Wold bigest black sex in the cock

Wold bigest black sex in the cock
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There were two dozen of them, they had just been delivered by my contact. I had ordered these females two weeks ago and waited in anticipation for their arrival. Now they were here and they had no choice but to submit to my every whim. I picked two of them. A strawberry blond and a redhead. I loved the taste of fresh female flesh, but I found that the females who had red tinted hair tasted the sweetest.

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They were both short, no taller than five feet. Both had medium sized firm tits, and great little bodies to go along with them, I had to totally shave the redheads pussy bald cause I sure did not want to get hairs caught in my teeth as I enjoyed my meal.

I had something special planned for these two little bitches. "You are both going to die a very gruesome death", I told them," Yet, you have one chance to earn your lives back. As long as you two act like the horny sluts you are and do everything I say as soon as I say it, then you will have a chance to live.

If not, then you hollywoods movies brother sister relationship die." "Oh please, why are you going to do this to us?" the strawberry blond asked. "Because I own you both and I can sunny leone in the virginity hit10 whatever I wish with you. Now, remove each others clothes, slowly and sexily!" I commanded.

They did as they were told and soon both were totally naked. I told the redhead to lay back cause I was going to shave her pussy bald and she did. I clipped her pubes closely then proceeded to carefully shave the area. I didn't want to bruise or hurt the precious meat that I was going to eventually devour. I then made them go down on each other. I told them if they did not eat each other out the right way then they would find out what pain was going to be like.

The strawberry blond laid on her back while the redhead laid on top. They both started to really eat each others pussy out, making my cock all hard and throbbing. I then alternatively ate each of their pussies while forcing the other one to eat with me. Once the strawberry blonds pussy was all wet and juicy, I had the redhead guide my hard, throbbing cock into her pussy.

I started fucking the strawberry blonds tight pussy in slow, deep grinding strokes. I slowly started to pick up my strokes, going faster and faster in and out the sopping wet pussy of the strawberry blond girls hot, steamy pussy.


I then reached the point of no return and emptied my swollen nuts into her pussy flesh. After a few minutes I started in on the redhead. First I ate her out,forcing the strawberry blond to join me. I then started to fuck her pussy.

Doing to her what I did to the strawberry blond, I fucked her hard and fast until I shot my second sexy bimbos show off their hot bodies big tits of spunk into this one.

I then made each of them go down on each other and suck the cum from each others pussies. I then took their asses from them, fucking each of them long and hard in their tight little asses until I pumped another load into each of them. Again I made them eat each others asses out to suck all my spunk from their browneyes. I then gave them the drink and they soon fell fast asleep.

They woke up, tied spread eagle to two tables I had set up. They were in the shape of a human body. I fastened their legs to the lower boards and spread them wide open.

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There would be nothing they could do when I started to eat their pussy flesh. They soon both woke up and the redhead asked me why I had tied them up this way? "Didn't we do everything you asked us?" "Of course you did, but truthfully did you think I was going to allow you to live for real? I then climbed on top of the redhead and started whispering into her ear. "I am going to show you pain like you could never imagine.


I am going to go down on your cunt and show you a totally new meaning of the term eating pussy." "Oh God, what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?" cried the redhead. "I am not going to tell you, I am going to show you." I look over at the strawberry blond and tell her to watch and listen carefully cause she will be next.

I then get down inbetween the redheads legs. I start out by sucking on her clit, making it hard. There was nothing she could do as I continued to work on her clitty. Soon I could feel she was about to explode. Just as she started to come, I bit off her clitoris. She screamed in pain and agony. Next I bit off her pussy lips. Slowly savoring the sweet delicacy of her meat, I chew it and swallow her lips.

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Again, she is screaming, begging me to stop while the strawberry blond starts to beg me to stop eating her too. I ignored the both of them and took a huge chunk of the redheads vulva.

Oh was I in heaven, eating the flesh of this bitches pussy, knowing that I had still another pussy to eat too. I started to devour her, taking huge chunks of her outer pussy flesh, chewing it slowly, savoring every taste before I swallowed her meat. "Oh Phat ass jada stevens analyzed by throbbing cock outdoors, please, please stop" she begged,"Why are you doing this to me!?!"she screamed. "Simply because I can" was my reply.

I continued dining on her, eating her vagina, until there was nothing left for me to consume. I could feel the meat I had just eaten from her body down in my belly, all warm. She was now whimpering, her pussy gone, she knew that soon so would her life force. I then looked over at the strawberry blond,"Are you ready desert?" I ask her, She lets out a piercing scream. I walk over to her, the redheads sweet tasting pussy meat still on my lips and tongue.

"Please, please, I don't want to die, please don't do this to me."cried the strawberry blond.

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"Please, bullshit, just shut the fuck up and deal with it. I am going to eat you just like I did her and there is nothing you are going to be able to do about it is there?" I then started in on my desert. Again, I bought the whore to orgasm before I bit off her yummy clitoris. I consumed her just like I had with the redheads pussy. Savoring each bite as she begged me to stop.

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That only drove me on to eat her more, taking huge chunk of pussy flesh from her body, eating it and making her watch me swallow her meat. But, like all good things, soon I finished my desert.

Now I had two yummy pussies in my belly and these two whores were whimpering and crying. I then bit off their nipples from their tits. They both screamed bloody murder as I ate their sensitive nipples from their bodies.

I then walked over and took out a huge butcher knife. I went to the redhead and shoved it into the hole that used to be her pussy. The razor sharp knife cut through her flesh like a hot knife through butter and she continued to scream as I ripped her open. I then put her two legs into a noose and hung her upside down. The last thing she saw in her life was her entrails spilling out past her dying eyes.

I then did the same to the strawberry blond. It then took me three hours to butcher all the meat from their bodies, package it and get it ready to bring to the supermarket in a couple of hours and switch some of the beef meat they sold with some of the human meat I took from these two cunts.

It took me a week to finish canabalizing the rest of the whores. I never hot pregnant tart craves a stiff cock in her wet pussy such a tasty flesh feast in all my life.

I got to eat 24 pussies and 48 nipples. By the time I was done butchering all the cunts, I had enough of their meat to put into all the grocery stores in the area.