Legal age teenager whore enjoying a dick hiddencam and hardcore

Legal age teenager whore enjoying a dick hiddencam and hardcore
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The end of the school year was growing near. Brad, Jen, Liz and I were all studying for exams during the week and heading out to the bars on the weekend to relax.

Brad was still blissfully unaware of the games of ‘truth or dare’ that Jen, Liz and I were playing. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, it was great fun to keep it a secret from him. Each week, Liz, Jen and I would get together for another round. The problem was jolie black se fait defoncer le cul derriere la maison the game was becoming less of a game and more of a straight-up fuck-fest.

No sooner had we all gotten alone that our clothes would get ripped off (if we’d even get that far) and we’d go at it wherever we were. I had no complaints, mind you. We were doing it everywhere.

We’d done it in the shower (see part 1), in a club (see part 2), on Liz’s couch while her parents were home and in the next room, on a public hot threesome session starring priscilla and autumn creampie and brunette, in a public pool, in Jen’s car, at the movies, in a bathroom restaurant (while Brad waited at the table), and other places I barely remember.

One of the most memorable time, however, was the day that Jen had even given me head during one of our classes. The teacher had turned on a movie (damned if I remember which one) and dimmed the lights. I barely had to say a word and Jen unzipped my pants and went down on me immediately. I remember her smooth, wet tongue gliding up, down, and all around my throbbing cock. She bobbed up and down on me making soft slurping noises that were barely audible.

Anna, the school dork, turned and saw us doing that and I shona xxxstorys 2019 sex stories xxx laughed. She was the kind of girl that would never get a boyfriend her entire life and would probably end up living with 57 cats. Well, she had heard those slurps and turned (probably to scold us) and saw Jen licking my dick and massaging my balls.

The look on her face surprised me. I though for sure she’d scream and we’d get in shit, but instead her eyes rolled back and she put her hand down her pants and started rubbing herself! Jen kept bobbing up and down on my cock. She too had run her hand underneath her skirt to rub her pussy. She’d taken to going commando for occasions such as that day, and it was quite the turn on.

Every so often she’d let out a soft moan of pleasure. When I was finally ready to come I pulled her upwards so that she could French me, I turned her over slightly so that I could be on top of her and I came all over her shirt.

A tiny splatter had hit her chin, and her shirt was covered in my jizz (Anna came softly as I shot my load watch sex with hot luscious gal hardcore and blowjob over Jen).

Jen then had to spend the next hour walking around school with jizz on her shirt after I dared her to do it.

---------- We had finally reached the last week of school – exam week… Brad had gotten a scholarship and once the exams were over, he was leaving town.

So this was going to be the last week we would see him – probably forever. As such, we decided it was time to let him in on our secret. And we had the perfect plan. Our last exam of the week was going to be easiest. If anyone can look forward to an exam, the Life Management exam was the one.

The teacher had assigned us a group presentation to do on anything that he had taught us during the year. The exam was to be graded based on the reaction of the class. If the class clapped or cheered, 100%. Otherwise, 0%. So basically everyone was assured of 100%. Because of his scholarship, Brad was pretty stressed about his exams. So one night when we were studying at my place, I winked at the girls and turned to Brad. “Truth or dare, Brad?” The look of bewilderment on Brad’s face was priceless as he looked up from his math books.

“What?” he said, as though maybe he heard me wrong. “Truth or dare?” I repeated. Brad just stared blankly.

“Look, Brad. Jen, Liz and I have been playing this game of ‘truth or dare’ for like 3 months now. We’ve dared each other to do some pretty stupid things, but also some fun things.” Brad looked at the girls and back at me. He clearly didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. “Anyways, we’ve noticed that you’ve been pretty stressed out about your scholarship and your exams, so we want to help you.” Brad was now thoroughly confused.

He shook his head and said, “what does your help have anything to do with your game of ‘truth or dare’?” “Well, it has everything to do with it.” I smiled and looked at the girls, who just giggled. I looked back at Brad and continued, “you see, even though we are assured of 100% in the Life class, we still have to come up with some kind of presentation, right?” “Oh shit!

Yeah! Oh man, I forgot!” Brad slapped his forehead with his hand as if punishing himself for forgetting it. I couldn’t really tell if Brad was being sarcastic, but I decided to continue anyways, “well, no worries.

You see, Jen, Liz and I have a pretty good idea for it and we can come up with the presentation and you won’t have to do anything.” Brad looked relieved. “Wait,” he stopped. What does this have to do with your game?” “Well, basically I dare you to do whatever we tell you to do during that presentation.” Brad’s jaw dropped and I assured him, “don’t worry, we won’t make you do anything you’ll regret.

Believe me, you’ll be happy you did it.” Brad was unsure. He didn’t seem to trust us totally with this (and rightfully so). He looked over at Liz. This wasn’t surprising since it was pretty obvious that he had a thing for her. And today, she was wearing a pretty short skirt that revealed the fact that she too, was not wearing panties. Brad had been shooting quick glances at her sitting on my bed with her legs open all night while he had shifted back and forth on his seat at my desk trying to hide his hard-on.

Liz spread her legs innocently so he could get a good look and said in her most girly voice, “please?” Brad agreed. ---------- The day of the Life Management final came.

As it turned out, we were the first to present that day. But before we could start, Liz had to duck out to the bathroom.

Our teacher, Mr. Miller was understanding and let her go. Jen, Brad and I went up to the front of the class to wait for her to come back. We didn’t bring anything up with us which only succeeded in making Brad nervous. Mr. Miller looked at his watch and then up at us. Liz still hadn’t come back. “So, what’s your presentation on today?

Gotta make sure you’re on topic.” Jen smiled broadly and replied matter-of-factly that we were going to talk about sex. Brad’s jaw dropped and Mr. Miller laughed. “Are you sure Brad’s up for that?” Brad smiled nervously, “Y-y-yessir. I-I-I was just surprised at how she – uh – said that.” Mr. Miller laughed again. Just then the school secretary came over the intercom and announced, “Mr.

Miller can you come to the front desk please? Mr. Miller, front desk.” At the same time, Liz came strolling back into the classroom. So far so good… Mr. Miller had a look of confusion on his face and he got up to leave the room. Before he left he turned back to the class and said, “Listen, just start your presentation. I shouldn’t be long… If I miss it, I’ll ask the class for their opinion when I get back.” And with that, he turned and left, closing the door behind him.

---------- Since you’re not dummies, you’ve clearly guessed that we had something to do with him leaving.


So let me explain how we did it… A couple of days before, I had gone over to this sex shop in the mall and bought a penis enlarging kit. Now, at first I was pretty embarrassed and didn’t know if I could do it. But then again, you have no idea the confidence you can get when offered a backseat blowjob by someone like Liz as a reward for doing so… Anyways, we enlisted the help of Anna (the dorky girl who saw Jen giving me head) to make sure the package got delivered to the school’s front desk addressed to Mr.

Miller. In exchange for not telling her strict Mormon parents what she did in class, she readily agreed. Liz had left the class and called Anna on her cell-phone to make sure the package was delivered when our presentation started.

Since the penis enlarger was not wrapped, Mr. Miller would have to spend a lot of time explaining it away before he would be able to come back to class. ---------- So there we were, the four three bitches overpower male and do what they want to him us in front of the class with no teacher. The rest of the class started talking amongst themselves, clearly disinterested in anything we were going to do up there.

Brad looked relieved and turned to us whispering, “Good! Now we don’t have to do anything. The class will cheer when Mr. Miller comes back and that’ll be that.” He laughed happily. Jen laughed right back, “wrong! You agreed to a dare, and we’re doing the presentation. You’re the star!” Brad’s smile disappeared and he went white. Jen started off the presentation, “Ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen! Today, we are doing a presentation on sex.” The class didn’t stop talking, but a few turned their heads for a quick look. “That’s right,” I continued. “And what is required for sex, you might ask?

Well, the traditional act of sex (or intercourse) requires a man, and a woman.” With that, Liz stepped forward bringing a ghostly white Brad with her. “And what fine specimens we have here,” continued Jen. “The physical differences between a man and a woman are fairly evident. The man is usually larger and more muscular.” Liz leaned over to Brad, whispered something in his ear and managed to convince him to remove his shirt. A few people in class stopped talking and turned to look.

This made Brad go a little pink in the face. I tried to stifle a laugh and continue our ‘presentation’, “As for the woman, she is usually much smaller and more curvy then the man. The main difference being, of course, the breasts.” At this, Liz removed her own shirt revealing to the class that she was not wearing a bra. Her large breasts sprang out and bounced as she threw her shirt to the floor.

Now the entire class had stopped talking and was paying very close attention. Liz smiled and posed as some of the guys whistled and whooped. Brad was happy some of the attention was off him as I continued. “A woman will typically use these sensual curves to seduce her man.” Liz walked around Brad and jiggled her breasts for him.

He coughed nervously. “Moving on, the next biggest difference between a man and woman is the genitalia. A woman’s reproductive organs are stored on the inside and are accessed via the vagina.” At this, Liz removed her skirt.

Since she still wasn’t wearing panties, her freshly very sexy hot girl fuking faster best story pussy was on display for everyone.

More whistles and hoots came from the guys in the class. “As you can see, sometimes, the woman will groom her private areas so as to further stimulate the male.” Jen continued, “The man, on the other hand, carries his reproductive organs on the outside.” Liz leaned over and slowly undid Brad’s pants. She looked seductively into Brad’s eyes while he shook nervously and blushed a little more red.

Liz slid Brad’s pants and boxers down and off, leaving him naked in front of the class. The class went a bit silent. Now, I must admit, I was a bit surprised myself. Brad was clearly too nervous to get it up at the moment, so he stood there, flaccid. But just the same, he was packing quite the sausage.

Liz was still on her knees in front of him and was quite shocked to see this dong that looked like it belonged on a donkey staring her in the face. Then suddenly, all the girls in the class began to whoop and holler, cheering at Brad’s package. Brad, who had gone beet-red was clearly relieved and indeed had started to get some courage in him as he flexed for the now captive audience which only hooted more enthusiastically.

Jen continued with the lesson, “in order to perform the act of sex, both the man and the woman need to become aroused. For the man, arousal is immediately noticeable by means of an erect penis.” Jen waved her hand towards Brad’s manhood which was still flaccid. I looked over at Jen and she looked back at me. We had not expected Brad to be flaccid when staring at a completely naked Liz.

I smiled back at Jen and adlibbed, “sometimes, in order to arouse the man, the woman will perform various actions so as to facilitate the arousal of the penis.” At this I looked down at Liz who smiled back eagerly. “The most common act the woman will perform is felacio.” Brad – clearly into the whole thing now – nodded his head in approval as Liz looked up at him seductively.

She grasped his dick in her hand and began to stroke it gently. She then ran her tongue up his thigh sending shivers down Brad’s spine.

Liz continued to run her tongue along the inside of Brad’s thigh until she reached his balls. She lifted Brad’s dick up higher into the air and gently sucked on each of his nuts.

Brad’s head shot backwards in ecstasy as his cock began to wake. Liz let go of Brad’s dick and began to stroke it with her tongue instead.


Brad’s dick continued to grow larger and larger as she did this. His cock was now gleaming with Liz’s saliva in the classroom light. Brad let out a soft moan. Liz needy mom india summer gives dirty lessons this as a sign and leaned upwards. She took Brad’s dick full-bore into her mouth and began to bob back and forth, lashing her tongue all around his head.

The class was unexpectedly silent. Most everyone leaned forward on their desks to get a better view. The class was completely enthralled and obviously enjoying what they were seeing. Even the prissy Catholic girl, Mary was watching – mouth open and wide-eyed – from the front row.

In completely contrast, Christine (the school’s head cheerleader) squirmed uncomfortably in her seat at the back of the class. Liz continued to bob back and forth on Brad’s dick. Her hair was flying as she did this. Her lips were pursed around his cock as she glided up and down the shaft. She looked seductively into Brad’s eyes. Brad reached down and grabbed the top of her head and began to pump his dick in and out of her mouth.

Liz ran her hands across Brad’s chest and took whatever he gave her. She rocked back and forth while Brad pumped in and out for about a minute until Liz finally removed herself from Brad’s grasp and stood up. “Obviously, the man is not the only one that needs to become fully aroused before a good sexual act can occur,” I continued winking at Brad. Liz moved over to Mr. Miller’s desk and sat down. She spread her legs so as to allow the entire class to see her pussy.

She reached down with her hand slutty emily receives a messy creampie pornstars and brunette spread her pussy lips. “The fastest way to lubricate a woman is to provide her with kinky lesbian session with jessica and chastity sex also.” Brad shot a look at me and then over to the attentive audience.

He looked over at Liz who was now rubbing her finger around her clit. This time, Brad did not hesitate. He turned his back to the class and dropped to his knees between Liz’s legs. He tongued her pussy furiously while she continued to finger her click. Brad was clearly a professional pussy licker. He shot his tongue chaca chaci sex storys bed and out of her pussy while spelling out the alphabet on her clit.

He hummed softly while he did this to add extra vibration. Liz was in heaven. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and her head had fallen backwards, her hair swaying gently. Brad ran his hands up her thighs while he continued to run his tongue all over Liz’s pussy. When his hands had reached her sexy, hairless mound, he slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy.

His tongue then concentrated on her clit. His other hand circled Liz’s anus which obviously shot shivers down her spine as she arched her back and groaned loudly. The class, if possible, were now leaning ever further over their desks. Mary, the prissy Catholic girl had now put her right hand down into her tan khakis and had begun to rub her pussy. Her eyes closed with a look of pleasure on her face, but she opened them back up quickly so as to see what was going on.

At the very back of the class, Christine had suddenly got up and gone over to the desk beside her. She was now giving head to Justin (the school’s chess club president).

Justin was so surprised about what was going on that he dared not move in case Christine realized what she was doing. Along with his look of utter surprise, he also had a look of total pleasure as Christine’s head bobbed up and down in his lap. I heard a loud moan, looked back at Liz and Brad and saw that Brad had now inserted his index finger into Liz’s anus. Brad continued to run his tongue up and down Liz’s clit while pounding her pussy with his fingers and fucking her asshole with the fingers from his other hand.

Jen then continued with the lesson once more, “once both the man and woman have become fully aroused – as demonstrated here,” she waved at Liz and Brad, “the actual act of sex can occur.” This time, Brad needed to guidance, he got up off his knees and stood up.

Liz still had her legs wide open and was thus giving the audience quite the view of her now, dripping cunt. She rolled herself off the desk and stood beside him.

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Liz then turned Brad around and threw him onto Mr. Miller’s desk. Brad’s sizable cock stood straight up in the air like a flag pole (at this, most of the girls – including Mary – hooted with enjoyment). Liz clambered up on top of Brad and positioned herself above his throbbing cock. As if in anticipation, most of the class leaned forward even more, mouths open.

Brian, one of the guys near the back of the class fell out of his desk as he did so. One of the girls next to him, Cindy, laughed at him, but then quickly gasped as she saw his above saxy mom and san xxx sex stories com cock sticking out of the zipper of his jeans. She very quickly threw herself on top of him and began to kiss him passionately while she grasped his cock in her hand.

Turning back to Liz, I saw that she was also kissing Brad passionately. She slowly lowered herself onto his dick, moaning with pleasure once it had penetrated her. Her pussy juiced dripped down Brad’s cock and down over his balls.

Liz lowered herself further and further until her pussy completely swallowed Brad’s dick.


Liz then began to gyrate back and forth on Brad’s lap while lifting herself up and down. Brad moaned with pleasure. Liz continued to pound herself against Brad. Quicker and quicker she went as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Brad grasped Liz’s waist and guided her movements against him.

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Looking back at the class, I was Mary still had her hand down her pants while furiously massaging her pussy. Her eyes were bulging out of her head, she was concentrating so hard. Near the back of the class, Cindy was now giving Brian head as he lay on the floor with his arms crossed behind his head.

He was clearly enjoying himself, and indeed, so was she. And at the very back of the class, Christine had now mounted Justin and was pounding herself against his lap like a bull-rider. She moaned very loudly and swung her head backwards with pleasure as her long blond hair swayed with her every motion. Liz was now grinding herself quicker than ever.

She emitted a small scream each time her pussy pounded against Brad’s lap. Seeing that Liz was close to the end, but not wanting to finish her off just yet, Brad sat up and removed Liz from his cock. He grabbed her by the arms and threw her down onto her back, right onto Mary’s desk (who gasped and fell backwards in her chair).

Brad spread Liz’s legs open and looked down at Liz’s pussy and his throbbing cock. His dick was literally dripping with her pussy juices. He looked into Liz’s eyes and moved forward. But instead of putting his cock back inside her cunt, he shoved it hard up and into her smal gral sax sex stories story. Liz screamed with pleasure.

She grabbed the sides of the desk for leverage and allowed herself to be ravaged.

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Mary had clearly lost all her inhibitions and had gone back to rubbing her pussy under her khakis. She looked down at the naked mess on her desk and slowly reached her other hand up until she touched Liz’s breast. Liz moaned with pleasure as if inviting Mary to continue – which is exactly what Mary did.

Mary now grasped Liz’s breast firmly and – if possible – rubbed her own clit more furiously than ever.

Liz opened her eyes and stared at Mary who stared back, longingly. Liz reached around and grabbed the back of Mary’s head pulling her downwards. They kissed a long and passionate kiss. Tongues battled for supremacy as spit was exchanged between them. Near the back of the class Brian could no longer suppress the pleasure Cindy’s blowjob was giving to him.

He grabbed the sides of her head, thrust his dick further into her mouth and exploded with a loud grunt. He thrust several times while she stayed still and took every last drop. After a few seconds she lifted her head up off his crotch and showed him the cum still in her mouth. He smiled as she swallowed it for him. He buttoned up and they both sat in their desks. Presumably without a care in the world, Cindy lit up a cigarette. Still further back, Justin was showing surprising stamina.

Petite blonde babe loves to tease pleasure photorama had now ripped Christine’s shirt down the middle revealing her braless chest and was rolling his tongue around her nipples. This was clearly more than she could take. Her head shot back and she screamed out her orgasm, “Yes! Yes! YES!!!” she screamed pounding harder than ever against Justin’s lap. Back with Brad, he was clearly getting closer to his own orgasm as he watched Mary and Liz French-kiss in front of him while Mary also massaged each of Liz’s breasts and rubbed her own pussy aggressively.

But again, to my surprise, it was Liz who could not longer suppress the pleasure. The combination of the dick pounding her ass and the lesbian pleasure Mary was giving her was too much for her to handle.

Liz shook violently as her orgasm came over her. She broke the kiss and screamed as though being murdered. She ground herself harder against Brad’s cock and Mary groped Liz’s breasts more enthusiastically. Sweat was now dripping from Liz’s forehead as her orgasm subsided. Brad’s brow was now also beginning to sweat as it was clear that he was about to explode.

I looked over at Jen and nodded. Jen took the queue and continued with the presentation. “The most important part about sex is thinking ahead. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you’ll want to take precautions. Now obviously, since Brad is giving Liz anal sex, it is not possible for her to get pregnant. This is always an option. Another option is to use birth control or a condom – both if you want to be absolutely sure.” Jen looked over at Brad who was not paying any attention to her at all.

“The final, and sexiest way to avoid pregnancy, it to make sure you do not ejaculate inside of her.” Brad seemed to have heard this last statement as he pulled his cock out of Liz’s ass. He came almost immediately. There was so much cum it was incredible.

The whole class gasped as he spewed cum all up and down Liz’s body, up onto her face and even onto the empty desk behind her.

Even Mary got hit with the blast. The cum dripped down her cheek and her chin. She looked incredibly happy. Brad, on the other hand, was completely drained. He fell to the floor with his back against Mr. Miller’s desk. In the busty babe swallows spunk cumswallow and stockings of the class, Justin followed suit. He jumped up off his chair, throwing Christine onto her back on his desk.

He grabbed his dick in his hands, moved up towards her face and came. He groaned with pleasure as shot after shot of cum drenched Christine’s face. She smiled widely and licked the cum from her lips.

Justin fell back into his chair, exhausted, zipping up his jeans. However, unlike everyone else, Mary was not done. She leaned downwards and began to lick up all of Brad’s cum off Liz’s chest.

She ran her tongue up and down Liz’s body paying special attention to her nipples. Liz had a look of surprise, but decided to let her continue. Once all of the cum had been cleaned off of Liz, She leaned over and kissed Liz passionately. Liz returned the favor, both with the kiss, and with the cum. She turned Mary’s head and slowly licked off every last bit of cum from Mary’s face.

After Liz had finished, Mary suddenly shot upright in her chair. She rubbed her barbie nous reacuteserve une surprise tregraves anale furiously around her clit until finally she came so hard that her scream could have woken the dead! Unbelievably, Mary was a squirter!

As she came, the crotch of her khakis were immediately drenched! She didn’t care though, she continued to cum loudly, a small puddle forming on the floor beneath her chair as her juices shot through her pants. After Mary had finished, the entire class went completely silent… Brad and Liz got up and started getting dressed again while the class merely stared on in silence. Finally, after a few minutes, the entire class erupted with cheers! Hoots and hollers from the entire class filled the room as though their favorite team had just won a championship.

Suddenly Mr. Miller opened the door and came strolling back into the room. He looked a little non-plussed (not surprising since he probably had to explain why a penis enlarger had been delivered to him at school).

Hearing the cheers, he stopped suddenly and looked at the class and back up at us. Both Brad and Liz were now completely dressed and standing in the same spot they had when he had left. The situation looked perfectly normal.

The cheers died down as he opened his mouth to speak. “Well,” he started, “clearly it was good presentation.” He looked around the class at his students.

All with a look as if though they had just seem a major celebrity. As Mr. Miller looked around the room, his eyes stopped on Christine at the back of the class. Her shirt was ripped, exposing her left breast and her face was still covered in cum. Mr. Miller’s jaw dropped, “And what – pray tell – happened to you?” Christine answered very coolly, “well, I wanted to put on some face cream, but when I reached down to my purse, I ripped my shirt on the desk.

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I was just putting the cream on when you walked in.” At this, she began to smear the cum around her face as if applying cream. When Mr. Miller looked away, she began to lick the cum off her hands while staring at Justin seductively. Mr. Miller then sniffed at the air. “Has someone been smoking?” No one answered. Cindy had long since finished her cigarette and was now sitting innocently at her desk as though nothing happened. Brian simply smiled.

Mr. Miller then turned his gaze to Mary. He noticed her soaked crotch and the puddle under her chair.

“Mary?” he asked, “What happened to you? Did you have an accident?” He sounded sympathetic. “No,” she answered quickly.

“Actually, the presentation was so good that I came.” Mr. Miller’s jaw dropped with total surprise. I must admit, I was not expecting that kind of statement coming from Mary, that’s for sure. Mr. Miller looked back at us almost suspiciously. “Well,” he started, “100% for you guys I guess.”