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Christy canyon bunny bleu blondi in classic xxx clip
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"Late again, great." This was all that shot through Brad's head as he walked down the hallway to his first, no wait, 2nd class of the day now! He was lucky to have missed that stupid lecture from his miserable English teacher. But he was far more excited to have to speak with his next teacher, Ms. Hendricks. You see, Brad always had a thing for Ms.

Hendricks, hell, the whole 12th grade and beyond did. Wavy brown hair down to her shapely and delicious ass, her bust had to be in the D range, tone from working out, and a perfect smile with lips to match. She wore skirts and tight pants, almost to tease, Brad thought. He could never make out any under wear lines, "Hell they must be so tight and tiny." His mind blurred at the thought of a tight little tongue hugging her sweet skin.

His lips all over them&hellip. He got his senses together finally, and walked into History 301. Ms. Hendricks gave his the look of disapproval, and all Brad could do was hide a small grin. Brad sat in the back of the class and soaked in whatever escaped those perfect lips.

Too soon the bell rang and everyone got up from their seats. A mad dash to the door ensued, but Brad was caught in dead last. "Just a minute Brad" Ms. Hendricks stopped him dead in his tracks. That tight shirt was just too tight today, he could tell her bra hugged so close to her tits.

A cool breeze must have hit her, because he could faintly make out her pert nipples. Yet…there was something strange about them. Brad was brought back to reality by a subtle cough and slight movement in front of him.

Ms. Hendricks was not pleased with his stare. "Brad, you were late again, and even though you perform well in my class, that doesn't mean I won't send you to the principals office." Brad mumbled under his breath, "I mean she does have a nice ass too." And that was that, a one way trip to the office it was.

And yet, he saw a strange look in her eye as she escorted him to the office. And what was that strange smell? Brad plunked his 5'10'' frame into the chair, and watched as Ms. Hendricks waltzed in to Ms. Beez office. Brad rolled around in his mind all the things he would do if he had a chance with that perfect ass.

Slapping, biting, teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer pounding were just some of the things that touched his dirty mind. The rest, well, was going to give him a chub if he kept it up. Ms. Hendricks walked out of the office, adjusting her shirt and brushing her hair back.

"She will see you now." Brad shot up and walked into Ms. Beez office rather quickly, he didn't need to be in any more trouble than he already was. Ms. Beez was also quite the attractive woman, sandy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. A bit thicker body than Ms. Hendricks, but she had an ass to drool over any day of the week.

Nice big tits to top it all off? It was a shame Brad wasn't the authority here, because he had some punishments in mind for her as well. Ms. Beez office was quite dark today, and the smell was pungent, as though he had come at a rather unfortunate time. Ms. Beez sat in her chair and looked up from her papers, obviously a bit flustered, which was unlike her.

"Brad", she said in quite the agitated voice, "of all the times of the day to be sent to my office, why now? I just have so much to do and yet twerking pawg masturbates with anal plug amp dildo masturbating big tits can't keep your comments to yourself?

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What is it you said exactly Brad? To land yourself into hot water right now?" Brad spoke a little more unassured now. "Umm, well you see, I may have said", "Spit it out son", was the quick response to his uneasy reply. "More or less, I said you have a nice ass." The look of shock on Ms. Beez's face was far less than he expected.

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She actually looked amused more than angry. "Well Brad," she spoke soft, but a mild intensity was building to her voice. She stood slowly and walked over to Brad's chair. "Was it this ass that you were referring to?" With that she spun around and peeled stunning gianna has her orgasmic twat plowed brunette boobs her skirt, revealing a tight pink thong just barely covering her tight pussy mound and ass.

That pungent smell was now discovered to be her dripping wet pussy lips. And it was intoxicating to Brad. He couldn't speak, he couldn't think, his dick swelled in his pants and he couldn't contain it. Ms. Beez smashed his big ass down on Brad, and the next words she uttered were rather strange, "Breed. Must, breed." She stripped off her thong and flipped over, her eyes practically glazed over when she pulled Brad's 8 inch dong out of his pants.

She practically was a zombie. She took his cock down her throat in one swoop. Soaking it from head to base, causing brad to gasp and moan like a wild man. "Ahhhh! Holy hell woman! What!? What is going on??" Her response was simple, she popped his dick head from her lips, smiled, and after flipping around, plugged her pussy with his huge cock.

He gasped and moaned while she worked her cunt up and down on his shaft. Her pussy squeezing his dick hard, and for so reason, he was building up an insane urge, to destroy her, in any way possible. It started deep inside him, the urge caused his heart to race. It was like adrenaline was being poured straight into his veins. He was becoming something, and yet he didn't understand why.

And by the time he did, it would be too late. He grasped her ass and slammed her down onto his lap.


Pumping his hips into this tight whore, like a piston. He could feel his balls ache as he watched that huge ass rock on his dick. He saw the wild look in Ms. Beez's eyes, the look was lost in lust and need. The need to breed. With that Brad sent huge gobs of cum streamlining into her tight cunt. Ms.

Beez held herself down on his huge cock. Feeling it get even bigger now. Deep inside her pussy lips.

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Brad could feel his dick pulsing inside of her, growing, and yet still he couldn't stop cumming. He finally managed to push her off of his now 10 inch member, and shoot another 2 streams of cum down her back. She lay there in ecstasy, and this was the chance Brad was looking for. Without even grabbing his clothes, he shot out of the office and streaked through the hallways. Everything was a blur now. He was breathing heavy and couldn't get his heart to slow down. "What the hell is happening to me!?

Why can't I see? What is that smell?" Brad also noticed his erection had yet to subside.

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Instead, he was still full mast, and dripping pre cum. He also suddenly noticed, that in his hast to find a place to escape to, he was now in the girls locker room. And the faint noise of a shower could be heard. The smell was too much, it took over his senses, and it sent a singular signal to his brain. Breed. Inside that spacious shower room was Becca. Becca was no super sexy female by any means, but she wasn't ugly either.

She had black hair, pale skin, and a tight little body. Her C cup tits were full and sagged only slightly. And her ass was quite firm for her body. She didn't even hear Brad come up behind her, and that was a big mistake. Brad threw his arms around her and pushed her to her knees, before she could get out a single scream, a huge cock entered her mouth.

The taste was slightly sour, but she began to almost enjoy it. As he humped at her face, she began to feel dizzy. She sucked more earnestly now, and every drop of pre cum made her nipples swell, her clit harden, and her ass hole pucker. She could feel the need growing inside of her as she sucked and pushed more dick down her throat, the need to have this lumbering cock inside of her was too much.

And she needed it now. With a terrible moan she got up and spun around, presenting her ass to this monster, this person, this thing. Brad went straight for her pussy lips, but she had something else in mind. Pushing her body at the last second to make that huge cock slip against her tight ass, and take half of it inside.

"Nnnnnoooooo gawdddddd! B&hellip.Breed&hellip.what? What am I saying?" Becca lost all her senses when that dick bottomed out inside of her. She felt only the need to have cock in her every hole. And her sanity was broken right then and there. She became another monster herself. Brad grabbed her tits as he slammed into this tight female ass, laying his entire cock inside of her, and using his female the way he pleased.

It was so much tighter than the last one he had, and he enjoyed the difference greatly. So much so, that his body knew he wouldn't last long. Becca pulled off his father and twyoung daughter xxx sex vidoes and slammed her mouth down on his dick, hungry for cum.


Brad unleashed a torrent of cum down Becca's throat. And she gulped down every last drop. Brad pulled his dick from her and a stream of cum leapt once more from his cock, coating her lovely tits. Becca worked quickly to clean it off of herself, and all the while fingering her tight pussy.

Brad tried to collect himself, his thoughts were racing, and he saw through blurred eyes, a naked, wet Becca crawling towards him for more of bigg boobs big ass teachers and students full storys cock.

He quickly bolted towards the door, and left Becca moaning in the shower, dying for more cum. This time Brad was in search of something, no, someone. He knew it too in the back of his mind, and there was no stopping him. As he passed classrooms he could hear the sounds of skin slapping and bodies slamming against eachother. For some reason, the whole school was in a frenzy, and he needed one more slut to complete his need. As Brad opened to door to Ms. Hendricks class room, he saw her, on top of her desk, skirt up, and rubbing her pussy lips through a pair of tight green panties.

Ms. Hendricks looked up to see Brad, naked, wet, and absolutely hung. That fever inside her broke as she bent over the desk and pulled down her panties. Brad raced over and took his prize, his cock jolted as it touched her tight pussy lips. He pulled away for the slightest second and saw her pussy juices string from her wet cunt. He then slammed into her and heard her guttural moans as he pumped her full of his cock.

The need had grown and he couldn't contain all those dirty thoughts anymore. He grasped her body however he pleased, and she could only take it all and love it.


Her mind was warped, and she loved the feeling of his cock pounding away at her sanity. She knew she wanted to be breed. And she was getting exactly that. She flipped over on the desk and watched as Brad slapped his cock into her wet pussy lips.

She could practically taste the cum dripping inside of her. Brad pulled out his dick to admire the slick glow and in that moment Ms. Hendricks went down and licked all of it off. Then she began to drain ever last drop she could from his balls. As she stroked and sucked Brad could hear all the rampant sex sweet teen pussy licked and nailed ballsdeep was running wild in the school corridors.

He could also hear helicopters and loud banging outside. As Brad climaxed down Ms. Hendricks throat, he saw a bright flash, and then was out like a light. The Army shut down the school due to an "infection" and had to destroy the school entirely due to its rapid growth and the nature of the infected. The news outlets never got the officals to say what exactly happened in the school.

But they did comment that everyone inside had died from the infection. In reality, the all were destroyed, except for a single specimen for study. They refer to it as Patient NZ3421, though he prefers, Brad.