Mind control mother and sister corey chase

Mind control mother and sister corey chase
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This story is not based on any actual event or person. All characters and all parts of the story are completely fictional. Viewer discretion is advised. It was a relatively warm day when two familiar women sat in an office together. The client, Melody Campbell, was fidgeting nervously in front of her therapist, Christina Lang. She was eager to get started on this day.

"Well, we're back to storytime. Now I'm starting about the time I was turnin' sixteen. Now, as I've been sayin', my daddy has taken me as his wife and since my 12th birthday, he has been performing oral sex on me every single night. Right before my 15th birthday, I experienced oral sex on him for the first time. So now, every single night when he got home from work and before bed, he would perform oral sex on me and finger me, then I would perform oral sex on him. "I ain't gonna lie, I never got good at giving blowjobs.

He did all the work anyway and he didn't seem to mind a bit.


I'd just let him have at my face and that made him happy. I'd suck up all the cum he shot into my throat, and I'd lick it off my face and eat as much of it as I could. He was fine with that. "Well, right before my 16th birthday, he came to me and he said, 'Melody, I know you're gonna start dating boys soon.

So we're gonna have to put you on birth control. I know that you're a growin' woman and even though you're my wife, I understand that boys are gonna want you.' So, right after my big boos mom son story sex birthday, we went to the doctor and I came up with some story that I was having sex and didn't want to get pregnant.

Even though I was still a virgin, Daddy had broken my hymen with his fingers about a year ago, so it looked like I'd been having sex I guess. Well I got me some birth control pills. I started takin' them, and Daddy was pretty happy.

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"Well, I never did have sex with no boys. I mean, at this point in life, I knew that I was married to my daddy. He was my husband, and cheating is wrong! So if he ever asked if I had sex, I would tell him no. He seemed pleased.


"On this night, it seemed kind of normal. It was spring break, and I had turned 16 in December just a few months ago.


Daddy was off this day. Believe it or not, aside from mine and Daddy's marriage, or whatever, I did have friends. Nobody knew what I did with Daddy. Well anyway, it was a Friday night I think. Usually I was out with friends, y'know. Parties and movies and eatin' and whatnot. But I stayed home for whatever reason. Well, Daddy was off work and we spent the whole evening cuddling and watching some romantic chick flicks.

Me and Daddy were kissing and makin' out and stuff, fondling each other. He fingered me a little bit and he sucked on my nipples, I remember that made me real horny.

I grabbed his package real playful and he was real hard. It was after dinnertime and I told him, 'You wanna go have some fun?' he said, 'I sure do, Melody baby. You read me like a book. You're the perfect wife.' "Well, we went to his bedroom. On our way there we were tearin' each others' clothes off and kissing and touching. It was real steamy and I was getting morgan dayne enjoys masturbating while shes alone turned on.

When we got to the bedroom, we were both naked and we were lying in bed together, kissing, touching. He started kissing my nipples. He loved my nipples and my breasts. He sucked my tender little nipples, pinching them, kissing them, he squeezed my breasts.

He was getting so hard. I touched him, trying to make him harder. I was getting so horny, I said, 'Daddy, please make me cum. I wanna make you cum too.' He just kissed me. He said, 'I want to try a surprise.' I was confused, and he just said, 'Get on your hands and knees, baby.

I am gonna make you feel good.' So I did. I got on the bed on my hands and knees. He was behind me.

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He leaned down, and he started to suck on my pussy. I kept it trimmed now since I was past puberty and real furry. "He sucked real good on my pussy. He started to finger me like normal, shoving about two fingers in and out of my pussy. It felt really weird, I'd never done it in the position before. I was always sitting down or on my back. Well, then he started to touch my asshole. I immediately said, 'Daddy, I don't really want you to go there.' He said, 'I'll never do anything you don't want, but I'm gonna please you.' So he started to lick my asshole.

Damn that's the strangest feeling I believe I've ever had. He stuck his tongue into my tight little hole, then he started sucking on my pussy again and stuck a finger into my ass. I squealed, that hurt more than when he took my pussy virginity with his fingers.

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Then outta nowhere he said, 'You've never had sex with a boy?' I turned and looked and I said, 'No way, you're my husband and I'll never cheat on you.' He just smiled at me and told me to turn back around. He said to spread my legs open more cause they were too close. I did, and he went on to sucking and licking my pussy. "Then, it got real weird. He stood up on his knees behind me and he grabbed my hips.

I couldn't even act, before he mounted me like a horny dog. I screamed, 'Daddy, what the hell are you doing?' and he just looked at me. His penis was between my ass cheeks, and he started moving his hips to stroke his penis against my wet ass and pussy.

Then he took his hand and positioned the head of his penis against my pussy hole. He said, 'Melody, it's time for us to be real husband and wife.' And then it happened. With one big shove, he shoved his penis into my virgin pussy. I screamed. I screamed in pain, physical and emotional pain. He immediately shoved my head into the pillow to muffle my screams.

He said, 'You idiot! The neighbors will hear!' While he held my face down, he started bucking his hips wildly. It hurt so fucking bad.

I was biting the pillow. His penis was huge compared to his fingers. "He moved his hips back and forth, pulling his penis in and out of my pussy. When he shoved back into me, my breasts bounced and his balls slapped against my thighs. He was on top of me like a horny beast, holding me down and holding his body against me so I couldn't move.

He just kept thrusting and pushing. It was making this slick, soppy wet noise as my pussy suctioned on his penis. It was hurting, but it was feeling good too. My screams and sobs became huffing and moaning. I started moaning his name, and he let me go. I brought my head up and took in a breath, and he said, 'Does it feel good? Do you like having your daddy inside of your belly?' I just nodded, I couldn't say any real words. I was huffing and moaning.

"He drove himself in and out of me russian amateur hottie makes some two holey money deeply, I felt the head of his penis shoving against my womb. I moaned his name, I said, 'Daddy, you're all the way in my belly. I can feel you so deep in me.' He seemed to like that, he started fucking me harder.

He was saying my name in a chant, 'Melody, Melody, oh my God, Melody, you're so tight, you're so warm, I want to fuck you forever!' He was grunting as he bucked his hips. He grabbed my hips so hard it hurt, but I just let him hold on. He started grunting louder and he said, 'I'm cumming! I'm going to fill your belly with my seed!' I started moaning too, and I said, 'Yes, please!

Please cum inside of me!' "And it happened right then. We both cried out in pleasure, and I felt his penis erupt inside of me, sending streams of sticking goopy cum into my womb. He filled me so full it started pouring out of me and onto the bed. He kept bucking his hips too, saying, 'I want your virgin pussy to milk my balls, milk all of my seed into you!' He was collapsed on top of me after a few minutes of idle grinding, and we were both breathing heavily.

"I said, 'Daddy, that felt so good. I love having you inside me.' He grunted and started kissing my shoulders. His penis was still in my pussy, but it was starting to shrink. I wiggled underneath him, trying to pull my hips away so he'd pull out.

He said, 'No, not yet. Give my seed time to settle inside of you.' He was drunk, so I didn't take what he said to heart. I just agreed, 'OK, Daddy. I want your seed to stay inside of me.'" Melody stopped speaking and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

She looked at her therapist, Miss Lang. "Now, my first sexual intercourse with him happened just after my 16th birthday. I'm almost 26 years old now. And to this day, I have had sex with my daddy almost two or three times a week for almost ten years." She wiped away the tear. "I'm married to someone else now.

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But I still have sex with my daddy. And now, as of this morning, I'm pregnant. And I don't know if it's my daddy's or my husband's." end.