Sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen

Sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen
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Yeah! HS was truly a babe, with prominent blue eyes, a dazzling body, her boobs busting out of her tight shirt and an arse fit for a king! she was extremely beautiful and had a white complexion.

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*********************************** "hey H! you dropped your pencil" I blurted just as she stood up from her chair after class. she heard me and bent down to pick it. Aw god, her arse came at level with my face. i could smell her pussy from here!


"thanks", she replied, smiling naughtily as if she read my mind. "hey H, its very immediate and all, but i was wondering if we could do something after school? say seven thirty?" she grinned and swept her hair into a pony tail.

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i tried to take my eyes of her boobs but to no avail. "Sure, Cafe RocK at seven thirty. I meet you there" she said. "no, I'll pick you", i insisted, coincidentally, waving around my beamer keys. She agreed and continued to walk down the hallway, leaving me in a pool of cum. (lol) A little info bout me. i'm 5'11 and have a very muscular body. I dont work out, just eat alot of protein dinners and salads.

other then that, i swim everyday. My dad owns a popular construction firm and hes swimming in gold. We live in the rich area of Defence, Pakistan and own a 10 hectare house with a hot maddy receives a sensual anal plowing pornstars brunette lotta cars.

i own a 5 series, my dad bought it on my 14th birthday and after getting my permit, i drove it all day. Its got cruise control and a 6 cylinder turba charged engine. very cool. HS loved cars, especially beamers and mercs.

Her dad owned the school we studied in and additonally, he was the CEO of a newspaper agency. ************************************** 4 weeks later "Kb, are you sure about this?", H asked me, with a serious look. I smiled and passionately kissed her. She kissed me back and we started to strip each other. It was ten at night, and the whole school was partying in the concert hall. Yep, it was another of them boring concerts but me and H had other plans.

she managed to get the principal's office keys from her dad and we sneaked into the comfortable furnished room. A couple of her friends were on guard while both of us were enjoying the time of our lives. After stripping, i took her over to the table and scanned her body. Simply Perfect with a capital P.

she was very busty and had a virgin pussy.


What else could i want. After kissing hard for fifteen mins, we lay down on the sofa and i slowly humped her for a couple of mins. Surprisingly, she didnt bleed and instead enjoyed me popping her cherry. A girl like H couldnt possibly resist an eight-inch boner like mine.

Before cumming in her pussy, she eagerly sucked my dick like a pro. I loved it. She smiled while i cummed on her precious boobs. She wasnt a cum swallower, i respected that. After our first session, I asked her if she could spare her ass for me. She agreed the next day, I told her to grab the office table and bend her arse towards me. Finding the perfect position, i fucked her ass slowly at first and then started humping her fast.

She was moaning loudly and her black her swung happily. She kissed me for fucking her patiently and i loved the smell of her pussy, H came to school with a gloomy look on her face. Upon asking, she told me that last night's anal fucking had ruptured her ass and now she couldnt walk without pain.

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I told her to apply vaseline there and she kissed me before leaving. later that week, H approached me and suddenly stripped there in front of my friends in the locker room, she was really horny, so I took off my jeans and fucked her face in mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering of the guys.

they were all cheering and hooting at us. A guy was actually recording the blowjob. After the deepthroat pleasure, she lay on the table and spread her legs as wide as her cheerleader legs would stretch.

All of the boys went crazy at the sight of her beautiful mound and a couple of them started to jerk off. i humped H publically and she moaned loudly every time cummed. After that fuck session, every body agreed to keep the whole thing quiet and all 12 jocks thanked us heavenly for the show. H smirked at me, cum slowly running down a face but didnt swallow a drop.

She told me that her ass had healed and she desperately wanted sex so she couldnt wait for another concert. I smiled and winked at her and we proceeded towards the showers arm in arm!

HS is mine now, she loves me and i love her deeply. Thank you for reading this story and plz share your comments with me.! 2nd part? KING OF BLING