Aroused blonde eating large dick on gloryhole

Aroused blonde eating large dick on gloryhole
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It was a quiet afternoon in the little town of Concord, Ohio located southeast of Cleveland. Before I get to far let me introduce my self. My name is Mike Getts.

I am a 15 year old male who is into sports. I am a very passionate Indians, Browns and Cavaliers fan. I have learned to live with the disappointment of a losing season typical of Cleveland sports.

Anyway I am about 6' even blonde hair blue eyes, Italian tan, I weigh 175 lbs, and have an athletic build, pecs, abs, the whole nine yards.


I also have a rather large cock to go with my attractive features. It measures at 7 inches when hard and most girls tell me that they enjoy the way it feels in the warm, tight pussies. I wouldn't call myself a player but I have used my cock for more than self pleasure. Back to the story, I was in the middle of my workout when suddenly I heard the phone ring. Rather than stop my workout I let the phone ring through until the answering machine picked up.

Since the equipment was right near the answering machine set, I could hear the voice of my sexy neighbor, Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Banks is the definition of a milf. She has a 5'9", 150 frame with brown hair with blonde highlights. Her breast cup is a 38DD and her cleavage is like looking at heavens gates. She also has maintained her nice ass even though she has had three kids. "Hi Mike I was wondering if you could come over and help me move supe hot girlfriend working on my cock furniture because." I interrupted her as soon as I heard that she wanted me to come over.

"Hi Mrs. Banks". " Oh Mike thank goodness you answered I didn't know what I was going to do since I have already turned my great room into a mess." I answered he through a chuckle, " Sorry Mrs. Banks I was in the middle of a workout but if you need help I would be more than happy to come over. Give me about 15 minutes and I will be there." " Oh thank you, and please call me Nikki." I hopped in the shower and took the fastest shower of my life while fantasizing of my hot neighbor.

After I got out I looked at my now hard cock in the mirror and thought that if I could only slip it into her tight pussy it would be the best day of my young life.

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I got dressed, combed my hair, sprayed on some cologne and headed to Nikki's house. I nervously walked up to the steps and pressed on the off white doorbell. She quickly answered and invited me in. I was very shocked with what she had chosen to wear.

Her outfit consisted of a tight fitting tube top that her tits were nearly falling out of and a pair of skinny jeans that fit her ass so tightly I thought they would pop. I was also almost positive that I saw two hard nipples.


She greeted me and told me she hoped I didn't mind what she had decided to wear. She told me to follow her as she led me into the great room. She wasn't joking when she said it was a mess. He love chair which normally rested against the porn funny femdom x ray was now in the center of the room as well as the large couch. I asked her how she had moved them on her own and she just chuckled and told me that it was extremely hard.

I still don't know what it was but the word hard caused me to get hard as my pants began to tent up from my cock. However, she didn't seem to notice.

I asked her what we needed to do to get started and she told me to grab one side of the love chair and she would grab the other. I did as instructed and told her to lift on the count of three. "1,2,3." The chair was lifted from the ground but had apparently stuck on something. I looked up and noticed that Nikki's tits had fallen out of her shirt. Embarrassed I quickly looked down hoping that she hadn't seem me looking at her now exposed tits.

We began to walk backwards and I though that I was in the clear when unexpectedly I heard her ask me if I liked what I saw. Shocked, I began to blush as my already hard cock grew in my pants. I saw Nikki's eyes slowly shift down to my growing tent in my pants and she chuckled. She said, " I guess your cock is telling me yes." She told me that it was ok and if I would like she can show me again after we get the couch moved as a way of paying me back for helping her.

Out of pure lust I quickly answered ok as a big grin developed on my face. She than said, "Better yet why don't I just take my top off now since it will only get stuck again." She than reached down to the bottom of her shirt and seductively removed her top as her gorgeous tits fell out and I swore that I had died and gone to heaven.

She said to me, "Are you going to stare all day or are you going to help my hornball?" I laughed and proceeded to picking up my end of the couch making sure to fixate my eyes on Nikki's gorgeous breasts. We placed the couch in the corner in which I had sworn it was last time I watched her kids. However, I wasn't about to argue since I had gotten to see her tits. I asked her if that was all she needed, expecting a simple yes or now. However, the answer I got was mind blowing.

"No, you know just beautiful girl gets fucked at the beach well as I do that my husband is on a business trip and I haven't been able to have a real cock in my awaiting pussy for the last week." I was speechless. Was she offering her pussy to me, the 15 year old neighbor.

She noticed that I was shocked and quickly came over to me and placed her hand on my now rock hard cock. She leaned in and started to kiss me. I could feel her warm velvety tongue pass my lips and I began to respond by moving my tongue around. She pulled off and told me to take of my clothes so that she could see my sexy young body. I did as she asked and was stripped down within seconds.

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When I got to my boxers I decided I would make removing them as sexy as possible. I slowly lowered them exposing inch by inch of by young, stiff cock. I saw her eyes grow wide as lust reached an all time high. She slowly approached it by getting down on her knees. She began to bring her head closer and closer to it until I felt her warm tongue licking up and down my shaft.

I then felt it pass by her lips and slowly approach her inviting throat. I was so excited that I cummed her mouth. I had expected her to pull off of my cock and be mad at me but she slurped all my young cum up and continued to suck me dry.

She then pulled off me and her lips made a loud smacking sound as they separated from my still hard cock. She then proceeded to remove her pants revealing her shaven pussy. I was a little surprised to see no panties but then again she was planning this all along. She asked me if I liked her pussy rose monroe blac guy movie I responded with an assuring yes. She laid down on the couch that we had moved and invited me to get between her legs.

Thinking that she wanted me to fuck her I began to aim my hard cock towards her pussy but she quickly told me no and guided my head towards her inviting pussy. I started by playing with her huge tits and followed sunny leon techer xxx storys straight line down toward her pussy until finally I hit her slit.

It didn't take me long to find her clit as she moaned with pleasure. She also cummed right away with a very intense orgasm. She asked me if I had every titty fucked a girl and I told her no. She invited me to try it on her tits. I quickly hopped onto her chest and began to have my way with her beautiful tits. We remained in this position for only a short time since we both knew that the true prize was me fucking her.

I hopped off her chest and once again aimed at her pussy only this time I wasn't stopped.

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I slipped my cock into her warm love canal and could feel her muscles contract on my dick. I sexs forces sleep sister brother to rock back and fourth sending shivers down both of our spines. She began to cry out and call me a bad boy and encouraging me with shouts of, "FUCK MY PUSSY BABY, OH, YEAH." As I was nearing cumming I asked her if I should pull out and she quickly responded telling me hell no baby I want you to cum in this horny MILF's fucking pussy.

Within a matter of second my cock released wave after wave of warm sticky cum into Nikki's pussy. She also had an orgasm as I was cumming in her.

After we both cummed we laid on the couch with my cock still inside of her pussy and both of us panting like dogs.


She told me that that was the best fuck that she had ever had. We both got up and began to get dressed. After we were dressed she led me to the door and thanked me for my help. She than gave me another passionate kiss and told me, "Maybe tomorrow you can come over and help me move some of my bedroom furniture." We both knew what she meant by this and I couldn't wait to come back tomorrow and offer Mrs.

Banks with my own personal assistance.