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"Your what!?" Jake exclaimed, "Rasmir, did you lose your entire family to the war?" Lowering his head Rasmir replied, "Almost all of them master Jake, I have. had 2 sisters and a brother, I was the oldest. As a member of the council I was tasked to stay, I still wished I could have been there to help my family." "She appeared not long ago, but she won't wake, there has been no reaction from her at all." Jake stated.

Rasmir looked loving at the young woman, and then summoned the doctor. "Doctor, this Jinn appeared not long ago, she hasn't moved or reacted since arriving." Jake told him. Turning the young woman over, the doctor gasped, "By the great Jinn! Trully!" "Wait you know her?" Jake asked, shaking his head Christ are they all related or something?

"Yes Master Jake, she and I were doctors during the war. I have often wondered what happened to her, during the last thousand years of the war, she and I were the only doctors left, and then one day it was only me." The doctor told Jake, a tear in his eye. Bending to the floor he raised Trully to the bed beginning his examination, finally sighing he looked at Jake. "I am sorry Master Jake to ask you again but I can find nothing wrong with her, I need your sight again." Walking up to Trully Jake first looked and saw nothing then touching the doctor, he then saw that the entire top half of her from her stomach to her head was covered by darkness.

The doctor hissed, "The unholy forbidden magic again! I know not how to heal her." Again the doctor hung his head. Jake was starting to become angry again, first, he wished that the doctor could cure her then, as his anger grew wished that the one who did this to her suffered if they weren't already dead.

Jake felt the doctor begin to tremble looking down he saw that the doctor was truly afraid of. him? Looking around he even saw that even Rashala had a slight tiny red head teen first time hes the is one of the many things that ill miss from this of fear.

Taking a deep breath Jake felt the anger start to fade, breathing easier the doctor waited for all of Jake's anger to ease. "I apologize doctor, it angered me that this was done to her, I can feel her locked deep within her body trying desperately to escape." Jake said.

The doctor's head snapped around. "She was locked deep in her body?!" He then knew what he had to do.


"Master Jake, I have to send a charge in her to clear away the darkness, you might feel pain though. I must ask you if you are willing to do this, the pain is different to all, but especially humans. I know that with the protection of 3 Jinns it cannot kill you. Master Jake it will take time, and I hesitate to ask you though you are the only one that can see it.

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As I said there may be much pain, there may not be much at all." The doctor told Jake. Jake wished that he knew how much pain and ways to combat it.


Then looking at Trully he thought for only a moment, and then looked at the doctor. "Doctor, I am afraid that you also will feel the pain, though with both of us sharing it, neither of us will suffer." Jake told him.

"Master Jake, for a doctor many times better than I, any pain I endure will be worth it." The doctor quickly answered 1 girl 5 boys sex xxnx. "As you have done before hold your hands over the darkest part, the energy will spread from there." Jake took his position grabbing the doctor with an almost death like grip, the doctor looked amazed at him how did he know?

The doctor began to pull in as much magic as he could, then began to send it through Jake to the areas under his hands. At first it wasn't bad was actually tickling him, then the burning, itching, freezing pain started, looking at the doctor Jake could see that he too was feeling it. Staring into the doctors eyes Jake felt all the pain fade, and then he saw too that the doctor felt it no longer.

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Daring to look down Jake could see that well over half of the darkness was gone, a sharp stabbing pain in his shoulder caused Jake to snap his head back to the doctor. Gritting his teeth Jake told him, "it is over half gone only her head and neck left, we've almost beat it doctor." Though they were almost done Jake could see that the doctor was starting to fade, damn it!

They were so close! Suddenly an unknown female voice broke into both their thoughts, <just a little more I know you have reserves you haven't used doctor.> <I am used up I cannot hold this much longer,> Jake heard the doctor reply. <You can, I can feel the power in you release it, NOW!> the voice said forcefully. Jake felt the doctor push and a huge surge of power flowed through him almost knocking him out. The doctor collapsed between the young Jinn's legs, giggling she sat up, "why doctor!

I didn't know you cared!" she laughed as she looked at Jake. "Ah I see! You are the after last Master." Bowing low she looked up, "I thank you master Jake but could you please un-restrict my powers?" Jake wished she was as strong as she was before she was destroyed. A bright smile lit her face, "thank you Master Jake, for such a new master you are certainly learning quickly." Gathering the doctor she leaned close to Jake, "thank you again, finally I'll have him in a position he can't run from!" Laughing she looked at the council and vanished.

As did the council nodding to Jake before they left. Well Jake thought, that was interesting as he took a step toward the bedroom and collapsed. Waking up a few minutes later he could see he was in bed with worried females around the bed each wearing a worried face.

"Master! Gen shouted as she hugged him fiercely, "I'm so glad you're better!" as she squeezed him tighter into her breasts effectively cutting off all the air he had to breathe. Jake began to flail around before she sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves him go, gasping in a deep lungful of air Jake looked at Gen, "damn!

What a way to die!" He said, eliciting more than a few giggles from Gen and Rosalinda, even Rashala had a smirk on her face. Rosalinda looked at Jake her head hanging low, "uh master?" she started. "Are you alright Rosalinda?" Jake asked.

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"No master, I am feeling so empty I need you but I am afraid that you are still too weak yet, I could not put you in danger Master." Rosalinda whispered.

Sighing Jake tried to sit up, but fell back still weak, "I thought I was protected from getting sick or weak," Jake stated to his Jinns.

Now the smiles and giggles turned to three seriously worried Jinns. "We are unsure what to do Master, normally we would call the doctor. At the moment he seems to be preoccupied," here all 3 of the Jinn started to giggle. "Yeah I agree, it might be a while before either of them will be of much help.

Though you know, she does need me, Gen call her, starting to feel strange." Jake said as his vision blurred and the world began to slowly spin.

Gen and his other Jinns rushed to his side, and then Gen was almost screaming for Trully. Suddenly Trully was there a look of concern on her face from the urgency of the call from Gen. "I'm here niece, what is wrong?" Trully asked. "It's Master Jake, not long after you left he turned to go lay down and collapsed, after a few minutes he awoke but is weak and cannot get out of bed.

Please help him Aunt Trully!" Gen cried almost in tears. Turning Trully stated asking Jake questions, all the while looking to see if he was physically hurt. Sighing she had found anything wrong with him 'til she touched him. A low hiss escaped her lips, "He has been infected by the same ancient evil that I was, I don't understand though, without magic it should be dying." Reaching to his chest Trully started to shoot energy into him, screaming Jake almost jerked off the bed.

"Hmmm, I see it is a half and half spell, Jake, I am afraid you will have to help heal veronica avluv warms herself up for her "I do not understand," Jake replied. "It will take both of us to rid you of this evil, the magic part is gone but the non-magic part is still there." Trully said. "Like you did with the doctor, hold your hand over your chest while I send the energy through your hands into it.

I've only done this once and it didn't go well that time.


Then again that master only had one Jinn and she didn't love him." "You know Trully I think you really need to work on that bed side manor," Jake said. "You're not really installing that much confidence in me." "Master Jake I cannot lie, you have a far better chance out of this than any other human.

The fact that you are still as strong as you are is a very good sign." Trully told him with a smirk, damn she thought Yasmen had been right. Master Jake practically was oozing sexual energy, if she didn't have the doctor tied up and waiting for her she might've given Jake a try after this. Shaking her head she started to send the energy this time thankfully Jake didn't amature teen sister threesome native american brooke and brittany the pain he had before.

Jake started to breathe easier finally after a few minutes he began to feel most of the weight he thought was on him fading. Looking at Trully Jake was hoping that this time all this evil was gone for good. Almost half an hour later Trully stopped, "I believe it is gone for good, make sure you call me if you start to feel even a little of it again. Now then," Trully looked at Jake, "I have to go I have been trying to get the doctor where he is now for a very long time.

This time" she chuckled, "he's mine!" With that she was gone.

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Rosalinda looked longingly at Jake, "I am sorry, I just need to regain my strength I.," even as the words were leaving his mouth Jake could feel the energy start to creep up his legs, it was then that he remembered the almost wish he'd made, he wouldn't have endless energy but he would recover a hell of a lot faster. Looking over at Rosalinda he could see that her triangle of red hair was extremely wet.

Raising his arms to Rosalinda, she lovingly went to him, blinking they were both naked as she laid down next to Jake. Rising up Jake began to kiss and nip slowly, almost leisurely down her body. Stopping at her breasts he began to draw circles around her nipples her breath coming in gasps. Swirling his tongue around her navel she almost came off the bed in surprise at the pleasure of it. Finally reaching the junction of her legs he inhaled the full assault of her aroma, licking deep he began to almost drink her woman's fluids as they started to leak faster.

The moans and groans he heard coming from her let him know he was just where she wanted him. Finally unable to take any more she pulled him up kissing him deeply, passionately, tasting her arousal on his lips. Adjusting only a moment Jake positioned his self and drove deep feeling Rosalinda, fulfilling her desire and his own want for her also.

Screaming into his mouth Jake began to plunge faster and harder eliciting more moans and groans of pleasure from her. Rosalinda's eyes got large as she again started to have multiple orgasms. Jake held on as she started to buck thrusting up trying to take him deeper and deeper.

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Both collapsing, Jake rolled off her watching her breathe, he had to admit he did love her as he did Gen but what of Rashala? He had feelings for her sure but was he falling for her?

Shaking his head he didn't really know but he knew that if he could survive this coming week then he'd have to start thinking about a few wishes he had in mind. Looking over at Gen he saw that she had samantha ryan in passionate bed sex scene pornstars cat that just ate the canary smile on her face.

"You are so wonderful master doing this for her. It felt so damn good! Master in a bit when you are rested a bit, do you think that uh." "I take it you are wanting me now?" Jake asked Gen, when she only nodded her head Jake knew that this was going to be a long day. Rosalinda's eyes fluttered open looking at Jake she smiled, "Thank you so much master, I needed you so badly, I thought I was going to go crazy!" "I'm just glad I could help." Looking back at Gen he could see that she too was very wet, plus she had both of her hands down in her pants.

That's when he also noticed that Rashala was trying to resist but she too was against the wall trying not to touch anything else, she almost seemed to be in pain, yup a long day in deed.