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Hairy pussy beauty squirts on fucking machine
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Having been traveling for several months, I made my way up the windy mountain roads to my Aunt Carol and Uncle Jesse's house. They lived at the base of a gorgeous mountain in the Northwest and I had been there as a young boy, but not since. Aunt Carol was always really sweet and Uncle Jesse was a hard working guy who always knew everything about everything.

When I was there as a boy, I had some encounters with my cousins that were many of my firsts. At this house I saw my first pair of breasts, my first pussy, had my first blowjob, and my first dip into the waters of a woman. I was young and they were too, but the older ones taught us younger ones what to do.

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I found out years later that my Mom had known the whole time what had happened, and said that was one of the reasons they had moved and distanced themselves from that side of the family. I look back and I am so glad she did that. Most of my cousins were total losers, potheads, prostitutes and some were drug addicts of a more serious kind. My two younger brothers and 2 stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick female cousins had moved away from this area and we all had a bit of success either in college or in business.

I had kept in touch with one of my female cousins and the other was never really talked about or brought up. Sort of a mystery girl that I had only one memory of. She was years younger than me and what I remember happening to her was sad at best, but at least she made it out. I parked the car and noticed several more cars than I would assume Jesse and Carol to have at the property.

I stepped out of the car and breathed in the fresh mountain air and felt strangely at home. I walked up to the house and was greeted by Uncle Jesse with a cold one in his hand for me. A quick hug and a slap on the back, and we headed in. The entry was really the living room, and I looked around noticing nobody there and I heard Carol yell from the kitchen.

She came out and gave me a big hug, and I had forgot that she was a looker. 5'6" but with slim curves and an abundant chest. Funny what you don't remember from being a kid.

I went out and grabbed my bag and headed up to my room. The house was old and creaky, and the stairs ended right where my door was.


There were 4 bedrooms upstairs and Jesse and Carol's room was across the hall and on the end. I stepped in and opened my bag when I heard a noise from the room next door. I was 26 and sure that I knew what the sound was. A girl enjoying herself seemed to fit the moaning. I crept up to the wall to hear the action a bit better, and began to wonder who it could be? I ran across my fakeagentuk cute redhead gets a face full of cum on the casting couch who was supposed to show up and it was all my older relatives, but this girl sounded young.

I crept out my door and walked into the hall to see if I could make out a voice or see something. As I stepped in front of the adjacent door, my heart stopped. It was a sound from an Edgar Alan Poe poem, and when I realized how loud the creak in the floor was, I dashed back into my room. The moaning stopped and I shut the door leaving a small opening. I quickly began to unpack as if I had been here the whole time.

I heard nothing but silence for at least 2 minutes, and then the same creak bellowed through the hall. I peaked up for a moment and saw a flash of dark hair and a girl with short shorts on through the crack in my door. I quickly got up and peaked down the stairs that switched back half way down to see a perfect shot of this amazing hottie with great cleavage bounce her way down the last 4 steps.

I gathered my composure and slowly headed down to find out who the hell this girl was. As I hit the bottom of the stairs, she was staring at me with curious eyes and a look as if I was from another planet. I stopped, "Hello. Can I help you?" flashing a quick smile that usually did well when trying to charm the ladies.


She looked over her shoulder, "Aunt Carol, you said he was good looking, but you didn't tell me he was this hot!" She quickly flashed her eyes forward giving me a good once over, and tilting her head to the side she started twirling her hair. "Well hell Sasha, he is your cousin, and I know he's hot as hell, but how am I supposed to say that?" Aunt Carol chuckled from the kitchen. "You just did!" I yelled back at Aunt Carol and Uncle Jesse let out a laugh who was sitting in his lazy boy watching the action, but actually I think he was just watching her ass.

"Sasha huh, I remember you from year's ago! How are ya?" I quipped trying to converse but my head was spinning. This was the other lucky cousin that had got out of the area and she had just finished her first year of college. Sasha had xnxx full full story sex storiesyoga group black hair, a very trim heavily pregnant teen is used by men body and was about 5'8" tall.

She had on those short shorts, the athletic ones, and a tank top that showed her 34C breasts. I could see that the bra was thin and I assumed a sports bra with the lack of perkiness to her tits in the tank top. I slowly moved over to the couch trying to gather myself, my thoughts also turning back to our last meeting.

One of my older cousins had played doctor with Sasha and I remember that Sasha was the only one in the group that put up a fight. Of course she was the youngest, and 7 years my junior. I sat down as we caught up on life, college, the drama of dating, my recent travels and of course our crazy ass family. Come to find out this encounter was by chance as she was just passing through to visit her parents that still were in the area, and when she heard I was stopping in, she thought it would be a good surprise.

I agreed it was a great surprise as we toasted our beers. It was still early in the day so we decided to head out to the new pool that our Aunt and Uncle had put in a few years back. We both ran up the stairs to change into our suits and as we went up the stairs, Sasha took her tank top off as if it petite tattooed brunette showing pussy on cam a race to get changed first. By the time she walked in her room she was topless, and she peaked over giving me a smile as her perfect C tits bounced as she entered her room.

Not sure about the next move, since I hadn't even thought about my cousins, much less the thought of fooling around with one again, I just went in my room and put my board shorts on. I had a decent swelll going so tried to lay low for a minute, but found myself just rubbing my cock through my shorts picturing those perfect breasts and the thick ass that I could see the outline of on the way up the stairs.

"You ready or what?" I turned around with my hand on my cock over my shorts and saw Sasha with a tiny little bikini on. She was falling out of her top and I could see the outline of her nipples clear as day in the stark white material. I quickly moved my hand away and shuffled around in my suitcase for a towel, a shirt. something to cover up my embarrassment. She giggled, "Come on, let's go!" Seeming to ignore the state that I was in.

I found a T-shirt and headed out of the room in front of her. She smiled as I walked by. At 6'2" and weighing 165 I was lean and cut with dark blonde hair. As we headed down the stairs I peeked back as we made the turn and could see the outline of her pussy lips in the suit and noticed a seemingly shaded spot at the center of them.

I looked up and caught her eyes and smiled. She laughed and gave me a quick shove down the second half of the stairs so I had to jump the rest of the way.

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We were both laughing but not sure really why, other than it was a bit awkward at that point. At the pool, my eyes feasted on every imaginable area of her body that was clear to the naked through the wet, white fabric. "I am surprised they sell suits that are that see through." I said as she dried off clearly admiring her own nipples through the fabric.

"Oh yeah, well, it's the one I brought from college, and I really wasn't thinking about being with family in this thing." seeming to quickly defend her choice. "I hope you don't mind." She said with a sly grin as she continued to dry her tight little body off.

Uncle Jesse of course sat poolside and was clearly half tanked and half hard. His shorts were hiked up as he sat there and whenever she was getting in or out of the pool, the head of his big tit sex with her own son would stick out the bottom of his shorts.

He wasn't even trying to hide it. I know that he knew, but hell, this was not that abnormal for this family. I could tell Sasha could care less about Jesse's oscillating cock, but she definitely kept her eyes on me.

After a while lounging by the pool, Aunt Carol called us for dinner and we quickly headed in. Xxxstory ganda story bf gandaebony went up the stairs this time she took her top off again and stopped at the entry of my door.

She was grinning and biting her lip with her perfect tits pointing at me cold from the wet suit. She ran her hand down my bare chest as I put a hand on her hip. My cock was throbbing and I could tell that I would need to cum before dinner or might not survive the meal.

In a soft, quiet and sultry voice she practically whispered in my ear, "So, I think that we should enjoy this reunion, don't you?" I just nodded and leaned in to kiss my long lost cousin.

She pulled back, "Not right now, but tonight, we'll play it by ear." I smiled, but blonde hooker greta gets fondled by client smalltits and pornstars my cock ready to explode. I reached around and grabbed her thick ass, and squeezed it tight, then let my other hand grab it and squeeze the other cheek pulling them apart. "Tonight will be fine, but I am gong to have to care of some things right now." I whispered in her ear.

She smiled and nodded and we slid in my room. I started to close the door and remembered how thin these walls were. I motioned her with a finger over her lips to be quiet, and she nodded knowingly as her hand was now reaching into my board shorts.

She yanked the Velcro loose and slid them down. As she positioned herself to take down my shorts I let go of the door and got my hands full of her amazingly soft and firm C tits.

Stroking the hard nipples, I flicked them between my thumb and index fingers. She moaned softly as she began to stroke my now throbbing cock.

She dropped on her knees and slowly admired my cock. "Wow. I never knew this ran in our family." she quipped looking at my 8.5 inch cock from the side. I put my hands on her head and loosely grabbed her soaking wet pony tail; I wrapped the wet hair around my hand and got a fistful of hair and great grip.

As I squeezed, water came flooding out of her hair down her back. It was cold and she let out a little yelp from the sudden shock of the water on her back. With a firm grip on her hair and my cock in her face, she quickly moved into action licking the head of my cock.

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I leaned down, "Let's make this quick so we don't get caught." She looked up at me with those brown eyes and quickly wrapped her lips around my cock, and began sucking with a vengeance. I have had many quick and great blowjobs as a bartender from years, but this was spectacular.

She didn't stroke it, she just grabbed my ass and pushed me into the back of her mouth over and over and over, seemingly without even taking a breath. I was gripping her hair while she used her face to fuck my cock, and the water was now dripping harder as I squeezed harder. She moaned every time I tightened the grip and she would go faster as well. I was thoroughly enjoying the head when I heard it. The floor boards in the house were all bad, but this one was the same one as before.

We both froze with my cock in her mouth and her tongue still swirling even as we didn't move a muscle. My door was wide open now and this meant that someone had walked by, seen me face fucking my teen cousin and didn't say a damn thing about it. I looked down and she just kind of giggled with her mouth full of cock, shrugged her shoulders and began to move on my cock again. I was scared that this would end badly, but the way she held me in with her hands on my ass was spectacular, so I just let go and kept fucking her pretty pouty lips.

Within a few seconds I was ready to blow, and now I had both hands at the back of her head, she removed her hands from my ass and I did my best to try yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde shove my cock as deep down her throat as possible. When I pushed with both hands and then pumped my hips, I thought I had hit a brick wall, normally, I would have been able to push past the throat and been right in there, but it was not going to happen, so I just kept the pressure up.

Her eyes were focused on mine as I had her buried on my cock and they were tearing up quickly. She put her hands on my thighs trying to push back and as she did I let up for a second, only to go for the throat all over again.

Her hands shot out to the sides as I held her head fucking her face doing everything I could to get in her throat. I felt the orgasm coming anyways, and let up a bit realizing that I wasn't going to blow my load in her throat which is my preferred place to cum. I let off just fucking her face again and began to fill my balls tighten and my cock twitch. I let out a low moan as I emptied cute asian blonde is happy and squirting after load into the back of her mouth.

At this she began to gag and I pulled back a little. I could tell she was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and as she looked like she was swallowing, I couldn't help myself. The door was open. I shoved my still hard cock at the back of her throat, and it was like fucking magic. Mid-swallow, my cock was firmly planted in her throat.

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Now throbbing from the tight pressure of lovely eyes amateur blowing a big cock gagging and swallowing, I watched her arms flail around for a moment in shock and she looked up with almost horror in her eyes, but I could tell she wasn't scared. I let go of her head and let her take herself off of my cock. With a quick pop and my hard bright red cock was bouncing in the air as she pulled back.

She was practically heaving for air while unintentionally swallowing the rest of the cum in her mouth. She wiped her mouth and looked dazed with tears down her cheeks and red-eye that Visine can't cure. As she looked up I could tell she didn't know what to do. I imagined that she was pissed, but of course horny and liked it too.

I smiled and simply patted her on the head, "Great head Sasha, so glad you took care of that before dinner. Thanks." I quickly walked over and put on my regular underwear acting as if nothing really had just happened.

She looked over and stood up, tits swaying, and her suit bottoms in a wrinkled mess showing part of her pink lips on the right side. "What the fuck?" She said almost laughing. "What do you mean?" I said with a wry smile, "Don't worry, you'll get yours tonight." She didn't seem that amused by my comment, and then I could tell she was a bit pissed.

She picked up her top and quickly slid out my door and I heard the famous creek and the door shut. I paused for a moment to think, realizing that in all that commotion and fucking my cousin's mouth and throat, that someone else knew what just happened and was keeping it to themselves. I finished changing quickly and headed downstairs fast to see who might still be upstairs. To my surprise Jesse was again in the lazy boy watching TV and Carol was in the kitchen.

Was I hearing things?

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But I thought she heard it too?