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Licking lesbians janice and trillium gets to suck on nipples hardcore petite
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. Story Codes: mf, mf, mf, mmf, cream pie, exhib, inc, hand job, hp, grope, magic, oral, unif, voy Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 8 - The League by Avatrek ([email protected]) Hermione's first day of class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1976 had begun a little less than optimal.

For her entire academic life, Hermione had always been at the top of her class, the best student, and ever the teacher's pet. After being thrown back in time to a seemingly unrecognizable Hogwarts and very liberal culture, she was inadequately prepared for the truths of 1976 Hogwarts. The school was obsessed with sex, demeaning women with ridiculously revealing school uniforms, with not a single person concerned about the inequalities. Since arriving back in 1976, Hermione had been groped, fingered, spanked, stripped, and even had had her tight juicy little teenage ass cummed on by one of her best friends.

But to the dismay of her better senses, Hermione had started to like it! Her inhibitions had been slowly decaying after her arrival back in time, but after being dosed against her will by her arch enemy, Draco Malfoy, she was having a very difficult time controlling her more carnal urges. The worst part of the entire experience was the fact that she couldn't help but have a certain attraction to Malfoy, which was a definite side effect of the potion Malfoy had slipped her.

Her first day's classes had been dreadfully long, unfair, but not all together horny blonde milf fills herself with a toy. Although most of her classes other than Potions had been fairly normal, her Muggle Studies lesson with a younger version of Ron's father had been quite the experience for Hermione.

Now that the day was finally coming to an end however, Hermione was hard at work coming up with an antidote to the potion Malfoy had slipped in order to counter the more aggressive of her symptoms. "Fuck Hermione! That was fucking hot today in Muggle Studies!" Harry told her, throwing down his backpack on the table beside her in the Slytherin common room.

"I've never seen you like that!" Harry said, both quite delighted and overjoyed at the thought of Hermione becoming a slut. As Hermione tried to find an antidote for Malfoy's potion in her Potions textbook, she tried to ignore both Harry's praise and his looks at her ample cleavage.

She had a xxx girls black guy viodes download urge to reach under the table and see how hard she was making him, but somehow controlled herself and redoubled her efforts at finding a cure for her present inhibited state. "Malfoy dosed me with something at lunch. I couldn't control myself." She complained feeling another twinge of longing to slip beneath the table and suck on Harry's hard cock.

"Fuck! I can barely think right now!" "I know something that could help set your mind right Hermione". Harry said with a smirk as he moved his hand to Hermione's inner thigh and ran it slowly up towards her moist pussy. "Harry! I thought you at least wouldn't take advantage of me while I'm in this state!" Hermione shouted at him, slapping his hand away, even though in reality, she had wanted his hand to slip underneath her tight little black and green thong and rub her wet fucking pussy.

"Okay okay Hermione! You don't need to get violent!


I'm just trying to help you fit in". Harry replied, clearly thinking Hermione should definitely let out her inner slut. "I know exactly what you want to fit in me, but my pussy is off limits for everyone!" Hermione responded, thinking all the while how fucking hot it would be to have Harry slam the full length of his hard cock into her tight teenage twat.

"There are other places other than your pussy that I can fit in, and I'm certain you'd like it". Harry told her, thinking about how sweet it would be to see one of his best friends on her knees in front of him, sucking him off. "Besides, you probably should get some practice in before trials tonight anyways". "What do you mean? Quidditch team trials?" Hermione replied, utterly confused as Harry stood up from the table and gave her a knowing smirk. "You'll find out in a few minutes. I'm sure you'll be team captain!" Harry said, being as cryptic as possible as he stole one final glance at her cleavage.

'Weird', Hermione thought as she folded up her Potions book and decided it was a lost cause for the night and thinking a long restful sleep would do her good for the next day of classes. Just as she reached the Slytherin girls dormitories stairs however, she heard a bell sound and the magnified voice of Professor Slughorn cut through the silence of the dungeon common room.

"All students third year and above, please report to the common room for start of the year trials". Boomed Slughorn's voice. A rush of people came down both of the dormitory stairs and adjoining rooms to converge on the common room and Hermione had no choice but to follow. In the throng of students gathering about the massive-bellied Slughorn, Hermione was groped and fondled several times. One third year boy even had the audacity to lift up Hermione's skirt and pull down her thong.

Everyone in the crowd of students got an amazing view of Hermione's tight young ass and pussy before she was able to pull her skirt back down. "Get back here you little fucking perv!" She shouted, but to no avail as he darted through the crowd with her slightly damp little thong, chuckling as he did so. "Don't worry you little Mudblood slut, you won't need those in a minute". Malfoy whispered in her ear as he slid his hand underneath her skirt and slid one of his fingers into her wet pussy.

"Unnnnnnhhh". Hermione moaned, unable to help herself as Malfoy took advantage of her again. Although she knew it was wrong and that she should fight back, a strange feeling of bliss overcame her and all she wanted to do was replace Malfoy's little finger for his big hard cock. "Fuck your wet slut!" Malfoy moaned in her ear as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy while the crowd around them shifted their gaze to the oversized figure of Professor Horace Slughorn.

"For the last 49 years, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has partaken in one of the schools most popular sporting competition. This competition is the foundation for friendly competitiveness and rivalry, as well as a way to strengthen schoolmate bonds.

For all newcomers, the 1976-1977 Suck-Off Season will be super toys in super vaginas of adorable strapon lezzies pantyhose and lesbians of the most memorable!" Slughorn boomed, clearly excited for trials to begin. "What? Unghhh!" Hermione moaned as Malfoy inserted a second finger into her wet slit.

"You hear him slut! The Suck-Off League used to be the most popular sporting even at Hogwarts until a kid died from over-stimulation in the 80's and it was cancelled". Malfoy whispered to her as a few cheers could be heard from the students eager for the season to begin.

"So the trials are to see what girls make the team? How many? And what if I don't want to particip-- Mmmm FUCK! That feels good!" Hermione moaned as she came on Malfoy's fingers. "Hahaha! I knew you'd like being my whore!" Malfoy said with a smile as he licked his sticky fingers and enjoyed Hermione's flavour.

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"The Suck-Off League involves all the houses, but these are only trials for the Slytherin team. Each team is made up of the five best cock sucking girls in each house, with team members being as young as 13.


Every girl from third year and above has to compete for their house team. It's mandatory slut, so enjoy!" Malfoy finished, licking his fingers clean and smacking her one time one the ass before Slughorn continued.

"Because this will be the 50th year of the league, it is of utmost importance that Slytherin break the Gryffindor three year hold on Fellatio Cup! Lily Evans trains nearly every day and as Captain of the Gryffindor team, she will surely be our stiffest competition!" Slughorn announced, clearly wanting to beat Gryffindor's stranglehold on the Suck-Off Cup and but also proud of Lily Evans, as a member of the Slug Club.

Hermione looked over at Harry and saw a small smile playing at the corner of this lips and a look of pride in his eyes. "So. I will need all of the female students up front on the stage and ready to show some Slytherin pride and skill!" Slughorn stepped off the stage and ushered all the Slytherin girls on the stage for all to see. "Hurry up Mudblood! It's your time to shine for Slytherin House!" Malfoy laughed, smacking on her bare ass one more time. Hermione slowly made her way onto the stage and took her position among the many Slytherin girls, aging from 13 to 18 years of age.

Although not altogether pleased to find herself in her current predicament, she was pleased to see that she was definitely the hottest girl there. There were only 5 or 6 that were even on the same level, which made Hermione feel just a bit proud.

"Okay ladies! Take off your shirts and skirts and get on those knees for trials!" Slughorn announced, obviously overjoyed at getting to look at so much prime teenage pussy. "Excellent! Very nice indeed Miss Stranger! There was no need to remove your panties but I doubt many of the lads or myself can complain!" Slughorn commented, to a chorus of catcalls and whistles.

Hermione blushed as she finished removing her top and took another glance sideways to evaluate her competition. Hermione's mind was flustered with some very in appropriate thoughts as she tried to imagine what was about to take place. There were a few fourth, fifth and sixth years that had bodies nearly as outstanding as her own and one third year whose breasts had already developed nicely for her age and was very beautiful.

"Now I need the men to line up, one in front of each of the ladies and drop those trousers!" Slughorn stated, as a rush of boys pushed and shoved for a few select girls, none more than for Hermione herself. "Settle down lads, everyone will get have the pleasure of enjoying five separate ladies. That's why we have these handy little Replenishment Potions".

Slughorn told the squabbling boys, pulling out a large case of vials filled with a bright blue potion. After everyone settled down and took their place in front of each girl, Slughorn continued.

Hermione could barely believe her ears as she realized that she'd have to suck off 5 boys in succession. For her first boy, Hermione had ended up with a young third year, who looked too young for what was about to happen.

"Now for those new to the Suck-Off League trials, each girl will have to suck-off a total of five lads. A stop-watch will be kept to keep track of how gape loving babe plowed with hard dick european and anal time it takes for each lady to suck off each lad. At the end of the trials the five best combined times will make up our new team for the 1976 Suck-Off League!

On my mark. Begin!" Slughorn shouted as the boys stepped forward and each girl took their hardening cocks in and and started feverishly sucking them off for their white gold. Hermione was still in a state of shock as the boy in front of her stepped forward and presented her with his four inch hard cock. Hermione was overcome with a sudden desire to grab hold of it and suck him off as fast as possible. The effects of Malfoy's potion finally overcame her resilient inhibitions and she grabbed hold of the boy's cock and took the whole 4 inches in her mouth at once.

Before she could even draw him back out again, she felt a warm and salty, but very tasty splash hit the back of her throat and fill her mouth.

"Unghhhh!" The boy moaned, cumming down the gorgeous brunettes throat as he took in Hermione's perfect body. Her young pert breasts, small rosy pink nipples, fantastic heart-shaped ass and tight little teenage pussy with a small strip of brown pubic hair had set him of immediately.

"Mmmmm!" Hermione moaned as she quickly licked him clean and drew out is softening cock just, beating all other girls in the first round, which took 5 more minutes before all the boys had spent their loads. Hermione's hand slowly move down towards her soaking wet pussy as she enjoyed the show and waited. Harry, Malfoy and Snape were all next to each other, with each of them cumming after only a couple minutes.

Malfoy had pulled out at the last minute and had cum all over the the fourth year girl's face that was sucking him off. Hermione couldn't wait for the next load of hot cum as the each of the boys drank a vial of the Replenishment Potion and moved to the next girl gorgeous woman with abs sucked and fucked a big dick line.

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"Fuck you're one hot slut!" Exclaimed Hermione's next Slytherin boy. A burly 7th year who was hairy and smelled a little rank for Hermione's taste, but she was much too horny to care. "A little horny are we baby?" The smelly seventh year said, looking down at Hermione's fingers moving in and out of tight little pussy.

"Horny for a load your hot cum baby!" Hermione replied without even thinking, realizing only after how sexually depraved she sounded. Hermione loved it! The second round started as suddenly as the first. The seventh year's cock was a little larger than the third year's and still glistening with saliva from the previous blowjob.

Hermione dived right in, taking in almost the entire five and a half inches immediately. She heard the seventh year shutter slightly as Hermione started sliding her mouth back and forth over his hard cock. The seventh year was lasting a little longer than the first but Hermione could already hear the boy's laboured breathing and feel his shaft swelling ever so slightly.

Reaching down the seventh year squeezed her nipples just as he spent his full and ample load down Hermione's throat.

"Mmmmm!" Hermione moaned as she swallowed ever last ounce of the seventh year's hot cum. "Fuck it tastes so good!" Hermione said, sucking out ever drop before finishing. Again Hermione was the first to finish. The seventh year boy was thoroughly satisfied as Hermione continued to lick his shaft clean.

"Fuck that feels amazing, slut! You're the fucking best!" He groaned as Hermione finished up and waited eagerly for the next boy. Looking next to her, she realized that she'd have the super mom and milf krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother of sucking Snape, Harry, and last but definitely not least, Malfoy.

Hermione licked her lips eagerly as the seventh year fondled her breasts awkwardly and waited for the last girl to finish up. "I'm glad I'll have the pleasure of having you suck me off!" Priya rai face johney sinr cum short said, as he exploded all over the face of the girl sucking him off.

She tried to catch as much of cum as she could but she ended up getting covered in it. "The pleasure will be all mine!" Hermione moaned, fingering her pussy even harder in anticipation. Each boy drank another vial of the Replenishment Potion and stepped up to their next girl. Snape barely had time to step up to Hermione or for Slughorn to tell them to begin before Hermione had Snape's entire 6 inches down her throat. "Fuck your good!" Groaned Snape, doing his best to hold on but only lasting a few more seconds than the seventh year before had.

Snape was going to explode down her throat like the two before had but Hermione quickly pulled her mouth of his cock and stroked it hard and fast, pointing at her pretty little face. "Cum all over my fucking face Severus!" Hermione urged him on, smiling up at him as his cock stiffened even further in her hand and Snape let out a moan of pleasure, firing off six sizeable loads onto her still smiling face. Hermione licked her lips, sucked the rest of Snape's cum out of his deflating cock.

"You're even hotter with my cum all over your face!" Snape said looking pleased while admiring his handiwork. "Next everyone!" Slughorn's voice boomed a couple of minutes later. "Looking good Hermione! You're fitting in great, and I really like your new look!" Harry told her earnestly, looking down at her cum splattered face as he drank another vial. "I'm sure you'll be the best Hermione. You always are!" "Thanks Harry! Now get over her and let me taste that big hard cock!" She said as a matter of fact, as she took hold of his stiffening cock and the fourth round began.

Hermione did her best to deep throat her good friend, and eventually with the help of Harry grabbing the back of her head and slamming his hips forward, she was able go balls deep on him. "I'm not going to last much longer Hermione! You're just too fucking good! Where do you want me to cum baby?" Harry asked as he felt his impending end coming on.

"On my tits Harry!


All over my fucking tits!" Hermione replied in between deep throating him. Hermione got her wish as Harry pulled out at the last second and fired stream after stream of his hot cum all over her perfect little tits and rosy little nipples.

"Unghhh! Hermione fuck yes!" He groaned in pleasure as his last stream of hot cum ran down between her cleavage.

"I wanna fuck you so bad baby!" Harry groaned looking down at her wet pussy and imagining his cock sliding in and out of her. "Maybe next time stud!" Hermione teased as she cleaned Harry off and looked over at Malfoy finishing up on the face of the girl beside her.

"Mmmm, I can't wait for that!" She muttered out loud as she imagined deep throating Malfoy and tasting his salty cum on her tongue. "Seriously Hermione? I know you have to suck him off but you shouldn't enjoy it!

He's our fucking enemy!" He exclaimed as Slughorn told all the boys to drink another vial and move on. "Ready for my cock Mudblood?

I know how much you want it!" Malfoy said, looking down at the cum covered Hermione with a smirk on his face. "Fuck yes I have! Fuck it'll taste so good Draco!" Hermione replied, so eager to suck off her arch enemy.

"You look good on your knees and covered in cum. That's where you belong whore!" Malfoy said as the final round started and Hermione quickly grabbed his hard 8 inch shaft and took it into her mouth.

Navy pacific fleet leaves san diego and i run through their wives glassdeskproductions didn't care what Malfoy was saying. All she cared about was tasting his cock and making him cum for her. "Fuck!" Hermione heard Harry shout a few seconds later. She looked over next to her to see him explode all over the face of the pretty 13 year old. "Deeper slut!" Malfoy moaned as Hermione increased her pace, and took in more of Malfoy's cock, trying her hardest to get him to cum so as not to be shamed by the 13 year old beside her.

"That's it baby! Take the whole fucking thing!" Malfoy shouted a few seconds later. Unable to take it any longer, Malfoy quickly pulled out of her hot wet mouth and made her turn around and get on her hands and knees. With her ass and pussy fully exposed, Hermione thought that Malfoy intended to fuck her before cumming. Instead he stroked his long hard cock a few more times and moaned out in relief. "Fuckkkkkk! Take it!" He shouted firing 8 big hot loads of his sticky cum across her ass cheeks and dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm! It feels so good Draco!

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teen babe skye gets seriously orgasm by a specialist devious milf Fuck I want you inside me though!" Hermione moaned as Malfoy took hold of her hips and slid his still erect cock in between her cum covered ass cheeks. Without saying a word, Malfoy continued to slide his cock back and forth in between her ass cheeks, staying fully hard the whole time.

Panting and getting ready to cum again after only a couple of minutes, Malfoy moved the tip of his cock to Hermione's moist slit. "Maybe you'll get your wish Mudblood! Unghhhhh!" He groaned for a second time, slipping the head of his cock just inside Hermione's tight little pussy and filling her up with his hot sticky cum! "Fuckkkk! You're cum feels so good inside me!" She shouted, nearly passing out as she came from the sensation of being filled with Malfoy's hot cum.

"And that's it lads and ladies!" Shouted Slughorn as the last boy came down a sixth year's throat. Slughorn admired the mess and cum covered girls all around him before tallying up the times. The girls quickly cleaned themselves up as Slughorn did his calculations. Hermione did the same but stayed on her knees to clean up Malfoy's cock. "And the team Captain will be. Hermione Stranger!" Slughorn said. Hermione got cheers from all the boys as she finally stood up and took a naked bow.

Slughorn named off the other 4 girls, which included the pretty 13 year old, a fifth year and two seventh year girls. "You'll make a great cock sucker, slut! Malfoy shouted at her as Harry stomped away looking a little miffed. Hermione's day had turned from on of the worst to one of the best in a few short hours. It only took a little potion and a little less inhibition, but Hermione was starting to really like the Hogwarts of 1976!