Elegant girl is geeting pissed on and squirts wet pussy

Elegant girl is geeting pissed on and squirts wet pussy
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I first started to get erections when I was 10 and I had heard about masturbation but I didn't really know what it was about.

I had overheard some boys in school talking about it one day but thought it was gross. I lived with my mom who was 33 and my big sister who was 12 so I couldn't really talk to anyone about most beautyfull girl sex bang bros to relieve the tension. One day after school I was sat my friends house and he told me he had found a sex movie in his parents bedroom, but he hadn't watched it yet.

I immediately said let's watch it. His mom was home but she was downstairs cooking dinner. We were both really nervous in case she would catch us but we HAD to watch this. We snuck into his parents bedroom and took the video back to his room. We turned the sound down low and put the video on. We both sat there with our mouths wide open as we saw this beautiful woman completely naked lying on a bed with her legs wide open. Then a guy came on screen with a massive dick, walked over to her and she grabbed his cock and started stroking it up and down and licking the tip.

We watched as she sucked on his big cock then he took it out of her mouth and moved to her pussy. We were stunned when we saw him slide that massive cock deep inside her pussy. Both of us were rock hard when we heard his mom shout "Dinner Boys". We were in shock but then he grabbed the video and ran back to his parents bedroom and hid the tape. His mom shouted up again and we went downstairs, both of us were still rock hard but we managed to get to the dinner table when she was still in the kitchen.


I was hard all the time I was eating and dropped my fork a few times so I could look up his moms skirt to see her little white panties. After I finished eating I said I had to go. His mom walked me to the door and as she opened the doorher butt backed right into my crotch it felt so good. She looked a little shocked and said oops sorry, she had saw and felt that I was hard.

I went completely red, said sorry and ran out. I had to go through the park to get home. It was quiet and I was still hard so decided to go into the bushes. I pulled my pants and underwear right down and put my hand around my cock. I began stroking it up and down like the woman was doing in the movie, I wasn't feeling anything special. Then I saw through the bushes two women jogging, I was so scared in case they saw me. I stopped playing with myself and stayed really quiet. The women had stopped jogging I thought for sure they saw me, but then I heard one of them say that she had to pee.

The other woman said it's quiet just go in the bushes. The woman came into the bushes while the other one looked for people outside. They both must have been about 30. She came into the bushes and was standing there completely exposed trying to hid behind the leaves. She was a couple of feet in front of me and I saw her pull her shorts down.

I could see little bits of hair through her legs as she bent down and I felt a little bit of wetness come from the tip of my cock. She squatted down and started to pee. As soon as I saw that I started to stroke my cock and about 2 seconds later I shot my first load of cum with a loud moan. She turned round and saw me standing there with my pants completely down and my hard cock in my hand. She screamed and tried to pull her shorts up as her friend ran in and grabbed me by the shirt. The peeing woman came over to me and asked me what the hell I thought I was doing spying on women.

Slut gets fist in twat masturbation and fingering couldn't speak I was so scared. They asked me what age I was and I said 10. They both replied by saying "only 10 and already a perv". They both slapped me on my cock which was still hard and said they would be telling my mother. I was terrified and I tried to wriggle free but I couldn't. Then the woman who had been keeping watch grabbed my cock and said if I ever did this again she would rip my cock right off.

She let me go and I pulled my pants up and ran away and I could hear them both laughing. I ran all the way home and spent the rest of the night in my room terrified but very horny from what had happened. Since that first experience I started wanking everyday. I loved it. One day when my mom and sister weren't in the house I decided I reverse cowgirl milf teen threesome cock sharing riding blonde going to have a wank but wanted to look at a beautiful woman while doing it, so I started to look everywhere in the house for some sexy pictures.

I couldn't find anything, not even a catalogue. I went into my moms room in the hope of finding something like a lingerie catalogue but there was nothing. Then I looked under the bed and I saw a Polaroid lying upside down. I pulled it from under the bed and turned it over. I was amazed. It was a picture of my mom wearing sexy red panties, bra and stockings.

I had never thought of my mom in that way before but I got really hard and decided I was going to jerk off looking at it. I got up and was going to the toilet when I saw moms dirty clothes hamper.

I looked in and saw the red panties that she was wearing in the picture. I pulled them out and went to the toilet. There was no lock on the toilet door but there was no one in the house so I thought it would be ok. I sat on the toilet seat and started stroking my cock while looking at the picture.

My mom is a very sexy woman with big breasts, long blond hair and she is very toned. In the picture I could see through her panties that she had a little bit of blond pubic hair which I thought was amazing. I picked up her panties and looked inside them. They were damp and I saw a hair in them. I got harder than I have ever been before. I put the panties to my face and smelled them.

WOW this was the first time I had ever smelled a pussy and I loved it, it smelled beautiful. I licked the panties where it was wet. I loved the taste of those sweet juices and I was so close to cumming. I stuck the panties into my mouth to savour the juices, put the picture on the floor and started stoking my cock hard and fast. I was just about to come when the toilet door open and I looked up it was beautiful lesbian teens on cam amateur and ass aunt, my moms sister.

She looked at me seeing my fully erect cock and I started to shoot my thick sticky cum all over. She said sorry and closed the door. I was still cumming and the panties were still in my mouth. When I finished cumming I realised what had just happened. I was so embarrassed. I cleaned myself up when straight to my room, got dressed, put the panties and picture back in my moms room and went downstairs.

I couldn't look at my aunt after what had just happened, but she didn't say anything about it. She just asked if I wanted to go to the cinema. We went to the cinema and nothing was ever said about what happened. The next time I done anything like that was when I was 13. My mom was at work so it was just me and my bigger sister in the house. She had just turned 15. I had spied on her quite a few times in her room and in the shower and her breasts were getting a lot bigger now and her pussy was very hairy.

I had wanked thinking about her so many times and she had caught me stroking my cock a few times too, which was such a turn on for me. I was in my room completely naked stroking my very hard cock thinking about my older sister who was just outside my room. I kept hearing her walk past my door and I was just waiting in anticipation for her to open my door but she never did.

I heard her go in the bathroom and turn on the shower. I was so turned on now about the fact that she would be completely naked in there. I was about to cum but I held it off.

I had an idea about rushing into the bathroom just as I was about to cum and shoot my load into the toilet so I could get a look at her naked body when I was cumming. I was really nervous about this and didn't think I should do it but I was really hard and want to her sexy body. I started wanking my cock again and I was so close to cumming.

I opened my door and just decided I would go for it, I stroked my cock some more so I was just about to cum. I busted through the bathroom door, took two steps and started to pump my cock through my hand.

I opened my eyes and saw she was sitting right there on the toilet. I pumped my cock through my hand and felt the tip of my cock go into her mouth and I shot my bbw lisa jones pussy play tube porn. I got a some in her mouth and came on her face then I pointed my cock downwards and unloaded the last of my cum on her body and onto her hairy pussy.

She screamed and spat a little bit of cum out of her mouth and called me a dirty little pervert. She shouted at me to get the fuck out. I was shaking and still so fucking hard. I said to her in a shocked way that I was sorry and that I didn't know she was in here.

She told me to get the fuck out again and that she would get me back for what I done. I quickly went back to my room still shaking from all the excitement and had to have another wank since I was still so hard. It was only two days later when she busted into my room and said today's payback. She told me to come with her and that I couldn't back out of this or she would tell mom what I had done to her. I got dressed in fear and just as we were about to leave she said wait a second.

I could hear her rummaging around in her room and then she finally cam back with her camcorder in her hand. I asked her what that was for and she just replied "you'll see". We began walking, all the while I was trying to find out what she had in store for me but she wouldn't say. I was petrified as my sister can be a hot chicks sucking dick in the hot tub cruel bitch when she wants to be.

We finally stopped at a gas station and she told me to wait here. She disappeared and came rushing back a minute later.

With the camcorder recording. She ordered me to follow her. She went into the men's restroom and I followed. When I got in she ordered me to take my cock but I didn't. Then she slapped me and said "GET IT OUT". I pulled my cock out and she laughed. She dragged me to the last cubicle and opened the door. I saw there was a hole in the wall and I had absolutely no idea where it went.

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My sister whispered to me "get your dick hard and put it through that hole". I Said "WHAT?". She said "just do it or I'll tell mom". I got hard and stepped into the cubicle with my sister filming everything. I managed to get a little look through the hole and I saw a skirt and a pair of legs. I was relieved it was a woman on the other side. She told me to put it through the hole again and not to take it away.

I put my cock through the hole and felt a finger touch it. My sister pushed me right up against the wall and told me to stay that way. She stepped out of the cubicle, shut the door and left the restroom. I felt the unknown hand fondling cock. This was an unbelievable experience and such a rush not knowing who was on the other side of the wall.


The hand began stroking up and down on the shaft of my cock, then I felt some thing warm and wet moving around on the tip. I had never experienced this before but I knew it had to be a tongue. I then felt lips press down on my cock. This unknown woman was giving me a blowjob. I felt her slide my cock deep in her mouth with her tongue rolling around on my cock, the sensation was to much for me I knew I was going to cum and I think this woman did to.


She started sucking my cock faster and faster. I was so close and finally I shot a thick and sticky load of cum deep inside this woman's mouth. She was milking my cock dry and it felt so good. I finally finished cumming and pulled my cock back through the hole and left the cubicle.

I wiped my cock and put it back into my pants. My sister came rushing into the restroom again and said "what are you doing I told you not to take your dick out of the hole." I said sorry and told her "WOW that was amazing". She still had the camcorder recording and It was obvious that she had filmed the whole thing.

She told me that I'm not finished yet I had to do more. She dragged me back to the cubicle and ordered me to put my dick back through. I got another glimpse through and saw the same skirt. I pulled my cock back out and put it through the hole and heard the woman say "mmmmmmmm". My sister ran back out of the restroom. I felt the woman's tongue run over the tip of my cock again and It sprang to attention. She took me back into her mouth. I felt her lips glide up and down my shaft twice, then she took her mouth off of me.

Nothing happened and I thought she saw my sister filming her or something. Then I heard a zip go down and something drop to the floor. I could hear her heels moving around on the restroom floor and I had no idea what was going on. Then suddenly I felt her hand step mom and teen threesome blowjob doggy style my cock and I let out a moan. I could feel her rubbing the head of my cock over something smooth, soft and warm.

Then I felt some coarse hair with the tip of my cock. I knew this had to be pussy. I couldn't believe my luck I was 13 years old and I was going to lose my virginity to a full grown woman. I felt her push my cock towards her pussy lips and I could feel her wetness on the head of my riding a cock is what this kinky cutie does. I was so glad that I had just came or I would have shot my load right there and then.

She pushed down on my cock and I felt the head go in, then she took it out and slid it back in but this time she pushed right down on my cock and I got pushed back a bit but thrusted my cock through the hole so I skinny bitch cypress pleasures a massive cock pornstars amateur right back up against the wall again, I felt my cock go all the way into her pussy. I couldn't believe it, I had no idea who this woman was but she had every inch of hard cock deep inside her tight pussy.

She stayed still with all of my cock inside her for a few moments. I could feel her pussy squeezing down on my cock. Her pussy was so wet on my cock, I could hear her moaning. This was unbelievable. She started to slide up and down on me slowly. Her juices were running down my cock, more and more every time. Even my balls were wet from her.

I knew I was so close to cumming and I had only been in her for about a minute. She began gliding up and down on my cock which was slick from both of our wetness faster and faster. She felt so tight, her little pussy gripped my cock tightly as she pumped up and down on me. I felt it so close. "mmmmmmmmmmm" I moan as I shot my cum deep inside her. Her pussy clamped tightly around my cock draining it of all fluid. She was moaning loudly, she drain every last bit of cum from me. I kept my cock in her and I began to go limp.

She pulled me out of her and I felt her kiss the tip of my cock. She said "mmmmmmmm thank you" and I heard her put her skirt back on with a zip.

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Her voice sounded some what familiar but I couldn't picture who she was. I pulled my cock back through the hole. It was glistening from her wetness and it had a few of her hairs stuck to it.

I got out the cubicle and stared at my cock, unable to believe what had just happened. I just lost my virginity to a real woman and she let me cum inside her pussy. WOW. I wiped some of the wetness and her hair from my cock and tasted it. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" it tasted like the pair of my moms wet panties I had wanked with before but a lot sweeter. My sister came back into the restroom and saw me just staring at my cock. She was still filming. She said "OK that's it your done now, clean yourself up and put that thing away you dirty little perv".

I asked her if I could see the lp officer fuck krystal orchids pussy on top and she said I would be watching it all when we got home. I cleaned my cock, put it in my pants and we left the restroom.

We got home as quickly as we could and my sister said "your going to love this video". I got so hard again, I had to find out who this mystery woman was. She put the video in. I watched myself pushing my cock through the wall the first time and then my sister run into the ladies restroom. She got in a cubicle, stood on the toilet seat. We could only see the top of her head going up and down on my cock, then she milked my cock into her mouth. My cock disappeared. We still couldn't see her face but we could see that her hand was up wild fuck and deep throat fellatio hardcore massage skirt rubbing around.

Then my sister came back into the men's restroom and I put my cock back through the hole. We were back in the ladies restroom but we could still only see her beautiful long blond hair. She bent over pulling her skirt down. I didn't know who she was but WOW. She had stockings on and the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy. I was so fucking hard watching this and my sister knew.

The mystery woman pushed down on my cock and I thrust my cock into her which forced her to moan loudly and move her head back in delight. She had the most beautiful looking hairy pussy and I could finally see her face. My sister laughed and said "I told you I would get you back". I couldn't believe it the woman I just lost my virginity to, my auntmy moms younger sister Melissa. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it my 13 year old cock was deep inside my aunt Melissa's 28 year old pussy and it was gripping it tightly holding it there.

My young cock was making her so wet. She was loving it. I was sitting here watching myself fuck my aunty Mel, I still could feel her wetness on my balls and I was loving it.

I was so horny.

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We watched as i shot my cum inside her and aunty Mel loved it, her body was shaking. She got off my cock took a bit of my cum out her pussy and tasted it.

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I came again in my pants just watching this. She then kissed my cock and said thank you. We saw her put her skirt back on and my sister came back into the men's restroom. The video ended. I was amazed, shocked and so fucking horny.

Then my sister told my why she done it. It turns out that my sister followed her boyfriend to that gas station before and saw him getting a blowjob from our aunty, the same day as she was finally going to lose her virginity to him.

I asked my sister if she was going to show the video to Mel. She said she wouldn't because it's funny that she knows and Mel doesn't. I was so glad that Mel wouldn't find out. Everyday after that I walked past that gas station looking for sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing aunts car. She was there nearly 3 times a week at the same time and so was I.