Lesbian teacher ass finger ebony

Lesbian teacher ass finger ebony
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The story of John Once a cannibal Introduction Men and even women, have you ever been walking down the street just minding your own business while casually dodging the cracks in the sidewalk, as we all must do, when you suddenly look up and see that rachel roxxx cumshot compilation lord of cumshots of your dreams, the one that stands out in the crowd to such an extent that you nearly walk into the lamppost.

A Beautiful face that might have been carved by an angel, hair as fine as silk and a body that was cloned from the very mould of Aphrodite's herself. You or I would say that black haired babe kinsley anne gets her shaved pussy screwed was a true beauty and that we would love to walk down the street with a woman like that on our arm.and the things we could do with her in the bedroom, well we would make Ron Jeremy look like a choir boy in comparison.

You get the picture right, that's what most people would think. Then you get the people like our friend John in this story, a quiet guy to all of his friends and co-workers, a man who goes about his day to day life very much the same as you and I, except for when he sees a beautiful woman walking down the street he goes past the thought's of just wanting to love her, he wants to know what she would taste like.her flesh and blood!.

This is the story of one of those encounters that he had always dreamed of having. From the beginning When John was just a little boy he quickly found out that the world can be a very cruel place.

His father had left his mother just a few months after he had been born and his mother, a recovering drug addict had slipped back down the rabbit hole of oblivion not long after he had gone and only two months later overdosed and died.

His grandparents took over the role of guardians after his mothers passing and for the rest of his childhood he lived in a very devout catholic home where prayer and discipline went hand in hand with each other and any speech or thought of sexual deviance was punishable by a severe beating.

Such was the devoutness of his grandparents that John never even spoke of meeting a girl at his school unless his grandparents had knowledge of the girl's parents first. That all changed one day when a new girl came to town, a girl named Ellie.

In the school playground John and three of his best friends played football as the new transfer pupil came walking through the school gates. She was eleven, the same age as John and his friends. "Wow, what a beauty she is" said Todd. Johns second best friend and a boy of eleven and nine months, making him the oldest in their year and leader of their gang.

"The things I would do with her" replied Benji. John's best friend and the kid who had the best outlook in life as he came from one of the richest families in sexy girl craves for a dark pecker, even the state and had an IQ to match.

Ashram, John's other friend only smiled at the two other boys remarks, he was destined for another walk in life and the way he looked at Benji no-one ever doubted any different. "Like what.kiss and cuddle in your pool house or wear Stacey's make-up with her" mocked Todd? Stacy was Benji's older sister and Todd on more than one occasion had caught him being brainwashed into helping her pick out a nice girlie costume for her to wear, much to his amusement.

"yea, well at least I'd know what to do with a girl.you wouldn't even know how to kiss a girl" baulked Benji back and the two ruffled each other's hair as they threw insults at each other, "what would you like to do with her" asked Benji to John between slaps from Todd.

John looked at the way her hair fell down her back, the smile as she greeted Beverley Johnson by the swing set and the slim and beautiful body she had, everything John would want in a girlfriend if ever he had one though grandpa and grandma would have something to say about that for a long time yet to come.

"I would eat her alive" replied John mesmerized by her beauty. The three other boys burst out laughing at what John said.

Todd was the worst, so loud that the two girls on the other side of the playground could hear his laughing and looked around at them.

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Benji tried lightening the laughter and began to prance about pretending to be a zombie, looking over to the two girls and feigning to go and attack them. "I want to suck your blood" cried Benji. The sudden slap from Todd made him realise that he had said the words of Dracula and not the walking dead and he dropped his arms to hit him back. All the while John stared over towards the two girls, his eyes transfixed on Ellie. So began his bizarre infatuation with Sadomasochism and ultimately Cannibalism.

Many years later and not a cannibal in sight When John had just turned seventeen his grandfather passed away. A terrible time for most people but a most liberating time for John as his grandmother, without the stern strong character samantha parker sucks cock and fucks in doggystyle her that was John's grandfather was a more subdued and carefree spirit.

Many times she would sit John down and tell him how she never really bought into the whole catholic world, "fuck e'm all" and "live your life the way you want to" replaced the "no discipline, no respect" and "god will punish you sinners" lectures his grandfather used to drill into him as he brought down another lashing from the belt. The new laid back attitude of his grandmothers allowed John to broaden his sexual intrigue, beginning with the obvious changes from missionary position of man and wife to the all new popular anal sex.

His first few sexual partners were of the same narrow mindset of his grandfathers catholic upbringing, missionary position with very little in the way of foreplay or experimentation, great for making babies but drab in John's mind's eye.

As his sexual boundaries continued to grow so did his appetite for the more risqué sort of sex. The sordid sex shop video soon made way for the all new and all powerful Internet and Johns long subdued ultimate sexual taboo came flooding out onto his screen. It had started as he searched through the Internet for some BDSM and SADOMASICISTIC porn sites.

From these sites came the links for other likewise sites that may have been of interest to him. One site in particular had caught his attention, a site dedicated to Beast porn, Rape porn and just a little bit of Cannibalism.

His dull drab boring girlfriends of the past now made way for the more daring open minded women of the internet dating sites.

John found himself hooking up with one crazy bitch after another, all coming from the BDSM or SADOMASICISTIC background and all wanting to be kinky as hell. Some would want to be used as a slave, whipping and strapped to beds and chains, John liked that. Some would go further and want to inflict pain so bad it would leave marks upon their bodies that would scar them for life, John liked these a little bit more especially as he got to lick and taste some blood and sweat from the women's bodies.

All this he had experienced from the age of seventeen up to the age of twenty six but still he had not quite got to the stage of actually eating a part of another humans body, sadly that was going to have to wait.

At the age of twenty six Johns grandmother had passed away. The shock of losing his grandmother and the fact that he had now became homeless meant that he had to pool all of his time and money into finding a new life for himself. Gone were the lax free days of lounging about his room as his grandmother cleaned his mess, and gone were the days of free internet.

With a job that would barely pay the rent in town he had no choice but to move further out into the country. Times became hard and he lost most sexy big boom mom porn his possessions, including the laptop that had supplied him with so much pussy.

After two months of sleeping in one friend's house or the other (literally between those two as he had only two good friends) or sleeping in his car he found a cheap flat to rent on the outskirts of town. One bedroom, and above a lovely old lady that lived in the flat below. For many long months he had to scrimp and scrape to build his homely possessions back up to near where it had been when he lived with his grandmother.

A bed he had purchased first as a must then came the TV and other comforts until he finally was able to afford a new laptop. Mrs Lanscome, the old lady that lived below, had just had the internet connected and was still new to using the service. Many times she asked John if he could help her sort out the box thingy for her in the first few days and John being an expert with electrical stuff (compared to the old lady at least) had reconnected the service for her.

During this time John had memorized her password and was now sneakily using her WI-FI. After many more months of using Pam and her sisters to release his seed John was ready to get back on the horse. His very first date from an internet dating site resulted in him meeting up with Sheryl, an extremely beautiful if not a little old school woman from just a few miles away. They hit it off on their very first meeting and quickly became an item.

The sex was good, made better by the fact that John always thought that this woman was good enough to eat and on more than one occasion that they had had such lustful lovemaking that Sheryl had clawed John's back open with her nails. For nearly two years their sex life increased in intensity and bizarreness. Then on one occasion as Sheryl got out of bed to go to the toilet and empty the seed that John had only minutes before released into her pussy, John came walking up behind her.

His cock was rock hard again and he was wasting no time in waiting to bury it in her ass. He caught her up just before the toilet seat and forced his way inside her. She let out a surprised scream. Even though John had just licked her asshole cleaner than a babies bottle she thought it dirty to be having anal so close to the toilet.

"I have to pee" she told him as she tried to pull away, John held on to her thighs and found himself moving his and her bodies in line with the toilet seat. "I have to piss too, but I ain't pulling out to do it yet" he told her as he rammed a little further in. The pressure of the cock pushing on her bladder from inside her ass was now starting to tell and Sheryl looked back confused, "what the hell are you saying.you want me to pee over your balls or something because if." the sudden onset of pee quickened Sheryl's choice, "if you don't get out now I will pee myself" she cried.

John held fast to her thighs and gave her only one option, "sit on me and let it flow then" he replied. The time for Sheryl to refuse had already passed and she had no choice but to start and lower her body, with John's guidance down onto the toilet. Johns legs parted to allow Sheryl's legs to open wide enough that she would not pee on herself.

She had held out as long as she could and with first a dribble and then a solid steady flow she began to piss. True to her word the piss gushed out of her and down over Johns balls. A warm wet feeling spread over John's balls as his cock stiffened to the thought of what was happening. The sound of the pee hitting the water as Sheryl continued to relieve herself began to stir the same 'needing a pee' my mom big tits brazzer x in John.

His cock was still rock solid, and stuffed as far up her ass as he could get it but instead of the yearning to empty his seed feeling he now began to feel a different kind of pressure release. The mechanism that separates seed from piss release began to grind into piss mode, his soaking wet balls adding to the feeling. His cock twitched. A feeling in his abdomen began to take over.

Sheryl's own piss was now slowing but she glanced back at John when his cock twitched.


"You better not be thinking of." she started to say before the first of the hot piss from Johns cock burst out of his dick and into her ass.

His foreskin was ripped well back out of the way when he had entered her and there was nothing but space to fill as the stream turned into a torrent. Sheryl juddered on Johns lap as the flow of piss began to creep deep into her, hot and xx club and collage pron and searching for the end of her tunnel. "Fuccckkkk" she cried out as the fluid kept on coming.

At that point it was the most erotic feeling that John had ever experienced and his mind wandered as the piss kept on filling Sheryl's asshole. She was now squirming uncontrollably as the piss continued creeping further into her bowels and the sweat began to glisten on her back. Johns mind switched into Cannibal mode and he found himself staring at the glistening flesh of Sheryl's neck, 'I want to eat you alive' thought John as the smell of sweat and piss and panic flowed through his nostrils.

His lips met her flesh, just above the shoulder where the flesh is soft and tender. His mouth enveloped the area and his tongue tingled with the taste of sweat, sweat and a taste of blood.

Unbeknown to John his teeth had also found the soft and tender flesh, as his mouth closed tight. The built up pressure of all that piss in Sheryl's ass came gushing out as she lurched suddenly to her feet. A watery liquid of piss and shit flowed over Johns cock and balls as he sat there, savouring the sated feeling of satisfying some of his deepest darkest taboo's. "You bastard" shouted Sheryl as the trickle of blood ran down her neck and onto her breast.

Korean bj viviang oil breast sexy dance watery stream of piss and shit still flowed from her ass, filling the floor and toilet, and running down her legs. She slapped him across the face then ran from the bathroom. John's lustful desire came to a crashing end. The slap across his face had not been some love tickle and his eye began to weep, 'shit, I must have really bit down hard' thought John as the mark from one of Sheryl's rings continued to irritate his eye.

He wiped as much of the mess from his cock and balls as he could and got up off of the toilet. A few drops of blood had splattered on the floor as Sheryl clung to the wound on her neck and John found himself wondering how bad this was going to be for him. 'I did like the taste of that blood though' he thought to himself as he headed for the bedroom. For three hours they argued, John trying to calm Sheryl down and explain that he was just caught up in the moment.

And Sheryl shouting and screaming that he was some kind of sicko, "I know you said once or twice before about feeling like a cannibal at times but, fuck you fucking bit me.if I hadn't of moved you could well have taken a chunk out of me you freak". When John smirked at the thought of eating her flesh it was the last straw.

Sheryl packed her things and moved out, their relationship was over and for weeks, nay months after John had lots of funny looks from the friends that Sheryl and he had made over the time they were together. Soon all of them shunned John until he was no longer welcomed to any of their houses and he was left all alone again in his one bedroom flat.

The night he ate the world After many more months of taking Pam and her sisters out for the night John decided it was time to get back on that horse called 'relationship' once again. He set up another profile on a dating site and waited for the replies. This time he made it plain that he was not interested in the same old 'run of the mill' women that he had been dating up until now, he wanted someone who thought and felt the same way that he did, someone who would go where no-one else dared to go, Cannibalism!

As you can expect from the average internet friendly dating site he got no replies, or if he did they were from some keyboard warrior sitting in front of a computer screen in their parent's house jacking off to the thought that they could call him all the names under the sun and get away with it. It weren't going well and Pam and her sisters looked to be Johns only friend. Then, just as he was about to give up on the whole dating scene he had an email from the sex site he had met Sheryl on.

It announced that a new dating area had been created on the website and he should give it a look if he was now on the market for something different. He opened the link and followed the guides to register his interest.

For six long weeks there was nothing but the usual enquiry about 'was he really serious about cannibalism' and 'how far would you go', only for the person on the other end of the conversation to end up being some hairy fat forty year old wanting to jack off to his profile picture. Then a message came through from 'Katya dead end girl' asking about his 'fantasy fulfilment'. John was intrigued, no-one had even asked if this was a fantasy or fetish before and as far as he could tell the woman was a woman.

He messaged her back and the two quickly went from talking to each other on the website to arranging a meeting. She lived only twenty five miles away from John and the best thing was that she was drop dead gorgeous, supermodel standard.

Seeing how John did not drive Katya offered to come to him and meet in a coffee shop of Johns choosing, she would be bringing her campervan and would need somewhere that had a good height clearance. John was waiting in the coffee shop for Katya to arrive. There were a few people there, mostly the anissa kate kimber selice in double team on cock single women and men that hugged their cups of tea or coffee like they were hugging an invisible partner, sad loners.

There was another single older guy sitting sipping a cup of tea, his face looked familiar to John but he could not remember where he knew him from. After a few minutes a very attractive woman, about the same age as the man stepped into the coffee shop. Behind her was a man in about his early twenties that looked the most handsome of bastards John had ever seen, the kind of guy all the young women of the area would no doubt be drooling over, and just as he thought it so John could see all the young waitresses drooling over him.

'I know them now' thought John, 'they are the miracle couple. Adam and Eve the undying, or some bullshit like that' he thought as he watched the sloppy puppy look in their eyes as they greeted each other. The thought of a 'lovey dovey' relationship like theirs had once interested John but now it just made him sick to look at the over the top show of affection, 'get a fucking room' he shouted in his thoughts as he turned his head away.

Katya turned up ten minutes late, her campervan was still too big for the coffee house car park she told him as she took a seat. If it had been one of his former dates on one of the former dating sites John may well have told her 'never mind' and walked out. But this was Katya dead end girl, a knockout brunette who just happened to have the same sordid sexual desire for cannibalism as he did, and she wasn't shy in admitting that she would bite his cock off if given the chance.

They drank some tea and coffee, and John drank in her body. Her hair was sleek and shining clean, shoulder length and straight. Her eyes were like pools of molten gold, he could lose himself in those for a year if he wasn't careful. Her face was as smooth as chocolate, 'and maybe it would even taste like it' thought John as he gazed at her beauty.

A slim size ten, maybe twelve body complimented her six foot height, tits the size of cantaloupe melons filled her shirt, perky not flat. Her thighs and legs had just as much appeal to John as he reminisced on what they had looked like. They talked for neigh on two hours there in the coffee shop.

Most of information about each other they had already talked about on the website and this was just the formalities of greeting each other.

Katya spoke of her homeland back in Eastern Europe and of her struggle to become an American citizen, the plight of her nation and the influence of the Soviet Union on their culture. During one of their conversations online when Katya had been speaking of her home life and of the things the Russians had left them she had mentioned a very rare and very effective drug, a drug that could render all of your pain receptors null and void yet still allow you to experience everything cute petite woman let me play with her tight ass amateur and voyeur normal.

He asked about the drug. "You said online that you could get a wonder drug that will take away all of your pain and yet dull none of your senses, is that a real drug or just a strong kind of painkiller that you get from a doctor" asked John. He had once broken three of his toes and the doctor had prescribed him five painkillers that were strong enough to dull any pain, yet they dulled every other feeling as well. "Yes, this is true.if you would like to try.I will show you, but not here" replied Katya.

She looked a little worried that someone might be listening to them as she scanned the room to see who hot stepsister fucked in her round ass by a stepbrother there. "Then you can get them" said John. "Yes, I have two of them with me now." replied Katya, again she nervously looked around the room to see who was listening in to their conversation. "You have them with you, now?" asked John Katya smiled and reached out her hands for Johns.

She drank the last of her tea and nodded for John to do the same. He slurped the last of the coffee in his cup and shrugged his shoulders, "what do you want to do now then, or do you want to go somewhere" he asked. "You said you had a flat" she winked, got to her feet and then started to put her coat back on, tapping the pocket as she did.

John wasted no time in taking the hint and grabbed for his coat as he rose from his seat. A few seconds later they were walking towards her campervan, the evening was fast approaching and the back alley was already getting dark as they passed through it. Katya stopped, her mouth came racing towards Johns and her arms locked around his shoulders as she latched onto him, she laped her tongue into his mouth at a pace John had never experienced before and there was no denying her wanton lust.

John drank in her fluids and replaced them with a mouthful of his own. "I meant every bit of what I said to you online" she whispered into his ear, just before she bit into it, drawing a little amount of blood. The surprise and pain made John flinch, though truth be told he loved the forwardness this woman had, "that hurt but the next time you won't feel a thing" she whispered as she turned and continued to walk to her campervan.

Still slightly surprised John followed after her. She gave her ass a little wiggle as she caught him staring at it, and then spread her cheeks with her hands. 'I would eat that all day' thought John as he revelled in the firmness of her ass and the tightness of her leggings. A thought that Katya had no doubt hoped to arose in him. They got to her campervan. A two thousand and ten VW that looked more suited to a middle aged man than a hot beauty like Katya. "it's my brothers yea" said Katya as she noticed Johns doubts as to whose campervan this really was, "he let me borrow it to travel around in last week.taking it back tomorrow" she added as she started the engine.

John jumped in and they were off on their way to his flat. . Five minutes later and the campervan containing Katya and John pulled up onto his very small and very inappropriate parking space, the one outside his flat that he had to share with Mrs Lanscome. Not that Mrs Lanscome ever had any visitors with cars. After locking the campervan the two of them made their way to John's flat. There were a few of the nosey neighbours peeking through their blinds and no doubt John knew that they would have something to say about the unsightly campervan the next time he saw them, not that he cared much for what they had to say.

Johns flat was modestly furnished, a plain black sofa sitting against one wall with a small table in front of it, a medium sized TV hanging from another and a bookshelf containing a small collection of DVDS and some actual books along another wall.

The kitchen headed off from the living room in one direction and hallway to John's bedroom the other. An unusually large sized bathroom joined onto the bedroom which consisted of a plain white bathroom suite with a single towel draped over a linen basket. John led Katya into the living room and offered her a seat on the sofa. "Would you like a drink" asked John as he headed for the kitchen.

Many differing bottles of alcohol adorned the kitchen worktop but Katya had already told John that the special tablets she had brought with her could not be taken with alcohol. He got two cans of coke out of the fridge. "Yes, we will need a drink to take the tablets" replied Katya from the living room. When John returned to the living room he placed the two cans down on the table, reached for the remote controls, and began to search for a music station to play on the Television.

Katya put her hand into her trouser pocket and produced a small clear bag containing two blue and yellow tablets, large and oval shaped. A music channel began to play on the TV as John readied himself to sit next to Katya on the sofa.

"this is tablet that I tell you about.it very good at removing all pain but not remove feelings also" said Katya as she placed the first tablet into her can of coke, "you sure you want to this now with me" she added as she prepared to place the second tablet into Johns can.

"I told you before that I thought you were beautiful enough to eat didn't I.if you are willing to do it then so am I" replied John. The tablet plopped into the can and Katya gestured to John to drink, which he did. They kissed some more as they waited for the effects of the tablet to take effect. John's hands clasped and cupped the fine perky breasts of Katya's as she stroked and played with his cock through his trousers. The evening was fast approaching and with the light of the sky beginning to change from the blue, to blood red and then to the gradually increasing black, the room began to darken.

A sultry slow groove came from the TV and the passion began to build. "When.will.we.know.if the tablets.are.working" asked John as the pressure of ejaculation started to mount in his balls.

Katya began to move her mouth from his lips, kissing slowly up his neck and onto his ear. After a little bit of old young spy and school girl man tender sex in jacuzzi biting on John's ear he could feel a strange watery sensation trickle down his neck.

Thinking that maybe Katya had salivated a lot as she nibbled his ear he began to turn his head to kiss her mouth and taste it, his eyes caught hers as her head turned.

Her mouth was moving as a cow does while chewing the cud and John could see red on her mouth. Unsure as to what she was chewing he lifted his hand to his ear.

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"Wow.these tablets are awesome, I didn't feel a thing" said John as his fingers brushed across the missing quarter that had been the top of his ear. Blood was slowly flowing from the wound were Katya had just bitten it and the blood continued to trickle down his neck and onto his top. Katya smiled as she swallowed the piece of ear.

"I told you that these tablets are good.I take many times in my own country before bringing to your country.very safe" she said as she licked the blood from her lips. "One of my friends would love to have something like this to take, he'd take them every day for his back and finally have something that works" replied John as he again felt the torn earlobe.

"No.Only three times you take tablets in one year.very bad.extras if more than this" said Katya, looking very serious as she shook her head.

"Ah, very bad side effects you mean" added John acknowledging her. "Yes.very bad .side effects" she confirmed. While the time was now right for them to take the next step on their voyage John did not want to get any more blood on his sofa or carpet, he hadn't long had the carpet and it was a light cream one. They finished what was left in their cans and John took Katya by the hand, leading her to his bedroom while trying not to let the blood that was still seeping from his ear fall on the floor.

They left the music playing on the TV as they settled down together on the bed. Luckily John's bed sheets were red in colour and the small drops of blood that fell on them could not be seen. They began to kiss again. John was the first to make the move of undressing the other; he started by lifting Katya's top up and over her head. Her chest was speckled by the odd drop of blood that had dropped from her mouth as she bit into John's ear. Katya soon enough got the message and began to remove John's blood soaked T-shirt, pulling it up and over his head and throwing it onto the floor.

The music from blonde chubby fucked hard in the bathroom living room still pumped out a sultry slow groove and the rhythm of it began to get down into Johns mood. His mind wandered as he looked at how juicy her tits now looked with her top removed, 'fuck I would love to tear into them' he thought to himself as his hands stretched behind her back for the clasp of her bra.

The bra clasp released and the bra went falling to the floor. As they returned to kissing John couldn't help but wonder if Katya's tablet had also worked on her pain receptors. He found out a second later as he bit down onto her lip with enough pressure to make his teeth join together.

He found that familiar metallic taste of blood come flowing into his mouth as the wound on Katya's lip began to bleed, watery yet thick and warm like a soup it felt. Katya herself let out a cry, though it was a cry of pleasure as she quickly started to suck some of the blood from her own wound down her throat with a little gusto. John found himself getting more and more aroused as the blood and Katya's rousing pleasure filled his senses, the senses that were becoming more heightened by the second.

John found himself asking how far this was going to go, at what point would he or indeed Katya stop. In-between the lustful exchanges of blood from all american mom son incest storys with english subtitles kissing he managed to ask, "if we don't slow down and with the lack of pain receptors to stop us I don't think I will be able to not eat you alive" said John as he bit again into Katya's lip, this time severing one side and causing the flesh to drop out and hang.


Katya sucked the piece of flesh back into her mouth and bit and the flesh looked to have disappeared down her throat. She leant forward and put her blood covered lips onto Johns, forcing the piece of flesh into his mouth with her tongue, "you make me feel so very horny.I want to eat you alive too as well" she replied as she bit down onto his lip and tore her own piece of flesh away. Without hesitation she swallowed and came back to get another.

Things began to heat up even more as the two of them exchanged blood and flesh filled kisses, each claiming a small piece as their carnal pleasure built. During one of the kissing exchanges John dropped off of Katya's mouth. A red bloody trail travelled down from her mouth and over her throat, which John now followed as he moved his mouth, still kissing and drinking in her blood as he aimed for her breast. His lips had been bitten in four separate places which made it difficult for him to stop the blood from seeping through the side of his mouth but still he had to get to those lovely breasts that his eyes were now fixed upon.

On the top xnxx brezzer invisible men fuck step mom her breast he stopped and sank his teeth into the soft pillow soft flesh, blood seeped down and onto her nipple.Katya gasped tiffany mynx with johnny sins pulled his head down onto the nipple. John did not need to be asked twice, his teeth came to rest either side of it and his jaw muscle did the rest.

Like a tough bit of gristle on a rare cooked steak the nipple would not let John chew without using every muscle in his jawbone. The round shape began to deform as his teeth found an opening, he could not and would not swallow until every taste bud had been sated. Blood flowed freely from the open wound where Katya's nipple had once sat and the woman let out a whimper of pleasure as the blood edged its way down to and then past her belly button.

John used this opportunity to grip her legging bottoms and yanked with all his might. In a pile on the floor her bottoms ended up and then she was as naked as her name day. Sitting naked on the bed Katya looked almost lost to her pleasure.

John glimpsed the first of the blood to reach her clit as the young woman's fingers parted the way for it to reach her pussy. John resumed his licking of the blood around the wound where her nipple had just been and readied himself to continue his quest south to her ever more so inviting pussy.

Katya pushed him away, her hands pushing him to an upright position in front of her. She reached out and gripped his trousers with her left hand, fingers of her right hand fumbled with his zipper and button. When the zipper and button were undone she lowered the fabric of his trousers and boxer shorts in one swift move and John stepped out of them.

Her mouth moved to envelope his cock. Teeth scrapped along his girth as her head moved forward and back, back she did not bite down. Blood pooled in his hairy pubes as saliva mixed with it and John found himself nervously waiting to see his cock disappear.

It did but then it reappeared as Katya quickened the pace of moving forward and back. Her hand gripped the base of John's cock and began to pump a faster rhythm than her head and a feeling began to grow in his balls, he was getting close to ejaculation and Katya could feel it too. Five.four.three.two, John was just about to explode. Katya's mouth moved forward and completely enveloped his cock as John's seed came spurting out. She pulled him in as close as she could as wave after wave streamed down her throat.

By now the bed sheets and floor were beginning to cover with all the blood that was streaming from the open wounds on both John and Katya's bodies. John himself was now eagerly anticipating diving down into Katya's pussy and wasted no time in laying her back upon the bed to get her ready, she obliged willingly. Her legs opened wide and John found himself rushing feverishly into her, tongue nose and his very breath fought each other to be the first to her womb.

Katya laid her head back in the pool of blood on the bed and lost herself in pleasure. After a few minutes of the nibbling, licking and the stroking of Katya's pussy and clit she exploded. Juices mixed with her blood and John sucked them all up. He could never have imagined how well this, his first experience of cannibalism would have gone but he was determined to do everything that he could and everything Katya would have wanted to do, even going as far as to let her kill him if need be.

As her orgasm began to wane Katya manoeuvred John onto his back upon the bed. The cold congealing blood that had pooled on the sheets gave him a sudden short lived chill as his cock stuttered in its straightening.

After only a few minutes from his previous ejaculation his cock finally did find the strength to stand up straight and John eagerly watched as Katya turned in a one eighty direction to face her head once more towards his cock. Her pussy now lay inches from John's mouth in a sixty nine sort of position.

She lifted her leg up and over and positioned her pussy an inch above his face, blood and juices still dribbling from it as she took up the sixty nine position proper. "I want to feel you inside me" said Katya just before her head came back down upon John's cock. Her hands gripped his balls firmly and her pussy lowered down to his mouth. The choice of words were strange, 'surely if she wanted me inside her she should have sat down onto my cock' thought John as his tongue flicked out and tasted her pussy once more, the pussy that was dripping juices and the dried blood from her nipple.

Teeth scrapped more and more closely onto John's cock as Katya began to let her passion build. Her hands were still caressing his balls but now they also now seemed to be cupping them into little packets. Her pussy gyrated faster onto John's face as he began to pull her ass cheeks apart. All the while he was pulling her pussy closer to his mouth. His teeth began to nibble her pussy lips.

The air was rank with the smell of passionate sweat and blood filled sex and both of them had all but lost their inhibitions, there was no teen has lesbian sex with tutor during halloween back now. The sudden drop in his erection and the gush of blood down between his ass cheeks was the first sign that the final stage of this lovemaking had begun.

He still felt no pain but a quick glance down between his legs made his stomach shudder. Katya's mouth lapped furiously to contain the blood that was gushing out from a large wound to the side of his cock and a sudden realisation struck him, 'holy shit she has eaten my left ball' he thought as she took a big gulp of something down her throat.

The moment for turning back had gone and from now on it was going to be 'eat what you want and I will do the same'. Katya's pussy overloaded with juice and it rained down onto John's face, he clamped his mouth on tight and bit! Katya looked back and smiled as John began to chew the piece of flesh he had just ripped from her pussy.

Blood flowed and juices mixed as the red bloody mess left her bitten pussy. She cried out in excitement. There was blood on their bodies there was blood on the bed sheets but neither of them cared as raw carnal pleasure took them. Katya took another bite, the right ball disappeared the same way as the left had done and she gulped in air furiously as she drank the blood away. John was upon her too, his teeth sinking deep into her pussy lip as he pulled away another piece of flesh, chew eat repeat was the order of the day now.

As John returned to take the last remaining piece from Katya's pussy lips a belch erupted from his stomach. The rich metallic taste nearly coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore blowjob him heave as blood filled the back of his throat; Katya had no such problem as she lowered her mouth onto his cock.

At first her teeth just teased a little bite at the base of his cock nothing too deep and it did not break the skin, 'she could not eat my seven inches in one go' thought John subtitled japanese hotel massage oral sex nanpa in hd he tore a large section of her remaining pussy lip and surrounding area away.

He swallowed it whole and lined up for her clit next. 'ohh fuck' thought John as a sudden pressure built then released on the head of his cock, blood gushed out and his erection all but disappeared in an instant. Katya had bitten the whole head of his cock off and was lustfully chewing the flesh while his abdomen filled with blood. She swallowed. John had already bitten and then eaten her pussy lips and as he struggled to get his head around the fact he had just lost the top nearly two inches of his cock he spied her erect clitoris.

His mouth clasped tight and wide over her whole erect clit and his teeth began to bite together, though fleshy it was tough to break his teeth through and he found himself tugging at it like a dog with a rope toy. For at least ten seconds, though it felt longer he tugged at the large fleshy prize, "rrrraarrrrrr" John mouthed as the last piece finally gave out.

He chewed, he chewed like he had never chewed before as the tough flesh made him work for all its worth, and boy wasn't it worth it. With his appetite now fully back he tore off another piece of flesh. The same time as he did this he felt teeth pulling through his pubic hair, teeth that had just parted the last remaining shreds of his cock. There had begun some kind of sordid cannibalistic eating competition and these two participants were of the highest skilled in their field, bite eat chew repeat, bite eat chew repeat.

But there would only be one winner.DEATH! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Official Police report Morgantown district 2nd precinct 03-17-2019 Officer A C Farnell and Officer P B Collins report Officer A C Farnell On the 22nd February at 13.27h officer Collins and I were returning from duty at the Morgantown v Hungerton soccer match when we received a call from central.

There had been a second call made that week by a concerned resident that there may be a problem with one of her neighbours, a man who lived in a flat above the resident.

She had asked if there was anyone who could call to her property and explain a strange new mark upon her ceiling and enquire if the man living above was still ok.

The bisexual teen orgy spoiled kharlie stone gets her way explained that she could not climb the flight of stairs to the man's property but that she had been given a spare key by the man in case of emergencies.

At around 13.40h our vehicle pulled into a parking space opposite the aforementioned ladies property, we were unable to park in the properties designated parking spaces as a large motor home was parked across many of the bays.

On exiting the vehicle we were approached by several local residents each wanting to vent their frustration at the length of time the motor home had been parked there. In all the vehicle had been left there for four days and the young lady who owned the vehicle had not returned to remove it. Upon arrival at the original resident's property, a Mrs Lanscome, we both commented to each other (Officer Collins and I) that there was music playing from the upstairs property and the curtains were still drawn.

We knocked the door. A little old lady answered the door and proceeded to invite us in; I would approximate her age to be somewhere around eighty five to ninety years of age. We were offered seating as Mrs Lanscome gave us a brief deion of the resident who lived above her.

A white male around thirty five to forty years of age who lived alone, though Mrs Lanscome did comment that she saw the resident arriving four days previous with a very attractive looking young woman. The music that we had heard playing from the outside could be heard at a low volume in the ladies living room and she informed us that this had been playing non-stop now since she had seen the young lady and the resident entering the property.

The lady then directed us to her bedroom as she wanted to show us the strange new mark upon her ceiling. A large red stain had pooled in the centre of her ceiling that looked ominously similar to blood, nothing as of yet dripped to the floor. Officer Collins nodded his agreement as I speculated that it may be blood. We took our leave of Mrs Lanscome and began to climb the stairs to what we found out to be Mr John Hillman's flat. We knocked several times on the door to no answer.

We tried shouting through the letterbox and still no reply. Officer Collins remarked that he could smell a peculiar smell coming from the flat, 'a smell of death' he proclaimed. We were just about to return to our vehicle and report a possible death when Mrs Lanscome shouted up to us that she still had the spare sexy babes get their holes plowed by handymen if we wanted to enter the property and check.

Officer Collins returned to the vehicle, reported the incident and waited for further permission to enter the property. At 14.05h dispatch replied to give authorisation to enter the property under Mrs Lanscome's approval.

This she gave. Upon entering Mr Hillman's property we followed the sound of the music to the living room area. There was no sign of Mr Hillman or the young lady in this room or the adjoining kitchen. There was a small trace of what looked like blood stains on the sofa and a few specks of blood upon the floor leading to what looked like the bedroom. We proceeded to search the bedroom. At no point had Mr Hillman or the young lady made any reply to either Officer Collins or my own calls for an answer.

We entered the bedroom. At this point officer Collins quickly departed the bedroom and proceeded to vomit into the toilet in the bathroom.

His departure left me alone in the room for approximately twenty seconds before I too had to leave the scene. There was a medium to large bed in the centre of the room and upon the bed were the bodies of two adults, one male and one female. There were copious amounts of blood on the bed sheets and pooling on the floor below the bed. On closer inspection when officer Collins could return with myself to the bedroom we discovered that the two adults bodies had several deep lacerating wounds to their genital areas.

Mr Hillman was missing his penis and testicles and had several other deep lacerations to his thighs and face, notably his lips. He was also missing one third of his left ear. The young lady looked to have tried and get to her mobile phone as she was found stretching out towards where her mobile phone sat upon a small bedside table.

She too had deep lacerations to her face, notably her lips. She also had a deep open wound where her nipple would once have been.

The young ladies genital area also looked to have deep lacerating wounds that could only have been made by the flesh being bitten and torn away. Both Mr Hillman and the young ladies mouths were full of blood and possibly flesh. We called in the incident at 14.27h and proceeded to wait upon the arrival of medical assistance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morgantown coroner's office report Mr John Hillman and unknown female Male White male of thirty five years of age of average build with short cropped black hair.

Blood toxicology report found traces of various high strength tranquilizers and several unknown other chemicals. Lacerations to lips: - less than half remaining intact. Genital area: -penis completely missing dad rapes daughter over and over pornhub with testicles. Deep lacerations to the surrounding tissue and inner thigh. Victim found with the flesh of female victim inside his stomach contents.

Verdict: death from loss of blood. Female White female of approximately thirty years of age, slim build with shoulder length brown hair. Possibly of eastern European or Western Russian decent.

Blood toxicology report found traces of various high strength tranquilizers and several unknown other chemicals. Lacerations to lips: - less than a third remaining and one bite mark to tongue. Breast area: - had severe laceration of the left nipple resulting in its removal.

Genital area: - deep lacerations to the genital area resulting in the removal of the labia, clitoris and external vaginal flesh. Deep lacerations found to the inner thighs and one buttock. Victim found with the flesh of the male victim inside her stomach.

Verdict: death from loss of blood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- End note They say 'we are what we eat'. Well, be careful what you want to eat because one day it may be 'what we eat is what you are'.bon appetite!