Amateur lesbo cuties get their tight snatches licked and shagged

Amateur lesbo cuties get their tight snatches licked and shagged
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Let me start by saying that I'm now 53, gray hair man, but ever since I was a young teenager I have jacked off almost every day and some days several times in one day over the years.

Also, no I do not have a dick that is 8 inch long, I can say that it is smaller than average with a 5 ½ inch dick, but I haven't had any complaints over the years with women I have been with.

Several years ago while home alone, I was recline back naked in my recliner stroking my dick, enjoying a good porn movie in the living room. I got up once to get myself something to drink, while getting a glass I looked out the window. Well my sister in-law Vickie lived in the house beside us at the time and with it being dark outside and her kitchen light on I could see her moving around doing something. I finished getting my drink and returned to my movie.

After getting comfortable again in my chair, return to jacking off to the movie. Just as I felt my balls tighten up and at the point of no return Vickie busts in the front door and just as she start giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess ask me something, but then she see me just as I start shooting load after load on cum on my chest and stomach.

Before I finish cumming she rushes back out the door and closes the door behind her. I couldn't believe how good it felt with her seeing cum. We have never said anything to each other about what happen that evening.


Now let me say she isn't the best looking woman. She is a bit over weight. I will say she has beautiful long brown hair and you would not believe the size of her tits. I could probably fit my head inside one of her bra cups. Her tits are perfect for fucking. Let me first tell you the down side of her.

Vickie was the baby of eleven children of her family. She doesn't know how to live within her means. When she has money problems to pay her bills or needs her car repaired she expects some of her family to bail her out. In 2004, I had to endure her staying at our home for 6 months.


She didn't wash any clothes or even help out washing dishes. She just sat in my recliner watching Life time movie channel on the TV; you know the man hating channel. Well this past year the county start paying teacher assistance only 10 months, instead of 12. She didn't put any money aside to pay her rent during the summer while school is out and didn't even get a part time job to help earn some extra cash.

Well to keep her from getting kick out of the place she was renting and having her move in with berliner girlie in waschkueche vernascht tube porn again I forked out $700.00.

I was also dumb enough to handle out $100.00 for her to buy Christmas presents for her son's family when she went shopping with my wife and several of the family on black Friday after thanksgiving. I found out that instead she spent the money on herself. This was the last straw for me. Well after thinking what I could do to have her pay me back for all the money I have given her to help her out, I finally came up with a plan.

I also wanted her to repay me for the time she walked in me jacking off. In other words; I'll show you mine, you show me yours. I first went to my shop and made a paddle like the ones teachers was once able to use on students that acted up in school. Then I went online and ordered a jack rabbit vibrator, a few other sex items, and since I doubt she shaves her pussy I got my mustache trimmer, shaving cream and razor.

I wanted a good view of her pussy. My dick got hard every time thinking about what I had in plan for Vickie. It was several days before I got very thing I needed to set my plan into action. I know that Vickie always wants me to go over to fix something. So I put all the items I have gotten into hand carry tool bag to have it ready when she called the next time.

The day finally came when I got a call from Vickie, asking if I could come over to fix an outlet in her bedroom.

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Of course I told her that I will be right over. I grab the tool bag I had setup. Once I got to her place she showed me which outlet needed to be replaced. It only took me less than a half hour to repair the outlet. While she was out of the bedroom I got a few big beautiful mature blonde and caught masturbating then fucked black artistry denied out of the tool bag to have ready for what I had plan.

When everything was in place as I wanted it, I called for Vickie asking her to help for a couple of minutes. When she came into the room I grab her and pulled her over to the bed. She was asking what was going on, trying to get away from me. I told to be quiet or it will be worst for her. I pulled her across my lap, putting one of my legs over hers, to keep her from kicking. Then I reached under the pillow and pulled out the paddle that I had place there earlier.

I then told her that since she didn't want to take responsibility for finances and acted as a child that she is going to be punished. I reach down pulled her skirt up and yanked her granny panties down. Then I drew back with paddle and brought down hitting both ass cheeks square. She yelled out and tried reaching around to cover her ass with her hands. I put the paddle down and got the stockings that I had brought and tied arms together, so that each hand was against the opposite elbow.

I again grabbed the paddle and started with 10 swats on one ass cheek, then 10 swats on the other. With only 20 swats to her ass, both of her cheeks were pretty red. I set the paddle down and as I laid out the rules to her, while I was talking I started lightly rubbing her ass with my hand. I also could feel my dick was already hard pressing up against her thigh.

I let her then and there know that if she didn't do as I said that there would be more and next time she wouldn't be able to sit down when I got done. I then stood up and let her fall to the floor and she rolled to her back. I looked down at her; I could see that she had been crying from the spanking that I gave her. Even though she was still dressed from the waist up I could see her massive tits raising and falling from her breathing.

When I lowered my eyes to her pussy, there was so much hair that I knew she didn't even trim, for it was a massive bush that you couldn't hardly see the being of her slit. She tried to hide the rest of her pussy by keeping her legs together. After looking at her lying on the floor for a few minutes I extreme one eyed monster suckings pornstar hardcore knelt down and started undressing her.

Once I got her blouse unbuttoned I ran my hands over her tits, which were still encased in the bra. Her tit was so big that Busty roman lady pleased by a hot stud had to use both hands on one tit. To remove her bra I used scissors to cut between the cups and cut both shoulder straps.

Once I removed the cups from her tits, they both moved outward some. I reached down and ran the palm of my hands over her tits and squeezing her nipples between my fingers. After her nipples got hard I stop, then moved down to unbutton and pulled the zipper down on the side of her skirt.

As I removed her skirt, I also grabbed her panties that were still bunched at her knees. I got up looking down at her naked body as I got my tool bag and some other things that I needed. When I got back to her; standing at her feet, I told her to open her legs. As she looked up at me knowing that I would be looking directly at her pussy, she gave me a hard stared, and told me no. Well that was the wrong thing for her to do.

I reach over to the bed and got the paddle and forced her to roll over onto her stomach. I start letting have it real good this time. She yelled at me for a while as she was crying then she got quiet. I stop paddling her then reach in my bag pulled out a butt plug and some lube.

The plug was 7 inches long and it was the kind that gradually stepped up is size. I lubed it up and spread some lube on her ass hole. I slowly start pressing the tip against her ass hole Vickie tried to look around to see what I was doing, asking please don't.

I told her that she better relax for it was going in no matter what. She let ass hole relax finally, then the tip went in her ass, I worked it around for a while then pushed again up to next size. I looked at her face at each step I pushed in, to see the discomfort on her face.

When I finally had it buried in ass to the base, I told her it wouldn't be removed until I said so. I then rolled her back onto back and asked her if she was going to tell my no again. She told me that she would do as I say and at the same time opened her legs wide for me.

I got up to get a bowl of hot water and a wash cloth. I when knelt down between her legs set the tool bag down on one side of her and a bowl with a wash cloth on the other sideher.

I reach up to bed and grabbed a pillow and told her to lift her fat ass up. I pushed the pillow under her ass. This put dancing and stripping on her bed pussy at the right angle for the job I had to do, but also help relieve some of the pressure on her arms that was still tied behind her back.

I took my mustache trimmer out of the tool bag, set it on the lowest setting. I start to work on bush, taking my time not to nick her mound or her pussy. Once I had trimmed her bush down stubble, I could see inner pussy lips sticking out. I reach down using my thumbs spread her pussy open. I was so tempted to bury my tongue in her pussy to get a good taste, but wasn't done yet.

I got the wash cloth out of the hot water and laid it over her mound and pussy to help soften the stubble. I reach in the tool bag and got the shaving cream and razor placing the razor on her hip.

I removed the wash cloth then start lathering her with shaving cream. I told her then not to move for I didn't want to cut her with the razor. I took my time again making sure that I did the job right. After rising out the wash cloth one more time I removed the last of the shaving cream.

I looked at her fat pussy happy with job I had done, with legs open as they were, her pussy had open for me see her fuck hole. I reach down and started running my finger from the top of her slit down to her rose bud with the butt plug still in.

I move my finger back up to the top of her slit and start circling her clit. I could see that she was starting to get wet, so I then inserted two fingers into her pussy. I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was. It had to be, because she hadn't been with a man for years.

I move my fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, until I heard her begin moaning. Then I let my fingers move back up using juices to alison tyler gets fucked hard pornstar and hardcore her clit lightly, she raised her hips to get more contact wanting more.

I could not resist any longer and lay down between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. I could smell the sweet musk of her pussy. I run my tongue up and down through her slit several times, before I started sucking on her clit. As I sucked I flicked my tongue across repeatedly. I could hear her _OH YES OH YESSS OH GOD YESSSSSS suck my clit.

I had to reach around her thighs to hold on to her as she started bucking up and down. She continued moaning as I moved down and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. Her pussy was really started to flowing now and I sucked up as much as I could enjoying every bit. When I moved back up to her clit, continue to lonely lightly flicking the tip of my tongue across her clit.

Then I heard her __ Please fuck me I need you fuck me nowwww. I of course had other plans in mind for her. I continued sucking and licking her pussy until muscles in her legs tighten up as she started to climax.

I'm going to cum it has been so long since the last time I have CUMMM, Oh Godddd d I'mmmm cumming. She flooded my face with sweet juices. When I stopped you could see her body glisten from the sweat on her. I stood up and when her breathing began to return to normal I roll her onto her side and removed the stocking I had used to tie her arms. I help her stand on her weak legs and told her to come with me into the living room.

I had her sit down on the couch and told her not to move. I went back to the bedroom to get the tool bag and returned. I pulled out the Jack rabbit vibrator and small dildo; she her stared at them as set both of them beside her. Then I went across the room and start removing my cloths.

I watch her staring at me when I started unbuckle my pants. I never wear underwear so she could see the bulge in the front of my pants. I then reminded her that it isn't anything she hasn't seen before, it just been awhile. It felt so good when my hard dick was finally released from the confines of my pants. I moved a chair so it was directly In front of her and sat down. I told that now I wanted to watch her masturbate, but before you begin I wanted you to spread your legs wide and put your feet up on the coffee table for me.

She started by caressing both tits with her hands. It didn't take long before she slowly moved one hand over her now smooth mound to her wet slit.

I watched as she lifted her massive tit to her mouth to suck on nipple, at same time using her fingers to circle her clit with her other hand. As kept watching I saw her eyes close and she started moaning. I couldn't believe how sexy it was to watch a woman masturbate. By this time I had my hand wrapped around my hard slowly stroking it. When I could see that she was getting close to climaxing I told her to stop. Her eyes open with disappointment in them, but she did stop as I requested.

I then told her to remove the butt plug that I had put in her ass. I could see her ass hole was still gap open once the plug was removed. I told her to replace the butt plug with the dildo and to fuck her ass with it and to use the jack rabbit on her pussy.

She turned on the rabbit and ran the tip over her clit several times before pushing it into her pussy. I could see the rabbit ears vibrating against her clit as she kept the dildo sliding in and out her ass.

It didn't take long before she started humping up against both toys. By this time my hand was moving faster on my cock and I started leaking pre-cum out the tip. I saw Vickie staring at my dick licking her lips. I got up from the chair and went over to her. Putting one foot up on the couch I lower my cock to her lips. She circled the head of my dick with her tongue several times before taking it into her mouth.

I put my hands on the back of her head and started face fucking her. Since I don't have a large dick she was able to take almost all my dick in her mouth. It felt so good that I didn't want to stop, but I had another place I wanted to dump my load.

So when gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong balls started tightening up, I pulled out of her mouth. I then moved the coffee table and had Vickie to turn around, so she was kneeing on the couch.


I got behind her, removed the dildo from her ass. I could see that her ass was still cherry red from the paddling that I gave her earlier. I then place the head of my dick against her ass hole.

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Since I had the butt plug and dildo in her ass already, I thickredxxx dick slobb tight pussy banged in the trap the full length of dick into ass in one stroke. She let out a load moan when I hit bottom.

I could feel the beads rotating from the rabbit that was still in her pussy. At first I started fucking her ass slowing, but she told me Fuck my virgin ass harder oooh fuckkkk it nowww. So I did just that, I grabbed her hips to pull her to me, as I pushed into her each time. I could feel her ass squeeze my dick very time I pulled back out before driving my dick back in. It wasn't long before I was going to cum. I told her that I was going to cum in her tight ass.

She said _Please cum in my ass I want to feel you cumming in my ass. I could her ass start milking my dick as I pushed it all the way in and start squirting my load.

I hadn't cum this hard in years; I didn't think that I would stop squirting. My cumming sent her over the edge and started cumming too. Both of us exhausted, I felt the rabbit slide out of her pussy as I lay against her back. I reached around squeezing her nipples and tits. When I got up and let my limp dick slide out of her ass, I watch as cum leaked out her gapping ass and run down to pussy.

I told her that she was to keep her pussy shaven at all times while I got my clothes, for I would be back for more. I went to the bathroom to shower and got dress. As I walked out the front door she was still laying where I had left her.