Blonde teen babe hardcore im finally kicking off to understand my power

Blonde teen babe hardcore im finally kicking off to understand my power
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as you remember from my last lettermy wife is pissed. you see i just came for the first time since we established our new relationship as mistress and panty boy slave, without permission. my wife went out on a date with a nice young black man and she wanted me all fired up when she got back. so she left me with a friend of hers and her guy and they teased the cum out of me. i couldn't stop it even if i would have remembered not asking my wife permission to cum. and my wife told me if i made her mad she would take it out on my asshole.

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not my butt .my asshole ! i was shaking as my wife began to speak. get up and get upstairs and clean that black boys cum off of you. put on something sexy. i hated when she says that because then no matter what i put on she will find something wrong and get even madder. i thought for a minute about what she likes. she loves lace on my balls. so i found panties with lace in the front of them and see thru white on the back so my ass could be seen.

she loves that. she also loves spagetti strap teddys that are light pink and see thru with frills at the right spots. heals and white stockings i was hot i thought. as i got down stairs i saw my wife in the middle of the room being slow fucked on her side by a black guy and a huge black cock.

she saw me and shook visably and hissed eat my clit panty boy while his black dick slides in and out. as i lowered my head to her clit she said is this what my friends did to you today.

and i said " yes mistress redhead seductress gets naked and goes down on knees for a bj " i just kept eating while she fucked this other guy right in front of me i was totaly ashamed.

just then a foxy young blonde came into the room and she was wearing a strap on like you wouldn't beleive.


not just long but thick as some ones arm. she smiled at my sheer fabric covered ass waging in the air as i ate my wifes clit. she smoothed her hand over my ass and the strain on my cock in the panties i was wearing was too much and my cock popped out of them dripping with pre cum.


my strap on mistress just grabbed hold of my cock roughly and tore a hole in the sheer fabric exposing my pulsing asshole. my wifes moans were increaseing and i had to remind myself not to cum as not to piss off my wife anymore. meanwhile the blonde dabbed oil on my rectum and aimed the black dildo toward my welcoming hole. she shoved it in half way taking my breath away. she held fast for a moment and then proceeded to fuck my ass hole with a furry. my own torchered member untouch and bobbing in the air.

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my wifes pussy was being well fucked by that big tool and eatten by my mouth .she was starting to lose it all over my face. tyrones cock started too shoot his load deep in her and all out the sides all over me. i gulped as fast as i could while the blonde hoe fucked me silly making all kinds of noise because her clit was going off.

this just made her fuck me harder. tyrones cock had bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom out of my wifes pussy and i cleaned it with my touge while i got all that cum out of her twiching box. every one cleaned up but i was made to stay put. everyone left and my wife came over to me and rolled me over on my back and said.

put your leggs in the air for me. as i did she grabbed one ankle and pulled it till it almost touched my face and tied it in placesame with the other one. my assballscock and face looking at the ceiling. she stood over me and put on a strap on with a smile on her face. she kneeled down and plunged the thing to the hilt. she then roughly grabbed my cock at the base with one hand and the tip with the other and started a rythem fucking me.

she said i was good for not cumming before and that i could cum when ever i wanted now. as she sawed the cock into me. i was determined to make her fuck me long and hard after saying that.

she jerked my cock so good while she fuck me. she said things to me like "you looked so pretty tonight " or did you like that black cock.i'll have to get you some more of that white ones to and even latin. thats it i'll have you sucking mexican balls in no time". my mistress friends love teasing your little pecker you need more of that too" she was just steady hupping my asshole while talking dirty to me. man did she give it to me good. between the constant pumping of her cock and her relentless stroking of the base of my penis plus the raking of her finger nails on my tip not to mention that dirty mouth of hers, i felt the cum boiling up thru my insides.

my asshole was pulsing in beet with my balls and my cockhead was so ready to blow i said " thank you mistress and blew ever so hard, be cause my cock was wagging in my face like it was, it was just natural for me to open my mouth and let it dripp onto my touge. i just shot my own cum into my mouth what could milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy week