Humiliatedmilfs bi milfs francesca and kylie hunger for each others pussy

Humiliatedmilfs bi milfs francesca and kylie hunger for each others pussy
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I sat with my feet up on recliner stool waiting for the news to come on and the husband to come home and see me. I had shopped and bought the sexiest little piece of lingerie I could humanly find. It was black with red lace over the top; it was a nice push up to lift my full ample breast to look like two soft pillows of creamy white flesh. There were nice holes cut around my areola so that my pink hard nipples shown through.

At the hips were small little tuffs of ruffles that ended in a beautiful pair of silky black lace thong that eased up my ass. I heard the key rattle in the door; I pushed the stool down and into my chair and stood, flipping my long dark hair over my shoulder and adjusting my sexy outfit so my husband would get the entire effect of sexy body. He pushed the door open with his back to me as I stood in the living room.

He walked into the kitchen and laid his stuff on the kitchen table. I stood very still so that I wouldn't wrinkle myself or anything else. He turned around and his eyes were wide as he looked at me. He said hummm, and that was all that he said. Walking toward me I could see the desire in his eyes. I turned on my heel taking his hand and headed toward our bedroom.

I felt his hand on my shoulder, I stopped to feel his breath in my hair, he spun me around and I felt real mixed wrestling male bodybuilder vs fitness girl hand brush over my exposed very hard nipples.

He smiled at me as his thumb caressed my breasts. He whispered in my ear that I looked absolutely breathtaking, and he wanted to fuck me. He moved his mouth down onto my open breast and began to suck on my tit, he bit and sucked harder and harder, I braced myself against the walls in the hallway as my pussy began to throb. I moaned as he pulled on the left one and sucked the right one, I was getting wetter and wetter in my crotchless panties.

His mouth was so hot and his tongue so soft and slick, as he passionately licked and sucked my hard nipples, I felt my legs quivering as I came. His hand found my pussy; he knelt beneath me, pushing my legs apart. His fingers gently stroked my hot cunt, he loved to stroke the outside of my lips that I kept shaved slick and nice for him. He loved my hot little girl pussy my lips were plump and my clit was so hard it stuck from between those tight little lips his middle finger brushed my clit several times, I shuddered hard.

I could feel his fingers probing my little wet pussy hole. He took the tip of that finger and pushed it into my hole and back out rubbing against my clit. I held onto the walls for support as he finger fucked my slick little girl snatch.

Moving under me, my husband gripped my ass cheeks and moved my pussy toward his mouth. I could feel his tongue start to move the lips apart. His tongue ran just along the outside of my lips, and just parted them to get my juice when he hit my clit with his tongue I came in his mouth, he moaned as he pulled my ass in closer into his mouth. Dropping to my knees in front of him, he kissed me on the lips his tongue plunging deep into my mouth where I could taste all of my pussy on his tongue.

He tasted wonderful as did I. I loved the taste of pussy, any girl's pussy but Adriana chechik porn preference test loved the way mine tasted on his tongue. I could see that even in the kneeling position his cock was rock hard.


He was huge anyway and when he got hard his cock would bulge and stand beautifully at attention. I pushed him backwards as he kept his finger in my pussy and moved it slowly in and out of my tight hole. I unzipped his jeans and reached in pulling at his boxers to free his cock. It sprung forward, hard as a rock as I knew it would be. I leaned down and put my mouth on the head of his throbbing hardness.

I licked and sucked at the head of his dick; he moaned and moved his fingers in and out a little faster and harder as I sucked at his cock. He pushed my head down onto him forcing me to take his hard 9 inch cock into my throat.

I gagged for a moment and then swallowed as he loved to feel. He moved another finger into my cunt moving them in and out. I was going to cum; he knew it so he kept my head buried against the mound of black curly hair that surrounded that huge cock. I came with that stiff rod buried in my throat. He let me up as I sucked air in and out of my lungs quickly. He kissed me again. We sat looking at each other in the hall for a few moments. When I stood, we headed toward our room, he wanted to stop in and check on our daughter who was more than old enough to be fine but she was a serious Daddy's baby and he loved to look in on her and had been for many many years.

I walked toward our room making sure he had a good look at legs in my heels, and just the bottom of my rounded ass cheeks as I walked into our room. He went to our daughter's room and I climbed up on our tall queen size bed.

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I reached into our stash of toys, and pulled out a very large blue dildo with a nice fat clit tickler on the top of it. I slipped the plastic dick into my dripping pussy; I flipped the switch so the head would rotate in my cunt and positioned the clit tickler onto my clit.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation for a few moments. I heard footsteps in our room; I opened my legs so my husband could see that huge blue dildo moving in my tight slit. I felt his hand on my thigh; I opened my eyes, and saw that he had brought Lisa with him, our daughter.

I felt my pussy clamp tighter on the dildo, as my excited escalated. I propped my head on pillows as I watched them at the end of our bed. My daughter knelt at the end of the bed as she kissed her father fully on the lips. Her tongue outlined his full lips as she parted them with her tongue and slid it into his mouth. He sucked on her long wet tongue and then buried his face in our little girl's neck. La gitane avec sa copine dans le cul !

tube porn moaned loudly she had always loved for Daddy to caress and kiss her neck. She looked at me as her eyes went between my legs to watch the blue dick move around in my cunt. I spread my pussy lips with my hands so she could see it deep in her mother's cunt.

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She pulled her night shirt up so he could look at her nice tight tits. Her skin is beautiful and brown like her fathers and her long black hair reached half way down her back.

She wore just a thin white t-shirt that hung down to her knees. Now she had it pulled up over her nice round tits and I could see her neatly shaved pussy. I heard my husband moan as he laid her back on the bed. He reached up to my pussy and gave the dildo a little shove to make sure that I had every inch in my pussy. I felt his lips brush against my thigh as he moved over to our baby girl. She moved her hands over her breast pinching at her nipples as he lay on top of her, he kissed her full lips again and moved down to her breast, he sucked and licked at her hard pink nipples.

I watched as they got hard, and her areola drew up to a nice little shrivel that supported her hard pink nipples. She had such a hot body, and there was nothing like us fucking her as much as she came to us.

She was an adult now, but we had been fucking her since she came home with us at birth. It was her choice to continue, and we loved it there was nothing like our baby.

She spread her legs for her Daddy to lick her he kissed down her flat little belly and found her neatly cropped cunt open and wet. I watched as he spread her lips apart, her pussy was perfect, her clit stood stiff at attention waiting, her tight pussy lips were beautiful and succulent.

Her inner lips were a little bigger and they hid her tight pussy hole well, her Daddy pulled them open as well so I could see that wet throbbing hole that she had. She was so tight, and so wet, I could see in the dimming light that her she had honey dripping from its little hole. My husband looked at me as his tongue slid out of his mouth and brushed against her hard clit.

She moaned and rocked her hips so her clit was pushing toward his mouth. He moved back teasing her, his lips brushed again against her clit, this time he took it between his teeth and began to pull it out he pulled and stretched it with his mouth and took his thumb and index finger and began to stroke it, as I often stroked his cock. She thrashed and moaned. I took my hand and reached over to rub her nipples, she moaned loader as I pinched them between my fingers and her daddy sucked at her clit.

I knew she wouldn't last long; she had been coming like this for a long time. And I was right he moved back as she sprayed her juices all over his face. He was dripping wet, as he slid his fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her that way, his hand moving faster and with a nice rhythm, she fucked his fingers and came again spraying him down.

Breathing black dick for chastity lynn interracial pornstars she took the dildo between my legs and began to fuck me hard with it, my husband continued to eat his little baby's pussy as she fucked her Momma hard between the legs.

I came as she pulled it all the way out and shoved it back in as hard as she could muster with her Daddy between her legs as well. I came again my legs stiffening and my pussy getting so tight around the hard dildo that was buried inside me. She lay back on the bed as Daddy moved to her tight little ass hole, he held her legs up and he began to lick around her asshole, she moaned and began to rub her clit while his tongue moved in and out of her butt.

She moaned louder and milf alexis and brandi amazing threesome sex her hips as she came again, in this hardcore interracial threeway youll fin didn't spray this time, and she just came as his tongue pushed into her asshole.

I turned the clit tickler on my clit on, to go with the rotating dick head in my pussy; I pulled at my nipples as I watched the two of them. Our baby had never left my husband fuck her with his cock, always just his fingers and tongue. I had always licked her pussy as well, sucked her tits, let her lick my pussy. She wouldn't put Daddy's big cock in her mouth but loved to watch me give him blow jobs.

She usually would finger herself until he came and we would rub it into her little pussy or all over her tits she loved that as well. Daddy she purred, as he stopped and looked at her, she asked him to fuck her with his cock. My husband looked at me; I knew what this implied& was a whole new level to this incestuous nasty relationship we had shared for many years. My husband waited for my approval to take our babies virginity.

She was 19 it was far past time she had a dick in her. I told her I would help her relax; she already looked scared because he was so big. I popped the dildo out of chap seduces lovely chick to have sex homemade and hardcore pussy and moved down between her legs to help. I held her pussy open, and began to lick her clit.

She moaned and rubbed her hands in my hair and onto my tits as she relaxed and let mommy lick her little pussy. My husband opened up her little hole, I spit into her cunt so she was very wet and well lubricated, my husband had always two fingers fucked her.

He moved a third finger between those inner lips to her well lubricated pussy she moaned as he added a forth she gasped.

He didn't want to push it in far he didn't want to pop that little cherry she had with his fingers but with his dick, and I knew this. He pulled them out. I held her open and licked at her clit, as I watched him take his cock in his hand and move it between her lips, the look on his face was pure bliss as he got to be the first cock in our baby girls little cunt. I was getting wetter and wetter helping with this. She lay very still as he took the head of his cock and eased it to her hole.

She began to cry I sucked harder on her clit and I held his cock in my hand as gently eased it into her pussy I rubbed her clit with my other hand as I pushed the cock inside the hole. She gasped I knew he hurt her because she was so tight, and my husband had a very big dick.


She cried harder as I moved more in. He looked at me and said that he must be right on it because his cock wouldn't go in any further. I moved up to her face and told her to just be still and take a deep breath, and I told him to shove. He did, and broke through she screamed, as her daddy's huge dick slammed into her pussy breaking her virginity.

I kissed away her tears on her face as he began to move his cock in and out of her pussy she began to enjoy it. I moved my hands away and began to tickle my clit as I watched him fuck her. He had always wanted her, and I watched as he fucked her harder and harder and faster, his breathing became deeper as he was so close to dumping his load, he pulled out and grabbed my hair and pulled me to his dick, I shoved his entire cock into my throat as he dumped his load into my mouth.

I held a lot of it in my mouth and went to kiss our daughter she loved his cum too we shared it in a kiss, as we all collapsed on the bed in a heap. She rolled over and kissed her daddy on the lips and asked if he would fuck her again. He looked at me and rolled jojkiss new story xxx 2019 eyes as we shared a laugh.