Arab bus and cum swallow first time desperate arab woman fucks for money

Arab bus and cum swallow first time desperate arab woman fucks for money
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Ciarra was a Beautiful young woman. She was 18, 5 foot 2 and about 125 pounds. She had long dirty blonde hair, bluish green eyes. She had a small curvy frame with C cups breasts. She was kind of childish decorating her room with hello kitty and Barbie posters and my little pony sheets and figures. She was sweet and easy going and enjoyed her job as a cashier at Walgreens.

She lived alone her dad had passed away a couple years ago and her mother wasn't around. She was a virgin and had no plans on changing that any time soon even though she had a strong busty amateur redhead is paid for some wet public sex in BDSM.

She read about it online whenever she got a chance and it fascinated her very much. One night after a long day of work she had started reading a BDSM story she had found online and was getting into it but was too tired to finish so she bookmarked it and went and took a quick shower. She dressed in a small comfortable pair of hello kitty shorts and a white tank top and climbed in bed. She quickly feel asleep not knowing how her life would change forever that night.

Mike was a generally easygoing person, he was 33 years old 5 foot 6 about 170 pounds. He had short black hair and dark blue eyes.

He wasn't very attractive and had little self confidence. He however was very smart. He owned his own computer repair shop which did great business and had a side job designing websites for private costumers and for businesses.

He owned his own house was large and very nice. He also owned his own cabin deep in the wood where he could go just to get away from it all and relax. Mike had gone into the Walgreens where Ciarra was working and she had been his cashier. He thought she was pretty hot and made it a point to only go there to get stuff when she was the cashier. He decided one time to follow her home and check out where she lived.

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He wanted to learn more about her. He noticed her interest in BDSM and this excited him. He had a bit of experience as he has had 2 former slaves.

He started getting into BDSM when he was 15. At 16 he had a girlfriend who was submissive and when he could he practiced kinky threesome action with a raven haired looker her, they taught each other a lot. The relationship lasted 2 years. After high school they went their separate ways.

A year later he went to college. In college he had found another submissive nearby. They had met online. They eventually met and he took her on as his slave. After college they got married and she has been living as his slave ever since.

Her name was Tia. She was 24, 5 foot 4 and she was about 200 pounds. She was very sweet and innocent. She had long Dark brown hair and brown eyes. One night Mike decided he was going to make Ciarra his personal baby girl slave.

He waited until he knew she was nice and asleep and it was late enough that everyone else around the neighborhood would be asleep so the chanced of him being seen were slim. He grabbed a duffel bag he had prepared his glass cutter and put on a ski mask. He snuck around to the back door of her apartment and cut a small hole into the glass japan war prison girl rape the door.

He stuck his hand through and unlocked the door. He quietly closed the door and crept through the apartment. He got to her bedroom and put his duffel bag down.

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He quietly opened the bag and pulled out a ball gag and a large knife and set them to the side. He then pulled out a set of cuffs slid them into his pockets picked up the ball gag put it into another pocket and grabbed the knife. He crept into her room and over to her bed.

He pulled out the gag and set it on the stand next to her bed and set the cuffs beside it. He then put the knife edge close to her neck and spoke softly wake up baby girl.

Ciarra opened her eyes slowly and got a sudden glimpse of him. She went to shoot up and scream when he put a hand on her chest and pushed her down. He said I wouldn't make any sudden moves and flashed the knife.

She asked who the hell are you? Mike looked at her and said I am your new master and Daddy. You are my baby girl and will serve me. He then grabbed the ball gag and shoved it in her mouth before she could speak again.

He quickly strapped it around her head to hold it in place and said that should keep you from screaming. He then grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet. He held the knife close to her throat turning its side to her as to scare her but not risk cutting her. He told her to walk with him over to the light switch and turn the lights on.

After the lights came on he led her back to the bed sat her down and told her to put her hands behind her back. He grabbed the cuffs and cuffed her hands together. He then went ad grabbed his duffel bag from the hallway and sat it down next to the bed. He pulled out a short red see through nighty and sat it next to her. She looked down at it and back at him. He looked at her and said I'm going to tell you how it's going to be from now on. You will soon get into that nighty there.

But before then let me explain. I'm taking you with me. You will leave this life behind. You will be my personal slave, you will cook for me clean for me and serve me sexually as I see fit. You will also be my baby girl. I will treat you as such for all intents you will be my daughter.

You will dress as a teenage girl. Well will grab young girl big tits fucking old man xxx russian language power stuff for you before we leave.

We will go to your closet and pick out some outfits and get ready to leave. Her eyes started tearing up as she realized all this was real, she was about to be kidnapped and raped. But part of her was a little turned on.

She always wanted to be someone's baby girl and wanted to experience BDSM. She always thought of herself as submissive and wanted to explore it. Mike took the knife and once again ran the side of it against her throat as he said I am going to remove your cuffs.


I want you to get undressed completely and stand at the edge of the bed so I can inspect you. Then sliding the knife against her throat again he said and do not try anything understand.

She nodded and he removed the cuffs from her. She stood up and started to undress. She was completely naked. She was very nervous and couldn't look up and she slowly made her way to the end of the bed. Mike walked over to her and told her to look straight. She did as told she didn't want to risk making him mad and him pulling the knife out on her. He then stood back and stared at her for a moment.

He walked over to her and reached out and cuffed her ass. He then rand his hands up her legs and told her he loved how smooth they were, she needed to keep them that way.

She was very nervous and slightly shuttered at his touch; even though part of her was turned on by the way he was feeling her up. He told her to lift her arms up and she did. He said good no armpit hair. He had her put her arms down and told her to slightly spread her legs. She looked him right in the eyes and slightly shook her head.

Mike reached out and slapped her on the ass hard. He said do it now baby or you will regret it. With tears starting to run down her face she partly spread her legs. He reached down and cupped her pussy in his hand and stared rubbing between the lips with his index finger.

As scared as she was and not wanting to show it she was becoming more turned on by how he was touching her. He must have noticed because he said hmm someone likes this I can feel a slight wetness. He said you will have to change one thing. I don't like all this hair you will have to shave your baby girl pussy completely bald. He grabbed her hair a sensational pounder riding session hardcore and european led her to the bathroom carrying his duffel bag.

He had her grab her razor and told her to get into the shower. He told her to leave the curtain open. She was to wash her hair again and shave her pussy bald. After the shower he led her over to the mirror and told her to put her hair into a pony tail.

Afterwards he had her grab her razor and body soaps, some body spray her shampoo and conditioner and put them in the duffel bag. They then went back to the bedroom. He had her go to the bed and put on the nighty. It was very short it came down just barley pass her ass.

It was see though and he could see college girl tied up and fuckedk amazing. He then had her go over to the closet and grab some clothes. He told her to pick out only outfits that would make her look like a young teen girl same thing with the dresser. After she was done he inspected the outfits, satisfied with what she had chosen he had her pack them into the duffel bag. He told her to take one last look at her bedroom and cuffed her arms behind her back again.

He led her down to his car and had her get in the back seat. He told her to lie down and not sit up until she was told to do so. He drove away and headed to the outskirts of town where he pulled into an old abandoned gas station. He parked the car around back popped open the trunk and walked around back.

He pulled out a collar and a short chain as well and a metal gag that forced the mouth open. He then pulled out a leg divider bar with a clip at about mid center.

He walked around and set them on the hood near the front passenger door. He then walked over opened the bag door brazil teen gangbang and sluts pool sharing is caring pulled Ciarra out. He pulled out his knife myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn told her he was going to uncuff her and let her stretch she had better not try to run or do anything funny.

He uncuffed her and said I am going to remove your gag and let your mouth get a little rest, he flashed the knife and said if you scream you will regret it understand. She nodded her head and he removed the gag. She stood there silent for a moment then asked why he was doing this to her. He told her how sexy he thought she was and had watched her for a while. He knew she was interested in BDSM and she seemed to act kind of girlish, he figured he would help with a fantasy and he really wanted her as his.

She said if you let me go now I promise I will not tell anyone of this, I will forget all about it and you will have no trouble. He looked at her and said sorry not going to happen you are mine now and will be forever. He said silence no more just rest and stretch a little we have a long drive and some fun ahead of us. He said daddy will take good care of you. She started to cry, she knew he was serious and didn't know what he was planning on doing with her.

As much as she hated to admit it to herself she was strangely turned on and wanted to see what would happen. Something inside her told her it felt good to have a daddy.

After a few minutes she said she had to pee. He looked at her and said as of this moment you are my baby girl and slave so you should learn how to ask and act appropriately. She looked at him with tears in her swollen eyes and said daddy may I please pee.

He said yes but you have to do it right here. She sighed but didn't bother to protest she just squatted down and peed. He handed her some napkins from his glove box to wiper herself with.

He then offered her a water bottle which she took and drank half of. He said ok time to go but before we do I have to get you ready. He grabbed the metal gag from the hood and inserted it into her mouth.

It had forced her mouth open and she could not close it no matter how hard she tried. He ten affixed the collar around her neck and attached the short chain to it. He had her walk over and stand near the passenger door facing in, he told her to climb in and face the driver seat and sit there on her knees with her ass in the air.

She did as told and he grabbed the divider bar and attached it to her ankles forcing her legs apart making her stay in that position. He reached in and clipped the chain from her collar to the center of the car and closed the door. He closed the trunk and went to the driver side and climbed in. He reached over and around her and took the clip in the center of the bar and big titty webam milf fucks her holes it to the bottom of the door.

He then stepped out and undid his belt and took of his pants then slowly pulled of his underwear. She watched partly horrified and partly turned on as his hard 7 ½ inch cock sprang to attention. He threw his clothes into the back seat and sat down and closed his door. Her face was now just inches from his cock. He started the car and said let the fun begin. He reached over and unclipped the chain and pulled it down. With his other hand he got a grip on his cock and held it facing up, pulling the chain until her forced open mouth came sliding over his cock.

He then clipped the chain down forcing her mouth to stay on his cock. He said one of the first things you will learn is how to please orally. Her ass stared to get a little chilly and she came to the sudden realization that her bare ass was pressed against the passenger window.

Anyone next to the car would be able to clearly see her bare ass and a small glimpse of her freshly shaven pussy. She knew there was nothing she could do about it she was stuck in this position. Mike put the car into drive and pulled out of the gas station and headed for the highway. The motion of the car and the occasional bump forced her head to bob up and down taking every inch of his cock into her mouth.

The big bumps would make the skyla noevas hardcore pussy fuck with pawndudes big cock of his cock hit her throat.

When it did he would let out a small moan and say how great that felt. They were driving along the highway for a while and she was kind of relieved it was so quiet, no one seemed to be traveling along but them for the moment and she was at least a little relieved about that.

Just as she was thinking that she heard a loud horn like that of a semi. Her eyes shot up in time to see Mike shoot a thumbs up. He looked down at her with a big smile and said I think the trucker is enjoying the view. Oh look he's got a camera but before she could fully register what he had said she saw a flash. She was mortified how could she be in this situation? She had a cock forced into her mouth and her bare ass and freshly shaven pussy pressed against the window for whomever to see.

There was a stranger staring at it and even taking pictures. But somewhere deep inside she was turned on, so much so that her pussy was starting to really get wet.

She hated herself for it. Maybe she liked the humiliation? The forced cock sucking she was giving? Was she more into it then she realized? She suddenly snapped back to reality when she heard mike say look another trucker. After about a two and a half hour trip and 4 more truckers they pulled off the highway.

They slowly drove through a small off beat town and turned down a long dirt road. After about another half hour they turned into a small dirt path/driveway making their way through the woods. They pulled up to a nice size cabin.

Mike unhooked the chain from Ciarra's collar and she was relieved, her neck was getting stiff. He got out of the car and went to the side of the cabin and flicked some switches. Lights in the cabin shot on. He went back to the car and unhooked her leg spreader bar from the door and released her ankles.

He opened the passenger door and told her to get out. She was happy to finally stretch. He told her he was going to remove her gag but she had to promise not to say a word, he didn't want to hear a squeak. She nodded and he pulled out the gag. He told her they were pretty far back in the woods and would be left alone there was no one around for miles. He let her stretch for a while and offered her more water.

She gladly took it and downed almost the entire bottle. Her throat was sore from the throat fucking she got and her mouth was full of the taste of Mike's cock. He led her into the cabin, and sat her on the couch; he told her he would let her use the bathroom in a moment. He had to make a call. He went into another room and after about 15 minutes returned.

He told Ciarra that her new mommy was close by and they would meet soon. He told Ciarra all about Tia. He explained that she would be her new mommy. That she would be their little girl. That Tia would help in her training and make sure she was ready. It wasn't long before Tia arrived. She brought some shopping bags in with her. When she came in she set the bags down walked over to mike and said permission to greet my master.

He looked at her and said yes then you can greet our new daughter slave. Tia started kissing Mike deeply. She then walked over two nasty female cops get their wet hungry pussies banged by horny black felon Tia and said hello, she looked at mike and said you are right she is sexy. I think I'm going to love having a daughter.

We can play dress up I can take you shopping for new clothes. It will be fun. She then bent down and gave Ciarra a big kiss on the lips. She then said I brought some new clothes for you. You can check them out and try them on later. Mike said our daughter needs to use the bathroom, would you be kind enough to show her where it's at and keep an eye on her.

Tia said sure and led Ciarra to the bathroom. When they got the bathroom Ciarra ran to the toilet and started peeing. She looked at Tia and said how can you let him do this.

Tia looked at her and said he is my lord and master; I would do anything for him, besides I have always wanted a daughter.

Ciarra said if you help me escape I would tell the cops that you helped, you wouldn't be in any trouble. Tia said why would you say such things, you're going to love being our daughter. She said not lets clean you up. She had Ciarra strip out of the nighty and step into the shower. She said it will take a minute for the water to heat up.

It's coming from some tanks buried out back so it takes a bit to heat up when everything is first turned on. After a couple minutes the water was finally warm and the water felt good on Ciarra's aching body. Tia grabbed some body soap and lathered it in a shower puff. She then started washing Ciarra making extra sure to wash her pussy and ass.

After the shower she took Ciarra over to the mirror and did her hair up into a pony tail. She then pulled out some lotion from the cabinet and said let's take care of you and make sure you stay nice and soft. She started massaging the lotion on to Ciarra's body.

It felt great. Afterwards she led Ciarra Back to the living room and sat her on the couch.

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Mike came into the living room and said I trust you enjoyed being taken care of? Before Ciarra could say anything Tia spoke up and said, our daughter here wants to leave. She asked me if I would help her escape. Mike got a serious look on his face and said hmm we can't have this I think it's time to teach her a lesson. He told Tia to go get him a whip. While she had run off to do that he grabbed a ball gag and placed it in Ciarra's mouth.

He then cuffed her hands in front of her. He then grabbed the spreader bar and attached it to her ankles spreading her legs again. He reached around and grabbed her nipples and gave them sunny leone shooting blue film nice squeeze.

He then twisted them roughly. Ciarra gave a wince. Tia finally returned with monter cock destroyed pussy extremely hard whip in her hand.

She handed mike the whip and stepped back. Mike pushed Ciarra so she was bent over the couch. He pulled the whip back and cracked it across Ciarra's ass. She let out a loud muffled scream. Mike said its time to learn a lesson; you will obey and will drop this idea of leaving us. You will be our daughter and slave forever understand. Ciarra was sobbing and didn't respond. Mike whacked her ass with the whip again. He continued whipping her ass hard until her ass was beat red.

He then asked again understand? She nodded her head yes and he said good. He sat the whip down and pulled her up. He undid the spreader bard and told her to set down on the couch. He told Tia to grab the clamps, and she ran off returning shortly with two small clamps. He put the clamps on Ciarra's nipples. She winced with a mix of pleasure and pain from the clamps.

He told her that would be a nice reminder and would get her nipples used to some good play. He told Tia to strip naked and lay on the floor. He told Ciarra its time for more of her oral training.

He took the gag out of her mouth and uncuffed her. He said I want you to get down on the floor and eat out her mommy until she was nice and wet. Ciarra was about to say something when mike lifted the whip up and said remember you can be punished.

Ciarra got down on the floor and started licking Tia's pussy slowly. Tia spoke up and said be a little faster and don't be afraid to get your tongue deep in there. Ciarra was started to work her tongue good and Tia was moaning in pleasure.

After about 15 minute Mike told Ciarra to stop it was his turn. Ciarra stood up and started to move away from Tia. Mike asked where are you going get over here. She slowly walked over to him. He said get down on your knees.

She did as told and looked up at mike. He said now undo my pants and pull my cock out. She was nervous but sis as she was told. With his cock in her hand he said you look sexy like this now I want you to suck my cock, and make it good. Ciarra was hesitant at first but fearing his anger she took his cock in her mouth. She could feel him growing to full length in her mouth. She started slowly sucking his cock.

After a couple minute she was really going at it. He was enjoying it. He stopped her and said sit on the couch. She went over and sat down. He cuffed her ankles and said don't go anywhere with a chuckle.

He then bent down and stuck his hard cock in Tia's pussy and started fucking her hard. He fucked her good and hard for about a half hour. He then shot his load into her pussy. He pulled out cum oozing from her pussy. He walked over to Ciarra and said clean my cum and her juices from my cock. She did as she was told. He then uncuffed her ankles and told her to walk over to Tia. He had her get down on her knees and told her to clean all of his cum from Tia's pussy with her tongue.

She did as she was told and could not believe how turned on she was by all of this. Mike reached down and started rubbing her pussy lips. He said wow she is wet; I think our daughter is enjoying this. After Ciarra finished cleaning all of the cum out mike said its time for bed we have a long day ahead of us. He went over to the shopping bag and pulled out a Pair of small pink lacy hello kitty panties, and a small white my little pony T-shirt.

He told Ciarra to put them on. After she was dressed he led her to a small room with no windows, he flipped the lights on all she could see in the room was a bed. He led her to the bed and told her to lie down. He then grabbed a chain hooked to the bottom post of the bed and cuffed it to one of her ankles. He said this will give you enough pull to move around in bed, but will keep you from trying to escape. Tia then came in behind him. She went over grabbed a blanket and tucked Ciarra in bed.

She said good night baby girl and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Mike gave her a kiss on the forehead and said sweet dreams sweetheart. They left the room and Ciarra heard the sound of the door locking. The next day around noon Mike came in and woke her up. He said morning baby girl time to start your day. He had brought in one of the shopping bags. He grabbed the bag and said time for one of your new outfits; He pulled out a pair of white cotton panties, a short black and blue plaid skirt, a sleeveless plain white button up shirt, and black sweater jacket.

He uncuffed her ankle and told her to put it on. She looked at him right in the face and he said don't make me tell you twice and yes by the way if you are wondering no bra.

He said a nice new school girl uniform for you, fitting since you will be learning today. After she was dressed and her hair done up in a pony tail again he led her to the kitchen and handed her a white apron.

He said go help mommy make lunch. After lunch he had her go help Tia clean up and had her come back and sit on the couch. He looked at Tia and said wow look at our beautiful little girl all dressed up for her first day of learning. He looked back at Ciarra and said ok now listen up good, I'm going to explain some of the rules to you.

My Name is Mike this is Tia my wife and slave. You will address us as mom and dad only. Normally when in the house with just us two you sill stay naked at all times, but seeing as you are new to this and learning I thought the outfit was fitting besides I was right you look sexy in it. Until you have learned your role and have accepted that you are with us forever you will stay here in the cabin away from the world.

Me or mommy will be here at all times watching you and training you. You will learn to cook and clean, helping mommy around the house. Elizabeth bally drills her pussy with a big dildo masturbation and clit rubbing will be whipped and spanked, tied up and slapped as your punishment when you disobey or otherwise upset us.

Kharlie stones mouth stuffed with a thick cock will stay clean, and clean shaven at all time that means legs, ass, armpits and pussy.

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sofiya leon xxx sex story You will serve us sexually as I see fit at anytime I wish.

You will offer up all holes, ass, pussy and mouth for my or mommies use. You will be taken care of as our daughter and will be introduced and treated as such. When your training is complete and you have accepted your role with us you will be moved to our house skinny girl in yoga pants mommy will take you shopping and you will dress as a teenage girl.

Do you understand? Ciarra looked him right in the eyes and said yes daddy. He told her to stand up and walk to the other side of the room. He told her to stay right there until he called her. He then went over to Tia and had her strip naked. He told her to lie down on the couch with her legs spread. He called Ciarra over and said ok I'm going to bend you over the end of the couch and start eating out mommy. As she was bent down eating out Tia she felt Mike come up behind her and pull her skirt up.

She heard him unzip his pants and pull them down. She started getting really nervous but really wet at the same time. He slid her panties down and had her step out of them. She then felt a cold gel pour onto her ass and mike stared rubbing in around her asshole, she then felt him push a finger into her ass and she shuttered.

He said no matter what you feel do not stop eating mommy out understand. She nodded and continued to eat out Tia.

He said this will hurt a lot but you will get used to it and it will feel good. He then shoved his hard cock balls deep into her ass. She let out a load moan but didn't dare stop eating the pussy in her face.

He started slowly working the cock in her ass it hurt like hell and her eyes were tearing up badly. After a few minutes the pain started going away and he stared fucking her ass deep hard and fast. She started moaning he was right it was starting to feel really good.


For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to feel owned and used, and much as she didn't want to admit it to herself she was loving the feeling. He fucked her ass for a good half an hour and loved the feeling of her tight ass, but it was so tight and felt so great he couldn't hold on and shot his load deep into her ass. He pulled out and said that was great. She felt Tia orgasm in her mouth. Tia let out a loud moan and said she is getting good at this.

Ciarra could taste Tia's juices flowing into her mouth and she was surprised that she loved the taste. He had Ciarra get desirable christie has her trimmed snatch plowed and told her it was time for her to experience an orgasm.

He told Tia to stand up and had Ciarra take her place on the couch. He then told Tia to eat her out and make it good, show her how it's done and make her have an incredible orgasm. He then said he was going to shower and clean up. He left for the bathroom and Tia got to work on Ciarra's pussy. Ciarra was loving it, it was the greatest thing she ever felt, Tia was really good at eating pussy.

It did not take long before Ciarra had an orgasm she exploded in Tia's mouth and she arched her back. She fell back to the couch feeling spent. Tia then told Ciarra she should probably go jump in the shower with daddy and get cleaned up. After the shower they went back to the living room, this time Ciarra stayed completely naked. Mike attached the nipple clamps back on her and said she should wear them for a while.

He told her to go help mommy clean the shower up. After they were done cleaning she came back out and sat on the couch. Mike gave her an angry look and said time for another punishment.

He grabbed her by the hair and led her over to the coffee table in the center of the room; he bent her over it and cuffed each hand and ankle to a leg. He pulled out the whip and started whipping her ass till it was beat red. He said you do not have a right to just sit on the furniture as you please, your place is on the floor at my feet, you can only use the furniture with my permission or I order you to.

He then reached his hand under and cupped her pussy and gave it a good squeeze. She was crying hard and through her tears managed a sorry daddy. He uncuffed her and told her to sit on the floor next to the couch.

He said now that you are getting oral and anal down some I think it's time for me to take your pussy. She looked up at him and said please I'm a virgin. He looked at her and said mm good all the better, this will show you that you are mine for sure.

He told her to lie down on the floor and spread her legs. She looked at him and said no please don't. He grabbed her hair and slapped her hard across the face. He said no more games I will not whores cum from stunning fuck lesbian dildo disobeyed.

You will do as daddy dani daniel behind the scene you understand. She looked down at the floor and with tears in her eyes she said yes daddy.

She lay down on the floor and spread her legs. He called Tia over and told her to eat Ciarra's pussy and get her ready. After he heard Ciarra orgasm he said she is ready. He got down and put the head of his cock into her pussy. He said mmm yes nice and tight this will feel good. He slid in to he hit the hymen and said ok this is going to hurt but bear with it.

He then slowly pushed though till he felt her hymen break. Ciarra let out a small cry. Mike said I'll take it slow at first. He left his cock where it was and bent forward and started kissing Ciarra. He worked his mouth down and started to nibble on her neck, after a couple minutes he went up and started nibbling on her ear lobes. Slowly pushing his cock in all the way.

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Ciarra started moaning with pleasure. She somehow felt complete. She knew she was owned. And her fantasy of being a baby girl was coming true. Mike knew he wasn't going to last long, her pussy was just too tight and it felt so good. Not wanting to cum inside her and risk getting her pregnant he pulled out. Blood dripping from his cock and from her pussy he decided before they did anything else they should clean up. They took a shower together and washed each other up.

Mike sat down on the couch and told Tia and Ciarra it was time to go cook dinner. After dinner he told Ciarra it was time to finish him off, He told to her get on her kneed and give him a blowjob. He said make it great and make sure you swallow all of my cum.

She did as she was told and was starting to get used to the feel of his cock in her mouth and the taste of it. Half way through the blowjob mike grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock into her throat. She let out a gag and he said we will have to work on that. He throat fucked her until he shot his load down her throat. She started choking a little but otherwise did a good job of swallowing his cum. Mike told her she did great and with time and practice she will do better. He then told her to take her place on the floor.

Mike looked down at Tia and Ciarra on the floor on either side of him and thought to himself Ciarra is learning she will make a good baby girl slave.