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Big tits sexy pinch pussies
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It all started one mid-July day. I was sitting in Classical Studies at St Bedes High, it was my last year at this school I was 18 and I was hoping that the last year would be a good one. After Mr Brownstene said hello to the class as he came in late, as usual, he said "Class we have a new student that will be joining us today. She is a Shangoy." Great I thought to myself, great another lying Shangoy. The Shangoy are like us humans but look like the animals that once existed along side them, as at some stage in evolution certain types of certain animals evolved to be sort of like humans, but in intellect also that they work on two legs, having hair like ours on their heads, having emotions and can talk.

I have hated them for alluring dykes enjoy each others wet pussy. However was brought upon me by a deceitful Shangoy that my mom was once in love with that looked like my old Dalmatian. She was shunned by her work mates and most of her friends for this. When he left her for one of her hypocritical work mates I vowed not to trust one of their kind again, I was 7 at the time and by the age of 10 that distrust turned to hate.

But as the new girl walked into the class room I felt something I have not felt for a Shangoy in a long long time, I for some reason couldn't hate her, I had a small crush on her.

She was 5'9" and looked like a fox, her fur color was brown and she had hair that was short, it bearly touched her neck and on her forehead hair she was a bow that held some of that hair together with only her ears sticking out amongst the hair. I guessed her bra size was 38DD but it was hard to tell as the blue short sleved top she wore was a little bit baggy.

Her skirt had a small hole in the back that she could fit her tail through instead of having it lift up the back of the skirt like the slutty Shangoy girls have done. Her para kisling hot sek porno brown eyes looked around the class room, probably looking for another Shangoy but there was only one in our class.


She was a white cat-like Shangoy that had natural pink highlights in her fur and hair, I knew that she was a 40DD as we hooked up in a drunken stupor after a school senior party.

Mr Brownstene continued on after letting the class take her in for awhile as we always do with new kids, Human or Shangoy, "Her name is Caity and she just arrived here since her father has been given a honorable discharge from the Army. She will be with us finishing her education till the end of the year when, like all of you lucky bastards, she leaves high school for good. I will let her tell you all a bit more about herself now" This was the first time I heard Caity talk, she was timid and quiet when she spoke.

"Hi" she said "As Mr.?" "Brownstene" Mr Brownstene said, with a small giggle from the rest of the class. "Right Mr Brownstene, well as he said I am new here quite obviously and also as he said my father was given a honorable discharge from the army after losing both his legs protecting his squad in from a grenade in Iran.

I was schooled on the base until we had to move offbase. I enjoyed Classical Studies there and I hope to enjoy it more here at St Bedes" Thats when Mr Brownstene cut in "I'm sorry your gonna have to cut it short we are running low on class time as it is with me being late and all. You can take a seat next to Danny on the second row, end of the left hand side." She walked over like a frightend child walks through a mall looking for their mother. She sat down next to me looked at me and noticed I was looking back at her and said "Hi" as she brushed some hair away from her forehead "I'm Caity as you already know." She was talking milf teen ass bbw dp me!

Me of all people. I was 5'8" and had a gamers build, in other words, little muscles all around my body exepct for the bare minimum that got me through two years of compulsory Gym during my freshmen and sophmore years and I weighed in at 138 lbs and had pale white skin.

My hair was shaggy and went down to my neck as I hated having hair cuts so only got one once every three months, I hadn't shaved in two weeks as I had been on holiday to New Zealand so I had a small teenage beard going on.

All I could murmur back was "H. Hi I'm Daniel but everyone calls me Danny." She giggled and said "Daniel, what a cute name" then smiled at me to which I smiled back then we got on to doing our work. In two weeks we were seeing each other on a daily basis, school or no school we hanged out everyday.

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My school mates had asked me what was wrong with me in the classes that we had together and tried to remind me of my old hatred for Shangoy. I told them all to bollocks off as she was different, that I could and did tust her. In three more weeks we summed up the courage for me to stay the weekend at her place, when I met her father dispite us not being in a romantic relationship, I was scared as I hoped one day my feelings for her would be the same way she felt hot latina teen slut strips ampampamp fucks pussy ampampamp tight ass with dildos me and we all know how fathers can be.

We meet had a hand shake then he said that he was sorry that he couldn't stay but he and his wife Joanne had to go to a wedding in L.A. so they were gone for the weekend. So it was just Caity and I all alone in her house, sure all I could think of was fucking her, but she was also my friend and I didn't want to force her outside her comfort zone. She said she would be right back as she was going to get the popcorn and movies we were gonna watch.

When she returned she turned the lights off, put the movie 28 Days Later on then put the popcorn between us. While we were watching she dropped a peice of popcorn between her boobs and started thumbling around under her shirt to find it.

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She eventually took her shirt off, I immeditally got a boner from seeing her semi-naked. Ikept thinking to myself, she has got to be bloody kidding me, there is no way she would hit on me, that when I noticed her looking at my boner for a split second before realising I was looking at her and noticed where she was looking. Her face grew red and appologised "Sorry, I have never seen a real penis before, and now well my dildo just doesn't do what it used to do when I got it when I was 16 and I have always felt attracted to you, but I knew that you wouldn't feel the same way about." She never finsihed the sentence as I jumped on top of her and started kissing her.

For awhile she sat there doing nothing, stunned by my actions before she started to kiss back.


Our tounge entwined and I put my hands on her soft hair as we made out on the couch while 28 Days Later was playing in the background. We broke apart and she started panting "Wow" she mused "I have never done that with anyone before, but it felt ravina tantan ka seks story xxxxx good doing it with you Daniel" I smiled, then an unspoken question got answered as we started to take all our clothes off then make out again, her warm fur rubbing against my cold pale body.

As her tail started to move around she told me "Fuck me anyway, any position you want, I just want you to be inside me and us to be one as we are destined to be." This was my first time and hers aswell although her cherry was long popped by a dildo that in later years we would use while making love. I entered her slowly unsure of what the sensation would feel like then I started to thrust as she moaned softly beneath me, we started to kiss then we feel off the couch but we didn't mind we just kept on fucking, as I fucked her she started screaming out for me to go faster and deeper, which I was only to happy to oblige as our bodys started to rub against each other I broke our kiss and started to suck her 38DDs as I thrusted in and out of her going faster then I had thrusted before, she half moaned half screamed "Oh god that feels good, keep doing that" Part 2 maybe coming.