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Skinny blonde teen stephanie gets ripped real deep in bed deepthroat and smalltits
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The Futa Fairy Futa Teacher's Naughty Wish Chapter Two: Ms. Marcie's Taboo Pleasure By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 My new cock—a gift from a naughty fairy called Bean Sidhe, but who insisted on being called B—hardened at the sight of my eighteen-year-old daughter Belinda walking into my classroom. She was in my first class after lunch, her brown hair in the cutest pigtails. She had such an innocent face, her blue eyes wide.

She had inherited my breasts, and they were large, pressing at her pink babydoll t-shirt. "Hi, Mom," she said then paused, cocking her head. "There's something different about you." "Oh, yes, there is," I told her, my dick stretching my pantyhose.

I didn't wear anything else beneath my skirt. Just my nylons. They felt so wonderful on my hardening girl-cock.

My shaft throbbed in them, my pussy growing juicy. "It's been quite for your mom." A smile crossed her lips. "Are you dating again? Is it Ms. Gardner?" I shuddered at the thought.

Ms. Gardner was the wrong kind of lesbian. She was so.hairy. I discovered that the hard way last year. I liked my women to be sexy and sensual and feminine, not hairier than a man. Her bush was a jungle, and yetis weren't as shaggy as her legs. "No, no, something else happened." "What?" she asked, loving gossip. Her blue eyes twinkled as her other classmates strolled in. Including a minx named Heather.

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She had these piercing, blue eyes, the same shade as my daughter's, her blonde hair short. She had such a virginal look about her. I salivated as she gave me a smile while sauntering by.

"I'll tell you later." My cock ached and throbbed so hard. I made a wish to fuck my barely legal students. All those young, virginal girls that I had such a crush on. So far, I had popped Amber Matheson's cherry during lunch, making the girl whimper as I taught her all about sex. "Heather." "Yes, Ms. Marcie?" she asked.

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Only my girl students could call me Ms. Marcie. All the boy students had to call me Ms. Baumgartner. "I need to speak with you in the hallway," I said, my voice stern. My cock was too hard for gwyneth paltrow nude boobs and sex scenes c to teach. I needed relief. As much as I wanted to fuck my daughter, I wanted it to be far more special than a quickie.

She deserved to be loved the same way I had loved Amber during lunch. My cock was still wet with her virginal juices. Heather stood up in her gray dress, smoothing her skirts. Her eyes were so wide as she walked to me, her hair swaying about that cute face.

Her cheeks paled, losing her normal blush as she reached my desk. "Relax," I told her. "You're not in trouble." She sighed in relief. Oh, she was so scrumptious. I couldn't wait to enjoy her. I gazed at my other students. "Just start reading until we get back," I said. "The chapter's on the board. Belinda's in charge until I get back." "Yes, Ms. Marcie," my daughter said. We didn't my first ffm threesome in uk threesomeffm com tube porn to advertise our relationship during class.

I held open the door for Heather. One of my male students almost trampled her as he raced in and darted to his seat. I shook my head at him. I wished I only taught girls. That would be wonderful. Then the entire class could have delicious orgies, all worshiping my new futa-cock. But I didn't wish that from the futa-fairy. Only a cock and the ability to fuck my female students.

There were so many favorites of mine. I preferred the freshman girls, though a few of the sophomores were still cute enough. Fresh and virginal. They weren't as corrupted as the junior and senior girls. I grinned, spotting another girl I was eager to fuck, Keily Redding, vanishing into a classroom. I grabbed Heather's hand as I marched her down the hallway to the nearest ladies room, all my favorites dancing through my head: Patti Jones, a sexy, Black girl; Yunjin Kim, a scrumptious Korean treat; Jamie Miller, the newest member of the Pussycats, our college's cheer squad; Sita Korrapati, a gorgeous Indian girl and daughter of the my department head; Amber Matheson, no longer a virgin; young Heather at my side; Keily Redding with her gorgeous, auburn hair; and my daughter.

She was the one I wanted the most. The one it would be most wrong to molest. My dick almost tore through my pantyhose, my pussy soaking the nylons. "The restroom, Ms Marcie?" gasped Heather as I led her inside. "What are we doing in here?" "Having sex," I told her, feeling so bold. After Amber, I knew I could fuck any of my students. It was the magic of the wish. The same magic that transformed my clit into a big, throbbing dick.

In all my fantasies, I wore a strap-on while fucking my students. But having a girl-dick—this big, throbbing slab of aching flesh—was even better. I could feel their tight cunts wrapped about my shaft as I popped their cherries and made them into women.

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Feel their pussies spasm in orgasmic delight. And then I would cum in them. Maybe even breed them. God, that would be hot. "Sex?" Heather said as she trailed after me. "What?" I reached the last stall, pushing it open. "I'm going to take you in there and fuck you with my girl-dick." I hiked my skirt. She gasped, seeing my cock stretching the dark material of my nylons. Color flooded her face, her blue eyes so wide. Would my daughter's eyes be so wide when I took her cherry?

I hoped they would be. "That's a.a.penis, Ms. Marcie." She stared up at me. "How do you have that?" "It's a girl-cock," I told her, bringing her hand to my throbbing dick. "You need to learn all the right words. Cock, dick, pussy, cunt." She flinched at the last word. "Mmm, cunt is the best word to describe that wet hole between your thighs," I told her as I rubbed her hand up and down my hardon. Precum bled through my nylons. She pressed the fabric into my shaft, making me shudder in pure delight.

"That hot, nasty hole that's just begging to be filled by my girl-dick." "I." she swallowed. "Ms. Marcie." her eyes were so wide. Tears beaded them. She was afraid, but her hand. Her hand squeezed my futa-cock. Like with Heather, she was horny, aroused, and interested. But she was also scared. Everything she knew told her it was wrong for an adult teacher to touch her. It was so wrong. She shouldn't be aroused. But I knew she had a hot little cunt beneath her panties. She was eager to have her cherry popped.

I shoved my hand beneath her gray skirt. She trembled as I slid up her smooth thighs to the heat bleeding through her panties. She gasped as I rubbed at her crotch, her hand tightening on my cock through my nylons. I stroked her hot cunt, her juices soaking through her crotch. "Yes, that is a hot, little cunt," I purred. My finger pressed into her gusset, pushing the cloth into her pussy's folds. Her eyes widened. "Isn't it?" "Ms. Marcie," she groaned, glancing behind her at the bathroom door.

Any second, someone could walk in. That was hot. My pussy clenched, tingles racing up to the tip of my futa-dick. "You can't do this. This is wrong?" "So wrong," I moaned, rubbing harder at her pussy. "Now don't lie to me, Heather. You have a hot, little cunt. It's just so juicy for my big, girl-cock." She bit her lip.

"Answer me!" I snapped, putting all my authority in my voice as I loomed over her. "Yes, Ms. Marcie!" she squeaked, shuddering. "Say it!" I licked my lips. "Tell me how your hot, little cunt wants to be fucked." "M-my hot, little vag—" "Cunt!" My finger pressed upward. I felt something resisting across the opening of her pussy. Her hymen. "Say the proper words. Pay attention to my lesson." "Cunt!" She gasped, her face so red from saying those words.

It made my dick ache so badly, the tip begging to be in her. "My hot, little cunt n-needs your big c-cock in it." "Your virgin cunt, you little schoolgirl-slut?" I leaned down, rubbing on her pussy, my lips inches from hers.

"Because that's what you are now. My little schoolgirl-slut." "Y-your little schoolgirl.slut?" Her eyes were so wide. "What else do you call a girl who begs to fuck her teacher?" I grinned then kissed her hard on the mouth. She groaned, shivering as she wiggled against me. My tongue plunged into her mouth, pressing her into the stall. She shivered, her hand clutching so hard to my dick, almost crushing it as her passion swelled in her.

I brushed her tongue with mine, showing her how to kiss. She moaned, shivering, her body trembling. I savored the kiss. It was so wonderful. I would have a harem of schoolgirl-sluts to enjoy.

They would all love me. And my daughter, Belinda, would be at the center. Staring into Heather's wide-open, blue eyes, I could almost imagine I was kissing my virginal daughter. I broke the kiss and she panted, licking her lips.

I grinned at her. "See, you are such a slut for my big-dick." "Yes, Ms. Marcie," she moaned, her hips swaying. "Now bend that pretty little ass over the toilet. I'm going to pop your cherry and fuck you so hard." Heather let go of my cock to obey.

Her short, blonde hair swayed about her face as she turned, my dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion sliding from her panties. I brought my fingers to my lips, tasting her sweet musk. I shuddered at the flavor. She was so fresh and pure. And I would violate her in the bathroom. God, I loved my wish. I pulled her skirt up over her waist, tucking it into her waistband.

Then I ripped down those virginal, white panties of hers, the crotch soaked darker, unveiling her trimmed, golden curls dripping with her juices. She was so wet already. Her sweet musk filled my nose. "Oh, yes, you are just so juicy," I groaned, pushing down my pantyhose so my cock flopped out. It smacked into her ass. She gasped. "Just such a hot, wet cunt. So eager for my cock." "Yes, Ms. Marcie," she groaned as I rubbed my dick down her cute, bubbly ass to those golden curls.

They tickled the tip of my dick, teasing it. I shuddered, my entire body quivering from the wicked thrill I was about to enjoy. "Beg." She looked over her shoulder, her blue eyes so wide. "Beg?" "Tell me what you want. Say it! Beg for it, you little slut!" My pussy dripped juices. My nylons were soaked. I pressed against her hymen, her hot flesh so silky. "Say it!" "Ms. Marcie, fuck my hot, little c-cunt with your big d-dick!" "My big futa-dick," I groaned.

"I'm a futanari now. Like those two cheerleaders. Did you see the game on Friday?" It was so hot watching Kimmie and Cassandra, the two futa-cheerleaders, fucking their fellow cheer mates during the game. "No," she squeaked. "But.please, fuck me! With your big futa-dick, Ms. Marcie! My hot, little cunt needs it. B-because I'm a.a schoolgirl-slut!" Her entire body shook saying those last words.

Her pussy grew even hotter against the tip of my dick. Her cute hips wiggled with desire. I couldn't resist her silky delight any longer. I had to fuck her hard, fast. And cum. I thrust forward. Her cherry popped beneath my thrusting cock. I rammed through her thin hymen in moments. It tore. And then her hot, tight pussy was around my cock. She moaned so loudly, her voice echoing off the bathroom tiles. "Ms. Marcie!" she squealed as my cock buried into her pussy's depths.

Her hot cunt took every inch of it. My crotch pressed into her bubbly ass. She wiggled, her cunt a furnace around my dick. So tight. "Oh, Ms. Marcie!" "Yes," I groaned, staring at that cute ass as I drew back. And rammed into her again. She squeaked every deep throating teen rides deepthroat and teenager I bottomed out in her hot ass. Her cunt gripped my cock, massaging it, driving me wild as I reamed her. The pleasure surged through me.

It was so amazing to fuck this cute thing, to ram my dick into her over and over. Her butt-cheeks jiggled as my crotch smacked into her.

The hot, tight friction burned around my cock as I violated my student's once virgin cunt. I pounded her so hard, groaning, my large tits bouncing in my bra. Shading ke rate sense xxx was so tight and hot, her pussy squeezing around my dick as she groaned.

"Oh, that's it, you naughty schoolgirl-slut," I moaned, my voice tinny as it echoed back. "Oh, you just love it." "I do!" she gasped.

"I've never been so hot. I'm feverish. Oh, Ms. Marcie. Oh, wow! Oh, this is amazing." "Being a slut for your futa-teacher?" "Yes!" Her pussy clamped down so hard on my dick. It was ecstasy. I gripped her hips, ramming into her, my orgasm building as I stared at her jiggling butt-cheeks. I moved my hands to them, pulling them apart, exposing her brown sphincter.

It winked at me as I buried over and over into her pussy. I had to fuck her ass with my big girl-dick.

I had to sodomize this sexy schoolgirl and dump my cum into her bowels. "Ms. Marcie!" she gasped in shock when I ripped my cock out of her pussy. "What are you. Oh, no! Not there! Not my up my butt!" "It's called anal, you slut," I groaned, rubbing my well-lubed cock on her wrinkled sphincter.

She felt so velvety against me. "I'm going to fuck your tight, hot asshole so hard. You're going to squeal. Yes, you are." I thrust. She squealed. It was heaven sinking into her hot, tight, virginal bowels. I took both her cherries only minutes apart. She went from innocent to schoolgirl-whore in moments. Her back arched, her entire body shuddering as her bowels clenched about my dick. I buried all the way into her, my crotch rubbing on her cute buns. I savored how tight she was. Even tighter than her pussy.

She wasn't as wet, her bowels a rougher delight. I pulled back and she let out a low groan of bliss, her bowels clenching on my dick. The friction was incredible. I shuddered, my hands gripping her ass so hard, thumbs sinking into her pale flesh. "That's it," I panted and rammed back into her.

"I'm going to flood your asshole with my cum, you naughty slut!" "Yes, Ms. Marcie," she groaned, her hips moving. She loved it, the little slut. Our flesh smacked so loudly together as I reamed her. I groaned and gasped. The friction burned across my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored every moment of the plunge. My pussy clenched, the pressure building and building. Her moans grew louder and louder. She gripped the toilet, the porcelain groaning as she rocked back into me.

Her blonde hair swayed as her flushed face tossed back and forth.


step mom wants your baby mindi mink milf pov hairy pussy and lingerie I squeezed her ass as I plowed her. "Ms. Marcie! Something's happening. It's. Oh, wow! Oh, my gosh!" The slut came. Her bowels writhed about my futa-dick. I groaned, savoring my student's plunge into whorish passion.

She would be addicted to my cock. She would be my lover, my submissive slut. I would have such a harem of schoolgirls. They would all worship me. My girl-cum erupted into her asshole.

I shuddered as blast after blast of my cum fired into her bowels. Her asshole milked my girl-cock. The pleasure shot through me, burning my mind. My pussy spasmed so hard, convulsing with each blast, adding sweet waves to the wild rush firing out of my dick. I loved it. I loved being a naughty futa-teacher. "Ms. Marcie," she mewled. "That was awesome!" "Tomorrow, during lunch, my classroom. So you can meet the other sluts who love me." "Yes, Ms.

Marcie," she groaned as my shrinking cock plopped out of her asshole. We straightened our clothing and wiped the sweat from our flushed faces. She held my hand so tight as we walked back to class, though her steps were a little awkward. She had a sore ass but a happy smile on her lips. All during my lesson, I kept glancing at Heather as she squirmed at her desk, unable to to sit still as my cum leaked out of her asshole into her panties.

It kept such a huge grin on my lips, my cock so hard as I lectured. After class, I caught my daughter as she walked out the door. "Be here right after your final class," I told her. "No dawdling. We have a lot to talk about." Her eyes widened. "What's going on with you, Mom?" I grinned at her. "Better hurry to your next class, munchkin." I watched my daughter's ass, cupped in her jean skirt, as she hurried out of my classroom.

My cock was hard again. There was a bulge at the front of my skirt, but it was slight. You had to know about it to notice it. As I taught my next two classes, both full of seniors and juniors, girls I wasn't too interested in, I felt my students eyes on me.

I wondered if they noticed the bulge.


I couldn't help but face them, wanting them all to know I was a futanari know like Kimmie and Cassandra. "Okay, for tomorrow I want chapters sixteen and seventeen read," I said to my final class.

"Be prepared to discuss the themes in class." They groaned. I smiled at them, especially at Deidre Reddings, Kylie's older sister.

It would be hot to fuck them both, watching the sisters lick my cum out of my pussy. I could make an exception for a junior like Deidre. But first I had to have my fun with the younger girls.

My students filed out and my cock throbbed so hard. I perched on my desk, crossing my legs. The skirt clung to my thighs, the hem riding up with a sensual whisk against the nylons. I shivered, my breasts rising and falling in my blouse. My nipples were so hard. I unfastened the top two buttons of my blouse, freeing more of my tits, giving myself a nice cleavage for my daughter to admire. My pussy clenched as I stared at the door waiting for her arrival.

I couldn't wait to teach her so many new things today. I licked my lips. My daughter was just scrumptious. Students passed outside. I peered at them through the small window set in the door. They laughed and talked as years old teen fucks at this fake casting for k in cash passed, their footsteps thudding, a constant roar outside my door.

My skin grew tighter and tighter as I awaited my daughter's appearance. I couldn't wait for her to come striding through the door, a big smile on her face. I took a deep breath. Her face appeared. My daughter opened the door, her pigtails swaying as she stepped in, a big grin on her face. She had such excitement bursting across her features.

She closed the door behind her and hurried to me, her jean skirt rustling against her pink tights. "So," Belinda said, her eyes so eager. "You are seeing someone, right, Mom? Is she pretty?" My daughter had never cared that I was a lesbian. She had always accepted it even if she showed far too much interest in boys.

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But that would change. Once she saw what Mommy was packing beneath her skirt, she wouldn't need a boy. Or a man. She had a futa-mother. "Are you going on a date tonight?" she asked as she stood before me, glancing at my cleavage.

"You unbuttoned part of your blouse." "You noticed," I purred, my cock throbbing, pressed tight by my crossed thighs. "So who's it with, Mom?" Her blue eyes were so bright, her breasts straining her babydoll t-shirt.

My dick throbbed beneath my panties as she shifted her shoulders, making those lush tits jiggle, her bra unable to constrain them. "You," I purred, reaching out and cupping her cheeks. Confusion furrowed her brow, her blue eyes blinking. "Me? Where are we going?" "It's happening right here, my little munchkin," I told her, pulling her closer to me, loving the heat of her cheeks beneath my fingers.

"Mom," she said, a hint of.something, maybe fear or concern, tightening her voice. "What is going on? You're acting weird. Like you're high or something." "I'm not high. But I am different. Do you want to know why?" "Of course," she said, biting her lip. "You're making me worry." "Oh, you don't have to worry about your sexy mother," I laughed. My daughter blinked her eyes. "Sexy. What?" "Lift up my skirt and see what changes have happened to your mother." I hot aunty xxx nude fucking story my thumbs along her cheek bones.

"Mmm, I have such a naughty surprise for you. It's time for your mom to teach you a few things." "Your.skirt." Her voice faltered. "What?" "Be a good girl and obey your mother, munchkin. You're at school. I'm a teacher, and I have so much to teach you." She looked down at my skirt. "What is that.? There's something tenting your skirt like a." Her eyes shot up to me, so blue and wide. "Are you wearing one of your." Her voice dropped to a hoarse whisper. ".toys?" "Lift my skirt and find out." "Mom!" she gasped in shock.

"What are you thinking? We're at school. You're a teacher and my mother." "Your naughty mother," I purred, moving my hands from her cheeks to seize her hands. They were so warm. I brought them to the hem of my skirt, rubbing them on my nylons. "Just push it up and see.

It's such a wicked surprise." Her hands trembled, rubbing on my pantyhose. I shivered, tingles racing up my thighs to my pussy and futa-cock. I let out a moan as she squirmed. Those lush boobs jiggling again. My daughter was almost as endowed as me. Conflict warred across her face. She was straight. She knew incest was wrong. She was eighteen, half my age. A violent shiver wracked her body. Her hands pushed up my tight skirt.

The material whisked against my nylons. The sound made me groan again. Her eyes widened as she stared up at me, licking her lips.

Her nipples poked at the front of her t-shirt. "Mom," she groaned. "What is going on? Why are you doing this?" "Because those big tits, your sexy legs, your cute ass, and your big, blue eyes make me so wet," I moaned. "Your mommy's wanted to teach you about lesbian sex for so long. And it's going to be even more wild.

Because I have such a huge surprise for you." Her hands froze for three heartbeats, my skirt half-rolled up my thighs. She stared at me, trembling, her cheeks lucky guy gets to fuck three babes so bright red. Her pigtails swayed. And then she pushed my skirt up higher. "Why am I doing this?" she whispered under her breath. It sounded almost reflexive.

"Because you're like your mother. You have a hot, naughty cunt between your cute thighs begging you to be naughty." She shuddered at the word cunt, her thighs pressing together, her tights rustling. "I shouldn't be. I don't like girls, Mom. I'm not like you." "But now your just so hot and wet for your mother, aren't you?" My daughter looked up at me.

"I.I am." "Good." She pushed my skirt up over my crotch and let out a gasp. Her finger stroked my girl-dick held in the tight confines of my pantyhose. I shuddered, my shaft throbbing beneath her touch. She circled the tip, the precum bleeding through. "Mom," she groaned.

"That's not a dildo. How.? How do you have a.a.?" "Cock?" She nodded her head, her fingers moving to the waistband of my nylons. She yanked on them in a sudden burst of lust. Instead of pulling them down, the pantyhose ripped. I shivered at the tearing sound. My cock popped out of the split, bouncing before my daughter's face. Her sweet breath washed over the tip, making the crown pulse with my heartbeat.

She can barely take his giant weenie but rides it lika a champ beaded bright and clear at the slit then dribbled down the side of my shaft. Her hand seized my girl-dick.

She stroked it, her entire body trembling. Her palm reached the tip, making me groan in pure delight. My hands went to my blouse, squeezing my large tits through my garments as my pussy clenched. Her hand stroked down, brushing the wet folds of my pussy surrounded by my trimmed-brown pubic hair. She yanked her hand away, kneeling down, and staring between my thighs. She licked her lips, her breath quickening. "You have both, Mom," she groaned. "Oh, my god. You have both.

How?" "If you went to the football game, you would know," I purred. "I'm a futanari now. I have a big, thick cock just aching for your sweet mouth to lick it, to suck it, to make it cum. You're going to be my favorite, Belinda. My favorite schoolgirl-slut. Mmm, Mommy raised such a nubile beauty." My daughter didn't answer, she just stared at my cock in awe. "First, lick my pussy lips.

That will tease me," I moaned, seizing her pigtails and pulling her hot babes show some tits in public to my cunt. "Work your way up to my shaft. Then you'll climb it and circle the crown. Are you paying attention honey?" "Lick pussy," she said, almost entranced, "to tease. Lick to shaft, go up it, and then swirl the crown." "Then you suck it between your pretty lips, bobbing your head, moaning to give me pleasure. That's how you give a futanari head.

Understand?" "Yeah, Mom," she breathed. "Do it," I groaned, pulling on her pigtails, using them to guide her. They were perfect for it. Her lips nuzzled into my pussy folds. I shuddered at the first incestuous contact between my daughter and me. At first, she just nuzzled, rubbing her mouth into my hot silk.

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And then her tongue licked through my folds. My back arched as the pleasure surged through me. I groaned, savoring this moment. My fingers worked at the buttons of my blouse as my daughter took her second lick and her third. She moaned between them, enjoying the tangy flavor of my pussy. My toes curled in my heals as my blouse fell open, my breasts thrusting forward in my lacy, black bra.

Her eyes stared at me past my heaving breasts. They burned with such intensity as she licked again, her tongue probing into my depths, exploring. Her hands rubbed at my inner thighs clad in my nylons, whisking over the silky hosiery. I shuddered again, my dick throbbing over her head, precum weeping down the shaft.

"Oh, that's it," I groaned. "Mmm, that's how you please Mommy's futa-cock. Oh, yes, you are such a good girl, munchkin. Mommy's favorite schoolgirl-slut." My daughter moaned, her tongue licking faster, emboldened by my words. My fingers unsnapped my bra, the clasp in the front between the two cups. My breasts sprang out, bouncing before me. I squeezed them, my dark-red nipples fat and kinky group of swingers playing dirty sex games. I pinched them, groaning as her tongue climbed higher and higher, reaching the base of my cock and the rivulet of precum running down it.

"Salty," she said. "That's my precum. My girl-jizz will be even better." My daughter shuddered, her tongue climbing higher and higher. She dragged it up the surface and then she frowned. "Mom, there's this sour flavor." "That's just Heather Jackson's ass," I groaned. "Mommy buggered her in the bathroom." "During your meeting?" my daughter asked, her eyes so wide.

"Mom, that's so. Wow! You're so bold." "Now keep licking. I bet you love the taste of ass. A good slut always does. A girl's ass is such a sweet treat to enjoy. Especially on Mommy's girl-dick." My innocent, virginal daughter moaned her agreement, tonguing my cock again, licking at the sides, touching new parts to savor her classmate's ass.

The futa-fairy's powers made her just so horny she was eager for everything. I loved my wish. Her tongue climbed higher and higher as she eagerly lapped up Heather's sour musk. My tip throbbed as my daughter flicked the base. That young indian beauty masturbates on live cam fingering big butt so sensitive.

I groaned, shuddering as her tongue caressed the spongy helmet, swirling around it, driving me wild and— The door to my classroom opened, and Sita Korrapati entered. She took two steps in and gave a gasp of shock. "Oh, my word. Ms. Marcie! And." She shivered. "Belinda. You're. And she has. What.? I." I had forgotten that Sita, my department head's daughter, had wanted a meeting with me after school. She was a delicious, eighteen-year-old Indian girl—she was from the real India, not a Native American—with red-brown skin and sleek, black hair falling down her back.

Her round face widened with surprise. She trembled in her cardigan over her white blouse, her long skirt swaying about her thighs. "Come here, Sita. You can join Belinda in her blowjob lessons." I held out my hand, beckoning the girl. My daughter took a cautious lick of my dick as Sita stumbled forward, clearly not able to think right, so shocked by the sight.

I seized the girl's hand, pulling her closer. She smelled so sweet. I groaned as my daughter sucked on my dick, her cheeks hollowing and making a wet, obscene sound. Sita jumped at that. "Ms. Marcie. That's your daughter." "She is. And she's loving her lesson.

And you want to be a good girl and help her, don't you? You want to learn everything I have to teach her and keep earning that 4.0." Sita's jaw dropped. She had the best grades in the college. She prided herself on it. A shiver ran through her. "Are you saying.sucking.your. I mean. How.? You have a penis, Ms. Marcie." "A girl-cock. And you're going to suck it.

So get on your knees beside Belinda and lick the side." "You'll like it," my daughter said. "Come be a schoolgirl-slut with me." The Indian girl's eyes widened. She looked on the verge of fainting as she said, "Slut," with those innocent lips. "Yes," I purred, moving my hand to the top of her head. I pushed down, not hard, but enough to get her moving.

"Now nuzzle in at my pussy. Lick it while my daughter sucks my cock. That really makes a futa come." "Oh, my word," breathed Sita. "Oh, my word, this can't be." I pulled on the back of her head, bringing her face closer to my cunt. "It can be," I groaned, my daughter sucking so hard on my futa-dick. Sita's wonderful lips brushed my pussy. Pleasure shot up my shaft to my crown buried in my daughter's warm, wet mouth.

I groaned, both their tongues caressing me. Sita sliding through my pussy, discovering, like Belinda had, just how amazing my cunt tasted.

My toes curled, the dual delights rushing through my body. My daughter bobbed her mouth on my dick, moaning, her passion vibrating around the tip. That sent wicked shudders down my shaft, making me squirm as Sita probed my pussy. Her gentle tongue licked and lapped, not hard, but with the lightest touch. Every lick swelled her confidence. She grew bolder, her tongue reaching a little deeper, lapping a little faster.

She moaned into my pussy, savoring the flavor. I squeezed naughty latina mariah trades her bigtits for money naked breasts, pinching my nipples. It added another drop of delight to the pleasure my daughter and Sita created in me. Incestuous passion hummed around my cock and schoolgirl desire lapped at my pussy. "Oh, yes, you're both such good schoolgirl-sluts for your teacher.

So good. Oh, I am going to dump so much cum down Belinda's throat and flood your mouth with so much cream, Sita. Oh, yes." My daughter sucked harder. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such hungry passion.

I loved it. Her cheeks hollowed as she bobbed her mouth. It was so hot peering into her eyes as she pleasured me. I felt so close to my daughter. We were sharing something so wonderfully wrong. "Belinda, dear!" I groaned, my pussy clenching on Sita's probing tongue. She had wiggled it so deep into my sheath, caressing my inner walls.

I shuddered. "Drink it all down! Be Mommy's perfect, schoolgirl-slut!" My body shuddered. My cum erupted, shooting into Belinda's mouth. The passion rushed through me. Cream flooded out of my pussy into Sita's waiting mouth. I groaned, the pleasure reaching my mind. My pussy spasmed. My cock spurted. Belinda and Sita swallowed my juices. They drank down all my passion as I heaved on my desk. My daughter squeezed her eyes shut, savoring the flavor of my girl-cum. I pinched my nipples so hard, so glad we had this wonderful moment.

My pleasure peaked. And then I groaned, "Oh, that's it. Such studious schoolgirl-sluts." Belinda, her cheeks pink, popped her mouth off my girl-dick. "Thanks, Mom." "Thank you, Ms. Marcie," Sita moaned, her face appearing beside my daughter's dripping with my pussy juices. "You tasted.great. I had no idea.

My mother always said lesbians are deviants." "Did she," I said, my eyes narrowing. Chandra Korrapati always claimed to be so progressive and supportive of LGBTQ.

Guess not. "Now we're going to use Belinda to learn how to make love to a woman's body," I said. "Help me strip her naked, Sita." "Yes, Ms. Marcie." My dick throbbed. I loved a sweet, young thing calling me that with my pussy juices staining her lips. Then we attacked my daughter.

Her clothing flew off of her as Sita and I stripped the busty eighteen-year-old girl. Her tits were constrained in a white bra. They bounced out, so big and round, her nipples pink and fat. Sita ripped down her tights and panties, exposing a trimmed, brown bush, a lighter shade than my own, drenched in her juices.

We stretched my daughter out on my desk, her big boobs jiggling. I seized them. "First, let's kiss her on the mouth and play with her big tits." "Yes, Ms. Marcie," Sita said, always so eager to excel in her lessons. We took turns kissing my daughter. I loved the salty taste of my cum on her lips as we traded incestuous kisses, and Belinda moaned as her tongue licked my tart cream off Sita's mouth and chin.

Our hands played with my daughter's big, soft breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples, making her squirm and moan as she traded hot kisses with us. Then we descended like hungry locust to my daughter's breasts. Sita and I attacked her nipples, sucking so hard, both of us so horny. My dick throbbed and my pussy dripped juices my torn nylons absorbed.

I swirled my tongue about my daughter's fat nipple, making her squirm and moan, her voice echoing through my classroom. "Oh, Mom! Oh, wow! This is amazing. Oh, Sita! Wait until we suck your boobies!" "Mmm," Sita purred around my daughter's other fat nipple. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the nub. My daughter groaned. I nibbled and teased her, nipping with my teeth. Her body squirmed and thrashed on the desk.

Our hands roamed her body, sliding across her flat stomach, making her giggle and squeal, and caressing her thighs. We slid up them, brushing the heat between them, her pubic hair silky and wet. She groaned, thrashing more as our fingers explored her. "Mmm, you can feel she's a virgin still, Sita," I purred as our fingers caressed Belinda's folds. "Feel the membrane of skin over her pussy's entrance. It has holes in it. I can wiggle my finger past it." "Mom!" gasped Belinda as her pussy clenched on my finger.

"Oh, wow, that's nice." "Now when your lover is that wet, it's the perfect time to kiss down her body and start licking her pussy." "Yes, Ms.

Marcie," Sita said. "I hope she tastes as good as you." "She will," I promised as we kissed down my daughter's breasts. Sita and I moved lower and lower, smooching down my daughter's stomach.

The Indian girl probed Belinda's bellybutton, making my daughter squeal in delight while I nuzzled at her groin, reaching the soft silk of her pussy.


And then Sita joined me, her cheek pressed against mine, as my fingers spread open my daughter's tight slit. And exposed her pink, wet depths. "Oh, my word, she looks delicious," Sita groaned.

"Uh-huh," I nodded, licking my lips. "Shall we?" Sita nodded. We feasted on my daughter. She gasped and moaned as our tongues licked and lapped through her folds. She tasted so wonderfully spicy. Her little clit peeked out of its hood, throbbing as our tongues brushed it over and over.

My daughter squirmed and moaned, squeezing her big boobs as she thrashed on my desk. She loved the lesson. Her juices flowed into our hungry mouths. Our tongue swiped over and over across Belinda's intimate flesh. I savored the incestuous passion of my exploring japanese chicks fur pie hardcore groupsex. It dribbled down my chin to my throat as she thrashed.

And then she came. "Mom!" she screamed out. "Oh, my god, Mom! This is awesome!" "Uh-huh," I groaned, lapping through her cumming folds, gathering her spicy flood.

She squirmed so hard. So much. She thrashed and shuddered on the desk. It creaked as her orgasm shuddered through her. I drank down her juices, reveling in them. Sita moaned beside me, her tongue lapping furiously, eager for every drop. My cock throbbed.

I could wait no longer. "Now it's time to learn how to be fucked by a futa," I grinned at my daughter as I rose. "You just have to lie there and take my big, throbbing cock reaming your cunt!" "Yes, Mom," she moaned, blue eyes burning. "Fuck me!" Sita moved out of the way, licking at her pussy-stained lips while she squirmed. I grinned at her. "See if my daughter paid attention to the lesson.

Test her on her pussy licking skills." Sita moaned, "Yes, Ms. Marcie," as she reached beneath her skirt and ripped down her panties. Then she unzipped it, letting it fall tits that nice deserve a load czechsuperstars her long thighs, revealing her black bush hiding her sweet pussy.

"I hope she paid attention." "Me, too." As Sita straddled my daughter's eager lips, I rubbed my cock against her hymen. I shivered. This was so wrong. I was her mother.

I had raised her. And now I would violate her pussy, pop her cherry, and defile her with my big, throbbing futa-cock. My entire body convulsed with desire. I thrust. "Mom!" Belinda squealed into Sita's pussy as my cock buried into her virgin cunt. Her cherry popped with ease, unable to withstand my passion. I buried into my daughter fully. Her cunt wrapped about my dick.

I groaned, shuddering as her pussy clenched around my futa-cock. No one had ever touched this flesh before me. My third schoolgirl cherry today. I drew back, groaning at the sweet friction, my daughter moaning into Sita's pussy. The Indian girl squirmed, her eyes wide with bliss as Belinda lapped at her pussy. Sita shuddered, unbuttoning her cardigan as she writhed her pussy on my daughter's face.

"Oh, she paid attention, Ms. Marcie," she groaned, red-brown face twisting with pleasure. "Good," I groaned, drawing back my hips and slamming into my daughter's incestuous depths, savoring how amazing she felt.

"Oh, munchkin, I knew you would make Mommy proud." "Uh-huh," Belinda moaned between licks, her pale fingers gripping Sita's swarthy thighs.

"She tastes soooooo good. And she's a virgin, too." "Yes," I groaned, my pussy clenching, my excitement building. Sita shrugged out of her cardigan and had her white blouse off in record time. She reached behind her, undoing her bra, freeing her small breasts. The little mounds jiggled as she quivered.

Then, with a hungry moan, she leaned over, seized my big breasts, and sucked a fat nipple into her lips. I gasped at her hungry suckling as I plowed my futa-dick into my daughter's tight cunt.

My hips pistoned hard and fast. The friction of her silky pussy on my cock sent pleasure rippling to my pussy, joining the sensations tingling from my nipples.

"Oh, you sweet thing, Sita," I groaned, stroking her black hair as she sucked so hard. "Oh, yes, you're earning that A." She sucked harder, her dark eyes staring up at me with such passion. A violent shudder ran through me. My hips pumped so hard, so fast into my daughter's tight cunt. She moaned into Sita's pussy, lapping with noisy passion as her pussy clenched on my dick.

"I'm going to cum so hard," I moaned. "Mommy's going to flood her schoolgirl-slut's pussy!" "Yes," moaned Belinda. Sita gasped around my nipple. Her eyes squeezed shut as her body trembled. She sucked so hard, cumming on my daughter's mouth. The sensations shot down to my pussy, striking the pressure building in my depths. My hips slammed forward through my daughter's tight cunt. Her incestuous flesh caressed my dick.

I gasped, back arching, and exploded. My futa-cum flooded my daughter's taboo cunt. I spasmed as the rapture shot through me. "Take Mommy's futa-cum, munchkin!" I moaned. "Yes!" she squealed into Belinda's cunt and joined us. Her pussy writhed about my dick, milking my futa-cum out as she orgasmed. "So awesome! I love it!" Sita kept sucking as she squirmed. All of us were moaning, cumming.

My pussy spasmed. Juices gushed down my thighs as my cock unloaded so much girl-jizz into my daughter's barely legal, fertile depths. I trembled, the heat racing through me. It was so wonderful. So intense. The pleasure boiled my mind. My classroom's door opened. Chandra Korrapati, Sita's mother, stepped in. "I hope you like my daughter's idea about her project." Her eyes fell upon us. I froze, my cock buried in my daughter's cunt, her daughter sucking at my nipple. Fear clenched my stomach.

I was so fired. To be continued.