Natural busty cab driver fucks big cock

Natural busty cab driver fucks big cock
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I had only met her five days earlier. It was one of those summers' vacations you dread when you're a teenager. As a family, mom, dad, and I always went to New Hampshire camping for a week in July. The last couple of year's dad relented and we ended up in a commercial campground giving me the opportunity to have a better time, at least there was a pool, a game room and a chance to meet someone my age to make friends for the week.

This time I really didn't want to go, there wouldn't be many other kids my age, and I was still too young to squirting a fountain of cum on her home alone.

Sunday I was at the game room and in walks another boy who was actually my age. We hit it off quite well. Monday came, we decided to go fishing. We ended up walking clear around this pond but were having a hard time finding any fish.

Lying back in some tall soft grass we exchanged stories about our lives. It was then we noticed someone else fishing over on this outcropping of rocks. Lo and behold if it wasn't someone of the female species. We watched as she made her way from one spot to another stopping each time to cast into the water before her. Slowly she was making progress towards us until she was within hearing distant of us when we called her over.

She definitely was a little different. After awhile I realized she was dirt poor. Her clothes were old and tattered, she lived in a trailer with her mom, and sisters and she told stories of dismay about her life.

But on the other hand it looked like she took life in stride, had a good outlook on it, and was what I call bubbly. That evening she came to the campground and the three of us hung out. She kept talking about her boyfriend and how he was on vacation, how she missed him. We weren't sure if he was real or imaginary just made up to keep us at bay.

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Ronny was like a dog in heat. He persisted in steering the subject to sex but I guess that's normal when you're that age. At first the comments were subtle and tactful. She made an appearance again the next day and then again on Thursday evening.

Ronny and I exchanged views on what we would like to do too her when she wasn't around. Like fuck her. Ronny claimed her had fucked a girl back home during the winter but I think he was full of shit, a virgin just like me.

All Thursday night Ronny was chanel and abella enjoy some bdsm pleasures innuendos towards her about sex. She would just laugh them off as she flirted with both of us.

Our imaginations were running wild. As she played the pinball machines she would deliberately bend forward allowing her shaggy blouse to open at the top causing the uppermost portion of her breasts to show. At one point, by luck, when she didn't think we were looking I watched her hastily unbutton the upper button. Now when she bent over we gawked in amazement at the marvel presented to us.

It was quite clear to both Ronny and me she was a tease out to torment us. It was a spectacle to behold. It was relatively common in those days for females to go without bras; older girls were in the process of burning them but not girls this age. In all likelihood I would have guessed she only turned in her training bra a year or two prior. Infrequently her young tits would come into full view, smallish but perky coned shaped tits with pink puffy nipples pointing outwards were tempting us beyond belief.

Before she left that night the three of us were totally worked up over the ordeal. We may have talked her into doing something if we had more time. We knew for sure she would have by the clues she hinted at about her boyfriend.

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The next day would be our final; we would be going home Saturday morning. If anything were to transpire it would have to be Friday. We split up for the night. At first I petite babe roughly drilled by huge cock surprised when I heard the door open and shut, then water being turned on in the shower stall beside me.

It was almost eleven o'clock. The only reason I was taking a shower was to jerk off and relieve the pressure in my balls from hallucinating over those perky tittie's on display earlier. Then it dawned on me it was Ronny, he must have had the same urge and then idea that I had. I watched as the globs of my sperm dribbled down the white fiberglass shower wall into a swirl of water before disappearing out of sight down the drain.

My dick was only slightly subsiding while I dried my body. I was horny, no I was really horny. As I left the bathrooms I heard a hushed short sigh of relief coming from Ronny. I dreamt of her that night, her tits, her naked body, her hairy cunt, I was heaven. Friday came, we waited, and we waited some more. We discussed the previous evening and what it meant but she didn't show to our dismay.

We figured either she was afraid of the consequences or was just being a tease the night before. It was just before dinner she came strolling up the gravel road. Looking at each other Ronny and I were smiles from ear to ear. She had to baby-sit all day and had sneaked out for a few minutes, but she talked her mom into letting her say goodbye to her newfound friends later that night. We couldn't wait for here return.

In the game room about seven o'clock she materialize and she looked good only wearing a halter top and a pair of mini shorts that barely covered anything. I was afraid that my mom or dad would come in seeing that and drag my ass back to our campsite.


Her puffy nipples were showing through the taut top, you almost could see the cheek's of her ass as she moved smoothly out the door. Once at the picnic grove we sat under a big pine tree at a wooden table. The aura was thick with reference of sex.

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It was never mentioned directly but all three knew what was going to take place before the night was over. Then Ronny came out with an imperative question: "Have you ever done it before" and the reply was music to our ears: "Of course haven't you?" Well I know I hadn't and most likely Ronny hadn't either but we both eagerly agreed with her that we had indeed fucked before. Then the one million dollar question was blurted out of Ronny's mouth "Do you want to it again.

like tonight. with us?" Without hesitation or reluctance an encouraging and quick response seemed to purr out of her mouth, one word said it all: "Sure" just as we thought we had it made in the shade a follow up came. "Only if you pull out" At first we didn't get the picture and she could tell. "You have to pull out and not cum inside me" Who would have thought that we would be blessed with the luck to have this happen to us?

So it was that warm evening in mid July that two boys in their early teens lost their detestable virginity to a willing young girl.

In the darkness of a starlit night the girl arose from the table to stroll out under canopy of oak trees where she laid her her first black lover part my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn down onto the soft green grass. Two extremely excited boys stood over her as she pulled the halter top up over her head. Her tits pointed upwards like ice cream cones waiting to be licked.

If any more blood flowed into their stiff peckers there would likely be a drop in their blood pressure causing them to faint. Her shorts being too tight were hard to pull off the roundness of her ass.

Speechless they staggered around her feet as the girl spread her legs revealing a mound of dark brown hair. Hidden in the midst of fur with the little light there was they gawked at the slit of her cunt.

Her pussy lips puckered up tightly looking like a flower bud awaiting the morning sun to open. After a little coaching from her Ronny and I awoke from our trance. It was the second time she asked who's first I began to nervously unbuckle my belt. As I stepped out of my shorts I realized I was embarrassed from my hard-on sticking out in my underwear. Before I could close in on her I was being pushed aside by Ronny who had already stripped naked and was on top of her in a flash.

Beckoning with a free hand little by little I moved away from her feet watching as her legs bent at the knees rose from the grass allowing Ronny to collapse into them. The final sight was with her legs so far up I could see Ronny's dick positioned in her folds and starting to vanish out of sight. Kneeling beside her I watched her hand settle down onto my crotch interweaving her fingers inside my underwear.


It was the first time any hand other than my own had touched my dick. With out doubt she had done this many times before. With just two fingers she slid them up and down the bulging front vein that would later deliver my sperm, dwelling slightly on the front of my glans. If it hadn't been for Ronny grunting I may have creamed in her dainty hand right then and there. Vigorously thrashing around he arose from her. Not knowing why at first, it had only been a few minutes, but it was enough time for him to have to pull out.

Still on my knees with my eyes glued to his erection I watched in amusement as a stream of whitish fluid was expelled from his opening landing onto her tummy followed by several more smaller adriana licks and fucks her gf wet pussy. Rolling off her onto his side he grumbled about his lack of control. Smearing cum around as she wiped it off with his shirt I knew it was now my turn.

With enough light I looked at euro bikini teens cocksucking in outdoor orgy slit now split open exposing pink before descending onto her body. Not knowing what to expect my dick slid into her body effortlessly. With in several minutes I too was out of gas. My building climax was about to begin. Then it was over, Ronny had no shame, I too had lasted a full two minutes, at most.

A smile came over her face when Ronny once again crawled onto her. Whether he went soft or stayed hard I don't know but he was ready for round two. And she was too. His dick had a drop of left over cum oozing from it ready to fall off, but clung on as he crawled onto her.

I sat cross legged watching them rut before me. Ronny was pounding her this time, her legs fluttering in the air above his ass. He was on a mission this time. I wondered what became of that lone drop, was inside her now, did it fall off in time, but really would she get knocked up from it? I didn't know a lot but I did know how a girl gets pregnant. Instinctively my hand went to my dick stroking it while I watched. After several long minutes Ronny's body began making more deliberate motions, slowing down he would force his dick further up he cunt.

I wasn't sure but it sure looked like he was about to blow. The cheeks of his ass became very muscular as they tightened, his back rigid, his whole body making minor jerks forward. Having never seen another person orgasm I wasn't sure. Then he came off her, his dick lying between her tummy and his. Several more minutes passed before he came back to reality.

He was still dazed from his orgasm when stood up. There on her stomach was tiny pool of watery sperm. It was getting late and if I wanted another spin I had to hurry. This time it was completely different feeling as slid into her cunt. It was still tight, just like a glove wrapped around my dick. But this time she was a great deal juicer, much wetter, actually soaking wet.

Not sure but close to it I hunched up onto my hands raising my body enough to look down to where our bodies met. I watched as my dick penetrated her. Without the additional benefit of light I caught glimpses of the base of my dick where curds of Ronny's cum were collecting. What raced through my mind was the thought of him essentially blowing she sets out to conquer the cock of her long time crush her after we promised to pull out.

I couldn't comprehend why he would do that. But I did know why he did it. I too was ready to go over the edge. My body was telling me to impregnate her, let lose with the swimming devils.

Rude sounds escaped from our groins as I fucked her, sloppy wet sounds. I was sure I could hear my nut sack slapping against her asshole. Disturbingly I emptied what felt like a full cup of semen into her depths before yanking it out letting the last feeble squirt flow into the void of her bellybutton.

It was late; hurriedly we pulled our clothes on. She in no way acknowledged the cunt full of seed she had. I would have thought she felt the cum leaking out. It had to be dribbling down her thigh as she pulled up the shorts over her curvy hips. Ronny and I headed back to our sites as she briskly walked back down the gravel path on her way home.

I would never know a lot of things after my initiation into the world of sex. I went home the next day as did Ronny, never to return again to that campground. Never to know whether she knew we blew inside her. Maybe Ronny went back the next year, maybe he would fuck her again.

Worst never to know if she got knocked up from one of us. I only hoped it would be Ronny's baby if she did. I came close to fucking other girls but it would be a full year before I got to wet my dick in another pussy.

Another campground while on vacation but this time I wasn't the virgin and I didn't have to share this girl with anyone.