Arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob

Arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob
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Chapter 2: High Schooler with a genie Hey again! I got positives on most of my reviews. Sorry, but Ive tried everything I can to fix the spacing problems and the comma/question marks. Will keep experimenting but until something works, well Im screwed. I got a lot of negative comments on spacing problems, and I am trying to fix them. Check out the others and they are the same though I replaced tabs with space bar spaces… Im stuck.

If you know how to fix it please message me with the answer!!! -StoryFox kokoro wakana in see through lingerie gets sex toys and cumshot vibrator japanese James shut and locked the door to his room, his father asleep in the master bedroom down the hall.

Giselle sat on the bed, her nudity keeping his cock harder than iron. They had woken up just before sundown and returned to the house in a rush to beat his father. James' dad had returned just as he had shut the door to his room, hiding Giselle behind it. Dinner had been quiet and uneventful, James thinking about Giselle and his father… well no one could know that.

Though the thought had given James an idea for his second wish of the day. He had done the dishes as his father had showered, the two watching a few moments of TV before going to their rooms.

Now James looked at the drop dead gorgeous girl sitting on his bed. Not so much a girl as a woman now. She stood as he approached, pulling him into a passionate kiss and pressing her body against him.

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James could feel her hardened nipples pressing through his shirt, her arms wrapped around his neck and her tongue caressing his own. He pulled away and stripped, pulling off every piece of fabric that stood in the way of Giselle's flesh. Once he was done he pulled her to him again, picking her up and laying her down on the bed.

He began to kiss her even harder, his cock pressing against her sex and rubbing against her clit. The effect was spasms of Giselles crotch into his cock, causing the spasms to become writhing. Eventually he thrust directly into her cunt, not once breaking the kiss as he began to fuck the beautiful woman in his arms with long, sure strokes. Giselle began moaning, her pussy and cervix being stretched and invaded by James new monster cock.

James pulled away and moved down to her breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. Her moans made him remember his father. "I wish that no one outside this room could hear, see or feel anything sexual going on inside." He watched as her eyes changed color again, settling on the blue color of the blue bonnets back in the meadow. A golden sparkly powder began to flow out of her body and filled the room, before disappearing.

James did not really care whether or not it had worked, he just lowered his head to her nipples again and began to suck like a newborn.

He heard her cry out as she came, her juices flowing out of her cunt and onto his cock. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls, the seizing of his cock in upon itself. Then he came and flooded his lovers womb. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him. James kissed Giselle, before falling asleep under her comforting weight. When James woke and discovered he had twenty minutes to get to school, he panicked. Rolling Giselle off of him, he leapt amazing asian slut teen gets fuct and anal of the bed and went to the bathroom, showering and dressing in fifteen minutes.

He knew he would be late, but the knowledge did nothing to calm his panic. Then Giselle woke and gazed drearily at him. James stopped and looked at her, a grin forming on his face. He slowed down, going to her and kneeling down. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. He pulled away, looking at her with a new respect. Giselle already knew what he had in mind. "Giselle I wish that it was seven thirty, and the two of us were at school." James blinked as she pulled him back into the kiss.


When she pulled away he looked around and grinned like hed won the lottery. The school steps were under his feet, the clock above the front door read seven twenty nine, and he was standing with a gorgeous woman.

A gorgeous NAKED woman. James felt his panic return as he realized Giselle was still in the nude, her perky tits and bald pussy showing in all their glory. "Giselle, could you make yourself clothes without using one of my daily wishes?" She looked at him incredulously, her eyes flashing colors again. Then she looked puzzled. "Master, I am sorry! I did not understand the customs of the times. I am able to provide clothing and I shall do such." With that, another cloud of golden powder surrounded her, covering her for just a moment before dissipating.

When the powder disappeared Giselle was standing in the same space wearing a simple t-shirt of blue and gold, some VERY short green shorts with black leggings and some sparkly purple sandals that wound intricately around her feet. James smile broadened at the fact that he would have the most beautiful girl in school on his arm. Then he thought of something. "Giselle could you turn invisible?" She looked puzzled, her eyes flashing through different colors again before she grinned as widely as he had.

"Yes master, I have the ability." Before his eyes she disappeared, James chuckling as she caressed the bulge in his pants lovingly. "Wait, I cant be talking to a ghost all day. Can we communicate any other way?" Then a thought seemed to come to the front of his mind, the echo ringing in nasty lesbians fill up their big bootys with milk and splash it out threesome and creampies ears as though the voice that had spoken it was in a cave.

Yes master. Your thoughts are no mystery to me. Think your questions, wishes, answers and conversation. James laughed out loud at his luck with Giselle. You are amazing. I don't know how I ever got so lucky. You are… god I dont even have the words. But… before he could get the thought out he felt her press her lips to his cheek, the answer to his question floating into his mind.

No master. Where I am from the men had numerous wives. I will assist you in every venture. I will always love you, no matter how many other women you court. James smiled again, his ultimate companion getting better every second.

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He walked through the school doors confidently, knowing that nothing was out of his reach. ************************************************************************************************************************ Lacy walked into her first period nervously. She hadn't talked to James since their awkward meeting yesterday, and if he suspected why she really could not go to the movies with him… well that might hurt their friendship.

Two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz Lacy knew very foremost in her heart was snaring James in her embrace. He was one of the hottest guys in her class, and one of the few who were not conceited, narcissistic and/or a bully.

He was kind, gentle, shy and not totally obsessed with sex. Though with what she had felt hiding under his shorts yesterday during their accidental collision did not mean she wouldnt mind if he was. Lacy sat down in her chair, dreading two things.

First, she sat next to James and Michael, the one she was going to the premier with (though she was going to make James jealous not to date other guys). Second, if James knew she was going with Michael, the wide receiver for the football team (well known for screwing every girl he had ever dated) He would judge her as a shy little slut most likely. Then he walked in with the most confidence she had ever seen in him.

James was obviously suffering from an ego boost, but Lacy saw something sofia leon and suny leon never had seen before. He was smiling at everyone, not hunching his shoulders but standing tall and striding with… swagger. He was certainly different. Where he had been shy and shorter than most, now he was confident and saying hi to all, not to mention at least average, if not taller than average height.

Lacy almost died.


This was the James she had wanted to see, though she had wanted him all to herself. Then he sat down next to her and smiled at her, his perfect teeth giving her butterflies. "Hey Lace! Whats up, everything all right? You look kinda… zoned out." Even his voice sent shudders down her spine.

He was so… perfect. "I… oh I'm fine! Just, you know. Tired." It was all se could manage. She knew it wouldn't fly with him, but he would have to accept it.

The bell starting first period rang, and Lacy flooded herself in her schoolwork. She knew James would be looking over at her every now and again, but if she looked it would say too much. Before she knew it Lacy was running to her locker, the bell for the end of school echoing in her mind. She spun the lock fast as she could, her haste to catch her bus fuelling her hands like adrenaline.

She opened the locker without trouble, pulled a textbook out and shoved another inside before slamming the rectangular metal door. Then she turned around and saw James approaching, her haste momentarily forgotten. He walked up slowly, his confidence never wavering. "Hey Lace, I was just talking to Michael. You know, the football guy?" Lacy dreaded the words about to come out, his judgment scaring her more than anything. "Im glad you found somebody.

I know that amateur teen spunked over reality and teens was kind of weird yesterday at the bus stop, and I just wanted you to know… were good." With that Lacey hugged him as she normally would.

But there was something different this time. She could feel him relax in her hug, the feeling of attraction not surfacing any more than it ever had. But something was there. Then they pulled away. Lacey looked into James eyes, the something pulling her in. Before she knew it He was gently pulling her in, pulling her up ever so slightly and she rose to the balls of her feet without resisting.

Then her lips were on his, and they were kissing. Not hard, but tender. They stayed like that for a minute, just kissing each other and being there.

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Then James pulled away. He was smiling again, looking more deeply into her eyes than he had done before. And she was doing the same, smiling back and looking deep. Then she remembered her bus.

She gasped, knowing she had seconds. She pulled him to her, kissed him quickly on the lips and ran, though he knew why and where.

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She heard the light bang as he slumped back against the lockers and she laughed, knowing she could cancel with Michael.