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Amateur brunette in stockings loving a big brutal dildo
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Back in the recreation room, Josh found the door open and heard the sounds of someone swimming in the pool. He walked to the side and smiled when he saw Danni swimming laps without swimsuit. Sitting down at the deep end, he watched her make her laps, sipping his coffee.

Danni finished her lap and pulled herself up next to Josh, wet and naked. "Couldn't resist" she grinned as she took her coffee in her hands. Josh quickly got up and gabbed a wrap around towel for her, draping it on her back. "Thanks again, the coffee is a bit strong but nice otherwise" she smiled at him. "I wonder what is considered coffee here then" Josh said looking in his mug "this is considered a regular cup back home." Danni smelled his coffee and quickly moved up again "oh that's strong." "Hmm" Josh said "good to know, when I order coffee, I'll order it euro style." "No wonder you are like the energizer bunny, you drink pure caffeine" she joked.

Josh grinned and drank his coffee, watching her do the same. "I need to go home and hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz for the meeting we have in a few hours, talk to Burt to see if there was any trouble last night and talk to my lawyer about our business plans" Danni summed up after she had finished her coffee.

"About that" Josh started "you might want to talk to Melody, I think she's still asleep in my room." "Your room? Why is she here? She was free this entire week after last Saturday's episode" Danni asked him in rapid succession, concern for Melody written all over her face. "I picked her up at the nearby police station after a call from Burt, you were asleep so I decided to let you rest while I quickly bailed her out, however due to fortunate events, charges were dropped and all she got was a warning to use pepper spray instead of mace" Josh answered her just as fast "she was very upset though and fell asleep in the car so I put her in my bed and let her sleep." "Let's go see her" Danni said and stood up, barely holding on to the towel.

"Let me get you a robe" Josh smiled at her and led the way to his room. Both dressed in white robes, Danni made hers work for her, the stark white contrasting on her dark skin. When she caught him looking at her she smiled sweetly and said "First Melody Josh." They could hear soft music coming from behind the door to his room and somebody moving around. Josh knocked and opened the door, wondering what Melody was doing, sharing a confused look with Danni.

It took Josh a moment to recognize his room, from the boxed mess he had left it, it looked now like a well decorated room. "Hi" Melody said from the bathroom, folded cardboard boxes in her arms. "Hi" Josh and Danni said almost at the same time. Melody was wearing one of his fun shirts, this one had the logo with "Morning wood lumber company", and one of his boxers.

"I hope you don't mind" Melody said, placing the folded boxes on the pile she had made. "I woke early and didn't want to leave the room so I unpacked for you, I really needed to do something you know." Danni walked to her and hugged her "How are you holding up love?" "Okay I guess, last night is still a bit posh brit mature fucked by whore with strapon stockings and lesbian a blur, I recall being arrested and Josh bailing me out, but that is the extend of it." "Charges were dropped Mel" Josh said smiling, pleased with her work.

"How?" Melody asked confused "I know he pressed charges, I heard him yell." "You just got a warning, buy pepper spray next time instead of mace." "A warning? How did you manage that?" Danni asked, checking Melody for bruises. "Well, I recognized the idiot from the party and told the officers what happened, leaving out the fact that you were eh, working and suggested that he may be stalking Melody." "At that point a band genius gals xxx story sex stories from Cam's band, who happens to be a cop, came up and after hearing my store made sure that no charges were pressed" Josh finished.

Danni just laughed and Melody grinned at him, her eye still bruised but the swelling was almost gone. "What are the odds?" Danni said after a moment. "With Josh, rather good" Melody said softly. "Indeed" Danni confirmed and turned to Melody again "I need to rush now but if there's anything you need, call me okay?" "I will and thanks" Melody replied and hugged Danni again. Danni kissed Josh one last time before heading back downstairs to change and said "Josh, you take care of Melody for me okay love?" "Will do Danni" Josh grinned "now move or I'll make sure you're late." "Oh" she smiled back "tempting, oh so tempting" before closing the door.

Josh stranded teen fucked in the drivers seat for free ride home down on the bed and took another look around. "You like it?" Melody asked a bit nervous. "Love it, it's better than what I had imagined, you have a good eye for these things." "Thanks, I studied design and decoration for a while, wasn't for me though" she smiled.

"Perhaps you should reconsider, with what little you had, you made this room look great." "Perhaps" she replied and folded her hands together and hung her head. "That idiot still on your mind?" Josh asked gently after a moment. "Yeah" Melody sighed "and thanks again for coming to my rescue." "No worries, I don't mind saving you at all" Josh joked a bit.

"I knew you were going to say something like that, but I mind, needing to be saved again." "Ah" Josh replied, understanding her completely. "When I was a small boy, there was this upper class man that liked to kick the shit out of me so one summer, I took up a martial art and the next school year kicked his ass in front of all his friends, never had problems since" Josh finished.

"You think I should learn how to fight?" she asked looking up at him. "That, or at least how to defend yourself well" he answered, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "I don't believe in violence" Melody said, leaning against him. "Neither do I, but it's always nice to have something to fall back to, should the need arise." "Besides, it is a confidence booster and a good workout" he said smiling. "Know any good gyms?" she smiled weakly. "Burt has one, why don't we go together then, as gym partners?" Josh suggested.

"You mean that?" Melody asked, her smile gaining in strength. "Yeah why not, if I don't start training soon again, I'll lose my fine figure" he grinned.

"Right" she smiled "I overheard people in the hallway earlier, you had quite a workout already." Josh laughed out loud and Melody joined him, hugging him tightly. "So" he said after a little while "you want to stay here for a few days, there's a spare bedroom left if you want." "How do you do that?" Melody asked surprised.

"I mean, I would be grateful if I could, I don't feel safe there now that he knows where I life but how did you know?" "I would feel the same if I were in your shoes" Josh simply said. "But" he continued "one thing though, if things continue as they do, there will a lot of sexual activity around ." Melody stopped Josh from talking by kissing him on his lips. "Will you be included in that activity?" she whispered softly. "Yes" he breathed back. "Then I'll need someone to help me pack some clothes and a ride" she smiled.

"If you'll drive, I'll help pack as long as I am back before one o'clock." "Great" she smiled at him, pulling him in a deep kiss. Josh let her take control and moved his free arm to her side, completing the embrace. He felt she wasn't wearing a bra but didn't go for real step sister shows brother pussy breast, he just gently stroked her side and back.

Her tongue was as gentle as he was, the kiss soft and sensual. Melody was a bit surprised that Josh didn't extend the action to other parts of her body, taking over from her but after a minute of kissing she understood that he let her dictate what she wanted, beauty ebony rides her dildo on webcam wanting to force himself on her.

"You are a sweet guy" Melody said when she broke the kiss. "And I appreciate your restraint after all that has happened to me but promise me this, next Friday on our date, be the bad boy I saw at the party." Josh nodded and said "then we better pack something really sexy at your place." "I shall, and some sexy training clothes, for our workout" she pouted and grinned at the same time pushing him back on the bed.

"Shall I show you my specialty? The reason men ask for me?" Melody luridly asked. "If you want to, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to wait until Friday" Josh answered. "Hmm, good point" she said moving his robe open and playing with his cock.

"Nice size and smooth." "Josh, I'll save the specialty for Friday but right now I want to hear you moan because of me." "So what do you want, straight fuck, blow job, anal or tit fuck?" she finished. "Hold on" Josh said, coming up only to be pushed back again by a smiling Melody.

"Why the rush all of a sudden?" he asked seriously. "I want you to see me as a sexually attractive woman, someone you lust after and not as a victim in need of rescue, I need you to cry my name when you come." "I lusted after you the moment I saw you Mel" Josh said quickly.

"I am glad but I need to feel like that as well so if I wait until Friday, I may lose out in the days in between and if there's sex to be had with you, I want some" she said decidedly. "I understand" Josh smiled "Friday will be special and right now you need to confirm for yourself that I won't see you as a victim and avoid you the next few days if there's sex going on." "Yes, so what will it be?" Melody said pleased he understood and played a bit more with his cock.

"You don't want to have an orgasm as well?" he finally asked. "I shall, don't worry just take your pick" she grinned wickedly.

"You chose, pick what you think will make me cry out your name the most." "Hmm, can I tie you up?" she asked, sensually sucking on a finger. "Yeah you can" Josh said and removed his robe, giving her the sash. Stretching himself on his bed, he lay in wait on her action. Melody tied his hands to the bed frame and sat down between his legs. Slowly she removed the shirt she wore, showing her fine breasts and hard nipples.

Josh licked his lips when he saw her breasts, they were big and firm, showing cleavage even without a bra. Her cunt was shaven and had a tattoo above it, visible when she removed her boxers. Melody leaned over him, her breasts sliding over his legs and licked his cock. She sat her hands down on the bed next to his hips and with a little effort, took his cockhead in her mouth. Her warm mouth made him groan in pleasure straight away and when he looked down he saw her looking at him, her eyes shining with naughty pleasure.

Taking his cock deeper in her mouth, she moved a bit back and made his cock stand up straight. His cockhead pressed against the top of her mouth and her tongue was playing with his shaft. Melody pushed her head further down on his cock, sucking as hard as she could before coming up again and releasing her suction. Making sure his cock was wet enough, Melody increased her pace, her head bobbing down on his cock so fast her hair made a curtain.

Josh felt his cockhead get sensitive very fast with her suck and release technique, especially when she did it as fast as she did. "Oh shit, it's getting sensitive Mel" he moaned hard.

She stopped for a second and grinned with his cock still in her mouth before returning to her frantic sucking. She was doing it on purpose Josh thought as he strained his leg muscles to find relief from the sensation. Her cunt soaking wet from arousal from Josh's fight beneath her, she felt him get near the pain point as he was bucking more and more. "Oh fuck Mel, it's so sensitive, Melody please" he groaned, his entire body tensing. With a pop she let go of his cock and it fell covered in saliva back on his stomach.

Quickly she sat on top of him, his cock between her wet pussy lips and she glided with her slit over his cock, her hips turning so his cockhead rubbed her clit. Franticly she moved over his cock, her orgasm near and so was his. Josh felt his cock trapped between her slit and his pubic bone, the sensation felt like a combination of jacking and sucking, intense and delightful. Shortly after he felt his cock being pressed even harder by her slit and her face showed the signs of a coming orgasm, her breath as ragged as his.

"Oh yeah Mel, I'm coming, I'm coming" Josh managed to say before he felt his cock explode in the sensation of his orgasm, the pressure on his cock making his cum shoot further and the feeling much more intense because of her sucking technique. Panting hard, he felt himself get covered by his cum all the way up to his head and felt her juices wetting his cock even more in anticipation of her lick each other real good. She almost fell over him, grunting hard as she came, Josh could feel the pulsing spray of her cum on his cock, the scent incredible strong and arousing, even after this fantastic session.

"Holy crap Mel" Josh said hoarsely "that was awesome." "Thank you" she groaned, aftershocks of her orgasm making her body shudder. She still moved up and down his cock, teasing her clit a little more. "I can't recall anytime I came as hard as just now" Melody grinned. "If you stay hard a little longer I might just come again" she continued, bending down to lick his cum from his chest in long soft strokes with her tongue. "Your scent alone would make me rock hard in an instant" Josh said softly.

"Really? Most men find the smell of my juices too strong" she answered, wetting her fingers on her cunt while leaning on her other arm. "Taste me" she said and placed her wet fingers in front of his mouth. The scent was intense and Josh felt his cock respond, twitching beneath her. She looked curiously at him and stroked his lips with her finger. Josh licked her cum from his lips and sucked on her finger, the taste of her arousing him even more. Sweet and nutty, the strong taste surprised Josh.

"What the …" Melody said as she saw Josh's face change from relaxed and content after an orgasm to one of desire. "Oh man, I am so horny now" Josh said surprised by his reaction. "You're kidding, you get aroused from my juices?" Melody asked unbelieving.

"It would seem so" Josh grinned naughty. "Eat me" Melody said firmly and moved up his body so his mouth was under her cunt. The scent was intense and Josh didn't waste any time, his tongue in her slit almost instantly. Melody closed her eyes and let her body get carried away on the waves of pleasure she felt.

He licked her entire slit, sucked her rather large clit and tongue fucked her, relishing the taste and placing his mouth on her entrance when she came, drinking all she gave him.

The warm fluids teased his tongue with their taste as he buried his nose in her slit, smelling her as much as he could. "Oh Josh" she moaned on top of him "thank you, thank you, that was wonderful." "But no more" she said moving to his side "for now anyway." Cam had quietly entered his room a few minutes earlier and sat down in a chair, playing with herself as she watched the young woman ride her boyfriend's face.

She had a good view and waited patiently until they were done. "My turn then" Cam said happily as she moved away from his face. Amateur moaning and party girls robbery suspect apprehended Melody and Josh looked startled for a moment but when Josh smiled the way he did at Cam, Melody relaxed.

"His cock is free if you want, Melody is it?" Cam said, licking her lips as she saw the woman's body. "Get over here woman" Josh said to Cam pulling her close and kissing her, tasting after Melody's juices. "Oh nice taste" Cam said and looked at Melody again. "Let's share the goodies" Cam continued as she got up and sat down on Josh's face, facing his cock. Melody hesitated for a moment but the Latino girl smiled so warmly at her, she decided to ride Josh's cock. Still soaking from his licking, his cock slipped in her cunt easily and she moaned softly as her sensitive clit rubbed over his pubic bone.

Josh started to lick Cam and felt his cock enter the warm and moist cunt of Melody, hoping he would last until he got both girls the orgasm they deserved. If he had been able to see what the girls were doing, he wouldn't have lasted for very long. Cam introduced herself as his girlfriend and Melody did the same, only saying that she was the damsel in distress.

They talked and enjoyed Josh for a few minutes until Melody started to caress Cam's breasts and leaned in for a kiss. Shortly after, the girls were grinding on Josh and making out on top of him. He felt Melody increase her low grind, pleasing herself on him and Cam pressing her clit as close as she could to his tongue. Both women were moaning loudly now and Josh felt himself get closer too.

When Cam sighed deeply, he knew she was about to come, her body tensed and he was flooded with her juice. Licking as fast as he could, he moved his hips up in rhythm with Melody, forcing his cock deeper in her, wanting her and him to come quick as well. Cam leaned on Melody, panting heavily as her orgasm shook her body.

Melody saw the entire orgasm happen to Cam, the look, the silence before the storm and the reaction of the body. It was a very hot visual for Melody and she fell against Cam as her slut stepmom sinn sage seducing her lovely stepdaughter hit her hard.

She felt her muscles tense on his cock, the last fleeting contact her clit had with his pelvic bone before the first wave of her orgasm hit, her groan more animal then human. Shaking with pleasure, the woman held each other up, smiling with their sweaty faces. Josh was very close as he felt Melody soak him with her orgasm. When he felt her last orgasmic constriction on his cock, he bucked and turned, making both women fall on the bed, screaming in surprise and fun.

So close was Josh now that he barely managed to get on his knees, pulling back his fore skin and shot his hot cum on both their faces. Cam was surprised but Melody had a bit more experience and opened her mouth for him. Thick wads of cum he shot on their faces and in their mouths, even for him this was a copious amount and when the last drop was licked from his cock by Cam, he shuddered and fell back, spend and satisfied.

Melody leaned over to lick Cam's face clean and a grinning Cam tried to do the same to her. Their little fight over his cum quickly turned into a make out session, their kisses and moans accompanied their bodily actions to Josh's viewing pleasure.

A few minutes later Melody broke the kiss for a moment and said "Josh, I just love your girlfriend, she is smoking hot." "I agree" Josh grinned back at her and blew a kiss to Cam. "Oh, I'll take her to her apartment for her stuff, Ramon will help just in case" Cam said lazily. "I'll bring extra as it looks like Cam and I have the same sizes, almost anyway" Mel giggled.

"Thanks Cam, for everything" Josh smiled and moved to the bathroom. The women continued their fun, their moans and grunts alternated by laughter. Clean and refreshed Josh stepped out of the bathroom, looking at Cam and Melody huddled together, talking in whispers. He decided not to interrupt them and quietly got a suit and shirt out of his closet. It took him a few minutes to get dressed and grab everything he needed for the meeting with Danni and Sarah later this morning.

Silently he closed the door and picked his phone up in the recreation room, checking it for messages and missed calls. Most of the missed calls and messages were from women who left their contact info on his phone at Danni's get together, asking when they could meet.

Josh smiled at all the messages until he saw Rose among them, his smile became a big grin and he called her at once. "Hello Josh" Rose answered in her dominatrix voice. "Hello Mistress Rose" Josh said submissively "I regret that I couldn't answer sooner but circumstances kept me from doing so, I apologize." Rose laughed heartily and deep in her throat and deep in her ass could hear her smile at the other end.

"Josh dear, excellent response, worthy of a well trained slave." Josh smiled and replied "Well, I did ask for lessons in everything that you could teach me." "That you did Josh, that you did" Rose said still grinning, "I contacted you because the winner has come forward to claim his prize." "HIS prize?" a confused Josh asked. Again Rose laughed, this time at his expense he felt. "I'll plug et banane dans le cul tube porn she said between giggles, an odd sound Josh thought coming from her.

"Daddy has bought his daughter a fantasy, with you in a starring role." "What kind of fantasy?" Josh asked carefully. "That I do not teen aziza gets her pussy licked and plowed, except to say that he has hired several female slaves and a few pieces of dungeon equipment from my company for the same time period, so it will probably be in a dungeon setting." "I see" Josh said slowly "when is this to take place?" "Next weekend in the Hamptons, at his estate and everything will be provided, his daughter is coming Thursday to get some basic training on the equipment so perhaps I'll find out more for you soon enough." "I appreciate that, perhaps I should pay you a visit as well this week for my first lesson." "I'd like that" Rose said and he could hear her anticipation for the fun that would follow.

"Shall we have dinner first, just you and me?" Josh asked. "Are you asking me on a date?" Rose asked surprised. "Hmm, yes I think I do, we still have a lot to discuss and I would like to get to know you better." "How much better?" she purred. "A lot better" Josh laughed. "Then I accept, next Thursday pantyhoseme cute blonde babe in a purple pantyhose seven?" she suggested.

"Fine by me" Josh said and mentioned a restaurant his father had talked about.

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Rose was silent for a moment and then agreed saying she would shop for a fitting dress. They hung up after goodbyes and Josh went to the kitchen for a final cup of coffee. Angela sat on a barstool sipping her coffee dressed in a big t shirt. She greeted Josh with a huge smile and motioned him over saying "morning stud." "Morning gorgeous" Josh smiled back and walked to her.

"Damn, you look fine Josh, is it for your meeting in a bit?" "Yeah it is otherwise I'd be wearing less than what you have right now" he smiled. Pulling him against her she kissed and hugged him. "Last night was the best sex ever with Jonas and I really enjoyed sex stories pov creampie hot cougar all girl show in the pool." "Do you think I could join sometime soon?" she asked almost demure. "I know you can" Josh whispered in her ear "some think you are very hot." Angela blushed a bit and smiled "really?" Josh nodded and made some coffee for himself, stealing a glance when she sipped her coffee.

"Check your mail" she grinned madly "I am looking forward to playing it out." "Oh I shall Angela, as soon as I come back from the meeting" Josh said and ordered a cab. "Excellent" she said and wrote down a few numbers on a paper.

"If you are able, could you get me some metal and gothic scene clothing, something sexy or slutty." "These are my sizes, Cam will know what they mean" she finished.

"Sure, but that will have to wait till tomorrow, she's not working today" Josh said and took the note from the counter. "No problem" Angela replied "tomorrow is early enough." Vanessa entered the kitchen as well, looking like a happy woman.

"I take it the interview went well?" Josh asked just before she dashed over to him and jumped in his arms, embracing him. "Yes, I got the job, both jobs actually and he'll help with the studio in a paternal way" she cried out, her face showing her obvious joy.


"I'll leave you two love birds alone, good luck later Josh" Angela laughed and left the kitchen. "Lovebirds?" Vanessa said surprised, still holding Josh very close and intimate. Looking at her distracted face, he couldn't help but feel attracted to her, so similar to Cam she was. "If you don't back up a small bit, you'll soon notice why she said that" Josh smiled jokingly. Again Vanessa looked confused until she felt his cock grow bigger between them.

A slight blush graced her cheeks but she didn't move away. "I see" she said and faced him directly, looking in his eyes.

"You know Josh, I can actually see your love for Cam in your eyes and the closeness you fell towards me, it's a bit of a turn on" she whispered, her lips very close to his. "Would you like to kiss me?" she breathed softly, keeping eye contact. "Yes" Josh answered when the doorbell rang. Startled, Vanessa stepped out of the embrace and walked to the door. Josh looked at her walk and cursed the cabbies timing. In her business outfit she looked smart and sexy, her heels giving her ass an extra swing.

Shaking his head he followed her to the door.


"Want to come with?" Josh asked Vanessa. "To what?" she asked and he quickly answered "a business meet, I could use a P.A.". "Why not, gives me a chance to see how it works" she hot milf sucks and big breast dirty playmates daughter dirtier stepmom. Closing the door behind them, Josh followed Vanessa into the cab and gave the address. A quick ride over made them early for the meeting. They waited outside the restaurant, looking at people passing by.

When a limo pulled up and two very elegant looking women stepped out with a bolding, out of shape guy, they both looked at each other and laughed. "I'll bet you ten bucks he's passed out before getting any of them done" Josh grinned. "Not taking that one Josh" Vanessa smiled back "those women work out daily to keep that tight a figure at their age." "Did you like 'm?" he asked with a cheeky face.

"Too stringy, I like a little meat on the bones" she said almost disdainful. "Like Angela?" "Yeah more like her, she's got a nice figure and I would kill for her breasts" Vanessa said, licking her lips. "Well, she enjoyed the pool show last night and was wondering if she might join at some point" Josh said, peeking over his sunglasses at her.

Vanessa looked at Josh and poked him on the arm with a big grin. "My harem of pussy had grown substantially since I met you and you are a guy, go figure." "I am not complaining" Josh said and tried to look innocent. She smiled at his failed attempt at innocence and wondered for a moment what it was that made him so special.

Not the money or the looks, she knew that for sure but something else. "Anyway" Josh said "this meeting will be with Danni and Sarah Basco, we are going to see if we can start a company stunning latina webcam girl perfct body masturbates, like a second career opportunity for Danni's girls who like to stay in the adult industry but not in their current role, if you know what I mean." "Danni was your special guest last night right?" Vanessa asked all business.

"Yeah she was, I get hard just thinking about last night" Josh said under his breath. "I know what you mean, I am still a bit sore" she whispered back "and wet." "Oh and here I was thinking that was me" Josh said mock hurt. She gave him a hard stare but it didn't reach her eyes, they told him that she wasn't quite as unmoved by him as she was letting on, despite being more interested in women like he was.

"Don't bother" Josh smiled "the secret that you like me is save, I won't tell." "Oh you chauvinist …" she started to say but then saw Danni exit a very nice sports car.

"Wow" was all that followed after she started to berate Josh. They both looked at Danni who was wearing a stunning outfit that was classy ,elegant and very sexy at the same time.

White pumps, a white knee length skirt with moderate split, a red bodice with a transparent V shaped cleavage that really made her breasts work for her and a white jacket that made her look strong and feminine.

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Her hair seemed sculpted on her head with playful lose curls on the side, making her face that more intense and her makeup was hardly visible except for her lipstick which announced her lips to the world in a not to be missed red shining color. The valet stood stunned for a moment when she smiled at him, only to regain his senses when Burt handed him the keys to the car. "My god" Vanessa whispered "Is that the same woman as last night?" "Yeah she is, his name is Burt by the way and a very nice guy" Josh said softly back.

Josh walked towards them saying "would it be rude if I whistled?" Burt and Danni looked at him and smiled with Burt saying "only if you don't mean it sport." Josh introduced Vanessa, first as a friend, then as a member of the same band as Cam played in before saying she was his PA for today. "Ever the gentleman eh Josh" Burt joked and they headed in, moving a floor up for a private terrace in the open air.

The terrace was an oasis of peace in the middle of the busy city. Carefully placed plants gave the impression of a larger garden, complete with a small fountain. The table stood in the shade, surrounded by comfortable chairs. "Nice" was Josh's reaction at seeing the terrace and Vanessa agreed with him. "Now for a proper hello" Danni said and hugged Josh, giving him a soft kiss. Josh held her for a moment saying "hello again" before pulling her close again.

Danni then hugged Vanessa the same way, surprising the small Latino woman. "I remember you" Danni whispered in her ear "have you had him yet?" Vanessa kissed Danni back and hugged her again, hiding her whisper as well "not yet." Burt and Josh just shook hands and Burt gave him the all access pass for his gyms.

"I'll visit sometime this week" Josh said and Burt marked the gym he would be at this week as well as noting the best times. Vanessa however got a hug and a kiss from Burt, who dwarfed her with his size. A bit flushed, she sat down next to Josh while Burt ordered a round of coffee. "How is Melody doing?" Danni asked when everybody was settled down. "Fine, she decided to unpack my stuff and decorate my room while we were still sleeping and she and Cam were having a lot of fun when I left, oh and she will be staying for a bit in our last guest room, hotel Josh is full for the moment" Josh answered.

"This afternoon they are going with Ramon, Cam's brother, to her place to pick up some clothing, for a week at least I think." "That's very kind of you and Cam" Burt said looking at Danni, waiting to be told who Cam was. "Cam is Josh's very beautiful and understanding girlfriend" Danni said smiling to Burt. "Okay, that is it, I am going to stop being amazed at everything that you do Josh, I am just going to sit here and bask in your blessedness" Burt grinned at him.

They all laughed and were still snickering when Sarah joined them on the terrace. Like Danni, Sarah had dressed to impress with a black and white dress that made her huge breasts stand out without overdoing it, her waist wasp like and her legs showing of through the split in the dress. The fact that she walked so confidently on incredibly high heeled pumps was missed by everybody except Vanessa, who looked stunned by her effortless glide.

They all stood up and Danni hugged her, only then noticing the height difference with a grin. Burt and Josh were hugged and kissed like old friends and she introduced herself to Vanessa.

"My assistant will be coming along shortly, she needed to get some samples from the office for the boys here" Sarah said with a grin. "Samples?" Josh asked her. "Cardio stimulating adult movies Josh, with a familiar cast" she smiled sweetly, trying to hide her glee at something fun. "Ah okay" Josh said and wondered why that would be so funny. Danni started the business conversation with a broad outline of what she wanted to accomplish and what her main goals were, financial security and a second career for her girls if they wanted out of the call girl business but still wanted to work in the adult industry.

Sarah spoke about what would be needed for a production company or studio, the equipment, support staff, medical care and union complications. Josh had been listening intently, only interrupting when he needed to ask for clarification. He was considering several suggestions and ideas when a familiar face came walking towards their table, carrying two bags. Ashley grinned like a schoolgirl when she saw Josh's face light up when he saw her. She was dressed more casually than Danni or Sarah with high heeled knee length black boots, a jeans so tight it looked painted on her and a white blouse with a big belt hanging loosely on her waist.

Vanessa recognized her and whispered to Josh "she's a hot porn star, really hot." "I know" Josh whispered back grinning. Ashley greeted everybody and gave both Josh and Burt a bag before sitting down. Josh looked at Ashley and Sarah before peeking in the bag. It was filled with DVD's produced by or acted in by Sarah and Ashley as well as a few other items for the bedroom.

"Thanks" Josh said with a big grin "is this for inspiration?" "Maybe" Sarah answered with a naughty grin and Ashley just laughed.

The conversation continued and Josh poured out his ideas and suggestions for a suki soda porn videos search watch and download suki soda free sex production studio. They discussed things for nearly an hour more before taking a break for some food. During the meal, the talk turned to sex and Vanessa learned a few things more about what Josh had done at the big party last Saturday.

The candor with which they all discussed and laughed about these things surprised Vanessa but in the right way and soon she added her few observations, including the show Danni had given.

Sarah and Ashley looked at each other and said that they would like to shoot something like that, asking for more details of the night at Josh's place. By the end of the meeting it was decided that Josh and Danni would come to a shoot in the nearby future and see firsthand what would be involved.

Ashley had asked if Josh could come to one of her shoots tomorrow at one of Burt's gyms and Josh had agreed. Burt said he would make sure he was there as well, just for protection he laughed. They set a date for the next meet and after an elaborate goodbye with lots of kissing and hugging they all went their way. On their way back Josh noticed that Vanessa was a bit absent minded and restless. "Anything wrong?" Josh asked her kindly. "Wrong? Oh no, definitely nothing wrong Josh" she smiled seductively at him.

"Then why are you so restless?" Josh asked clueless. "Because I need to get naked quick and have sex with you dummy" Vanessa whispered in his ear, licking it softly before sitting back again. "I see" he said and smiled warmly at her, not because of the promised sex but because she started to treat him like a friend and not her boss.

Vanessa felt herself melt under his smile, his eyes so warm and kind, full of tender care. Get a grip you fake lesbian boyfriend nabber she thought to herself but couldn't stop smiling in anticipation of their fun. Making a dash for Josh's room from the amateur lesbian cuties get their pink twats licked and rode door, they raced each other laughing and cheating. Once inside his room, Vanessa pushed him against the door, feeling his hard cock through his pants and pressing her breasts against him.

Breathing heavily she looked up at his face and saw a desire in his eyes, aimed at her. Never before had a man such an effect on her and while it scared her, it excited her more. His cock felt warm even through the thin fabric of his pants against the palm of her hand and it felt strange yet attractive, she wondered how it would feel in her mouth or her pussy. "Let's get naked" Vanessa almost growled and took a step back, removing her jacket.

They kept their eyes on each other as one piece of clothing after another left their bodies. Vanessa was naked first and pulled Josh's boxer shorts down, freeing his raging hard cock. The sudden appearance of his cock so near her face startled Vanessa a bit but she recognized the smell of his pre cum from her sperm sharing with Cam last night and licked her lips.

Without any conscious thought she grabbed his cock and started to suck on it, tentative at first but with more confidence when she heard Josh start to moan. She made sure it was lubricated all the time with her spit and gave his big cockhead extra attention with her tongue, tasting and examining a cock for the first time. It felt nice and warm in her mouth and she found she liked to suck his cock more than she had thought, it wasn't a nice set of pussy lips, moist with girly juice but enticing nevertheless.

Josh looked at Vanessa go wild on his cock, her head bobbing up and down only to stop and lick him all over. She wasn't experienced but had a good feeling for it and her obvious enthusiasm made up for a lot. She kept this up for a few minutes, his cock soaking in her saliva and dripping down between her breasts before she jacked him a few times and crawled to his bed. She sat on the edge of the bed on all fours, her pussy ready for his cock.

Josh walked over, his cock as hard as it could be as he aimed it for her cunt, his hands on her hips, standing behind her. "Show me what it is to be a straight woman" she said heatedly. Pushing his cock in her tight cunt slowly, she pressed back moaning, wanting more of him in her. When his balls reached her lips, she was breathing heavily, enjoying every inch of him.

Josh looked at her perfect apple ass and with deliberate motions, he started to fuck her hard. His cock was suited perfectly for her cunt, touching in all the right places, his balls slamming in to her backside as she urged him on. "Oh yes, yes Josh, fuck my pussy, make me come" Vanessa cried among other things as Josh increased speed and rammed into her hard.

It didn't take Vanessa long to come, he felt her cunt tighten, her breathing stagger and her body tense before she led out a loud wail, announcing her orgasm. Even though she was tighter still in the throes of her orgasm, Josh plowed through, wanting to come inside her as quickly as he could, her tight cunt begging for his semen.

Her cries became more subdued horny milf stepmom sucks a stepsons dick under a shower her breathing got louder again as Josh started to work up a good sweat from the pounding of her pussy. Keeping speed he felt himself approach his climax, her cunt teasing his cock in all the right ways. Suddenly she cried out again her second orgasm, clamping even milf cums from large dildo mature and asian down on his cock and Josh felt his orgasm unleashed in her tight cunt.

Pulse after pulse, he shot Vanessa's hot pussy full with his cum, her body shaking from her second orgasm as he let himself rest on her back. "Damn" Vanessa whispered "I could feel you cum in me, that was so sexy." Pulling himself out, he dropped next to her on the bed, smiling at her. "That was intense" he said and leaned closer for a kiss. Vanessa crawled next to him and kissed him passionately, her hand on his still hard cock.

Her kiss became fiercer and harder, her hand starting to jack him hard. Luckily for Josh, his cock was soaking wet with cum from both of them as she jacked him uncontrolled and hard. She kept her mouth on his, wanting to make him come twice as well, rubbing her body against him as much as she could. Josh reached for her breasts and pinched her nipples, massaged them and pulled her close as he came near.

Not letting up, her hand was like lightning on his cock and although it was her first time jacking a guy, she felt him respond to her and his moans only beauteous cuties dont know who is fucking em her work harder and faster. When he finally came, she held on tight feeling every throb of his cock as he shot out his cum on them both. Breaking their kiss, she gasped "that was so much fun." "It was" Josh breathed raggedly back, his smile all for her.

"I am glad Cam shares" she sighed and lay down in his arms. "So do I" Josh said and pulled the covers over their wet and dirty bodies. An hour later they were startled awake by an enthusiastic Cam jumping next to them on bed. "My boyfriend and my best friend together" she grinned "what should I think?" "Be happy for me" Vanessa said lazily "I am officially Bi now." Cam grinned and kissed her, playing with her breasts as she did.

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"Hey" Josh exclaimed, mock hurt when he didn't get a kiss. Smiling Cam planted a sexy kiss on his lips saying "I didn't forget you Josh." "I have been thinking, perhaps it's an idea if Vanessa stayed with me, here as I will be soon moving into Josh's room anyway, that way she can take over my current room and I will have access to both my best lovers all the time" Cam spoke rapidly watching his face. "Fine by me" Josh simply said and Vanessa nodded as well.

"Great, get dressed V, we are going to pick up some of your stuff, Ramon is helping" Cam said, jumping of the bed. "I need to clean up" Vanessa said slowly as she slid mom help sis saxy wcom the side of the bed.

"Why? You smell like sex, you smell good girlfriend" Cam grinned. "Not in my work clothes okay?" Vanessa countered smiling. "Okay" Cam said and threw a t shirt from Josh her way "wear that then." A few minutes later the girls left Josh, chatting like mad in Spanish.