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Teen kayla gets hard sex and cum lesson from milf tabitha threesome oldyoung
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CHAPTER 7 When we were in the dorms we were lucky to make love once or twice a week. We had many wonderful memories of room seven. It seemed plenty at the time, but now that we were together and married five times a week seemed insufficient.

Pru was anything but prudent when it came to sex with me. We would typically study for several hours each afternoon, leave for dinner, return to study until at least ten then shower and make love before bed. We'd have to shower again in the morning before leaving for breakfast.

I was up at 5:30 every other morning so I could run. I had learned that running gave me more energy and better concentration in class or when studying. Whatever the reason, the Patrick and Prudence team was very effective. Our grades were much better during our sophomore year and even better as juniors.

We never tired of pleasing each other and we tried everything—absolutely everything! Pru took the car one day when I had a class, driving, as she told me later, to a bookstore in Harvard Square. She was plenty mysterious about her errand, but I trusted her and I knew she'd tell me when she was dp makes euro amazing bitch cum hardcore groupsex. She was ready when I returned to the apartment from a class; she held up her recently purchased copy of the Kama Sutra.

I looked at her in disbelief and dismay. "I want to start on page one and work our way through to the end. According to the woman in the bookstore there are about sixty different positions so I think we can try all of them in about eight to ten weeks…max. What do you think?" "I think I love you…even if you are crazy. I doubt it will take us even five!" I grabbed her, pulling her into my arms. She squirmed around wildly as we kissed. So, for the next six weeks we took a scenic tour of Indian love-making.

There were times I thought I'd need a chiropractor, but mostly we had a lot of fun and we loved each other even more when we were done. The fraternity and its members had been very good to us—better than we could have imagined—so we found a way to pay pack. There was always an open house on graduation day, but, other than the graduates, most of the brothers had already returned home.

Pru and I volunteered to assist; we only lived three miles away. At Pru's insistence I was outside to greet the parents while she helped out in the dining room. Thus, I was on the sidewalk after our junior year when a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce rolled to a stop.

A nattily dressed gentleman in a navy pin-striped suit stepped out, walking my way. "Good morning, sir. Welcome to Delta Upsilon. How may I help you?" "Good morning. I'm looking for Patrick Hayden.

I was told he'd be here." "Well, you've found him—I'm Patrick Hayden." He held out his hand. "I'm Gerald Laird." "Oh." It was Martin's father. "Please…don't be concerned. I'm not angry or upset. I'm very well pleased with the things you've done to my son. I'm sure you're surprised. Oh, is this your wife?" Pru had walked up behind me. I turned and took her hand. "Yes, sir…this is Prudence. Pru, this is Mr. Laird…Martin's father." "Oh." "I've gotten that reaction a lot…unfortunately.

His mother spoiled him rotten and our divorce hasn't helped at all. I was never allowed to discipline him. She handled everything that happened at home, but that's changing now. He's coming to work for me and he thinks he'll be a vice president.

That's just what I need—an obnoxious vice president who's abusive and turns people off. We're playing poker tonight. If he wins he gets that job. If I win he'll start at the bottom, and I do mean bottom. Even the janitors will be above him. "I understand that you've beaten him for thousands. Any idea how much?" "Actually, I do, the side bets, anyway—more than a hundred thousand over the past three years.

His bets became more and more idiotic over the past year until I refused to accept them back in March. I must admit…I always knew I had him beat before accepting his challenge.

I figured he deserved it for the insults he hurled at me and when he insulted Pru that was the final straw." "I can hardly blame you for that.

I'm told you clobbered the crap out of him in the boxing competition. aline gets a dp creampie one in pussy in ass no pullout between


I'm not upset about that, either. You're the stunning faith leon has her beaver drilled person to stand up to him his entire life." "I'm not entirely proud of that, although I told Martin to stay down several times my freshmen year.

He ignored me. He has a lot of guts, but even more stupidity…oh, sorry." "Don't be; you've described my son perfectly and I'm sure I would have done a lot worse if he had insulted my wife.

Well, I would if my wife looked like yours. Now…you said you knew you had him beat. How?" I couldn't resist a chuckle. "I have to go back to the beginning…the second week we played in my freshman year.

I was extremely conservative. I still am, but the others, including Martin play every hand." "That's stupid." "I agree, but I noticed something when Martin drew his card—his left eyebrow twitched. When he won the hand I thought I might be on to something. I kept a close eye on him every hand after that. I could usually tell from what he drew or the exposed cards what he had.

I admit to suckering him with the first side bet. After that all he could think of was getting even, but he never did." Mr. Laird was laughing hysterically before I even finished. "That's priceless.

Only an ego like Martin's would fall for something so simple and so obvious. Actually, it's not quite priceless." He reached inside his suit, pulling a white envelope from his pocket. He handed it to me.

"I'd like you to have this. Use it for school expenses or even to take your lovely wife on a vacation." I opened the envelope—there was a check for $25,000 inside. "I can't accept this, sir." "Sure you can; you sold me a valuable piece of information. It's worth that and more. Please…please accept it.

You certainly earned it and more dealing with Martin for the past three years." I was pensive when I put the check into my pocket.

"Mr. Laird, mind lovely savannah pleasures a monster black pole me how you learned all this? I'm sure Martin didn't tell you." "You're right. Martin would never mention being bested by someone he considers an inferior which in his mind is the entire world. No, I learned all this from Jeff—Jeff Spencer. You might find it hard to believe this, but the Spencers are neighbors. If anything, George Spencer earns much more than I do.

We're competitors in several industries. However, there were consequences for Jeff's actions while there were none for Martin—not until now. I have to go now, but I want you to know how much I've enjoyed talking with you…and you, too, Mrs. Hayden. Best of luck, although I doubt you'll need much." He handed me his business card. "Just in case you do." We shook hands and he was gone.

Pru and I were dumbstruck. "I can't believe that just happened." "Me neither, Pru, but he did have a good idea. I never did take you on a honeymoon." "That's not important." "Are you telling me you wouldn't enjoy making love in some romantic tropical isle?" "No, but that's cheating. I'd enjoy making love to you at the South Pole.

It's something to think about. C'mon, back to work.

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Here come some parents." We visited her folks that afternoon and told them about our discussion with Martin's father. "It sounds to me as though he has his head on right. Raising any child without logical consequences is a roadmap to disaster." "He made a suggestion about the money he gave me." "What money, Patrick?" "He gave Patrick a check for $25,000, Daddy.

He suggested we take a vacation." I interrupted to explain the entire conversation. My father-in-law commented that I should have held out for more. "Why? Martin has graduated so the information is no longer of value.


He could have had it for nothing, but I was interested in his suggestion. Pru's boyfriend won't be out of school for another month so…" "Patrick!" I knew I was in trouble now. "Stop picking on Michael…it's not nice. He's twelve now; it's an awkward age.

He'll probably forget about me any day now." I laughed. "Not a chance. It's a good thing I got you first, or&hellip." She swatted my arm, but kissed me.

We talked about vacations her parents had taken—what they liked and what they didn't. We talked some more back at the apartment the following day. We thought about Los Angeles—Disneyland--rejecting it because of the crowds.

There's nothing romantic about being in the middle of 25,000 people. Pru was an aspiring scientist. She had great analytical skills.

I sat back while she ran through the hot brunette girlfriend denissa first time anal sex in pov and cons of virtually every suggested destination. In the end there was only one we completely agreed on—Bermuda. We contacted a travel agent the following day and left four days later. CHAPTER 8 This was the first time either of us had flown any distance.

I was surprised at how comfortable the seats were with plenty of room to stretch out and the food and service were excellent. Had I not been totally in love with Pru I would have enjoyed checking out some hot stewardess ass. We flew from Boston's Logan Airport to New York's Kennedy and from there to Bermuda. Our first flight was on a propeller plane, but we flew a Boeing 707 to the former British colony. As we flew I realized that we'd never seen each other in bathing suits.

Naked, yes—obviously--but a bathing suit, never. It was quite a long taxi ride from the aussie ass filming a real one night stand to our hotel on the eastern side of the island.

The Elbow Beach Hotel was an old one, but it was in remarkable condition and had every possible amenity. Our room was really a mini-suite with king-sized bed and a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding reef. All our meals were included so we took our breakfasts in our sitting room, spreading the plates, glasses, and cups across the coffee table. My first look at Pru in a bikini was shocking. The bra wasn't much more than two tiny triangles of yellow polka dotted cloth.

The bottom was extremely brief, barely covering her pubic hair and the crack of her ass. "You're not going to wear that in public, are you?" "Why? Doesn't it look good? If you had to go through a waxing like I did&hellip." "That's the problem—it looks too good. Damn, you look good enough to eat.

What's a waxing?" "You can do that later and I'll have an appetite for you, too. Don't worry. I only have eyes for you and the rest of me is all yours, too." I grimaced as she described what was involved in waxing her pubic hair—I swear, the things women go through! I took her hand, grabbed our bag and we were off to the beach. Growing up in Dutchess County all of my swimming was done either in lakes or public pools.

I'd never been in the ocean. Pru grew up in a coastal town. The shoreline was too rocky there to swim, but her family had often gone to Cape Cod in the summer. Fortunately, the offshore reef kept the water relatively calm and extremely clear. We rented snorkel gear; it was fascinating seeing all the colorful fish. We even saw a squid hovering near a mooring buoy.

It fled when we approached, but returned immediately once we had gone. We were back in our room when Pru reminded me of my earlier comment. "Do you still think I'm good enough to eat?" "Absolutely…before or after our shower?" "During, I think nice chick gapes wet slit and gets deflorated virginity and hardcore then I'll take care of you." She stripped out of her suit, obviously taking only seconds to remove the tiny garment.

Once done she pulled my trunks from my body and led me by my hard cock to the shower. I turned on the water as she leaned against the wall. Kneeling brought me to the right level—mouth-to-cunt. I led with my tongue, licking the residual ocean salt from her skin. Pru spread her legs in encouragement; I dove in. I loved eating her.

Oral sex wasn't all that popular with our generation, but it was with us. We loved to lick and suck each other to orgasm after orgasm. Rubbing her labia with my raspy tongue made them red and swollen. Pru groaned; her legs grew weak. I had to help her stand as my tongue found her tight hot tunnel.

I loved this part. Not only did she taste great, but rubbing her this way always drove her crazy. When I moved up to suck on her clit—my knowledge of the female anatomy had increased exponentially over the past three years—she collapsed, sliding down the wall into the tub. I held her tightly while she recovered. "I think I should have worn that bikini sooner. That was incredible…unbelievable…wonderful.

I love you, Pat." "I'm glad. Can you sit up now? Are you okay?" "I will be in another minute and I can't wait to get that beautiful cock in my mouth." It was only a short time later that Pru started to lick me. She washed my balls before running her tongue up the sensitive underside of my cock and around my helmet. I was excited even before her tongue found my organ.

Eating Pru always did it to me. Today the touch of her tongue was enough. I came—hard—covering my wife's face and hair with my ejaculate. I was horrified, but Pru laughed as she wiped it over her face. I pulled her up with me as we finally washed each other before dressing for dinner. Was there any wonder why I loved this woman? We were both 21 now so we could legally drink. We'd had a few beers at DU parties, but we weren't prepared for the nightly rum punch parties at the hotel.

Those things could really sneak up on you. More than one night I had to practically carry my wife up to our room. Technically they were for honeymooners. I had wondered why our travel agent had given us a honeymooners' package. Now I knew; so we lied a little—big deal! As much as I hate shopping one of the highlights of the trip was shopping in downtown Hamilton, the main city and shopping center of Bermuda. We walked along Front Street checking out the cruise ships and all the shops, buying English woolens—sweaters and skirts, caps and scarves for ourselves, but also for all our family members, too.

We bought an expensive 700 ml. bottle of Knappogue Castle Single Malt for each of our fathers. As amateurs our palates were a lot less shaved luscious virgin pussy filled by rod. We bought gin, scotch, rum, and brandy—all well-known brands.

We weren't much for drinking, but we had entertained in the past. Being under age we couldn't offer our guests anything other than Coke or ginger ale.

We brought back so much that we had to pay duty once we were back in the U.S. We still made out like bandits. Two weeks later we drove to see my family. As usual, I received my hugs and kisses then stood and watched them swarm around Pru.

I didn't feel bad; I was thrilled that they had accepted her as one of us. Pru distributed the gifts and received the thanks.

Everyone knew too well how much I hated to shop. Later that night, after the dinner dishes were done, I found Michael sitting alone and glum in the back yard. I sat next to him in the damp grass. "What's the problem, Michael?" "Oh…nothing." "You know, one thing I've learned is that when a person says 'nothing' he really means 'something,' but just doesn't want to talk about it.

So, I repeat—what's the problem?" He sighed, "I was just wondering if I'll ever be able to find someone like Pru. You're so lucky." "I know I am, but it was Pru who did the finding. She found me at the Freshman Mixer.

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I had absolutely no experience with girls. Can you believe—I was a college freshman and I was still a virgin." "You're kidding!" "No, I'm not. Pru found me and helped make me what I am today, but…if you were to ask her what makes her special she'd say&hellip." Pru found us sitting alone out back.

"What's up, Pat?" "Michael was just sitting here and wondering if he'd ever find someone like you." Pru sat next to him, draping her arm over his shoulder.

"Of course you will. There are plenty of girls who would appreciate and love someone like you." "Pru, what makes you so special?" "Me…special? I'm not special, Michael. If I had to pick anything I'd say my love for your brother, but I'm really not so special." Michael laughed. "Paddy told me you'd say that. I guess that's exactly what does make you special.

Thanks, Pru." She leaned over and hugged him, smiling as she looked at me.


I smiled back. We went back into the house—back to my family a few minutes later. We loved visiting, but it was restrictive so far as our sex life was concerned. There were so many of us that the rooms were small and one could hear talking through the walls easily.

A squeaking bed or Pru's almost constant groaning would be dead giveaways. We were married, but that didn't mean we wanted everyone to know what we were doing. We had a great visit, but we couldn't wait to get back to our apartment where we had the freedom to make love daily and as noisily as we wished. CHAPTER 9 Our senior year began before we knew it.

I won the cross-country race again for the fourth consecutive time and had played poker with my friends since the school term had begun. I still won every time—a lot less now that Martin and his side-bets were gone. I wondered how the poker with his father had been. Both Pru and I wanted to go to graduate school, but it would be something we'd pay for ourselves. My parents now had Sean in college and Katherine ready to go next year.

Enough was enough; I couldn't expect them to pay for anything else. The rest was up to us. I had won roughly $100,000 from Martin. Pru and I decided during our sophomore year that we should pay taxes on the money.

I wanted to be an attorney. The last thing I needed was a tax evasion charge when I was job hunting. I spread it out over four years to minimize the impact. We had just over $30,000 left to get us through the next three years. It would be close—tuition in grad school was almost double what we'd been paying as undergrads. Working with Pru had helped me immensely. My cumulative GPA was almost 3.5 out of four while hers was even higher—3.75. How a chemistry major could score so well always amazed me, but then Pru amazed me almost every day.

Pru took the Graduate Record Exam the same day I took the Law School Admission Test. We were anxiously awaiting our results when I received an important phone call.

"Mr. Hayden, this is Mrs. Golden from Dean Schmidt's office. The Dean would like to know if you can meet with him Monday afternoon at two. Please bring Mrs. Hayden with you." I knew that a request to meet with the Dean was practically a command performance. We were free Monday afternoons so I agreed, telling Pru when she returned from class. We arrived a few minutes early and were shown directly into the Dean's office. "Ah, Mr.

Hayden…Patrick…so nice to meet you and this must be your wife, Prudence. I'd like you to meet Dean Mitchell from our law school and Dean Smithwick of our graduate school. We've been watching the two of you for quite a while. Prudence, you've met our expectations. We thought you'd be an outstanding student and you are. Patrick, we thought you'd be a marginal student so you've obviously exceeded our expectations." "Thank you, sir, but you should congratulate Pru…Prudence.

She's the reason for my success." "I suspect she's partially responsible, but we all know one can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

You had the ability, but you had to learn to tap it. I'll turn the meeting over to Dean Mitchell now." "Thank you, John. I've seen your application, Patrick. It is most impressive, not only your academics, but especially your intramural participation. I don't think I'd enjoy stepping into the ring with you or racing you, for that matter.

I want you to know you will be accepted here. Prudence, Dean Smithwick assures me that you will be accepted, too. Have you given any thought to how you'll pay for graduate school? "We have some money left over from a poker game I've played in. Maybe we can get some aid or I can get a part-time job.

We haven't given it much thought yet." "We have, Patrick. In fact, we have it solved for you." He hesitated for a few seconds before calling, "You can come in now." The door to what I assumed was the lavatory twistys celeste star starring at pure all s. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Hi, Pat," I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. It was Martin, dressed in an expensive business suit. He extended his hand, something he had refused to do when we were playing poker or in the ring.

I responded from instinct more than anything else. "You must be Prudence. I know I owe you an apology, too. My dad kicked my butt at poker last graduation night. When he told me how I was angry as hell then I realized what an idiot I'd been. He has me working in the mailroom and I've learned a lot. I always thought these workers were drones, but I understand now that they're real people with real problems and real dreams.

Even more importantly, I like them. "I'm here on behalf of my dad. Ashley and nikki decided to have a competition wants to cover your grad school expenses. He feels he owes you and, to be honest, so do I. The university has been directed to forward your tuition bills to his office. He'll also give each of you $1,000 a semester for textbooks and incidentals.

If you decide to attend summer session just let the Dean know. Dad will cover that, too. He'll also send you a check every month for living expenses. He'd like to invite you to dinner on Saturday. I hope you'll agree. You can review your needs then." We thanked the Deans, shook hands and walked out with Martin. "My dad had his doubts big titted anissa kate deep throating dicksucking and cocksucking me, especially after you drubbed me in the ring.

I should have listened to you and stayed on the canvas, but I thought I knew everything then." We made arrangements to meet for dinner and, as expected, it was a fabulously expensive restaurant.

I was glad I had worn a suit. We met outside the front door at eight sharp. A few handshakes later we walked in for the dining experience of our lives. We were hesitant to order anything terribly expensive—the salads were $8.95 (a fortune in the late '60's)-- until Martin reassured us, "Please order anything you like.

We consider this a business dinner so it will be deductible and even if it wasn't it's still a celebration." We talked business between courses. Mr. Laird agreed to give us $2,000 a month for living expenses. It was much more than we needed, but he insisted. We said our good-byes to Mr. Laird and his girlfriend, walking to our car with Martin. "It's been nice to see you again, Pat.

I'm sure you're surprised to hear that, but I did like you when we were playing poker together.

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The problem was my ego. I thought I was better than everyone else and I refused to even think that someone could be my equal let alone my better. You obviously fell into the latter category." He held out his hand and I shook it willingly.

"From what I've read and heard one of the reasons people go to college is to find themselves; I'm glad you finally did." I finished the handshake and Pru gave him a hug. He'd actually become a decent guy, one I could even learn to like.

We drove back to the apartment, walking hand in hand bitch gets fucked inside the office hardcore blowjob had become our habit long ago. We were bloated from having eaten too much of the rich French food. I knew we should phone our parents, but it was too late. It would have to wait until tomorrow. I sat on the bed watching Pru undress. She began to laugh. "Instead of watching, how about helping?

Then I'll have a good reason for rewarding you." I rose, kicking off my shoes en route. "I'm always up for one of your rewards. I think I'd do anything for you." I slowly unzipped her dress, stopping to kiss her back almost every inch, even when it reached her ass. Pru had the sweetest ass I'd ever seen. Okay, hers was the only ass I'd ever really seen other than my brothers and sisters when they were infants, but I had a vivid imagination.

Even then it was the best I could imagine. I hung the dress away in the closet before removing her bra. I leaned down to suckle. Pru's breasts were small. Truthfully, I'd never seen the appeal in baby got the finest piece of ass flabby breasts.

Pru's would likely be firm her entire life. Kneeling I removed her stockings and her panties, kissing her prominent mound and smelling the beginnings of her arousal. My tongue flicked, gaining entry to her core. Pru pulled me up. "My turn now." She loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. My tee was pulled over my head. Seconds samantha parker sucks cock and spreads her legs on the table my pants fell to the floor.

I had just stepped out of them when my briefs fell. "C'mon, handsome—let's get a shower. Then I'll need a good fucking." That's exactly what happened.

Pru was like a wild cat—not a lion or tiger; she was a leopard that slinked through the night. She placed me onto the bed then crawled all over my body. She never touched my cock; she didn't have to—her touch was driving me crazy.

I could take no more. I grabbed her and flipped her over. My rock-hard cock was in her in a single thrust. Pru gripped my head, pulling me into a savage kiss while I ravaged her body. I felt Pru gasp as her orgasm claimed her body. I pumped into her furiously as her body shook in one long convulsion after another.

It continued for more than ten seconds until I joined her in Nirvana. My cock erupted again and again until it, and I, was completely drained. I collapsed onto Pru's chest. I had long ago stopped worrying about hurting Pru during or after sex. She may have been slender, but she was strong—the result of many years of gymnastics as a young girl and yoga which she practiced almost every day.

"I think I could fall asleep here…right on top of you." "I doubt it. I'd have you hard and fucking me all night. That was incredible, Pat. How'd you know I needed to be taken?" "I didn't, but I'm glad. It seemed to be the perfect ending to an incredible day. In fact, this has been an incredible week. I never thought Martin would turn out like this. He's actually likeable. Too bad it came so late. I'm sure his college experience would have been a lot more pleasant if he'd woken up sooner." I would have continued, but I could feel that Pru was already asleep.

I crawled off her and covered her with an extra blanket from the closet. I was asleep in seconds. Our final semester as undergraduates flew by so quickly. It seemed as though I blinked and it was over. One minute we were celebrating Christmas with my family and the next we were dressed in caps and gowns in the graduation processional.

I would graduate Cum Laude—with honor. Pru was Magna Cum Laude—with high honor. We agreed we would take our diplomas together, hand in hand, so when I was announced—Patrick Joseph Hayden—I accepted and waited for Prudence Elizabeth Hayden.

We kissed briefly in front of the thousands of guests and retreated to our seats. We took the summer off, using some of our reserve funds for a trip to New York City. We braved the crowds during the day and made sweet love at night.

Our studies began in earnest in September. Pru graduated with a PhD in chemistry two years later. Once again she was Magna Cum Laude. She was hired at an attractive salary by Laird Industries in their research department.