Dad and daughter in blue reading fucks

Dad and daughter in blue reading fucks
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This is the story of my first anal experience, I hope you enjoy.


Let me start off by telling you what I look like. I am 21 years old, 6'1', 285lbs, white guy, probably what most people would classify as a chub. I am turned on by both men and women, but for a while my desire to be fucked had outweighed my desire to fuck a girl.


I got the courage to post an ad online for some chub and chaser meetup to fuck. The amount of replies and how short of a time it took for me to get them amazed me. I had a few very nice conversations and exchanged a lot of great pictures with guys and eventually made plans to meetup with a guy, well call him Steve, who lived relatively close to me.

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We exchanged numbers and started texting a few days before we actually met up, exchanging pictures and ideas on what we would be doing the day of. It finally came up that I was a virgin and he loved the idea of taking my anal virginity.

Fast forward a few days, it's time for me to go meet him at his place and the entire ride over there I am nervous and hard as a rock, eager to get down to business. As I arrive I nervously walk towards his place and slowly know on the door.

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He opens and greets me with a smile and as I walk through the door he tells me he has a surprise for xxx pmb story sex stories 2019. As I walked into the living room I see another person sitting on the couch, turns out he decided to make my first time a threesome with a chub around the same age as me, well call him John, i dont think I have ever been as hard as I have at that point in time.

After we all get introduced we decide that we would start off with me sucking them both off, as they removed their pants I could tell I was in for an exciting night, one was about 7 inches and medium girth, while the other was around 9 inches and extremely thick.

I licked my lips as I eagerly dove on both of them, switching every few slurps to make sure each of them was properly hard.

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John's balls tightened and he let out a nice groan and came down my throat, while Steve walked away to gather the supplies he would need to fuck my tight hole. I knew what was coming next and John told me to get on all fours and put my ass up in the air. Steve came back with a bottle of lube who's label I couldn't read, but as soon as he put it on I felt my hole numbing.

The next thing I felt was pressure, he was at the entrance and I knew what came next was going to be filled with pain but followed by pleasure.

He told me to take a deep breath and as I was breathing in he stuck the head in and the initial pain was immense.

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After he felt my hole loosening he slowly started pushing the rest in until his balls were touching mine and all 9 inches were all the way in. HE slowly pulled out until the tip was barely in then he re-filled me and started to move at a steady pace. Once the initial pain subsided it started to feel great, and out of the corner of my eyes I saw John starting to move closer with his dick hardening quickly.

I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and took him into my mouth, I could still taste the cum residue on his cock. Just as I thought he was going to blow once more Steve and John pulled out simultaneously and switched positions with me then taking Steve into my mouth.

It wasn't long after they switched that Steve blew his load right down my throat and I swallowed every drop. John pulled out and told me to turn onto my stomach so he would look at my face while he fucked me. As he re- entered me he started stroking me slowly, and I could the pressure as I was getting close.


Just as I was about to cum john pulled out and came on my stomach, then rubbed it into my belly. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to cum. Steve told me he had an idea and walked over to me a laid down in front of me and told me to cum on his cock. What followed can only be described as the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I slumped over onto the couch trying to catch my breath, I looked over at Steve who said he was ready for another round, blondie jessica hunter shows her tits for some cash had me come over to what I thought would be cleaning his cock of my cum.

He moved around behind me and, using my own cum and lube, pushed his cock back into my ass. It felt better than the lube he had originally used on me, I never wanted it to end. After about 10 minutes of him fucking me John came over and I started sucking his cock again, I could tel he was getting close to cumming, so I took him all the way down, gagging a little bit on the way, and as he let out a moan he started to shoot down my throat.

After a few more minutes of Steve pounding away at my ass he pulled out and walked around and blew a big thick load all over my face. I sat there for a few minutes, then licked his load up and swallowed every bit before we all put our clothes back on and shared how much we had enjoyed the experience. s I was driving home The only thing I could think about was the look on both faces as they pounded me and how great it was to have a belly full o cum.

I would definitely see them again.