French fuck faces mey li

French fuck faces mey li
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How do you cheat on someone when your jobs are to have sex with other people? Kiki's my wife, she runs a porn production company, after she made a name, and a buttload of money, acting in porn. She still acts in some of her productions. I on the other hand, sometimes hang around the productions, and Kiki encourages the porn stars to be nice to me (like have sex with me). I do officially have a job as part of the production, just taking care of the women's needs, including sex.

It's the sex I like. The job may have been a joke, which stuck, I do get paid to have sex with porn stars who want it. Plenty do seem to want it though, talk about a dream job. But then there's Kennedy, she was my lab partner when we were doing our doctorates; she was also a friend with benefits. We kept in touch after she graduated, I sort of lined her up as my mistress before I proposed to Kiki.

A typical episode with Kennedy started in the evening after a shoot, Kiki was in her office doing CEO things, and I got a text. "Outside now - Kennedy." As soon as I got the text, my heart rate soared, my breathing got ragged, and I got hard. Kennedy is very demanding, I like that. We're compatible, she's dominant, and I'm submissive.

Kennedy is just about the opposite of Kiki, she's demanding, sarcastic, abrasive, just loves humiliating me, and pushing me around. Kiki on the other hand is just agreeable, she likes to do whatever I want to do to her.

She knows about my submissive tendencies, the job is part of her solution to keeping me happy, the porn stars are encouraged to demand, not ask. My life is just about perfect, but Kennedy fills in something which was missing, it's difficult to describe exactly what. I walked out the front of the office, and stopped at the kerb. Kennedy's car pulled up, I got in, and she drove off. She didn't say much, when we stopped at a light, she reached over and felt my hard on.

"Very good." Was the only thing she said, but she did smile. We pulled into the usual seedy motel, and she ushered me into a room. "OK." Was her only comment, she wanted me to strip off. That was when I got self-conscious again, I blushed, but I did start taking it all off. She just stood there, more or less impassive, but she did have a bit of a smile.

I was naked, I stood in front of her, downcast, hard of course, still blushing furiously. She coughed, I'm supposed to look her in the eye, so I feel even more uncomfortable; Stephanie and brandi pleasure each others twats masturbation and pornstars met her gaze. She still had that smug half smile, I was her plaything to play with as she liked. I like it like that. She nodded, so I sank to my knees, she does like me in a submissive posture.

So do I.


Now she changed clothes, she was totally comfortable with that. She always wore dowdy clothes to go with her image as a serious academic; they hid a totally stunning body. I always enjoyed this bit, then she put on her dominatrix outfit, just a leather jacket which only partly covered her as it was left undone, and her whip, her totem of power.

Overall, I liked our episodes and would really miss them, but I don't totally enjoy everything we do. But then being forced into something unpleasant was a turn on.

I never asked to be a submissive. Kennedy came up to me, grabbed my head, and forced my face into her pussy. No force was needed, I'd have gone there happily of my own accord, if I knew that's what she wanted. But that's Kennedy, she wants to dominate and humiliate me. This doesn't seem that humiliating, but I enjoyed the being forced aspect though, so I'm happy. Satisfied with her display of dominance and that the correct order of things was in place, she let me breathe again, then herded me with the whip backwards towards the bed.

She picked up a bag she had, and set it on the bed behind me, she sat next to it. She got some cuffs out of the bag, so we were going to do bondage toady. I really like bondage, being tied up that is, I bought the bondage gear on Amazon and gave it to Kennedy. It seemed appropriately submissive to buy your own bonds, Kennedy appreciated it, she really likes tying me up. She attached velcro cuffs to my wrists, and to just above my elbows. Then, she clipped them so my arms were folded behind my back, each wrist attached to the other elbow.

That's an effective way of taking my arms out of service, getting them out of the way, so I can't defend myself or anything. Next she gently tugged on the bonds, encouraging me to stand up, then maneuvered me to lie on my back on the bed. It's quite difficult to even stand when you don't have use of your arms like povlife sexy ass pornstar came to blow and fuck big cock, I'd have difficulty getting up off the bed, even if I wanted to.

Next she made it even more difficult, she attached cuffs to my ankles, and just above my knees. She clipped them together, so my legs were tied together. Finally, she attached a cuff to some part of the foot of the bed and clipped it to my ankle cuffs, so I was tied down to the bed, at least by my legs. I wasn't totally tied down, but going anywhere would be more or less impossible.

So I'm naked, tied up, immobile, and pretty much helpless. That just turns me on so much. My dick has been hard ever since I got the text, there's no way that's going to change now I'm at Kennedy's mercy. Kennedy climbs on the bed with me, and without any preliminaries, she straddles me, grabs my dick, rubs it over her pussy, and then slips it inside.

That's unexpected, I love being mounted like that, if someone had asked me to describe my perfect scene, it'd start off like this. Its most un-Kennedy like to be so accommodating, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It does, she says, "I want you to come in me, then you can clean it up again." Kennedy loves me licking cum out of her pussy, it doesn't even have to be my cum.

I don't like that, but being forced to do it, and the humiliation turns me on, a lot, even more if its someone else's. So she's guaranteed I'm going to come quickly, but the ladies are now loosening up and taking off the still encourages me, apart from her riding me, and little love swats from the whip.

She feels her boobs and offers them to me, and says, "Come on, come in me, I so want you to come in me. I want masses of hot sticky cum in my cunt," that would be enough, but she goes on to add, "to go with Rod's." She's taunting me that she already has someone else's cum in her.

Finally, "The more mess you make, the more you have to clean up." Then, she tweaks my nipples. I really hate that (and she knows it), but I'm helpless to do anything about it; so of course, the dominance, and my helplessness turns me on more.

She reaches to tweak me again, and says, "If you don't come, I'll just pull harder and harder until you do." That was enough, that finally did it, I came. I expected to be roused by Kennedy's wet pussy plopping down on my face, but this time it never arrives. I open my eyes and Kennedy is looming above me. Her pussy is hovering just above my face, I assume she's squatting.


"Watch this. Open wide." She says, and her pussy starts moving like she's exercising the muscles in there.

She is, she's trying to force the cum out of her pussy, onto my face, and into my mouth. I have my mouth open wide, a drop of cum drips, and drops in my mouth. Then some more, and finally a large gob of it lands on my nose, and in my mouth.

Now, Kennedy hops a bit and her pussy comes down on my face, she's kneeling now I think. She rubs her slimy pussy all over my slimy face, then settles down for me to do my real work. I really like licking pussy, I never think that I do a good job from this angle, but I don't care, I love it this way.

I could do without the cum, but, you guessed it, hollywoods movies brother sister relationship humiliation of cleaning mine, and Rod's, cum just turned me on more.

Being turned on makes it seem like a much better idea. Poor me, I love it. So I'm having fun, working away on Kennedy, loving every asian teen masturbates her pink pussy watch part on suzcamcom of it.

Unfortunately, I make her come, so that's that for now. But that's the point, so it's good. She sinks down, with me underneath her, to recover a bit I guess. That makes breathing impossible. That's an even bigger turn on, but I start to worry, I struggle, but there's no way I can do anything.

I can't breath, but soon, I no longer care. Hypoxia has various interesting effects including euphoria and a hard on. Kennedy gets off my face, so I can gasp for breath. I'm wet stepmother does not give a fuuuck about recovering, then Kennedy grabs my hard on and laughs, "It never fails." I'm a bit out of it at that point, so don't react.

She gets off the bed, gets something out of the bag, then appears looming above me. This time she's fastening on the strap on dildo.

I hate what she does with that, it was also me who bought that for her, it's amazing what you can get from Amazon. Its fitting that I bought her the implement of my own humiliation. I try to affect the outcome, I ask, "I don't suppose I could persuade you not to do that?" As usual, the attempt didn't go well.

She smiles reaches into the bag and pulls out a leather paddle. Guess who bought that for her. "Would you prefer a good paddling?" She asks, "I'd really like to turn your ass red, so you scream and cry; I will unless you tell me otherwise." I hate being spanked more than anything she likes to do, I hate it so much, she doesn't do it often.

But, the threat of it will turn me on of course, and she also uses the threat to get me to agree to something else instead. She'll use the paddle because I just can't stand the whip at all, I'll instantly use my safeword if she does use it.

She still does sometimes, just to show me who's boss. I'm pretty sure she'd be happiest if I told her to spank me, but I just couldn't go for it. So I just say, "Use that then." Referring to the dildo.

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She had a different idea, "Never mind, I feel like spanking you." With that she rolled me over, valentina nappi piss drinking compilation was nothing I could do about that, and spanked me, hard with the paddle, OW!

Luckily, she only spanked me once on each butt cheek. If she'd carried on I'd have been using my safeword, if I do that, she has to blow me, sort of to say sorry. So I was in two minds about these events. I'm sure Kennedy had calculated this into her treatment of me. With my ass still smarting, she rolled me back over, she was smiling, grinning was more like it. She just said, "Oh well." And set about rearranging the cuffs.

I ended up with my ankles clipped to my elbows, so my legs were apart and my knees bent. Then, she went for a bit of gratuitous humiliation, she presented the dildo to my lips, I had to fellate it. I hated that as well, I especially hated it considering where it's been. I trusteed she'd washed it, when she tried that on me without washing it, I did use my safeword.

She definitely enjoyed my discomfiture, that's my job to be discomforted and humiliated. At least I could derive that satisfaction from the proceedings. Tiring of that, she grabbed a bottle of lube from her bag, knelt between my legs and lubed up the dildo. Then, she fucked me in the ass with it. Some people like that, like Kiki, she'll come from me doing that. I'm not one that likes it, mild discomfort is the best I can say about it, really I don't want to dwell on it.

Yes, I hated olivia del rio anal fuck best edits, yes I loved being degraded like that. I liked that she grabbed my dick and started jacking me off. I'm still not dwelling on the unpleasantness, but it took me a while to come, it wasn't that long since the last time. Kennedy was smiling, almost manically and would occasionally cackle. I don't know if she derived any physical pleasure from the act, but she certainly enjoyed it.

I'm getting close to coming, she taunts me, "You love having your ass fucked, don't you." I didn't say anything, that was my least favorite aspect of the situation, which on balance I would probably say I enjoy, or at least derive sexual satisfaction from. Not satisfied with my reaction, she says, "Go on say it, or I'll stop." She stops both the fucking and the jacking off. I feel like my orgasm might slip away if she didn't start back up, so I said, "Ok, Ok." She starts up the thrusts and the hand again.

"I love being fucked int the ass, I love you fucking me in the ass." So now she's gotten me to ask her to fuck me in the first place, and now admit I love it; my humiliation is complete. She went on, "You should do this to the slut when you get home, get to reassert your manhood." That's how she refers to Kiki, as 'the slut', but that was an idea, Kiki loves it when I do that, with my real, not fake, dick.

That finally did it for me, I came. Kennedy was kneeling by my head, the unpleasantly used dildo waving much to close to my face. She showed me her hands, they were covered in my cum; she must have caught most of it. Then, she wiped the mess over her boobs, and then presented the boobs to me for attention.

Now I'm expected to lick my cum of her boobs, I like the licking boobs part of that anyway. As you can guess, the licking my cum part turned me on; I got hard again as I was doing it.

Satisfied I'd cleaned the boobs sufficiently, she grasped my hard on and smiled at me.

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Then, she undid the clips on my wrist cuffs, said, "See you then." And disappeared into the bathroom, still wearing the dildo. I managed to unclip the rest of the bonds and get free. I could hear the shower going by that time. I'd been dismissed, let loose. First, I packed away the tools of my torment in the bag, then dressed and left the motel. I got to walk back to the office.

It wasn't that far. Back at the office, I went to Kiki's office; she was there working away. When she saw me, she got up and bounded over to me.


She kissed me, and tasted my cum and Kennedy's juices on my face, "Oh." She said. I didn't feel like talking, I grabbed her crop top and pulled it over her head. She raised her arms to let me get it off, that left her half-naked, with her magnificent boobs on display. I didn't take advantage of the boobs immediately, but Blonde milf going down on big dick roughly bundled her over girl sucks cock and gets ate out desk.

"Ooo." Was her response to that. I lifted her miniskirt, she wasn't wearing panties, pretty standard business attire for her.

I reached for a condom, there were baskets of them on her desk, and got some lube, again available on her desk, just like usual. With a lubed up condom on, I plunged into her ass and pounded away at her.

Kennedy was right, I did feel like I was regaining my manhood doing that. Kiki was noisily appreciative of my treatment of her, it didn't take her long to come and slump on the desk. I ripped off the condom and threw it in the bin, then I pulled Kiki off the desk; she ended up kneeling on the floor. I presented my hard on to her lips, and she showed no hesitation in letting me in. I held her head and fucked her face for a while, to the accompaniment of lost of gurgling and choking sounds.

Eventually I decided to finish, so I pulled out and jacked off over her face while she smiled up at me. I came, then decided sitting on the desk was a smart move. Kiki sat next to me and hugged me. "Feel better now?" I did. I hugged her back, then suggested, "Go lie down, I'll go rinse off and join you." There was both a bedroom, and a bathroom attached to Kiki's office. Porn production has needs like that, she went to the bedroom, I jumped in the shower and washed off the remainder of my humiliation, then went to join Kiki for a nice cuddle, where I could really appreciate her boobs.

I still think of Kiki and Kennedy as two people, they really are, even if they inhabit the same body. So that's how I cheat on my wife, with someone who isn't really my wife. I sneak out and have sex, it feels like Kiki doesn't know. I suppose you could call it role play, but it seems very real to me.