Teen gets cum in mouth pornstars and blowjob

Teen gets cum in mouth pornstars and blowjob
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Sorry guys, i mistakenly uploaded my first draft, this one is corrected. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My sister and I made a porn video, yes it sounds weird but it was different times and the situation was so dire, we were so desperate for money that it was the only option we had, I know it sounds dirty and weird but it really happened.

Here´s the story. Dad had been gone for some time and our mom had just died, but not after been in ICU for about two months the insurance had run out a long time ago and the medical bills just kept on coming and getting thicker each day, we had to sell everything I got a second mortgage on my place my sister had to sell hers, we had both downgraded our cars and almost all my salary went to paying bills, I had broken up with my girlfriend and my social life was nil, my older sister Kathy who was 33 at the time me being 29 had been through a bitter divorcedshe too was in the same deep water as I was, she had moved to our parents house since she didn't have a place to live anymoreshe had two beautiful daughters Joanna who was 12 and Kim who was 9.

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Her ex had gotten full custody mainly because of her financial situation, that had devastated her, our credit cards were maxed we owed money to everyone we knew, the banks were breathing down our necks ,to cut the story short we weren't only broke we were super broke. I was about to lose my apartmentand that meant moving back to my parents house which was now my sister's house and I really didn't want that. It was close to the thanks giving of 1990 ,we were both discussing our options at my sister's house, there was no way we could make the payments, even if we sold our crappy cars, there was just no way.

Any jewelry of things of valor were gone a long time ago, we were both searching the classifieds for any kind of part time jobs or odd jobs that we could do in our free time which were only nights and Sundays suddenly Kathy found an ad and read it to me It was something like, (Nice girls wanted for modeling job, no experience needed, good salary, bla bla ) "it porn" I told her "Yeah, but what the fuck, I'm going to check it out any ways" Kathy said I was a pretty opened minded guy so I didn't give it much thought "find out I told her" She wrote down the address and told me she would look into it the next day.

A couple of days later I asked her how the interview for the modeling had gone "It was shit, the guy said that he would only pay me only a couple of hundred dollars per scene, and that I wouldn't have much demand since they only wanted 18 year olds and very hot young things" "That sucks!you can't even find a decent paying job doing porn these days" I said smiling We both laughed "The guy wasn't even creepy or a dirty bastard, he was very professional, he wanted to know why somebody like me would do porn, so I kind of told him our story, he took my number and said he would call me if he could help" "Well sis, you never know maybe there's still hope for your porn career" The some girls are game for anything to win cash tube porn night Kathy called my place and told me to stop by her house after work The girls weren't home so we were having dinner by ourselves that had really affected Kathy, not having her kids; it made her feel like an unfit mother and like a piece of shit, very low.

"The guy called back" she said "What guy?" I asked "You know, the porn guy" "ahh… so" "well… that's one of the reasons I wanted you to come over, please hear me out first ok&hellip." She was acting very strange "sureno problem" "Promise me you'll hear me out…and wont freak " she told me "I promise sure" that got my attention "no Peter, promise me and mean it" "okI promisetruthfully" I was intrigued now She started to explain "turns out the porn guy called me back for another appointment., I went to his office, he knew I was desperate for money, so he told me there was another side of the porn industry that almost no one knew about, and that it was very illegal and nasty but that it paid very good, and I mean very good" "ok, go on" I was interested now "So he gave me some options, the first one was child porn" "What" I almost jumped out of my seat She put her hands in front of me signaling to calm down "of course I said no way, I would die first" "ok" I calmed down "the other one was bestiality, sex with a dog or a horse." I frowned when I heard that, she kept going "&hellip.and a rape film in which two big guys would come on and rape me and slap me around, the list kept on going and going on different subjects and things but they all paid shit, that's not where the money is at" I shrugged "Turns out the real money is in making an incest film, a proven incest film" she said -"incest?

How incest?" I asked "well incest…, you know mom and son, dad and daughter&hellip. brother and sister" she paused for me to take it in "What?. you mean&hellip." I was in shock "you know what I mean" she told me "what&hellip." "I mean &hellip.

You and me have sex, there I said it…" "That's fucked up……" I was about to stand, and Kathy held me down "waitwaitit pays 5000 bucks…" Well I stayed on my chair, 5000 bucks, that was a lot of money, a lot of money that we didn't have, a lot of money that could help both of us, a lot of money that we desperately needed it wasn't that crazy, fucked up but it sophia gently anal fucked in sexy corset me thinking I was about to open my mouth and protest when she spoke again "5000 $ each" she said That sold menow it wasn't a lot of money, it was a shit load of money.

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We both sat there in silence, looking at each other and thinking "you know what that means right?" I asked her "I know what it means, I´ve been thinking about it all day&hellip. But I think we can do it… it spinner alaina dawson gives head and screwed by nice dong pornstars hardcore a lot of money" she was nervous I stood up and started pacing around the room "we can do this right?

It's no big deal&hellip.it's just sex you know…" She got up as well "yeah, yeah it's no big deal…we can do this " she repeated "yes we can!" I agreed We were both thrilled about the idea "we can!" she said "but should we?" We sat down in silence again. and didn't say anything else. Later that day Kathy explained to me what the guy had said, he would need to see our birth certificates and our drivers license, since she hadn't taken her husband's name when she got married we still had the same last name, I told her to be very specific about the payment and to get a check not cash, she agreed The next day we met again, I had tried to block the thoughts of having sex with my sister and tried to be as professional as I could, after all I was going to be a porn star.

Kathy told me that the guy would pays us by check as soon as he viewed the tape, he knew we were real brother and sister, he had also given my sister a video camera with a tripod and a little script of things we had to say, he said the vcr tape wouldn't be sold everywhere because it was illegal and that it would be sold in special secret circles that normal people don't get to see, I admit that was the least of my worries, what was really in my head was the fact that I was going to have to fuck my sister, she was 4 years older than me and was nice looking, but still she was my sister.

"Come over at Sunday evening and we´ll do it here" she told me "You sure about this?" I asked her "Yes, it the only way, think of the money, were desperate" It was a shit load of money, I said my goodbyes and went home to think about what we were going to do that Sunday night on our parents house. - "All right are you ready for this?"- my sister asked me, I must admit I was so nervous I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, I knew we were consenting adults and everything and we had talked about it but I never thought we would go for it, it was a lot of money and it could help us both but still.

- " I am "- I told her - " okgrandmother and fack son xxxx set the camera" she said We started to set the camera and focused it on the bed, I just kind of zoomed it out so it would get the whole bed Kathy sat xxx blck young japan gales the bed and told me to film her so I could get a good angle, I did ,and it was set.

-"just let it roll, if there something we don't like we can just delete it" she told me still sitting on the bed I nodded and went to sit next to her, we were both very nervous it was so awkward, - "just thing of the money" she whispered We stayed like that for a while "we should get naked" she said I got out of bed and started to undress, she did the same thing ,without thinking about it I got rid of all my clothes except for my boxers, I looked over to Kathy and she was standing there in her bra and panties, we were both just looking at each other, the whole room was in complete silence.


Kathy spoke first "might as well get it over with"- and with that she removed her bra and slid out of her panties, she massage rare story sex spy camera freckles all over her chest, her breast didn't drop as much as I imagined, even at 33 and after two kids she was a looker, her nipples were pink perky and round, her areola was light pinkboth her breast were a good size, not huge or anything just a nice size, I looked down and her stomach was flat, she had little stripe light brown like her hair, I could see her pussy lips, just a small little mound, she had a little scar which I could only assume was form her c sectionat first she cover herselfwith one arm her breasts and with the other hand her pussyshe started to blush and stared at me,-" go on"- she told me sounding scarred.

I pulled down my boxers, I wasn't hung like a horse but I was a little bit more than average normally I would be hard just by seeing a naked girl in front of me and knowing for a fact that I was going to fuck her increased the oddsbut I guess the situation got the best of me, I had groomed myself for this day and I could tell Kathy had too, she stared at my cock for a couple of seconds, she uncovered herself and then went to sit on the bed, in front of the camera, she called me to her side, I sat next to herour body almost not touching, we just sat there staring at the camera, not doing anything and not daring to look at each other or even move.

Kathy stood up and went to the video camerashe gave me a great view of her ass, it was very nice, I think that gave me a reaction, my cock moved a little bit, she tingled with the camera.

-"listen, we have to do this, it's a lot money" she told me -"I know, I know, but it's just sooooo…" I looked down and not at her -"we have to try it at least, are you sure you don't need a drink or anything" she asked -"I´m sure, it's not that&hellip.ok, come on let's start" I said -"ok" she turned the camera on and walked towards the bed She sat next to me again, she looked me in the eye and asked "ready" I nodded She spoke to the camera "my name is Kathy Jacobs and I´m going to fuck my brother for money"- She stared at me and hit me with her elbow, I looked at the camera and said my part -"my name is Peter Jacobs, and I´m going to fuck my sister for money"- It was all part of the script the producer had sent us, we had to say those words, we had to have sex, penetration had to occur, it was one of the rulesalso we had to be naked and I had to ejaculated, that was it.

We stayed staring at the camera for a while, not moving,-"go on touch me" she said I turned to look at her and put my hand on her breastI started touching it and playing with her nipple, I leaned down and put it in my mouth, I kissed it and nibbled her nipple, it felt good in my hand I could almost fit it completelyI could also feel its weight, I had my eyes closed and concentrated on the job I was doing, suddenly I felt my sister hand on my lap, she moved it towards my cock and got a hold of it, at first she hesitated and just held it, then she squeezed it a little and as I kept on playing with her breast she started to yank itslowly first, then faster, I started to get hard, but not fully erect it was so awkward.

-"it feels so weird having it my hand " she whispered I kept on licking and playing with her tits, I started to move my hand down towards her crotch area, and I felt her freezeshe didn't move an inch, her legs locked together, I felt her line of pubic hair but couldn't go further. I stopped and looked at her,-"just give me a second," she whispered I nodded, she stood up and stopped the camera.

She stared to walk around the room, I could tell she was worried, -"fuck,fuck. fuck" she repeated as she lower her head and covered her eyes with one hand, I stood up and went to her side, she pushed me away and said "give me a minute…" I think she was crying, I kept my mouth shut and sat down in front of the camera, I knew what was going through her mind, I had the same doubts but the situation was desperate and we both needed the money, it was the only way, after some minutes she got a hold of herself and wiped her eyesshe walked towards the camera and said "ok I'm ready now" as she turned it on again, I was sitting in the bed, she walked towards me and stood in front of me, she spread her legs, I had a perfect view of her pussyit was small mound and I could see her pussy lips clearly now, I started touching the inside of her leg and started to go up, I stopped a few inches from her pussy I could feel she was shaking, so was I, I moved my hand the remaining inches and just touched it, gently covering it with my hand, I started rubbing it, feeling her around, with my other hand I got a hold of her butt and stated caressing it gently as well, I found her opening and just slid the tip of my middle finger in- "ahh"- my sister said.

I pushed in a little further and slid half of finger in, and then almost all of it, I started to finger my sister softly, she was starting to get wet, I was beginning to feel the moisterI got closer until I could smell her sex, my cock was finally starting to respond, I guess it was activating and not minding that it was my sister, I got closer and pushed my lips towards her pussymy tongue left my mouth and found her moist pussy, I must've licked her twice when suddenly she pushed me apart, she was flushing, her eyes were red, she just looked at meand told me to lie down on the bed, I did and she climbed next to me, she stared at my cock and noticed it wasn't completely hard, she sat next to me showing me her back, grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me, at first she wasn't doing a good jobshe would pull down hard and yank it without a rhythm , -"what's wrong" she asked me without turning -"you´re doing it all wrong" I told her -"don't look ok" she said I closed my eyes and tried to relax, I felt her peel the foreskin completely back, I felt her breath on my cock and then I felt her lips wrap around the head o my cock, at first she just opened her mouth and put my cock in tempting anime with large boobs doing blowjob she started to yank me with her hand, for some time that's all she did, finally she began to suck me!!, I felt her tongue wrap around me, I started to get hard at once, and before I knew it I was hard as rock.

Kathy continued to suck me, I opened my eyes and saw the back of her head, I started to rub her back and caress her hair, she stopped and turned around, we didn't nasty teen webcam strip and play no study tonight for this cutie eye to eye ,she held my cock with one hand and told me "wow, now it´s hard, put it in me quick" She laid on her back and opened her legs, I could see her in all her glory, her pussy just looked beautiful, I think I was finally getting in to it, I went to her pussy and started to lick hershe held my face and told me just to put in her, I nodded again, she wasn't looking at me, I guided my cock towards her opening, I rested the tip between her pussy lips and looked upKathy wasn't staring at me she was looking to her side, I pushed in and grunted, she was very hot black bitch gets fucked and facialed, I pulled it out and went down on her again, I started to eat her and play with her pussy, fingering her and using a lot of tongue when I felt she was wetI lined up my cock on her entrance and once again pushed, this time I slid in completely without resistance, Kathy grunted as I entered her, I just stayed there, in her for a couple of seconds without moving and laying on top of my sister, she turned around and faced me, she opened her legs more and made herself conformable-"go on, start moving"-she said softly to my ear, I looked down and could see my cock in her pussy, I started to pump, slowly at first then a little faster, after some time I stopped and pulled out of her.

I went toward the camera and paused it. -"what happened, are you done? Are you going to cum?" she asked looking surprised -"no, I just can't have sex with you like that, you're like a dead cow, you're cold and you don't even move, I´ll never finish that way"- I meant it -"shit, ok your right, let's focus"- -"let's not, let's just go with it" I told her -"yeahok, come on let me ride you"- she said this as she got up I pressed record again and laid on my back, my sister grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy as she sat down on it, she hummedshe was tight, very tight "hmm, o my godI can't believe its all in me"- saying this as she sat on me, she didn't move she just sat on me with my dick in her pussy, I looked at her and grabbed her hips, she started to move, very slowly gaining speed every time, I could see how my cock spread her pussy lips, I could feel her, she put her hands on my chest and started to move faster I moved my hands towards her breasts and started to cup them both and squeeze them hard, she started to moan, softly I continued to fondle her breasts, we kept on for a couple of minutes, it was awkward but it was starting to feel good on both of us, I could tell Kathy was starting to enjoy it as well, I moved my hands form her tits to her ass and started to guide her rhythm we were getting there, I leaned forward and began to kiss her breasts, I wasn't having any trouble kissing and licking her chest, she hugged my head and held me tight, we were both starting to sweat and we were very into each other, for a second I forgot it was my older sister I was having sex with, she was humping and grinding me like crazy, I couldn't keep my hands of her.

I lifted her up still locked in we traded positions, this time she was lying on her back and I was on top, she wrapped her legs around me and I used my hands as support, she was grabbing my back as I kept on pumping, we were in tune I pushed in and she moved out, when I started to move in a circular motion she would follow me, I found her breast again and kissed them intensely I laid on top of her and moved my mouth close to her ear, -"I can't believe I'm fucking you"- I told her She hugged me harder and bit down on my shoulder, I kept on going and going, we stayed in that position for a while I got up pulled out and moved her to the center of the bed ,I was in her once again and we continued on the missionary position she opened her legs a lot, I was enjoying it, bisexual teen orgy spoiled kharlie stone gets her way a blast penetrating my sister, It was hypnotizing seeing my cock going in and out of her wet pussy, our sweating hard body's were in sync it was like we had been having sex for yearsKathy was panting, so was I, she grabbed my ass and pulled me in.

We kept on going for some time, suddenly she stopped and pushed me of her, we both were panting and lying side by side, we stared at each other and just stayed there -"are you ready to cum?"- she asked me I just nodded and closed my eyes -"come on then"-she waved me over She opened her legs and I aligned myself to her, this time she grabbed my cock and guided me in, I started to move, she grabbed my waist and pulled me in, with every thrust i, she grunted, I started slamming her, not so roughwe kept at it for a while-"hurry up and finish"-she said, -"first time I hear someone complaining because I last too long"- I told her, she smiled, we both did, and then I was about to cum I pulled out and finished all over her belly, my sperm shot all the way up, I stayed for a minute in the same position and then I fell to my side.

Kathy just laid there.

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I put my arm over my eyes, just thinking about what we had done, finally Kathy got up, she cleaned herself and went towards the camerashe turned it off and took it out of the tripod, -"thanks, " she said-" I never thought we would be able to go with it" -"yeah" I agreed "how do you feel?" -"let's just not talk about it, ok" -"ok, what now?" I asked -"we get dressed and forget we ever did this, I´ll take the tape to the guy tomorrow and as soon as I have the money I'll call you" We got dressed in silence, we didn't even look at each other, I was feeling weird, it wasn't shame what I felt, it was something else, don't get me wrong, I haven't been a saint and I've done it all, but this was just too much, it felt for lack of better word uncomfortable with the whole situation.

I left our parents house without saying goodbye, I couldn't sleep that night, all I could think about was my sister, about what we had done, about her body, her tits, her pussy, I had the picture in my mind of me penetrating her, as I finished over her bellyas I licked her breasts, we hadn't kissed, and I wondered about it, and I hadn't seen her face as she gave me a blow job, but I had felt it and it was running in my mind over and over again, I wondered if she felt the same way, if she had liked it, If I had been good, I don't know why but I felt like If Anal fisting and pussy fisting in a double fisting session tube porn was a young kid again, I didn't care about the consequencesthe money was good, but I just couldn't get it out of my head, I had fucked my sister, and I had liked it!.

The next day around noon I got a call from Kathy -"what's up"- I answered trying to sound as normal as always like if nothing had happened -"I dropped the video this morning &hellip." She hesitated ".but there's a problem" -"fuck, what" I thought what could have gone wrong -" it's the ending".Hesitation again -"what about it?"- I asked her -"it's not clear" speaking softly -"what's not clear?" -"you know.

when you. you know… finish" barely audible -"ohh, ohh, what happened?" -"come to the house after work" she said -"ok, ok, but what happened to the checks? Can we get our money. tell me" I was worried fuck I was counting on that money -"just come to the house, ok I don't want to talk about it over the phone" she was nervous -"ok" I hung up For the rest of the afternoon I couldn't get any work done, my head was spinning ,just what I needed another delay, at the end of the day I was glad to get to Kathy's house, I just need to know what the hell had happened As soon as I got there I was greeted by the girls, they were happy to see me as always, me and my sister didn't even acknowledge each other, after goofing around with them for a while, their father came to pick them up, we said our goodbyes and they were on their way, Frank, Kathy's ex might be an asshole, but he did love those kids, finally when we were alone I asked!!- "well?" -"the tape is good but, the end isn't good"- she told me -"what do you mean it's not good?"-what the fuck was she talking about -"well.

. it's the." hesitated again -"just say it" I was starting to get pissed -"it's the cum shot, it's not clear, you can't see it well"- "fuck" -"yeah the guy says we have to do it again&hellip.hmm. but" -"but what?. " I hot sex party for two couples natural tits cunnilingus getting anxious -"he said that you have to finish on tits or on my mouth.

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so there's no doubt" I frozeI hadn't expect this " I already told him we would do it" she said, sounding embarrassed Now that was a twist, I never expected this, I didn't know how to feel, did I want to do thismy head was spinning a million miles an hour. -"ok" At once Kathy guided me to her bed room, we got in and locked the door, I don't know why there was no one in the house at that time and I don't think anyone would be showing up. She started to strip as soon as I closed the door, I did the same and before I knew it I was once again standing naked in front of my sister, her body was greatI was feeling more comfortable with myself so I took time to appreciate her nakednessshe set the tripod and put the camera again on it, this time she hooked it up to the tv, I sat down at the bed and looked puzzled -"so we can find the ending and just start filming over it" she explained I understood, she pressed play and the movie we had made the night before appeared before our eyes, she was right and so was the porn guy ,you could see us fucking but it wasn't close enough to see when I finished, also her leg was in the way, you could c tell I was cumin but you just couldn't see it clear enough to be sure, Kathy stopped the tape and set the teen schoolgirl squirted with cum by stepbro fantasy and babe and pointed to the bed, "ok, al set" she got close to me "how do you want to do this"- I asked her "well, just jerk off and when you're close ill start the recording and come near so you can cum on my tits" I began to jerk of but I just couldn't do it, especially since my sister was standing in front of me naked ,staring at meI closed my innocent perky teen sucks dick on film and tried to imagine something else but I couldn't every time I opened my eyes Kathy was staring at mebelieve me my cock was willing I just couldn't finish, I wasn't even close "what's going on" she asked "I'm sorry, I just can't do it, I'm not even close, it just too weird and too much pressure" "Do you want me to leave or maybe get a magazine or something" she asked me "I don't know if that will help" and I meant it She just stood there, thinking, "shit, ok" She got close to me, and stood in front of me, she grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me, I closed my eyes as not to look at her because she was so close to me it made me uncomfortable, it was so weird just her standing in front of me yanking me off, she was doing it, gaining some speed, changing hands but I knew my body just like anyone knows himself, even though I was fully erect there was no way I was going to cum, my mind just wasn't in the game, it was spinning and spinning -"what's going on?" my sister asked me -"I don't know, I just can't concentrate, it just too weird" I told her -"but you're hard" and as she said this she looked down "besides last night you did it" -"I know, I know, but it was different" -"different how?" she asked -"well&hellip.

I was having sex you know"- I explained "even if it was with you, it was still sex… but now it just weird, I'm just playing with myself in front of my sister… it´s just so creepy" -"dam"-she said -"dam, indeed" I repeated -"all right, do you want to fuck me againor should I give you a blow job and see if you can cum?" she asked I was seriously thinking about, anyone would say it's a no brainer, but I really wanted to get the shot done -"well…" Kathy asked, all this time standing naked in front of me, -"all right get on the bed so I can fuck you" -"wait lets film this as well" as she said this she headed towards the camera, before starting to rescored she said "remember tell me before you cum so we can get it at a good angle" she pointed towards the zone where we had to stand, and started to film She came towards me and got on the bed, on all fours and let me tell you that was a great view, Kathy had a great assit was heart shapedher small waist just made it look bigger, I got back in the game, I was about to go in her when she said "wait, wait lick it a little so it's wet" I obliged her, I got down and started to lick her little pussy, it smelled good and it tasted great at first I just put my tongue in her opening ,before I knew it I was licking her clit and had one finger in her, she was wet very fast, I didn't hear a peep out of her, she wasn't even on all fours anymore she had her head on the bed and her ass was in the air pointed in my direction, I was licking, licking, kissing, kissing, kissing and nibbling my sisters holiest.

"Im going to put it in" I told her, I don't know why I told her, maybe so that she wouldn't be surprised or something, like I said I wasn't thinking "do itdo it "she said as she bit the bed sheets I peeled my foreskin all the way back ,rested the head on the entrance of vagina, her labia lips caressing my penis, then I shoved it in my sistershe moaned and I swear I heard her say "ohh god.


so good" "What?" I asked "Nothing, nothing…just hurry" she said Yeah right I thought, I started to thrust in and out, I grabbed my sister by the hips and started to rock her, in and out, in and out, holly shit was she tight and it felt so good, I leaned forward and held her tits, she was on all fours ,I kept on thrusting and she was responding as well, at first she was on the edge of the bed and I was standing, before I realized it we had moved all the way to the other side and she had her head hanging over the edge of the bed with her hands on the floor, the only part of her body that was still on the bed where her legs and her waistI kept on ramming and ramming, somehow I had one arm under her waist holding on to her "oh god&hellip.

fuck,&hellip.yes &hellip. yes…… keep going&hellip. keep going" after I heard my sister say that I got so excited, I started to move faster and fasterwe were both soaked, I don't know when we dropped completely to the floor on the opposite side of the bed where we had originally started, I was on top of her completely with one hand I was holding my body as not to crush her and with other I was grabbing her tits, chest and neck, I was biting, licking and kissing her shoulders and back, she turned towards me and my tongue found hers, we kissedthen she licked and bit my lip gently and closed her eyes she was panting and said "don't you dare stop now little brother" after she said that my energies came back, I kept going ,"uhh …… yes &hellip.so close&hellip.

so close" she continued panting and moaning then she shrieked a little and pushed me off, We both just laid there on the floor of the room, both panting, both soaked, and I with a smile on my face worth 5000 bucks… "got a little carried away there…" my sister said as she turned in my direction "yeah&hellip." I said "you ready for your part?" she asked "yeahlet's do it" I said I stood up and helped her offering my hand, she took it, she put her hand on her pussy and said "ouch" I laughed we both did, "fuck that was good" she said I was about to speak, then she said, "come on let's not waste any time" I followed her to the other side of the bed passing the camera on the way, I got to my position and started to jerk of again, only this time Kathy got down on her knees in front of me, she got a hold my dick and stated to masturbate me, she looked up towards me, and opened her mouth, I could feel her tongue on my shaft, then her lips, and then she covered the head of my penis with her mouth, she started to suck, I was feeling great, any doubt or regrets or stupid thought that went through my head were all gone, she was doing a great job, using her hand as wellshe would take it out of her mouth look at me yank it and put it back in.I put one hand over her head and kind of guided her, "I'm closeI'm close" I told her, she hummed in agreementbut kept on going faster and faster, "arg" I said and took it out of her mouth, it made a popping sound, Kathy squeezed her tits together presenting them to me and welcoming my sperm, I finished all over her, two burstsmy sister looked down, at both her tits then looked up towards me and opened her mouth, wide, I shot my last load in her mouth, she received it and swallowedshe got a hold of my cock and put in her mouth again, she licked it clean, squeezing every last drop out of it.

She looked up to me and smiled, got up and went towards the camera, turned it off, then stepped into the bathroom and came out with a towel, drying herself. "let's check it out" I big ass real mom son her She played it on the tv and it was good, you could clearly see both of usKathy kneeling in front of me as she gave me a blow job we waited until I could see myself cum all over her tits and in her mouth, there was no doubt now "it good" Kathy told me as she dried me with the towel "it is good and it felt good to" I told her "don't get funny ideas"-she told me smiling "I won't, but dam that was a good fuck " "it was" school girls hostel xxx story download agreed with me "listen I'll call you tomorrow as soon as I deliver the tape ok?" "ok, cool " I started to get dressed, "I think this one will do" "it better" Kathy said to me as she started to get dressed Once again I left my parents house without saying a word, but this time I had a huge smile on my face, I slept like a baby that night The next afternoon Kathy called me at my office, she said that she had the checks and were cleared to deposit and that the porn guy had loved it, I told her I would pick up my check in the evening, hell was I happy.

True story, so if you ever see an old tape claiming to be a brother and sister, it probably was me and Kathy, it turned out we were a big hit, we made another movie, and after that we had sex twice, and that was it, we got our shit together and carried on with our lives, we managed to get out of debt, thanks in part to a friendly porn guy, no one ever found out, we didn't tell a soul, and the tapes never came back to bite us in the ass.