Old mature milf young and of my dreams halloween special with a threesome

Old mature milf young and of my dreams halloween special with a threesome
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I was just 14 when I found out about masturbating. I used to get these strange feelings and touch myself down there and rub my vagina through my pants. It always felt good but I always thought there had to be something better I always had the feeling there was more to it.

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One of the boys in our neighborhood asked me out to the movies one Saturday night and he wanted to sit up the back. I was happy to sit anywhere with him as I liked him and he was always nice to me and held my hand and had tried to kiss me. After the lights went down we watched the movie for a while then he put his arm around me and pulled me closer.

I didn't resist and put my head on his shoulder and a minute or two later he bent over and kissed me. It was wonderful and I let him kiss me for ages and he put his tongue into my mouth which made me feel really excited down there. After I got the kissing bit sorted out; I had never used my tongue before, and realized how he liked to be kissed we really got into kissing and I was enjoying every moment and I felt like I wanted to touch my vagina as it was all tingly and felt sort of itchy and needed to be itched.

I completely forgot about the movie. Then he put his hand on one of my tiny breasts and felt around until he found my nipple which was hard now from all the kissing. When he found it I jumped as it was so touchy.

He said is it Ok, do you want me to stop. I said no but be gentle they are very touchy. After that he just felt and gently squeezed my budding breasts and stayed away from the nipple.

I had a training bra on. I took his hand and guided it into my blouse and undid a couple of buttons to let him in. After a minute or two of feeling me through the bra he slid his hand under the material and rubbed my skin. It felt fantastic. I leaned forward and undid the bra from the back and that gave him access to both my breasts to feel and rub.

By then my nipples were hard and no so touchy and I loved him feeling and squeezing them with his fingers. I had never felt so good (or bad really). We still were kissing but not as hard. Teen big tits hd xxx worlds greatest stepplayfellows daughter he undid all my buttons and pulled my blouse out of my skirt and my chest was totally exposed and you could see my nipples.

He leaned down and kissed a nipple then licked and sucked on it while he played with the other one.

I let out this almost loud moan it felt so good and it was just as well there was nobody sitting near us. I had this feeling that my vagina was getting very wet.

He continued to suck and lick my nipples and play with them with his finger.

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I don't know why I did it but I took his hand which was on my thigh and put it under my skirt and between my legs on my pants which were pretty damp. He whispered in my ear "is that what you want" and I slipped down the chair a little and just opened my legs a little further and he knew. I had no idea what he was going to do but I really wanted to find out and that part of me really needed to be touched. By now I was almost laying on the chair with my legs wide open.

He slipped one of his hands into the leg of my pants and rubbed his hand over my vagina and rubbed the hair that was just beginning to get long enough to feel. I had never ever felt this excited before and knew what he was doing was sort if wrong buy it was nice. I loved the sensation and when he slipped a finger into my slit. It was the first time anybody had put anything in there. I opened my legs really wide and moaned again.

I had never felt anything like it before and I wanted to grab his hand and push it right into me. He kissed me again I think to stop me making the noises I was making, it felt awesome. I was beginning to have really nice feelings in my tummy and knew that what he was doing was one stage further than I had ever gone.

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He began to gently push his finger further up inside me. My vagina was giving me feelings and sensations unlike it had ever done before, if he had put his whole hand into me it legal age teenager sucker gets a grade have felt even better.

H e began to rub his finger up and down inside me and I knew what he was doing was wrong but I never wanted him to stop it was giving me the most amazing feelings. The more he did it the better it felt and the more I liked it I knew this was a stage further than I had ever gone with myself, but I also knew it would not be the last time this happened I would be doing this myself from now on it felt that good.

I helped him pull my pants down and they were around my ankles. I could feel the cool air on my hot pussy.


We started to kiss again as he put his finger back inside me and I have never felt so excited and nothing I had ever done before felt this wonderful. When he put his finger back in he put two in and that felt awesome as he put both of them into me. I opened my legs as far as I could so he could get them right into me.

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Then he began to slowly move his fingers a bit faster and rubbing and twisting them harder and I was beginning to feel quite strange inside me then, at the same time, he put his thumb on the top of my vagina and began to rub it and that really increased the sensation and was giving me a sensation inside my tummy which was feeling like it was full of butterflies I was feeling something I had never felt before and I was loving it.

At one stage I thought I would wet myself I was losing control of my body. Then something happened inside and I lost control completely.

I began to shake and shiver and my breathing was getting faster and I was sort of gulping for air and shivering and squirming with this feeling I could not control. I began to move my butt up and down with his fingers rubbing me inside now really hard and fast and I felt like I wanted him to put his whole hand up inside me. He was rubbing something in my vagina that was almost hurting but it felt good at the same time.

That was making me buck and shake the most I think. He whispered are you cumming. I had no idea what he meant and I looked up at him and smiled, then he kissed me and my insides exploded and I moaned while he had his mouth over mine.

I wasn't sure if he was kissing me or trying to stop me yelling out because I wanted to. I could not believe how good I felt but at the same time I was completely confused as to what was happening to me I had no control over what he was doing to me.

It was like I was having a fit but I knew it had to be what he was doing inside me which had set me on fire and I could not control myself and began to buck and shake and lose control of everything. I was shaking all over and I grabbed him and I pressed against him as hard as I could I wanted to feel his whole body pressing against mine but it was impossible with the arm of the chair between us and in the position we were in.

I thought the whole cinema could see or hear what I was doing. He was almost on top of me by now. After a minute or so my heart was beating so fast and I was gasping for breath as whatever happened exhausted me, I just collapsed back like a rag doll.


He stopped rubbing my vagina my body began to relax and I felt like I had wet myself. I lay there almost naked and all my private parts exposed and I could have cared less. I was completely exhausted I had no idea what he had done to me but it was the most wonderful, amazing, sensation I have ever experienced.

I lay there completely exhausted and everything I have on show - my bra was up around my neck and my blouse undone and half hanging off me and my pants down around my ankles and my skirt pushed up over my tummy somehow.

I must have looked a messl. When I recovered I felt sort of funny in that I was looking like I had been raped, all my clothes were disheveled and half off me. Just about all my bare skin was exposed and I had virtually no clothes on.

I was almost lying down on the seat with my knees against the chair in front and spread as wide as I could. My nipples were now all soft. My hair was all over my face and my vagina was really wet. I sat up teacher teaches sex education hd and big boobs teen blonde cam money hungry comrades put my bra back on and then pulled my pants up did up my blouse and tucked it in.

He watched me do it all, and had the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen. I think somebody a few rows in front realized something was going on as she kept looking back at us.

It was dark enough for her not to be able to see me half naked I hoped. Once I was dressed again I sat there and he cuddled into me and I could not have felt happier. What had just happened I had no idea but I loved every moment of it even though I knew it was not something I should have let him do but I knew he would want to do it again and I would never stop him now.

It wasn't long before the movie was over, and we slipped out just before the lights went up. We went to the level below us and had a drink good sex with a russian milf met on milfsexdating net the people in front of us wouldn't see us. He said we were a bit noisy.

He never mentioned what we did and neither did I, but I could tell from the way we looked at each other the second movie was going to be a repeat of what happened in the first one, I hoped. While we were having or drink he said are you enjoying the movie and giggled.

I said more than you could ever imagine I hope the second one is as good. He said you do mean the movie and we both laughed. I went to the toilet and wet a tissue and had a pee.

Then I wiped around my vagina with the tissue it was really wet and messy with the stuff that leaked out of me when he was fingering me.

I dried it off with toilet paper and thought I am ready for another go now. We waited until the lights went down and slipped back to our seats. The people that were a few rows in front were not there now so we felt we must have been making too much noise. Once the movie started we began kissing again and I thought this was great we were going to do it again. After a few long kisses I was getting those feelings again inside me.

Then he took my hand and he put it between his legs and I could feel the bulge in his pants. I had seen a boys penis before and seen a couple of boys playing with their hard cocks at a pool party. I had never seen one up close or felt one before. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I hesitated for a minute and he then undid his fly and got his cock out and then put my hand on it and held it there. I fondled tai phim dit nhau lon mup ve may for a while but had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Then he used his hand to hold mine and stroked it up and down and I had seen the boys at the pool do that so I gathered that's what he wanted me to do. I held his cock and stroked it but I wasn't doing it properly I felt. I said to him what do I have to do I have never done this before. He showed me again what he wanted me to do and then slipped his pants down and exposed it all to me and I could see his hair and his cock and his testicles below it.

He lay back for me to do it to him. It took me about four or five minutes to get everything working the way he liked it each time I did something he would show me how he liked it done and I soon learned what he liked. The way I held it and how firm a grip I had and the speed he liked me to stroke it and how far I had to pull the skin up and over the top of it was all the things I had to learn.

Once I got everything working right I just sat there and stroked it up and down and he felt for my nipples and slipped his hand in again and I undid everything for him to fondle them. As I was working on his cock, he would send me signals by pinching or rubbing my nipples and I before long we were not talking but each thing I did to his cock was from a message through my nipples. It was hilarious and we whispered to each other and really had some fun.

I guess I was doing this to him for about a quarter of an hour and he began to fidget and move about which made it harder for me to stroke it. Then he said get down between my legs and do it and I did what he told me and pretty soon it was like when he was fingering me I held his cock firmer and stroked it harder and faster as he wanted me to and then he sort of jerked and sat up a bit and then said I am cumming faster…… faster.

He had asked me if I was cumming when he was fingering me and I didn't know what he meant now I gathered he was having the same sensation as I did only it was my hand stroking his cock doing it to him and not his finger inside me. This was really interesting I was going to have to learn a lot about this. I knew what a fuck was but I had never considered I would do that for years. When my mother explained periods to me she mentioned boys would ask me to have sex with them and I was never to say yeas.

You had sex to make babies and I was not going to be in that. Moms love for young cocks makes his day said to me your virginity is the most precious thing you have and it only happens once so you have to keep it for your husband.

I sort of understood but had no real idea. As I stroked his cock he grunted and jerked again and then he said now, now I'm cumming&hellip.go faster&hellip. Faster &hellip. Harder. Oh shit. As I pumped his penis up and down much faster and harder like he told me to do I saw this stuff spurt out of his cock and fly toward me.

Then I felt this warm wet stuff landing on my face and breasts and then drip off my chin and run down onto my tummy at first I thought he was peeing himself and then realized it was different to pee it was spurting out and it was thick and not like pee.

I thought its not pee what is it? I was completely confused and curious. After he stopped spurting which happened about three or four times and then it just dribbled out the top of his cock and down over my hand I let go and he lay back and he was breathing heavily, like I did.

The stuff was on my face and I happened to lick some with my tongue as it slid down to my chin.

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It tasted really weird, unlike anything I had ever taste before I didn't really like it. I remember thinking it didn't xxx pap not sex mom xxxson like pee even though it came out of his cock. I was curious now. I had the stuff all over me and on my hand and it was now cool I hadn't thought about it being warm but it came out of him so it must have been body temperature.

It felt funny now. It didn't smell though. He reached down into his trousers and gave me a handkerchief to wipe myself and it was hard to get off. It was sort of slippery as well and the handkerchief didn't really soak it all up you had to wipe it hard to get rid of it. It took me a few minutes to clean it off me and I gave him his handkerchief back and he began to clean himself up and wipe the stuff off his legs and cock.

It had gone everywhere even on my blouse. As he was wiping himself he said that was awesome thanks you did it well. I gather you haven't done that before. I said no that's the first time and it's like you did to me - that was the first time that has happened to me as well. Thank you he said you were great. Sorry I sprayed my cum all over you.

I said no problem but I want to know more about it. Can we do it again later so I can see it happen better and you can tell me all about it. I have never enjoyed a good fuck for hot redhead emma like what we have done ever before its amazing.

I have so many questions. He said I would love to maybe tomorrow we could go for a bush walk and we can undress again and talk about it and do it all again. I wont sleep a wink tonight thinking about this and tomorrow I really want you to show me everything, and we can do it all again.

Tammy I love you. And I love you too. . He and I made love the following week and I could write a book about that and the week after where we learned how wonderful sex can be when you are in love. In two weeks i went from a novice without any sexual experience to a full on lover of sex and we are still learning.

I may write about that one day. I am hooked on him and his penis in every way.