Big ass mixed race beauty adriana maya anal banged

Big ass mixed race beauty adriana maya anal banged
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"He is French, bi-lingual, handsome, twenty years younger than us, well hung and Judy suspects bisexual." "He sounds fascinating and the just the type of second man I enjoy pleasuring me while you watch," she told me.

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"Judy told me me we can have our way with him as long as I wwe aj lee sex story her all about it on the phone next day.

Next day when Kerri phoned Judy to tell her about our time with Jean Pierre, Judy told her what he recounted to her, "When I walked into their condo both of them turned me on immediately. "They were both wearing knee length silk dressing gowns without belts.

"And they were wide open. "They were both flaunting their sexuality for me. "I loved Kerri's long legs in high heels, her good tits with erect nipples and her shaved pussy. "And her man's very thick semi-erect cock gave me an instant hard on.

"He told me as soon as I come home again he is going to fuck me like never ever before. "What about you Kerri, what can you tell me about Jean Pierre?" "Jean Pierre licked and kissed babe got fuck in the car man's cock to tease me. "He really seemed quite expert at it, especially the way he fondled it with his fingers. "And when he told both of us that he thought my man's cock was magnifique, that was a further turn on for both of us.

"Oh, I almost forgot, he licked me to orgasm three times, twice while I was sitting on his face. "And he gave my man a fantastic blow job, while I watched. Awesome." "See you soon and we will talk some more." Six weeks later Kerri was away to visit relatives when Judy phoned. "Would love to catch up with you while Kerri is away. How about Saturday afternoon? "You and I have some unfinished business after what Jean Pierre and Kerri told me about his visit to your place. "He has been talking about it ever since.

"I have been fantasising about you ever since and what I missed out on." The night before Judy phoned me to remind me of our meeting the next day. "Just a reminder that I have been fantasising about you and what I missed out on. "Would you like to know what I am doing right now? "I am stark naked and masturbating with my biggest vibrator while Jean Pierre is telling me all about your very thick cock and what he did with it.

"I have told him no sex with me until after tomorrow. "Or maybe tomorrow. "Depends on you and what happens tomorrow. "Jean Pierre told me your cock was 'magnifique' and I am thinking about right now and what you and I could do together. "And talking to you while I masturbate with Jean Pierre watching has me very close to orgasm.

"Jean Pierre has his cock out and is masturbating as well. "See you tomorrow baby." Judy was straight to the point when I arrived. "Did you enjoy our conversation last night?" she asked as I sized her up. Around thirty years old, long blond hair, tallish, slim with an almost boyish figure. She looks sensational in high heels, a very short, flimsy, see through black negligee that is slit down the full length of both sides.

It is held together by just two thin straps on her shoulders and a thin strap halfway down each side showing lots of very alluring flesh. I can appreciate her firm and hard nipples and I can see she has lots of trimmed black pubic hair in contrast to her blond hair-do. Jean Pierre is wearing a very brief black g-string and I can see the outline of his obviously semi-erect cock.


"Make yourself comfortable and get naked for us," Judy urges me. I almost have a full erection already from looking at her in her negligee. "Wow, your cock is magnificent, long and thick, just as I expected," Judy enthuses. "And I love the way you trim your pubic hair, with a little tuft of hair above your cock. "Maybe I should trim mine? "I am going to enjoy this." "Did you enjoy sucking his cock last time you saw him John Pierre? "Would you like to suck it again while I watch? "I have been looking forward to watching my bi-sexual partner in action on a big cock.

"Would you like me to hold it and tease his balls while you suck it for me? "Or would you like to french brunette giving good head before taking dick deepthroat and blowjob me suck it first?

"Or should I tease both you and him by playing with you. "Take my negligee off for me." I do by undoing the straps on her shoulders and I drink in her now naked body as she steps out of it. Fully naked her body is no longer boyish. Long, firm legs with beautifully proportioned thighs, good hips, tucked in waste, flat stomach, smallish tits with big protruding nipples and a gorgeous arse that is bigger than I expected.

"Get naked for us John Pierre," Judy instructs as she peals his g-string down. "Two naked men for my pleasure. "One with a big cock, and one with an even bigger and magnificent cock. "And both with roaring erections. "Are they for me or each of you? "Or three way mutual attraction?" Judy asks as she stands behind John Pierre and teases his nipples, then his cock. "Kneel down and suck his cock for me. "Now, right now. "I have been waiting for this moment for weeks." She stands behind me, teases my nipples with the tips of her fingers and then teases my cock with two fingers.

I can feel her hairy cunt grinding against my arse with her hands on my hips as she tells Jean Pierre, "Suck his cock for me, now, right now." "Wow, what a buzz. "I am watching my man suck a magnificent cock. "What a turn on." He is very good and I am very much enjoying his technique as his lady offers advice and encouragement.

"Do you like me watching you suck another man's huge cock Jean Pierre? "Your cock is rock hard Jean Pierre. "Is that because I am watching or because you are turned on from sucking a big cock? "Would you like me to suck your cock while you are sucking his? "Sit on that chair and I will." Jean Pierre sits on the chair and she positions him so he can suck my cock while I stand up. Then she kneels in front of him and I watch fascinated as she licks and kisses his cock then takes it into her mouth.

"I am going to bring you off, then you can watch me fuck him. "I have been hanging out to fuck him since you and his partner told me what I missed out on six weeks ago. "And I think you have been hanging out for his cock for six weeks. "Is that true, is it?" She asks as she pinches his nipples very hard and makes him wince.

"Is that true, is it?" She asks as she scratches, then teases his balls.


"Tell me, have you been hanging out for his cock for six weeks? "I think you are nearly there baby. "Cum for me then you can watch me fuck him. "Would you like that? "Your very heavy breathing tells me you would like that." Judy's commentary while her man is expertly sucking my cock has me close to orgasm but I am determined to last so she can have her way and fuck me while Jean Pierre watches.

"Finish yourself off while we watch," Judy tells him. "Or better still masturbate while we fuck. "Your cock is magnificent and wet from my man. "Lay on your back so I can fuck you innocent teen lesbians ass and pussy licking he watches," she tells me.

"I heard you are an arse man. "So kiss my arse to tease Jean Pierre and to please me before I fuck you," Judy smiles. I do and my erection becomes even harder as I lick and kiss both her arse cheeks.

"Mmm, I like that." Jean Pierre appears to enjoying his lady cuckolding him as he toys with his throbbing erection. As Judy slides very slowly down the full length of my cock Jean Pierre is almost beside himself. As soon as she starts sliding her cunt up and down my rock hard cock Jean Asian slides strap on into wet teen pussy is breathing very heavily.

"Am I teasing you Jean Pierre?" she smirks. "Don't hold back, we are both watching you. "Cum for us then he can get on top of me and fuck my brains out with his big cock. Jean Pierre is very agitated and vocal as he shudders and shoots his load.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, that was really something," he almost screams. "Now turn me over and fuck my brains out," Judy purrs. "I can't wait to tell your lady about this. "May I? "Perhaps next time her, you and me? "Would you like that? "That would be very exciting for me. "How about you? "Would you like to watch your lady and me pleasure each other? "Then you could have me while she watched.

"And I could tell Jean Pierre all about it when I got home. "Now give it to me, fuck my brains out. "Show Jean Pierre how good you are. "I want all of that big cock slamming into me, right up to your balls. "Eight and a half inches wasn't it? "And so thick, seven inches in circumference? "Do you like watching another man fucking me with my legs in the air Jean Pierre?

"I think you do because you have a new erection. "Are you going to fuck me tonight for revenge? "Mmm, that is the most cock I have ever had in me.

"And I love it. "Come on fuck me as though this is your last ever fuck. "You really are brilliant. "Jean Pierre is masturbating again while he watches us fucking.

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"We have turned him on again. "Not as much as me though, my cunt is sopping wet for you and your cock. "Finish me off by fucking me from behind while I lay sideways. "You can hold my arse cheeks while you fuck me. "And Jean Pierre can talk to me close up while you are fucking me.

"Put some oil on his cock for me Jean Pierre. "Tease both of us." And it was a tease as well as a further turn on as Jean Pierre enjoyed smoothing oil with a very light touch along the full length of my wet and very erect cock while Judy watched.

"He is going fuck me from behind with that huge cock while you watch from close up. "And we are both very close to orgasm, so enjoy watching us fucking Jean Pierre. "Maybe you can fuck me later tonight?" By now my cock was begging for relief as I slid the full length of my erection into Judy as slowly as I could bear. Then I slowly, ever so slowly built up to a most memorable orgasm.

My hands holding the twin orbs of her gorgeous arse as I worked away, trying to heighten the sexual pleasure for three people. Kneading and manipulating the ripe cheeks of her arse as I slid the the full length of my cock all the way into her.

"Like broke blonde teen beauty fucks for free ride this Jean Pierre, he really is fucking me very hard with his magic cock. "And I love it. As I slammed into her arse the fantastic, slapping, noise turned all three of us on to simultaneous orgasm. "Perhaps next time your lady, you and me?

That would be exciting."