Immorallive licking cum on my friends ass

Immorallive licking cum on my friends ass
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In the air conditioned back room of a non-descript building two people sat in a room, one had a camera. The other sat on a sofa as the two started a conversation.


"You wanna tell the folks back home your name?" "Umm…Call me Shandi Sweet." "Nice," big tits blonde eats female taxi driver The man with the camera retorted before adding, "Well Shandi, I hear this is your first scene… Why don't you stand up and let me see you." "…Okay…" "I like your body.

You're a well-built girl. You said earlier you were 5' 8" and a 40 30 42. Can I ask, are those natural?" "Ya…They're mine." "What are they EE's? Are they F cups maybe? They're Huge!" "Umm, JJ-cups actually…" Shandi said cowering and trying to cover her exposed cleavage. "Don't be embarrassed now, just turn around. That's it, that skirt looks real cute on you. Do you mind? Wanna bend over a little bit and show us what's back there…Wow that is nice.

That's a real nice ass. Nice and smooth with thick thighs and wide hips. That's what we brothers call an ASS. See how you can just lift the cheek up off the thigh and jiggle it?

That's like bubble gum. And see how your wide hips give me so much of it to play with…I'm sorry that's really nice, can I touch it? Do you mind?" The director moved the camera to look under the skirt and grinned when he saw her plump shaved pussy peaking out. "Umm go ahead, that's fine…" "Thank you, thank you!

Dear me this is beautiful. Can I ask you what your ancestry is?" Moving slowly, he stroked her thigh with a free hand as he spoke. "Me?" "Well they already know I'm black…" The girl giggled out of nervousness but started to relax. "I'm white, Mexican, and Columbian." "What a mix. You make it look good." "Ha…Ah… Thank you." "So tell me, do you like it when men lie to you?

When they tell you things that aren't true?" "Huh?" "I have no reason to lie you're a very beautiful woman. I am really enjoying just looking at you.

Tell me though, do you have a boyfriend?" "Hmm…No I like…I like older men…" she brought a hand to her lips and blushed looking away. "Really? That sounds like a story! Tell us more." "Noo!" She giggled and blushed remembering the camera.

"I can't tell you that!" "Okay, okay…well perhaps you can show me your chest a little bit?" "Mm? Like this?" She pulled the straps of her top down but cradled her bra supported breasts to shield them.

"Ya, don't try to be slow. I'll just edit this so you don't tease the audience." She blushed at the mention of the audience and looked at the camera suddenly aware of it again. "Those amazing breasts deserve to be seen." She dropped the act and let her shirt fall to her waist. "They aren't that great." She said looking down at her bra encased breasts sulkily. "I'll be the judge." He said putting a hand out as if to pull down her bra. "You just got used to them I bet.

You should be proud of them." Hesitantly, she looked up and pulled her bra down past her nipples while her dark wet eyes seemed to plead up into the lense. "Here, take a seat while I set up the next shot." He ordered. Quickly mounting the camera hardcore rough squirt suspects were spotted and apprehended by lp officer in a failed try a tripod set to cover a side angle of the couch. The director dropped down before her in the middle of the couch and scooped up her bountiful breasts in either hand.

Her nipples had wide aureolas nearly the size of his palm. Around the edges, they were a light pink that paled as it got towards the center where the nub of her nipple stood out clearly erect. "These are exquisite, and their weight is surprising." He noted aloud as he palmed them. "They have a softness to them that is unique, but I love how firm they are." "You are a breast man?" "Well they are one of the first things I notice.

To be this teenie college beauteous gal hardcore reality your lips, your hair, your eyes, as well as the rest of your body are all perfect for what I like, and I've seen alot…" She looked away from his eyes as he spoke but her thighs tightened and he felt her twitch.

Rolling the breasts around in his hands, he was please to watch horny girl was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited therapy warble around as he played with them. He looked up at her again as she blushed and looked away demurely with her auburn hair falling over her eyes. Pinching a nipple, he heard a whimper escape just before he watched her bite down on her plump lips to stifle it.

"Look at me. Would you like it if I suck on them?" He asked leaning in. "They must be terribly sensitive." Falling into her, he pressed both nipples together to suckle them both. In front of him, Shandi bounced up and started dancing as he worked the soft flesh of her chest with his wet mouth. His finger kneaded her breasts gently and swirled their mass around so they pivoted on her chest. Her gasps turned to howls and her quaking thighs started to open and close. Pulling her butt closer to him, she started to straddle his forward knee with her moist thighs and grind it into her steamy sex.

Coming up for air, he looked again in her wet eyes. They had a sparkle to them that wasn't there before. His leg was up her mini skirt, and his shin was firmly planted against her naked pussy. His brain was seconds from going into beast mode and ravishing her. "Us old guys got experience huh?" he said offering a smile even as his brain screamed at him to take her. "Ya." She gasped staring back into his eyes.

"Tell you what." He stood slowly and revealed his cock straining his shorts. It was swollen as hard as it could get already which was rare for someone in the biz. "Show me what you got okay?" She gave a childish smile with only a hint of her previous nervousness, and slid down his shorts. His cock bounced up like it was spring loaded and thwacked her in the cheek. He watched her face flush as she saw it. He could almost hear her start to pant.

"Oh my gosh! Look at that!" She wiggled her bottom more into the seat as she started to work her hand up then down his shaft before bringing another hand over to smear the drooling tip of his cock.

"Gosh… I guess you like this huh?" She was starting to stare and fixate her eyes on him as her chest rose and fell.

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Her breasts started to jiggle and warble as she arched her back and leaned in drooling open mouthed. Reaching down from over her he pulled her hair back into a ponytail with both hands and pulled in her head closer. "There ya go." He couldn't see it but the camera picked up how she gave a small sniff and opened wide to gobble the flared head of his swollen cock. Rather than kissing or slurping on his huge length, she immediately pushed it back into her throat and rapidly jerked off whatever she didn't get in her mouth.

"Oh god damn, it's always the innocent looking ones." He muttered as he hunched over her and his lower body went numb with acute pleasure. Below him, Shandi pawed her own breasts with one hand and enthusiastically gagged herself. Her breasts were splattered with drool after only a few minutes. Yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore open thighs found his leg again and straddled his kneecap.

She dropped both hands and pulled him in by the hips greedily as she pulled forward enough to part her nether lips on his leg. "Oh ya! Open up baby this is the money shot!" He roared and pulled his cock up over her.

Her mouth opened as the shadow of his cock fell over her.

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Keeping her hands barely an inch off his cock she seemed to cup the air around it as he shot a thick white ribbon over her head. The next two hit her face high, and the last three clumpy ropes of semen dribbled into her open mouth.

"Damn!" He gasped weakly after the last of it left him. Shandi put a hand on his cock and firmly started working it up and down working her spit in. "Tell me where did you…? No, no tell me." "I'll tell you…" Pausing her stroke for an instant, japanese brother sister sex game show with english subtitle looked back up thoughtfully.

"I lost my virginity last year…It was to an older guy in the office I worked at before college. He was always so nice and I was his secretary. We used to just make out. After a while making out became blowjobs in the office during lunch.

One time though he was working over my breasts good. He always loved them. I can't thinks straight when they're played with the right way, and he was already fingering me.

Anyway, we ended up doing it there in the office because I just couldn't say no anymore. "I kept from doing it too much with him. My mom would have freaked if she found out I was on the pill or having sex.

We did it rarely but one time he was fucking me good from behind while I was bent over the desk.

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People must have been out in the hall by the door because he covered my mouth and tried to keep me quiet. Suddenly though I could feel him harden and start to cum.

"I usually was made to swallow it because the bathroom was out in the hall. His big balls always made a lot so I was usually a mess after dealing with him. Rarely was it late enough for people to have left already. Anyway all he said was, 'Can't be helped,' as he shoved up behind me, and shot his cum into me.

She paused noticing the spicy cutie was brought in anal madhouse for uninhibited treatment was having an effect. "…Go on." She paused to lean in and spit on his cock before continuing. "So anyways, I came hard when he did it. Without a word we ended up doing it like that a lot.

I was young though and thought he loved me. Luckily, we got a scare when I missed a period. He freaked and I got fired when I told him to leave his wife. My parents of course found out.

They didn't take it too well and I got cut off. I have to admit though I still love sex like that." "…" He caught himself before he said. 'So you're just another homeless girl out on the street. I noticed you had a lot of luggage in your car.

Glad you aren't a prostitute, that would have been my next guess.' Fortunately his cock gave him something more to talk about as he eased back out of her grip. "Well I'm certainly hard now. Why don't you turn that ass around." Shandi gave him a knowing smile and spun around up on to the sofa.

Leaning on the back of the couch with her knees on the edge of the seat and her wide ass tilted up her breast dangled and flopped. The director moved up and stroked his cock onto her ass and plowed forward spreading her cheeks until the flared tip touched her soppy wet core.

"You always get this excited?" "Maybe it was the camera," She moaned easing back trying to take him. "But maybe," she breathed as his tip parted her lips and sunk partway into her canal. His cock was nearly as big as a coke can, the head butted up against her tight entrance before her slick wetness eased him in. "Maybe it was how you made me cum earlier. I really liked how you played with my breasts." Easing down further, she clenched a few times as he hit her cervix a few inches in.

"You came from that earlier?" He asked slowly plowing her with his thick cock in a slow gentle rhythm. "Ya… I was grinding on you too so I actually came pretty hard. There was no pain when you held my boobs too. It was surprising really…" She jumped as his cock pushed against the puckered hole of her womb a little more force. "You thought I would be rough with you?" he inquired speeding up a little until she could barely talk.

It was no surprise to him that she quickly came. His manly pride turned to sick sense of control as she started to sweat profusely and climax nearly non stop. She tried to bow her back and twist her hips to reduce the feeling of him deeply stroking her insides. Finally, he gave her a rest after only five minutes of steady mother and son reap porn. "Try to keep up sweetie," He chuckled.

As she collected her breath, he set up a nice angle looking straight up at the couch from the floor.

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He then pushed her almost limp body around onto the couch arm and got up onto the seats behind her. Easing in slowly, he quickly built up speed. Shandi sagged back into him as he pulled on her hips and kept her in place. As the seconds passed, he could feel her getting into it again. Her pussy seized up several times and got even wetter.

Suddenly his moment was upon him and he began cumming immediately as he continued to fuck up into her womb and without perfect ass teenager fucking with her big cock boyfriend a beat in his rhythm.

"AAhh! Ah? Are you cumming?" She asked without looking back. He knew she felt it from the way she clenched him and tried to shove down hard as his hot load splashed out.

"Ya pornstars do it all the time don't worry." He breathed. "We only need one good money shot." "But I'm not on the pill and…" She moaned airily. His cock hardened as he heard her. "Oh? Oh ya?" His sensitive cock head gave a pang of pleasure suddenly as his balls rumbled preparing to give her another soaking. "Well they got pills for the day after too.

We can get some." "…Oh…?" She moaned distracted. "Okay…" "I'm gonna cum really good here in a minute." He gasped feeling his whole body start to tense up. His cock swelled and hardened from base to tip. "I feel like I haven't bust a nut in years. This is gonna be huge." "Well go ahead and…Go ahead." She mumbled between thrusts. Falling into her and stopping completely. His balls tightened and spewed a huge load that he felt going all the way down and out his cock.

After it left, the temperature in her pussy seemed to go up by a few degrees. Pulling back slowly after the intense pulses slowed, the last few spurts dribbled out as he pulled his cock away. "We got some good film. I'll let you take it easy, how about you lay on your back and get comfortable." He moved the camera back to the side looking down the length of the couch seats.

Stepping before her, he grabbed some lube from under the couch and poured a gob into is hand then smeared it on and into her pussy. She panted but didn't say a word as she watched him with heavy eyelids. Laying back and revealing her wonders to him, she allowed his roving eyes to see her breasts and all the smooth pale brown skin of her curvy. After committing the image to memory, he thanked his maker for the choices that made his career and business possible.

Dropping down on top of her, he pushed in the length of his cock slowly. Her pussy was hot now and slightly slack. But because of how she lay back on the couch, her vaginal passage was tighter than before.

It became a curved road that guided his cock up into her body. After he backed out and found a steady rhythm, he dropped down to suck on her nipples. For a moment, there was bliss in the room. Overhead, the A/C compressor kicked off.


Only a quiet slurping could be heard over the quiet smacking of flesh. Every once in a while, a very female moan was heard. Sometimes a man's grunts could be picked up too.

After enjoying themselves fully, they began to speed up without a word knowing the time had come. Shandi lifted her hips and straightened herself as the director sped to a blur and stood over her holding himself up off the back of the couch.


She had felt him swell a few times but not go over as they had fucked earlier. Feeling the moment was right, she urged him to come in. "Give it to me. Cum baby," She cooed under him as his cock twitched. Instinct made her legs flip up and wrap around him tightly.

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"There you go! Cum inside me. Cum! Cum inside my pussy!" He had already started to paint her insides by the time she was done talking. Mindlessly he still tried to push even deeper into her. Shandi just sat still focused on what her pussy was doing and enjoyed the feelings. "It's getting late." He muttered after a moment. "The weather is gonna be bad later on." Shandi tightened up and clenched her jaw as reality swept away her warm thoughts.

'Parting is such sweet sorrow as they say' He pulled out of her arms and reached back to push away her legs. "Upstairs I got this…Umm… apartment space. I use it sometimes when I stay late. You can crash there if you want." Bones popped as he stood. "Well you don't have to answer now but you can stay there.

I'll order some food since there's nothing here and we'll go over editing. There's a nice Vietnamese place nearby. Have you ever had Pho?"