Teen riley mae loves when huge cock gives cumshot

Teen riley mae loves when huge cock gives cumshot
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Chapter 37 PROSTITUTION It took ten days after Sluthole's visit for home urine tests to show that Claire was pregnant. Steph's test showed positive on the same day. The two girls burst into tears as they looked at the little "plus" sign on the test sticks, knowing that their dreams of somehow having a child with a loving husband had been replaced by this - being forcibly impregnated through degradation and rape with a child that there was a slight possibly might be their father's.

Claire could still remember the feeling of Sluthole pushing the condom of her father's semen into her twat, and it made her shiver with disgust and arousal every time. Their father celebrated their pregnancies, of course, by fucking them for the first time. Rui natsukawa has jugs touched doggystyle and stockings took Steph into his bedroom, and had Claire follow and kneel on the floor beside the bed, resting her enhanced tits on the mattress.

Her father dumped Steph, naked, on the bed, pushed her legs wide apart, teanna kai aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures began to fuck her missionary-style. Steph lay still at first, unresisting, but before long her conditioning took over and she began to buck her hips against her father's cock, desperate to be raped, desperate to cum.

Her father was not gentle with Steph, alternately pulling her hair and viciosly crushing her boobs with his hands. Twice he reached down to pinch her clitoris as he fucked her, making her squeal and writhe in a way he clearly enjoyed. Claire watched, and, because she hadn't been told not, she masturbated, stroking her clitoris and pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt. She didn't even know what she felt about this. The idea of her father raping her sister remained horrifying on some level, but at the same time what Claire was seeing triggered a lot of her conditioning.

Sex was happening. A girl was in pain. A girl was being dominated by a man. A girl was being raped. Those were all good things, and it made Claire horny to see them. This was how the world should be, she knew. And of course, a large part of her was upset and ashamed that her father had decided to rape Steph first, before Claire. Claire felt rejected and useless. Claire's turn came eventually.

When her father had finally cum in Steph's pussy, he pulled out, and motioned Claire to climb on top and lick Steph clean. Claire obeyed, moving into a 69 position over her sister, sticking her tongue in her sister's twat, and tasting her father's cum.

Her father watched, and rested, until he felt ready for another round, and then moved into position to fuck Claire from behind even as Claire continued licking Steph.

Claire freaked out a little as she felt her father's cock slide into her pussy. This was the same man who had conceived her, raised her, looked after her, and he was now using her as a sex toy.

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But how else was he supposed to use her? Claire WAS a sex toy. And so she began to buck her hips obediently against her father's dick and continued licking her sister's vagina. And soon she felt Steph's tongue on her own clit, toying with her delicate bud even as her dad's penis pushed in and out of her opening. All three orgasmed again before long.

Her father finished the proceedings by wiping his cock clean on Claire's face, telling her she was a disgusting slut, and then pissing in her mouth.

The taste of piss made Claire instinctively horny, and she reached down to stroke her recently-fucked pussy as she swallowed the urine. After that, the sisters were fucked by men almost every night. But not always by their father. For instance, the next night Ben came around to visit. He had been told by Titcage he would have the opportunity to marry Steph shortly, and he wanted to inspect his new bride. He let the girls know that their marriages would not be for some months, because Titcage wanted their pregnancies to be showing at the altar.

"You need to understand, Cuntcandy," he said to a miserable Steph as he plowed his dick into her beaver on Claire's bed, "I don't actually WANT you for a wife. I'm not in love with you and I don't like you very much." He deliberately squeezed her surgically-enhanced left tits in his hand until she gasped in pain. "But you don't say no to a pretty little lesbian sex slave when Titcage offers you one.

So you're going to marry me, and look after my house, and service my cock, and if you're very good you can watch while I fuck other girls who I like better.

Michael says I can use your sister whenever I want, for example." He looked son attacked brunette mom ava addams Steph's face as he fucked her, and then slapped it, for fun. "You know, I used to think girls were something to love, and respect, and look after.

But that was before your sister chose to turn herself into such a disgusting whore.

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She helped me learn that women are just life support for a pair of tits and a cunt." He felt himself close to cumming, so he pulled out, so he could ejaculate over Steph's tits and face. Steph wailed in dismay, her conditioning telling her that Ben was rejecting her by choosing not to cum in her pussy.


The girls' other male friends also visited them and raped them from time to time. It was rape in that the men ultimately didn't care whether the girls consented, but on the other hand they had been invited around by Claire and Steph.

The girls would ring their male friends and urge them to visit and hurt them and fuck them, usually rubbing their own pussies as they tried to convince their friends to use them like fuckmeat.

Mostly, though, the girls' post-work sex fell into the category of "clients". Their father began inviting men around to the house to fuck the girls - strangers mostly - and taking money from them. Sometimes the men would want to watch the sisters lez off with each other. Sometimes they would want their cocks sucked. Sometimes they wanted to fuck the girls' pussies or asses. And sometimes what they really wanted was to beat the girls' tits and pussies with a belt until the girls were crying.

But always, Claire and Steph did what they were told, servicing the men and watching their father get paid for their work. Realising that black dick filling and drilling juicy snatch had become a prostitute released complex emotions in Claire.

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She recognised it as another step in her degradation, but she also felt some pride that fucking her was worth money to people. She had not thought she was so valuable; she had assumed that fucking her was something men did because there wasn't a better girl around to use instead.


But she also felt shame; not just from being used as a fucktoy - in fact, not even MOSTLY for that reason - but because she was not giving away her body for free. Men shouldn't have to pay to use a woman. They should just take her.

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Claire knew this, but she also knew that this was her father's idea, and that men were always right. It was confusing for her, so after a while she stopped thinking about it and just focused on being a good little fuckpuppet for the strangers who came to use her. Once they had been prostitutes for a couple of weeks, their father sent Claire and Steph out to find clients of their own. They would go out onto street corners or to bars dressed in whorish short skirts and see-through tops, with no underwear, and slut up to men, pressing their tits against mens' chests and their hands against mens' groins.

Once they got men interested, they would let them know the price. Sometimes the girls ended up making money being fucked in alleyways and in the backs of cars; sometimes they just got violently raped without being paid by men who were frustrated by their teasing. During this time, Boinking when my parents are not home suck bj blowjob blow job cum cumshot cum shot blonde amateur lobbying work was continuing.

They published a major scientific report entitled "Are Women Happy?", featuring the work of a great many respected scientists, both male and female. The report found that women on average repoted being less happy than they had been 50 years ago. They were more stressed. The work looked at the causes. It found women were less happy the more responsibility they had; the most stressed women were the ones in senior management positions.

It looked at women's education, and argued that government money spent on education women was inefficient - women were less likely to use their education productively than men, and much more likely to go on to be homemakers, waitresses, retail clerks or prostitutes.

The report concluded that, as a matter of raw statistics, each advancement in women's rights over the last 100 years had been a drain on the public purse and only made women less happy than they had been before. The "Are Women Happy" report was accompanied by another - "Today's Men" - looking at men's issues. It was a study of a range of men who had achieved poor life outcomes, including prisoners, the homeless, those suffering from depression, and suicides, and argued that a common factor linking all these outcomes was the availability of women in the lives of these men.

The report found that the presence of sexually available women in a man's life substantially decreased his likelihood of criminal behaviour, of depression, and of poverty. Conversely, specifically being denied sexual activity by a woman dramatically increased a man's risk in all three categories. The reports caused a stir in government, which had already been struggling with suicide, depression, and education funding as major national issues. The government promised a range of measures to address the reports, but started off with a piece of legislation it had been contemplating anyway: the legalisation of subliminal messaging.

The bill was signed into law, and TV and radio broacasters were now permitted to broadcast subliminal messaging in their programs, on specific conditions: it could only be aimed at women, and it could only be used "to promote the happiness and education of females". Claire knew what these laws really meant, because Titcage had arranged to help the largest broadcasters with their messaging. "Promoting happiness" meant helping women to enjoy being raped, degraded, and kept as property. And "education" meant educating women on how they were just life support systems for two tits and a cunt.

(To be continued.)