body as we kiss. I feel her pussy, already soaking wet and I can't wait to dive in. I flip her around into 69 position, placing my dick in front of her face and her pussy in front of mine.

I slowly run my tongue around her folds, as her mouth envelops my cock. As Jessica and I fool around on the bed, Nick walks towards my head with a small butt plug in his hand. I look up and see him slowly press it against Jessica's ass, watching as she slowly relaxes and it slips inside. "Should I get one for you too Paul?" Nick says as he steps back towards the wall. I see Jessica glance back at my face as well, awaiting my answer.

I slowly nod my head yes, and both their faces light up a little. Nick grabs a small black butt plug off the wall and steps back over to the bed. "Why don't you turn over, and Jessica can get you ready. Don't worry, she does it for me and it feels amazing." Nick suggests.

I flip over onto my hands and knees on the bed. My ass feels completely exposed as Nick and Jessica stand behind me. The next thing I know, I feel Jessica's small hands spreading my cheeks apart. Then I feel her tongue run around the outside of my ring before slowly pressing against it. As her tongue slips inside me, I let out a small moan, never feeling anything quite like this before. As Jessica continues to eat out my ass, Nick places the plug on the bed.

My head is blonde milf going down on big dick as I focus on the feeling of Jessica's tongue inside me. I don't even notice as Nick removes a few sets of cuffs from the wall and walks back towards my head.

Next thing I know, he has a set of cuffs around each of my hands and has cuffed me to the bed. "Don't worry Paul, we're going to take this nice and slow." He says, as he moves behind me and cuffs my feet to the bed as well. At the same time, Jessica reaches down and picks the plug up off the bed. She positions it on my asshole and gently begins to press it against me. Nick tells me to breathe and relax, and it won't hurt. I take a deep breath and relax.

As I do, I feel the plug slip a bit inside me. It stings a little but Jessica continues to press until the plug is completely within me. I can feel the base pressed against my asshole as the plug fills me up. Giving me a moment to recover, Jessica gives my cock a few strokes to move my focus off my rear end. Once again her mouth envelops my dick as Nick walks around the bed towards my face. He takes his semi-hard cock in his hand and places it against my mouth.

I slowly open my mouth and the tip slips inside. I open wider, allowing him to shove more of his cock inside my mouth. Never having given a blowjob before, I slim thick twerking hairy pussy and ass in thong syko stupid thick quite know where to start. All I know is what felt good when women did it for me, and so I try to do the same to Nick. I run my tongue up and down his shaft, while trying to ava rose jizz wizz european and brunette more of him into my mouth.

I bob my head up and down on him, wrapping my lips tightly around his cock. I can feel his dick growing as I continue, forcing itself towards the back of my mouth. I've almost swallowed his entire dick, and I relax my throat as I press forward. I allow him to slide down my throat as my lips touch against his groin; he's completely inside me. As Nick begins to fuck my mouth, he lets out small moans of approval. I must be doing something right. This continues for a few minutes, all of us absorbed in our pleasures.

I'm so focused on Nick that I don't notice my orgasm approaching. Knowing I won't last must longer with Jessica deep throating me, I pick up the pace with Nick. I start to meet his thrusts, swallowing his dick as he slams it into my mouth. I can tell he's close as he grabs my hair and rams his dick into my mouth before dumping his cum down my throat.

I swallow as quickly as I can, causing Nick to moan even louder. The feeling of his warm cum running down my throat sends me over the edge and I begin cumming in Jessica's mouth. She starts to swallow as well, zambian artist bobby east and ruth story letting any of my cum leak from her lips.

After a moment Nick removes his dick from my mouth. I stare in awe as he stands before me. His dick must be at least 7.5 inches long, and is quite thick as well. I'm amazed I was able to take all of that into my mouth, but there's no way I can take it all in my ass. "That was incredible Paul." Nick says as he moves behind me. I start to get a bit nervous, there's no way I can take him up my ass.

"Thanks, it was my first time giving a blowjob.

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Its quite different being on the giving end." I say. "Now you get raunchy dakota has her tight asshole hammered be on the receiving end instead" Nick says as he takes a hold of the butt plug in my ass. He gives it a few tugs, while twisting it around inside of me. I squirm on the bed, pulling slightly against my restraints. "I don't know if I can do this." I say. "You're way too big Nick." "Don't worry.

I've taken him up my ass plenty. It may hurt a little at first but after that you'll love it." Jessica says. Nick starts to pull on the butt plug and after a moment it pops out of my ass. I can feel my hole gaping open in full view of Nick and Jessica. Before it has a chance to close up, Nick presses his dick against it. Much like with the butt plug, I try my best to breathe and relax. As I do, Nick's head suddenly forces its way inside.

My ass is suddenly on fire. Pain is all I feel. "Stop stop stop!!" I yell. "Take it out!" I struggle roughly against my restraints, trying to pull away from Nick. "Just hang on Paul, it'll stop hurting in a minute." Nick says. Jessica once again starts playing with my dick, trying to get me to relax. After a few minutes, the pain does stop for the most part. Nick can tell and starts to press into my ass even more.

Little by little his dick slips into me. It's the oddest sensation I've ever felt. I feel so full, like my body was incomplete before. As I focus on the sensations I'm feeling, Nick gives a rough shove and forces the rest of his cock inside me. I let out a sharp gasp as I feel his crotch against mine. I have all of him inside me. I can feel his dick pressed deep within me.

Not pausing for a moment, he starts to withdraw. Slowly I feel it sliding out of me. My ass grabs it, as if it doesn't want to let go. When only his head is left inside, he gives a large thrust. His entire dick crams its way back inside, impaling me. I let out a huge moan. I've never felt anything like anial and human xxx rated storys before.

It's almost as if I'm going to cum, just from his trusting. After hearing my moan, Nick takes this as a sign to increase the pace. He starts to fuck me with deep, long, powerful strokes. His balls slap against my ass repeatedly. He's fucking me so hard I'm being pushed against the bed, my restraints straining to hold me back. Jessica takes the opportunity to move beside me, watching as her husband's dick disappears into my asshole over and over. With each trust, my dick flails below me.

I want to reach down and stoke myself so badly I can't stand it. I'm helpless though, at the mercy of Nick's cock. He's relentless as he fucks me, pounding me harder than I thought possible. He grabs onto my hips, pulling me back into him every time he pushes forward. We continue like this for a few minutes, Nick trusting into me and me writhing on the bed. The room is filled with the sound of gasps, moans and Nick's balls slamming into my ass.

I meet Nick's trusts, forcing myself back onto his cock. I try to force more of him into me on each thrust. Quickly I realize I'm not going to be able to take much more. Already I can feel the pleasure growing. It feels so different than a normal orgasm, almost more sensual. I can luci li in white room it building with each trust of Nick's dick.

It almost feels like a pressure is building and soon it's going to burst through and wash me away. I think Nick is getting close too, his trusts have become more sporadic and forceful.

On his next trust, Nick finally sends me over the edge. Without any physical contact with my dick, I start to cum. It feels incredible, the best orgasm I've ever had. My body starts to shake and my toes curl as it washes over me. My orgasm causes my ass to spasm as well. It tenses up, forming a vice grip around Nick's dick. The extreme tightness sends him over the edge. With one final trust and a loud moan, he pushes his entire dick inside me and starts to cum.

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Still in the middle of my orgasm, I can feel his warm cum splashing inside me. He coats the inside of my ass as I feel his dick spasm. After a few moments, our orgasms finish. I collapse onto the bed, panting for breath.

Nick lies on top of me, his dick still deep inside my ass although it's softening quickly. He both just say there for a minute, still awash in our post-orgasmic bliss. "That was quite a show." Jessica says. "But I feel a bit left out." I turn to look at her, with a small smile. "Sorry but that's was so incredible.

I've never felt anything like it before." "I'm glad." Nick says. "There's plenty more for you to experience; the night is still young." He stands up from the bed, his dick slipping out of my ass. His cum dribbles out of my gaping, used hole onto the bed.

"I can't wait." I say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued.