His girlfriend made this for his eyes only

His girlfriend made this for his eyes only
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Taboo Pleasure Chapter Two: Rebecca's Blindfolded Menage By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 October 14th, 2041 Rebecca Miller I woke up next to my mother. I shuddered as memories of last night washed through me. I had sex with my mother. With the woman who'd birthed me. My futa-dick twitched at the memories of our illicit night—suckling at her breasts, discovering that she lactated, sliding into her incestuous flesh for the first time—filled my mind.

I fucked my mother hard. I made love to her. It was so crazy. As I came more and more awake, I struggled to understand just what had happened. It was so insane. It was my half-sister's eighteenth birthday yesterday.

I was home from college for the weekend to celebrate it. She had three of amateur facials and cum swallowing with a funnel friends over—Anya, Ramona, and Lizzie—to have a slumber party.

The four eighteen-year-old girls were as rambunctious as you'd expect. To my surprise, Anya appeared at my door the night before wearing only a pair of panties. The Black girl had looked so sexy. She begged me to take her virginity. I was no stranger to women and girls wanting to have sex with me.

I was one of Becky Woodward's daughters. The world's first futa had spread her seed far and wide. The vast majority of women could never have a thrill of sleeping with my hyper-sexual futa-mother, so they enjoyed her futa-daughters as we came of age around America and the rest of the world.

And since I was named Rebecca, it was easy for women to pretend I was my futa-mother. Anya did when I took her virginity. I didn't mind. I got to enjoy her fresh pussy and break her cherry. It was hot. I left her napping and went to take a shower. To my shock, when I returned my mother had slipped in and licked her pussy clean.

It was then that it hit me. I went to her bedroom and. "Damn," I muttered as I came fully awake. I couldn't get caught in bed with Mom.

Incest was illegal. Brita would definitely freak out if she found me fucking our mother. And what about her friends? What about Anya? I left the Black girl dozing in my bedroom. "Shit," I groaned. "Mmm, not the word I expected to hear," Mom said, coming awake. She had black hair that spilled around her mature and beautiful face, her large breasts exposed by the sheets.

They rose and fell, her dusky nipples hard and beading with milk. "Sorry," I said, flushing. I leaned over and kissed her, my short, dark-brown hair swaying past my cheek. It wasn't a simple mother/daughter kiss, but full of passion. Last night was amazing. It might have been wrong, natasha and kelly have some kinky fun brunette and blonde I didn't care.

It was hot. It sent this wild rush through me as our tongues dueled together. My futa-dick throbbed and my pussy clenched. I wanted to do things, but it was morning. The girls could be lurking around and discover her. I broke the kiss and panted, "Sorry. I should go." Mom nodded her head. "Yeah." She licked her lips.

"Mmm, can't let Brita find out." I shook my head. Mom had married Brita's father when I was a baby. Vern was a great guy, but he passed on a few years ago. I missed him. And Mom certainly did. I was partly a replacement for him and partly a chance for her to relive her one night with my futa-mother. I rolled out of the bed and padded to the door.

My bath towel still lay on the floor. I snatched it up. The bedroom door was open. I shuddered. Why didn't we close it all the way?

I scooped up my towel and wrapped it around my naked breasts and hard futa-cock. Well, the door wasn't open much, and the house sounded dead. Everyone still asleep. I padded down to my door, my futa-cock throbbing against the terrycloth fabric.

It poked out through the flap, thrusting hard and swollen before me. I groaned as I reached my room. The door was open. Anya was gone. I swallowed. Did she realize where I went? My stomach tensed into knots as I darted to my dresser. I grabbed a pair of panties, pulling them on. They were cut for futas, able to hold my big dick and still look cute and feminine. These were purple with a pink bow right over my cock. Then I grabbed a tennis skirt and a tank top, not bothering with a bra.

When I slipped out of my room, I heard a noise downstairs. My sister and her friends were up. Swallowing, I padded towards the stairs. I peered down them, listening. The conversation sounded normal. Laughing and joking. It was mixed with the clatter of plates. They were in the kitchen. "No, no, it's in that shelf," Brita said. "Yes!

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That's it. Not the dark chocolate ones. The regular ones." I frowned as I headed downstairs, my stomach still all knotted. What would I find? Would Brita be mad at me? Wild cock sharing at the pussy palace sorority Anya know that I had fucked my mother? Would she have told anyone else if she did? My cheeks burned. I found them in the kitchen, my sister directing them to make pancakes, the large bag of mix sitting open, girls darting around to grab items.

Brita was slender, with brown hair and matching eyes. She wore a nightie that clung to xxx girls black guy viodes download slender frame, the thin satin outlining her small breasts. Beside her, Ramona set down a mixing bowl, her blonde hair swaying about her shoulders. She was a short and curvy girl with a button nose. "I found the griddle!" Lizzie said. She was another petite, eighteen-year-old girl, her short, black hair bobbing about her face as she stood up.

She wore a tank top and panties, her thick labia outlined against the thin, red cloth. "Hey, Rebecca." "Oh, Rebecca," Anya gasped, straightening up.

If she didn't have dark-brown skin, I was certain her cheeks would be scarlet. She licked her lips, her weave of black hair spilling down to her shoulders.

"Good morning." "Someone got lucky last night," Brita said, giving me a smoky look. I swallowed. "What?" "You and Anya." Brita winked at me. "At she's not the only one that wants to get to know you better." She nudged Ramona with her elbow.

I realized the blonde was staring at me, her white tank top molding to her round breasts, her nipple dark shadows through the thin material, both poking rather prominently against the cloth. Pale-blue boy shorts hugged her rump and left her lithe legs exposed to my gaze. "Oh," I said, swallowing. "Did you go and talk about us?" Anya nodded her head. "I guess you were taking another shower or something when I woke up.

So I raced down here and woke them up and told them all about it." Ramona gave a wicked giggle and favored me with a smoky look. "Well, why we are making pancakes, why don't you and Ramona get to know each other a little better?" suggested my sister, an impish grin on her face. I blinked at that. "Oh, yes, you definitely need to, Ramona," my mother said, walking in dressed in her housecoat, her large breasts jiggling beneath the purple terrycloth.

She had a flush to her cheeks. "Having a romp with a futa at your age is a treat. I know I enjoyed it." Her eyes met mine, twinkling. I flushed. "Sure," Ramona said. She sauntered to me. "What do you say?

You're hard. I'm sexy." "She's a romantic one," said Lizzie to Anya. "I know. I offered my virginity and acted all cute and innocent," Anya whispered back. "Don't care," Ramona said. The short girl stood before me, her face level with my breasts. "Mmm, what do you say?" "Just run along upstairs, Ramona," my mother said, hooking my arm. "I want a quick word with my daughter, then I'll send her up to love you." This was so surreal.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I felt off-balanced as my mother led me from the kitchen. Last night, I had made love to her. Our incestuous passion was the best sex of my life.

I craved to nurse from her tit right here. "There's a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs in my left nightstand drawer," she purred. "Why don't you spice things up with Ramona?" I was shocked by my mother's suggestion. Before I knew it, she was pushing me along, my tennis skirt swaying, my dick throbbing in my panties. I stumbled up the stairs, my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

My nipples thrust against my tank top. I passed my open door, Ramona already naked and lying on my bed. She cupped her round breasts and arched an eyebrow. I held out my finger to her. "Just one sec. I need to grab some things to make it. kinky." "Ooh, I like it kinky," Ramona purred. I shook my head as I headed to my mother's room. She was eighteen. How much kinky things could she have gotten into? I found the blindfold, a deep-blue sleeping mask, and the cuffs, lined with pink fur, right where my favorite latina ass taking it all 21 tube porn mother left them.

It made me wonder what she and my step-dad got up to before hoe takes black cock tube porn passed on.

I felt suddenly so virginal. I thought I was having wild sex at college, but now it felt so vanilla. Blindfolds and handcuffs. Damn. I rushed back to Ramona, my dick throbbing to try them out. I stepped into my bedroom, leaving the door open, and smiled at Ramona, holding the handcuffs dangling off my fingers and the sleeping mask swaying from the other.

"Oh, that is kinky," the younger girl said, her round, pillowy breasts jiggling as she thrust her arms up to the wooden bars of my headboard, her hands going between the shaped dowels. "Cuff me up and let's get wild." I shook my head. I couldn't believe this. Eighteen fricking years old. Here I thought I was a wise, old college student. I rushed to the bed and leaned over her, my breasts swaying in my tank top. Ramona licked her lips as I slapped the cuffs on her wrist. The house groaned. It was old, settling as the femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting ratcheted around her wrist.

I squeezed it tight enough. "Oooh, this is wild," moaned Ramona. "You are delicious." "And you're just a cute, little thing," I said, winking at her. "I almost think you three drew straws on the order of who got to fuck me." She giggled.

"Maybe." I shuddered at hearing that. It made me dizzy. I blinked, my heart pounding in my chest. I stared down at her then laughed. I smacked the other cuff on her left wrist, the metal rasping as the teeth clinked past each other.

"Damn, we are going to have a wild time, aren't we?" I asked, the house groaning again. She nodded her head. As I went to put on the blindfold, she said, "Wait." "Oh?" I asked. "Too much for you?" "I want to see you naked first!" she gasped.

"Let me see that futa-bod so I can picture you doing all those naughty things to me once I'm blindfolded." I groaned and my dick throbbed. I gave her a sultry wink and turned my back on her. This sexy surge went through me. My hips wiggled from side to side as I stared at the open door of my room. I could see a shadow falling down the hallway. Mom was just outside waiting. I smiled in delight, peeling up my shirt, feeling Ramona's eyes on my back.

The cloth climbed higher and higher. I spread over my breasts, caressing my hard nipples. Tingles shot down to my pussy and up to the tip of my girl-dick. I wiggled my hips back and forth, my skirt swaying. Ramona let out a purr of delight as I threw my top to the floor, my naked breast swaying. I peered at her over my shoulder, my hips still swaying from side to side.

I licked my lips and arched my eyebrows at her. She quivered and groaned, shuddering on the bed. I peeled down my skirt, exposing the purple panties hugging my rear. "Oh, what a cute ass," Ramona moaned, the bed creaking. I heard the handcuff chains rattling. I shuddered, this heat billowing through me. This was so wild. I groaned as I slid the panties down my thighs. My hips wiggled back and forth. This kinky heat swelled through me. I stepped out of them and turned around, my tits swaying before me.

Her eyes fell on them. She let out a groan of delight. Her tongue flicked over her lips. I hooked the waistband of my panties, my thumbs pulling the elastic band from my waist.

"Mmm, you just want to see my big clit-dick, don't you," I purred, my pussy clenching. My juices flowed. "Uh-huh," Ramona moaned. The blonde quivered, those lush tits jiggling on her small frame. Her toes curled, her legs spread wide. She had a strip of gold fuzz leading to her shaved pussy lips, her juices gleaming on them. "Show me. Please, please, Rebecca!" I winked at her and thrust down my panties. I shuddered as they peeled down my thighs. My dick throbbed and pulsed before me.

I shuddered as this wanton heat swept through me. My hips wiggled back and forth, my dick bobbing before me. "Yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, that's a real futa-dick. I've seen all the porno made by your futa-sisters.

I love it. But this is in real life." "I know," I told her. "Hot, right?" "Right," she moaned. She licked her lips. "Ooh, I want to do such naughty things to you." "Mmm, that's my line," I said, sauntering to the bed. "It's time to blindfold you. Then you're not going to know what I'm going to do to you." I leaned over her.

She shuddered, her fingers curling, the chain pulling on the wooden rod of my headboard. She whimpered, licking her lips. She wanted my futa-cock badly.

I smiled as I covered her eyes with the sleeping mask. It was wide and fit snugly about her nose and brow. I lifted her head, sliding the band behind her. It held her tight. She wouldn't see a thing. "Let me just close the door, and then we'll begin," I purred as I stepped back. My mom walked in, already shrugging out of her housecoat. She had such a wild look in her brown eyes, her naked tits swaying as they came into view.

They were as soft as Ramona's but bigger. Her nipples thrust out before her, fat and dusky-pink. Her dark bush gleamed with her juices. She winked at me as she closed the door behind her. She hugged me from behind. Her breasts were so soft. I shuddered and squirmed against her, loving the hard points of her nipples against my skin. She hugged me. She didn't say a word as she grabbed my cock with her right hand, her left seized my round breast.

An incestuous ripple shot through me as I trembled. I let out a little whimper, staring at Ramona. She squirmed on the bed. Her toes curled. She licked her lips and strained at her cuffs. Her breasts jiggled. Mom nudged me forward, fisting my cock and kneading my tit. Pleasure rippled down my shaft. I loved this.

She brought me to the edge of the bed. I leaned over, my cock aimed right at Ramona's face. I groaned as my mother pressed my clit-dick against Ramona's plump lips. "Yes," the girl moaned before opening her lips.

She engulfed my cock. Sucked. Pleasure shot down my girl-dick. I groaned at the heat. It swept through me. My body shook. My hips wiggled from side to side. My mom's bush rubbed into my ass as she gripped the base of my throbbing futa-cock.

"Ooh, just suck away at my girl-dick," I moaned. "Mmm, you're just hungry to love a futa." Ramona moaned around my cock in answer. "That's right. Just such a wicked woman." I trembled. "We're going to do such naughty things in here." Mom squeezed my tit almost like she was saying yes. I shuddered as her lips kissed down my shoulder to my neck. Her breasts pressed into my back. I loved the heat of her smooches.

I trembled, my pussy clenching. Her touch was almost as exciting as Ramona's mouth nursing on my cock. My mom reached my neck, nibbling at the nape, her tongue licking. Just like Ramona's tongue flicked around the crown of my cock. The girl sucked with such enthusiasm. Her cheeks hollowed from her enthusiasm. She bobbed her head as much as she could. Her fingers twisted.

The handcuffs rasped against the wood dowel. She trembled, her thighs rubbing together. She moaned as she sucked. A little drool running out of the corners of her lips as she loved me. She nursed with such hunger.

I swayed, growing dizzy from the enthusiasm of her lust. I grinned, savoring it. "That's it," I moaned, my ovaries tightening. Pussy juices ran down my thighs, the sweet musk filling my nose. "You're going to make me explode.

Ramona squealed around my futa-cock, sucking with such hunger for my futa-jizz. Mom's nibbling lips moved up blonde milf cheri deville fuck threesome interracial my ear. She licked and played with my lobe. Her hand squeezed my tit, the other gripping the base of my cock.

Her fingers found my hard nipple. I gasped as she tugged on it. "Yes!" I groaned. "I like that. Do that." Ramona swirled her tongue around my cock while Mom twisted my nipple. "Yes, yes, that!" I moaned, an incestuous delight surging through me. Ramona danced her tongue around my futa-dick again, stimulating me. Her touch was so sensual.

My pussy clenched while my mother twisted my nipple. I squirmed against her, my toes curling into my carpet. Mom's wet bush rubbed on my ass, her soft breasts on my back. She caressed my ear, flicking her tongue over it while Ramona blew me. That pleasure built and built in my ovaries. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock.

"Just a little more," I groaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, Ramona. I'm going to flood your mouth." She whimpered in delight then sucked hard. Pleasure shot down my shaft into my pussy. It met the tingle racing from my nipple. The illicit thrill of this moment spun through me.

Dizzying lust swayed through me. My futa-dick pulsed and throbbed in Ramona's nursing mouth. I couldn't take much more. Mom pinched my nipple hard. I gasped and bucked. My pussy tightened. My ovaries convulsed. Cum fired out of my girl-dick. "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned.

"Oh, Mo. Ramona, yes! Drink my cum! It's amazing." "It is," my mother whispered into my ear, barely audible to me over my screaming heart.

Ramona sucked out my futa-spunk and gulped it down. My pussy convulsed, sending waves through my body while jolts of lightning fired from my erupting girl-dick. The pleasure coursed through me. This wonderful heat that electrified my brain. Stars burst across my vision. I swayed and gasped. My eyes fluttered. The heat burned through my body. I groaned, my cunt clenching. This amazing bliss was incredible as it filled every inch of me. My hands clenched. "Oh, yes, drink it all, Ramona!" I gasped as my orgasm peaked with the final spurt of my cum.

She did. Her cheeks hollowed. She sucked out every drop step dad get caught w of my ovaries. I trembled in my mother's embrace as Ramona's hot lips popped off my mouth. The girl let out a purring moan, her flushed face contrasting with her dark-blue sleeping mask.

"Ooh, that was delicious cum," moaned Ramona. "Better than my boyfriend's." "So you're cheating on him?" I asked. "You're a bad girl." "Naw, you're a futa. You can't cheat with a futa. Everyone knows that." I shuddered as my mother pinched my nipple one last time.

Then she pulled away from me. I swayed there, my heart hammering. I still buzzed from my orgasm. My futa-cock was going soft as I watched my mother lean over Ramona and suck on the girl's nipple. "Rebecca, yes!" the girl purred, not realizing my mother was nursing on her nub. It was so hot watching my mother suck on that nipple. I couldn't help grabbing her ass and kneading her incestuous flesh. I dug my fingers into her. I caressed her as she moaned, sucking hard on Ramona's nipple.

The bound, eighteen-year-old blonde shuddered. Her fingers curled over her head while her lips pursed tight together. She cooed and shuddered, her thighs rubbing together. My cock was growing hard, regaining a second wind as I watched the naughty sight. "Oh, Rebecca, that's good," groaned Ramona. "Ooh, you know how to love a girl's nipple." Mom sucked hard on the girl's nub.

"Yes, yes, I bet you get so much practice at college!" I did. My futa-dick big rump african hard xxx harder.

It thrust out before me.


I shuddered as it nudged my mother's bush. My twitching dick hardened with every beat of my heart. The tip nuzzled into her silky pubic hair. Her juices coated her strands as they tickled the sensitive crown of my cock. Pleasure shot down my shaft. I clamped my jaw tight to keep from moaning. Ramona squirmed on the bed as Mom nursed with hunger.

She kneaded the eighteen-year-old girl's tits, squeezing those plump, soft mounds. My swelling clit-dick pressed into my mom's folds, touching incestuous flesh. I bit my lip, wanting to moan so badly as my engorging cock pushed into her labia.

Her hot cunt was around my swelling crown. I was back in my mother's cunt. Back in the hole that birthed me. This was so wonderfully wrong. I savored it as I grew longer and longer, sliding into her juicy sheath. Mom moaned about Ramona's nipple. "Ooh, yes, yes, you're making my cunt so wet," moaned Ramona.

"Check!" As my futa-dick reached its full girth, Mom slid her hand down Ramona's body. I watched my mother's fingers sliding down the girl's flat stomach to the landing strip of blonde hair. I shuddered and slid my cock deeper and deeper into my mother's cunt. Slowly, I penetrated farther and farther into her incestuous sheath. I bottomed out in her depths. Her rump pressed into her crotch. Her silky pubic hairs tickled the shaved folds of my pussy wrapped around my clit-dick.

My hands squeezed her hips. I gripped her hard as this wild, wanton heat swept through my body. "Yes, yes, Rebecca!" moaned Ramona, her body shuddering.


"Finger my twat." The girl had no idea it was my mother's fingers plunging in and out of her cunt and stirring around in her. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in my mom's cunt. I wanted to fuck her, but it would make too much noise.

Right? So I just let my dick marinade in her pussy. Her incestuous juices soaked my shaft. Her snatch squeezed around it.

She wiggled her hips, stirring around my girth while moaning around Ramona's perky nipples. "Oh, yes, yes, my pussy is so wet for your futa-cock!" groaned the bound girl. Her nose twitched. Her head tossed from side to side. The sleeping mask stayed covering her eyes despite the way her face twisted, her brows twitching. The bed creaked and metal wrapped on wood as she twitched. "Ooh, I want your cock in me. I want you fucking me." My clit-dick throbbed in my mother's cunt.

"Your fingers are nice, but your girl-cock would be better," purred Ramona, squeezing her thighs around my mother's hand. "Ooh, please, Rebecca, just fuck me." Mom popped her lips of Ramona's nipple. My mother's incestuous sheath squeezed around my cock. She wiggled her hips from side to side, stirring around me. Then she straightened and slid her cunt off of me. "I'll fuck you," I moaned, delirious with all these naughty sensations pouring through my body. "I'll fuck you hard." "Yes!" the girl moaned.

Mom turned and winked at me. I shuddered and stumbled to the bed, my futa-dick bobbing before me. It was soaked in pussy juices. Mom had coated me in every drop of her passion. It was incredible. I shuddered as I mounted the bed. My dripping girl-cock twitched. Mom grabbed my shaft. She smiled at me as I leaned over Rebecca. She guided me to the girl's shaved twat. I shuddered, loving this naughty game. When had my mother become such a wanton and naughty woman?

I bet she'd always been. She used to be young, like me. She used to do wild things. It was so easy to forget that older people had sex and did kinky things. I shuddered as she pressed me against Ramona's juicy twat. "Fuck me!" Ramona moaned. "Yes!" I groaned and thrust forward, Mom's hand ripping out of the way. I buried to the hilt in the girl's twat.

Her pussy engulfed me. That wonderful sheath bathed my girl-dick in heavenly warmth. I hot brunette girlfriend denissa first time anal sex in pov, shuddering.

My cunt clenched. My heart pounded. This wave of heat washed through me as I sank to the hilt in her barely legal twat. My breast swayed over the blindfolded girl.

Her pillowy tits jiggled. Her face twisted. I stared down at her, loving the feel of her around me. She squeezed around my girl-dick. Her juicy twat gripped me in that heavenly embrace. "Rebecca, yes!" she howled, her snatch clinging to my dick. I leaned down and pressed physician stares hymen examination and virgin teenie nailing breasts into hers.

Our tits were the same size, but hers were softer. Her nipples caressed mine as I kissed her on the lips. I thrust my tongue into her. She quivered as I drew back my hips. I could fuck her.

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I could pound her and not have to worry about making noise. My cunt clenched as my cock withdrew until only the tip remained in the juicy grip of her pussy. My cream dribbled down my thighs, my body on fire. She squealed into my kiss as I rammed back into her juicy twat. Her tight flesh gripped me. She squeezed about me.

That wonderful sensation sent pleasure rippling through me. My nipples throbbed as they brushed hers, sending heat billowing through me. Mom watched. I felt her eyes on me as I pumped away at Ramona. My tongue dueled with the girls. The handcuffs rasped against the headboard's wooden dowel. She moaned, kissing me with such passion. Her thighs locked around my waist, holding hot blondes big ass amp small holes get stuffed and rocking to the rhythm as I fucked her.

I gasped when Mom's hand rested on my rump. I broke the kiss, gasping, "Yes!" "Ooh, I know," moaned Ramona, oblivious to the incestuous touch caressing my ass. My mom's hand gripped my flexing butt as I drove my cock into Ramona's cunt. "You're bigger than my boyfriend. Ooh, I love it." "Naughty slut!" I moaned. I licked my lips. "I bet you'd be squeezing my ass if you could." Her fingers flexed. "Uh-huh," she moaned.

"So hard." "And rubbing my pussy, too. I bet you would caress my folds with your naughty fingers," I panted, looking up at Mom. Her large breasts swayed. Her brown eyes smoldered. She licked her lips and nodded her head.

She slid her hand over my rump and down between my thighs. I groaned as she caressed me. She stroked down my taint and found the hot flesh of my cunt. I bit my lip, fighting back my whimper as she stroked through my shaved petals. "Yes, yes, you would just caress my pussy as I fucked you," I moaned, drilling hard into Ramona. "I would!" she moaned, her back arching, rubbing her tits into mine. Our nipples caressed, heat shooting down to my cunt.

"And you would finger me, too, wouldn't you?" I stared into my mother's glassy eyes as her fingers slid up and down my folds.

"You'd thrust your digits deep into my cunt." "Yes!" howled Ramona. My mom thrust her fingers into my pussy. My cunt clenched down on them as I thrust into Ramona's twat. This wonderful heat rippled out of my pussy and to the tip of my cock. I shuddered, squeezing down on her digits as the pleasure burned through me.

My nipples ached as they rubbed into Ramona's tits. My mother's fingers were in my cunt. When I drew back my hips, her finger slid deeper into my twat. It was incredible. I groaned, pumping hard and fast into Ramona's pussy. Her snatch clenched around me, gripping me as I buried over and over into her. I plundered her, fucked her. I loved every moment of this while my mother's fingers wiggled in my twat.

It was incredible. I kissed Ramona again, groaning lesbianas masturbandose y cojiendose rico masturbation and lesbians passion into her lips. She kissed me with hunger, her thighs squeezing about my waist. She gripped me, unaware that my mother's fingers were burying into her again and again. I loved this so much. This was just a delicious heat.

A naughty thrill that swept through me. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I thrust harder. Faster. I buried into her again and again. This heat swelled through me as my mother fingered me. She thrust those digits in and out of my cunt as I pounded Ramona. The bed creaked as my orgasm built and built in me. This wicked heat swelled. It filled me. My cunt clenched down on her fingers. The passion built and built.

I grew dizzy. This wicked heat spilled through my flesh, following my nerves. I shuddered, slamming forward harder. Faster. I buried into her again and again. I pumped away at her, kissing Ramona fast while my mother's fingers churned up my pussy. She stimulated me.

My ovaries drank in the two different frictions spilling from my cunt and my futa-dick. I broke the kiss, gasping, "Yes, yes, that's so good!" "Mmm, you love my pussy wrapped around your dick?" whimpered Ramona, trembling beneath me. Her head moved, shifting the sleeping mask slightly on her face.

"I do!" I whimpered. "I love it so much! You're so tight and juicy. I'm going to explode in you." "Ooh, do that!" she moaned. Her hips wiggled. "Definitely fucking do that. I want you spurting in me. Oh, Rebecca! You're huge!" "Uh-huh," I moaned, thrusting away at her pussy. I pounded her while my mother's other hand found my butt-cheek. She squeezed me, her fingers pumping in and out of my twat, matching the rhythm of my thrusting hips. "Ramona! You're amazing." I glanced at my mother as I slammed into the girl.

"So amazing!" Mom winked at me and flicked her tongue across her lips. I shuddered, thrusting hard. My futa-dick drank in that silky friction while my mother's fingers dipped into my butt-crack. This wild shudder ran through me. Her fingers caressed my asshole. She teased me. I shuddered and trembled on the bed.

I wiggled, my heart hammering in my chest. This wicked thrill spilled through me as she pressed against my asshole. My mom's finger popped into my bowels. This naughty, incestuous thrill shot through me. I shook my head. This dizzying sway rippled through my body. I groaned. I thrust forward harder. I buried again and again into Ramona's snatch as my mother's fingers plundered both my holes.

Three different pleasures assaulted me. My dick pumped away at Ramona's juicy twat. My mom's fingers stroked in and out of my cunt, teasing me. Then her other fingers reamed my tight asshole, the burning friction melting to my ovaries. "Oh, my god, yes!" I groaned atop Ramona.

"Oh, yes, yes! That's good! That's amazing. Oh, damn, you feel incredible wrapped around me." "Uh-huh!" whimpered the girl. "This is amazing. I'm going. Yes!" Her pussy convulsed around my girl-dick. I gasped at the wanton heat surging around me. I thrust into her depths, savoring her pussy massaging my futa-dick. My shaft throbbed in her. My cunt and asshole clenched on my mother's thrusting fingers, increasing the friction. "Cum in me!" howled the orgasming blonde, her breasts pressing into my tit as she shuddered.

The handcuff chain rasped against the wooden dowel. She shuddered, her pussy spasming around me. "Flood me!" I buried into her as that ache surged to the tip of my girl-dick.

I arched my back, rubbing my tits into her soft boobs. My pussy convulsed around my mother's fingers. My asshole spasmed around her digits. My futa-cum fired into Ramona's cunt. I bathed her as the pleasure surged through me. Blast after blast of rapture burned through my mind.

I groaned, my head dizzy from the delight spurting out of me. It was incredible. I groaned, swaying. I was drunk off this moment. Ramona's pussy milked my futa-dick dry while my cunt and asshole massaged my mother's fingers. "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned.

"I love this. I'm so glad I blindfolded you!" "Me, too!" whimpered Ramona. "It makes this so intense. Yes, yes! Ooh, so much cum. You flooded me. I love futas!" My mother ripped her fingers out of my holes as my orgasm peaked. I shuddered, darkness nibbling at the edges of my vision.

I glanced at my mother. She sucked my pussy juices off two of her fingers, her cheeks hollowing. I shuddered, my softening cock twitching in Ramona's depths. Still sucking on my fingers, she beckoned with her digits. I groaned and pulled out of Ramona. I climbed out of the girl, my cum leaking out of her. I came to my mother. She shoved her fingers, dirty with my asshole, into my mouth. I sucked on the sour delight while her eyes twinkled. A wicked surge ran through me as she pulled her digits out of my mouth then sauntered to the bed.

She mounted it, settling between Ramona's thighs. I quivered, watching as my mother lowered her face. "Are you going to lick me clean?" asked Ramona as my mother's hair spilled over the girl's thighs. "Huh?" I moved to the bed, leaned over, and moaned, "Yes!

I'm going to lick up every drop!" My mother buried her face into the barely legal girl's pussy and licked up my incestuous cum out of Ramona's cunt. I shuddered. A wave of heat shot through me. My cock, despite cumming twice, was hardening again.

It was such a hot sight to see. My mother's plump rump wiggled in the air as she feasted on Ramona's cunt. I shuddered, licking my lips. It was such a hot sight to see. My fingers clenched and relaxed. I drew in a deep breath, this dizzying rush surging through me.

I mounted the bed with care, staring at my mother's ass. Her dark bush glistened with her pussy cream, a delicious sight, but it was her rump I stared at. The sour flavor of my own asshole lingered in my mouth, inspired me.

"Yes, yes, yes, Rebecca!" moaned Ramona. "Lick out all that cum! Ooh, your tongue is so skilled. You're just so hungry for my cum." "Uh-huh," Mom purred. She wiggled her rump as I settled behind her, careful not to bump Ramona's legs. My clit-dick, soaked in Ramona's juices, twitched before me.

I brought it to my mother's ass, gripping it with my left hand while my right parted her crack. I shuddered at the sight of her brown hole winking at me. Mom let out a whimpering moan as I guided my hard cock to her sphincter. I pressed it against that naughty ring. I was salacious drillings from teacher young old and smalltits to fuck her as she licked Ramona clean of my cum.

This incestuous thrill rippled through me as I pushed against my mom's asshole. "Oh, yes," Mom groaned as I pressed forward, her voice muffled by Ramona's pussy. "Yes, yes, you love it!" groaned Ramona, her pillowy breasts jiggling as the handcuffed girl quivered on the bed, her sleeping mask still in place. Mom feasted on that pussy as I slid deeper into her asshole. Her velvety bowels engulfed my cock in heaven.

I fought my groans as I penetrated deeper and deeper. My breasts quivered. This wicked heat burned up my cock to my pussy. Mom moaned her passion as she devoured Ramona. She wiggled her hips, stirring her tight bowels around my cock. She massaged me. Teased me. This heat billowed through me. I shook my head, dazed by this passion. My hands clenched as I savored it. I drew back my hips. Mom's bowels gripped me. My pussy clenched as the pleasure melted down my girl-dick and into my snatch.

My breasts quivered before me. I pulled back until only the tip remained, her anal ring gripping tight about my shaft. I thrust deep into my mother's bowels. I penetrated her, savoring velvety pleasure. It was so hard not to cry out. I buried into her, my crotch smacking into her rump.

I gasped as the sound, realizing I couldn't fuck her hard or fast. I had to use slow, teasing strokes.


It sent a dizzying sway through me. "Oh, yes, yes!" gasped Ramona, oblivious to what was going on. Her body trembled, her cheeks flushed. "Rebecca! Eat out your cum from my twat! Ooh, you naughty futa!" "So good," my mom purred. "Yummy!" I bet it was. I licked my lips as I pumped away with slow thrusts.

I moved only inches, enough to stimulate us both. For that wonderful heat to melt up my cock to my cunt. My juices ran down my thighs as my mother feasted. She licked and lapped, moaning her enjoyment as I sodomized her bowels.

Ramona's tits jiggled. The handcuffs raised up and down the headboard's dowel as she shook. Her moans echoed through the room.

I shuddered, wanting to whimper like she was as I savored the bliss burning around my dick. That velvety grip stimulated me. It drove me wild. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs. My ovaries quivered with a home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes of cum to fire into my mom's asshole.

It was so hard not to ram forward with every ounce of strength I had. To just bury into my mother's asshole and make her gasp in rapture.

It would be worth it. She would moan and groan. Her passion would echo through the room. I would savor it. That delicious sound would echo around me. I pumped a little faster but kept my strokes shallow. I didn't bottom out all the way as I worked my sensitive crown in and out of her bowels.

Her velvety flesh swelled the growing ache. That wonderful pressure built and built, aching to explode out of me. My breasts jiggled. I gripped my mom's hips as I sodomized her. I reveled in the incestuous grip of her bowels.

It was a wonderful experience. She massaged me. Her flesh clung to me. A dizzying heat burned through me. I fought my whimpers as I thrust away. I pumped hard and fast. I rammed into her depths.

This heat spilled through me. It was dizzying. Wonderful. I drank it in as I pumped away. I fucked her hard. I slammed into her.

"Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Ramona. "Eat me! Ooh, I'm going to cum again! I love this! You're so sexy, Rebecca! You're tongue. Ooh, yes, yes, lick me clean!" "You're delicious," my mom whimpered. I shuddered, savoring this moment. What a treat. What a delight. It was incredible.

This wicked heat that flowed through me. My head tossed back and forth. My heart hammered in my chest as I buggered my own mother while she devoured the blindfolded blonde. My short hair swayed about my face. My breasts bobbed. My thrusts plunged into her bowels. I swayed. I couldn't take much more of this. The ache built and built. That sweet release swelling in my ovaries.

I buried to the hilt in my mother's bowels, not caring that our flesh slapped together, and erupted. My futa-cum boiled into her bowels.

I clenched my teeth as the powerful jolts of rapture shot through me. My girl-jizz pumped into her asshole while bliss slammed into my mind.

My pussy convulsed. My juices gushed down my thighs, soaking me. My sweet musk filled the air. Mom squealed. Her bowels clenched around me. "Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, yes!" "I know!" Ramona gasped, unaware my mother's asshole milked masked gimp learns what real female domination feels like erupting cock. "Rebecca!" The girl sounded like she was joining us in orgasmic bliss.

My head swayed. I kept my teeth ground tight as the pleasure rippled and fired through me. Rapture and ecstasy filled my mind. Stars exploded across my thoughts.

My mother's rippling bowels sucked at my dick while she moaned into Ramona's cunt. Her asshole wrung me dry. I shuddered, my tits heaving. I swayed, dizzy. This incredible, incestuous rush carried me to the peak of my orgasmic pleasure. I hung there for a moment, savoring this illicit bliss, then crashed into panting satisfaction.

I groaned, pulling out of my mother's asshole as she rose. Together, we stumbled off the bed, both of us panting, our faces flushed. While Ramona gasped in the background, I kissed my mother with a hungry mouth, savoring the naughty intimacy.

Then she broke away, winked at me, and snagged her robe, sauntering to the door. She opened it with care and slipped out. I shuddered and whirled around to face Ramona. My breasts rising and falling while she trembled on the bed. "Let's get you free and back to the party," I told her.

"I bet breakfast is getting cold." "Worth it," moaned the girl. I leaned over and kissed her as I reached for her handcuffs. While I didn't have a key, I did notice there were release buttons. These weren't police issue. Ramona could have freed herself at any time. I popped them, and she pulled off her sleeping mask as we kept kissing. Her eyes were bright blue.

We dressed and headed downstairs. My sister, Anya, and Lizzie all clapped and whooped, the three sitting at the table lingering over breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. My sister had a big grin on her face. "You made Ramona howl." I blushed and squirmed. I couldn't admit the truth. "So, um, breakfast?" My sister winked at me while Lizzie gave me a considering look. Then she grabbed her phone played with it, her eyes on me. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy a third one of my sister's friends before the day was done.

My phone buzzed in my skirt pocket. I pulled it out and saw a text from Lizzie. My stomach fell as I read, "What were you and your Mom up to last night?" Beneath the text, pictures started appearing of my mom and me kissing and embracing, writhing in bed. You could see me nursing from her. You could see us devouring each other. That damned open door. I shuddered and looked up at Lizzie.

She had such a huge grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye. My stomach squirmed. We were so busted. To be continued.